Tunisia Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 24 February, 2011

24 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

Zimbabwe activists face treason charges for discussing Middle East upheaval
Los Angeles Times
Police arrest 45 people at a meeting in Harare analyzing the uprisings in
Egypt and Tunisia and comparing it with the situation in Zimbabwe. They are
charged with treason, which could result in the death penalty. Police
escort arrested activists into a …

Tunisians Flee Libya Turmoil
Voice of America
Photo: AP Members of a Tunisian family carry their belongings after they
fled from Libya, at the Tunisia-Libya border near the village of Ras Ajdir,
Tunisia, Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011 Thousands of people fled violence-torn
Libya into neighboring Tunisia …

Where Is the Revolution?
Huffington Post
It has been only a week since the military takeover in Egypt and a month
since the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia. There are, however, no visible
signs that the loss of life, property, wages, and energy earned any
tangible dividends. …

Tunisia in talks with IMF, exploring options-Nabli
WASHINGTON Feb 23 (Reuters) – Tunisia is exploring financing options in
talks with the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other
institutions although its reserve levels are currently “fine,” the
country’s new central bank governor said on …

Libya chaos could add inflationary pressure in Asia Expert
What started in Tunisia has now spread like wildfire to the rest of the
Middle East and North Africa. While regimes have been toppled in Tunisia
and Egypt, what will be the outcome of this spring of discontent in Libya,
Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, …

US envoy foresees ‘solid partnership’ with new Tunisia
TUNIS — Visiting US diplomat William Burns on Wednesday said Washington
would welcome a “solid partnership” with a new, democratic Tunisia, the
Tunisian news agency TAP reported. The under-secretary of state for
political affairs made the remark after …

10000 Thais on way out of Libya
Bangkok Post
The first trip will carry 2000 people from the Lybian port of Tripoli to
Tunisia, which takes only two and a half hours. The second trip will take
another 2000 Thai labourers from Libya to Italy. The government will later
consider sending chartered …

Tunisian police nab alleged murderer of Polish priest
Catholic News Agency
Tunis, Tunisia, Feb 23, 2011 / 02:53 pm (CNA).- Authorities in Tunisia have
arrested the alleged murderer of 34-year-old Polish priest Fr. Marek Marius
Rybinski, who was found dead on Feb. 18. Police are holding local
maintenance worker Chokri Ben …

VIDEO: Families flee Libya for Tunisia
BBC News
… warship is expected to arrive off the Libyan coast tonight. Thousands
of people are pouring out of the country’s borders by road, desperate to
escape amid fears of increasing bloodshed. Ian Pannell reports from the
border between Libya and Tunisia.

From Tunisia to Egypt, Democratic Expression Depends on Public Spaces
Huffington Post (blog)
The influence of the new digital commons in democratic uprisings from
Tunisia to Egypt to Bahrain has been chronicled at length in news reports
from the Middle East, with Facebook, twitter and other social media winning
praise as dictator-busters. …

Angola, Tunisia in CHAN final
Sierra Express Media
(Photo: Tunisia, Algeria CHAN action) It was a blemished game because of
the behaviour of the Sudanese fans, throwing bottles onto the pitch in
response to the defeat; it was a bitter pill for the hosts to swallow.
Undoubtedly it was the biggest crowd …

Bouteflika’s response to his opponents
Unlike other Arab regimes, in Egypt, Tunisia or Libya, who have faced a
wave of violent protests and demands for political and social change,
President Bouteflika, who is very aware of the aspirations of Algerian
youth, responds to opposition claim by …

France Tries to Re-Seize Its Lost Momentum
New York Times
This week, Mr. Sarkozy dispatched a delegation headed by his finance
minister, Christine Lagarde, to Tunisia. Foreign Minister Michèle
Alliot-Marie, under fire for having offered police expertise to Tunisia’s
now deposed dictator at the height of …

Doha Debates holds session in Tunisia
Speaking in favour of the motion were Rauoudha Ben Othman, Professor of
Linguistics at the University of Tunis, and Kamal Ben Younis, Executive
Director of the International Studies Association and Institute Tunisia.
Ben Othman warned that a new …
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Kenny G and Hu Jintao Make Protest Music: Tunisia’s Choice of Revolutionary …
Slate Magazine (blog)
As Chinese citizens try to take part in the still-spreading international
protests, the country’s Internet censors have run into a problem: the name
of the movement born in Tunisia, the Jasmine Revolution, overlaps with the
traditional and ubiquitous …

Gaddafi loses control of western town:witnesses
Reuters Africa
RAS JDIR, Tunisia Feb 24 (Reuters) – Anti-government militias are in
control of the Libyan town of Zuara, about 120 km (75 miles) west of the
capital, Egyptian workers who crossed into neighbouring Tunisia told
Reuters on Thursday. …

Schlumberger to resume Egypt, Tunisia operations
Arab News
By REUTERS SAN FRANCISCO: Schlumberger CEO Andrew Gould said the company
was shutting down in Libya due to the “disturbing” situation while the
company was restarting operations in Egypt and Tunisia. His remarks came as
Schlumberger said it expects to …

TUNISIA: More than 6000 Tunisians have fled to Italian island
Los Angeles Times
More than a month after massive protests led to the ouster of Tunisia’s
longtime president, waves of Tunisians are fleeing the country’s political
limbo by climbing into rickety boats and sailing across the Mediterranean
to Europe. …

