Libya Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 24 February, 2011

24 February, 2011 —

North Africa Libya’s Leader Blames al-Qaida for Protests
Voice of America
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has blamed Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida
terrorists for the anti-government protests in his country. In a Thursday
speech relayed to state television by telephone, he said al-Qaida forces
had given “hallucinogenic” drugs to …

Qaddafi Strikes Back as Rebels Close In on Libyan Capital
New York Times
mercenary and irregular forces struck back at a tightening circle of
rebellions around the capital, Tripoli, on Thursday, trying to fend off an
uprising against the 40-year rule …

GLOBAL MARKETS-Oil surges, dollar falls over Libya uprising
By Herbert Lash NEW YORK, Feb 24 (Reuters) – Oil surged to almost $120 a
barrel and the safe-haven Swiss franc hit a record high on Thursday on
fears turmoil in Libya could spread, but gold eased on talk Saudi Arabia
could boost its crude output. …

Yen, Swiss Franc Gain as Concern on Libya Fuels Safety Demand
24 (Bloomberg) — The Swiss franc climbed to a record against the dollar
and the yen strengthened to an almost three- week high as the uprising in
Libya drove oil to a 29-month high, spurring demand for the safest assets.
The dollar reached the lowest …

LIBYA: Videos claim to show scenes of protests in violence-hit city of Al-Zawiya
Los Angeles Times
Reports have surfaced about army units and militias loyal to the besieged
Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi launching an attack on anti-government
protesters in the town of Al-Zawiya, located 50 kilometers (about 30 miles)
west of Tripoli, on Thursday. …

Gadhafi blames violence on Libya’s youth
TRIPOLI, Libya, Feb. 24 (UPI) — Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi blamed the
violence in his country on young people, who he said were taking pills and
being exploited by Osama bin Laden. “Our children have been manipulated by
al-Qaida,” Gadhafi said, …

Rough Waters Strand Americans in Libya
New York Times
By J. DAVID GOODMAN Hundreds of Americans seeking to flee the widening
chaos in Libya remained stuck in the capital, Tripoli, on Thursday as high
seas prevented an evacuation ferry from departing for Malta, an American
official said. …

Bahrain Quieter Than Libya, but Protests Are Spreading
AOL News
The uprising does not match the intensity of what’s going on in Libya, but
some of the protesters say they drew inspiration from the rebellion there.
“It has a big influence on everyone. If Gadhafi falls, our government will
fall directly,” Ameena …

China Vows to Protect Chinese in Libya
Wall Street Journal
By JOSH CHIN BEIJING—China’s Foreign Ministry vowed to protect the
thousands of Chinese citizens living in Libya amid reports of attacks on
Chinese companies’ facilities in the African country, highlighting a rising
concern for China as its global …

State Department warns foreign reporters in Libya
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff Washington (CNN) — The Libyan government — which
has denied access to its country as security forces brutally crack down on
opponents — says it will regard foreign journalists who have crossed its
borders as “terrorist …

Live Blog – Libya Feb 24 | Al Jazeera Blogs
By Al Jazeera Staff
The Libyan government said that it was not responsible for the safety of
these journalists, who risked immediate arrest on the full range of
possible immigration charges. Foreign journalists already in Libya who are
not part of the …

90% of Libya in Rebel Hands | Informed Comment
By Juan
The LAT reports that the rebellion against Muammar Qaddafi’s 41-year
dictatorship in Libya headed toward an end-game on Wednesday, as Misurata,
the country’s third-largest city (pop. 600000), fell to the opposition. …

Europe takes lead on Libya, North Africa as US treads water “ Hot Air
By Ed Morrissey
Europe takes lead on Libya, North Africa as US treads water.

Libya: Obama Speaks, Tweeps Heckle · Global Voices
By Amira Al Hussaini
United States President Barack Obama broke his silence on Libya in a speech
at the White House on Wednesday, but his words did little to satisfy the
listening masses on Twitter who for the most heckled the president in
tweets throughout …

Remarks by the President on Libya | The White House
By The White House
Secretary Clinton and I just concluded a meeting that focused on the
ongoing situation in Libya. Over the last few days, my national security
team has been working around the clock to monitor the situation there and
to coordinate with …

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the potential for ongoing
unrest in Libya. Violent clashes between protesters and security forces
continue …

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