What Russia Can Learn From Tunisia and Egypt
The Moscow Times
The first unrest did not occur in the poorest or most underdeveloped Arab
states, but in Tunisia and Egypt, which in many ways were the
most-developed ones, though not the richest. These two countries have
carried out significant market economic …

State Bank exits Tunisia’s bond market
Financial Express
Amidst political turmoil in West Asia, the country’s largest bank State
Bank of India (SBI) has exited Tunisian bond market. Confirming the
development, SBI deputy managing director P Chaudhuri said, “We had some
exposure in Tunisia. …

Raw Video: Libyan Refugees Cross Into Tunisia
The Associated Press
Hundreds of refugees from Libya arrived at the Tunisian border on Wednesday
as the scope of Moammar Gadhafi’s control was whittled away. Major cities
and towns closer to the capital fell to the rebellion against his rule.
(Feb. 23)

Egypt expected to recover faster than Tunisia
Travel Weekly UK
Half of British travellers are prepared to return to Egypt following the
country’s popular uprising but fewer are interested in visiting Tunisia. A
poll of more than 3700 Britons found that more than 50% said they would
visit Egypt within the year. …

Constant flow of refugees cross into Tunisia from Libya
BBC News
Foreign governments have been desperately trying to evacuate their
nationals from Libya, though many of them have been fleeing, in motor
vehicles, to neighbouring Tunisia and Egypt. The BBC’s Jim Muir is at the
Tunisian border, he spoke to BBC Network …

Lebanese On Facebook Seek Change, Not Revolution
While just about every Arab nation appears to want the same kind of results
that Egypt and Tunisia have had from their protests organized on Facebook,
a page based in Lebanon boasting almost 11000 likes demands change but
doesn’t expect a revolution. …

ANALYSIS-Tunisia walks fine line with Islamist revival
Reuters Africa
By Richard Valdmanis TUNIS, Feb 23 (Reuters) – Any moves to sideline
Tunisia’s Islamist movement — resurfacing after a two-decades ban under
the toppled regime — could backfire by radicalising the group and
encouraging militants seeking a foothold. …

Egypt, Tunisia riots hit close to home
The Miscellany News
When revolution in Tunisia occurred, everyone thought, ‘Oh, we can do
this.’ And I believe that this made everything stir, and this made everyone
optimistic.” Although she was unable to personally participate in the
protests, she noted that her brother …

Don’t Abandon Tunisia – By Anthony Dworkin | Foreign Policy
Tunisia’s “Jasmine Revolution” launched the wave of popular uprisings that
has rocked the Arab world. It has also gone furthest in overturning an
authoritarian political system and remains the most likely to produce a
genuine transition …

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya…North Korea?!
By Peter Schweizer
Posted by Peter Schweizer Feb 23rd 2011 at 8:19 am in China, North Korea,
human rights |
2F23%2Ftunisia-egypt-libya-north-korea%2FTunisia%2C+Egypt%2C+Libya. …

Priest’s murderer arrested in Tunisia – Bikya Masr
By Sallie Pisch
According to the Tunisian Ministry of Interior, the priest’s murder was not
a sign of increasing religious tension in the North African country.
Tunisian Archbishop Lahham Marun Elias said Rybinski had given el-Mestiri,
a construction …

Egypt-Tunisia: Remarks by the EU High Representative Catherine …
By Mike Hitchen
Over the last few weeks we have all watched events in Tunisia and Egypt
unfold. Across the Arab world we see populations demonstrating their desire
for change; to shape their own lives, politically and economically. …

Anorak News “ The Death Throes Of Civilisation: Egypt, Tunisia …
By Anorak
Politicians have used up the patience – have used up the quotient of
goodwill and, most importantly, have exhausted trust and respect…

Ireland deports two thirds of asylum seekers from Libya, Tunisia …
By Gerard Cunningham
Less than one third of asylum seekers from three countries rocked by
popular protests against undemocratic rulers since the New Year were given
permission to stay in Ireland since 2001.

Tunisia Embraces A Stream Of Refugees From Libya
Tunisian officials estimate that thousands have fled across Libya’s western
border. They have sent extra military troops to manage the inflow. The
border is open to anyone who wants to get out of Libya and on Wednesday,
those crossing …

Clerical Whispers: Polish Priest Working in Tunisia Murdered
By CW Team
Polish Priest Working in Tunisia Murdered. Father Marek Rybinski, a young
Polish missionary working in Manouba, was found dead early this morning,
apparently the victim of a murder. The Salesian Information Agency is
reported today that …

Morocco is not Egypt, Tunisia or Libya | The Periscope Post
By Periscope
The ongoing Arab Spring of popular uprisings, which begun with Tunisia’s
jasmine revolution and continued with Egypt’s Nile revolution, now sees
autocratic rulers in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain under intense pressure to go.


The Tunisia Effect | COTO Report
By bobkoehler
None of the world-shaking protests of recent weeks — in Tunisia and
Egypt, in Libya, Bahrain, Iran, in Wisconsin and around the U.S. —
ostensibly have anything to do with the wars on this planet, except the
ones that governments, …

Experiments in Democracy: Egypt, Tunisia and the US | Mobilization …
By hallie
Photo by Jonathan Rashad Rarely does history present us with events which
resemble a scientific experiment. Events in the Middle East over the last

“friday-lunch-club”: “With Egypt,Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan …
By G, Z, or B
Egypt was long one of Israel’s most important allies, and ties were quietly
close to Tunisia. With demonstrations for change also in Jordan, Bahrain
and Morocco, Israel finds itself floundering. “Many of our assumptions
are broken,” …

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