Saudi Arabia Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 8 March 2011

8 March 2011 —

Goldman Says Saudi Arabia is Misleading the World About Oil Production – Wall Street Journal (blog)
By James Herron Goldman Sachs has accused Saudi Arabia, the world’s most important oil supplier, of misleading the world about its oil production since late last year. If true, this allegation would mean that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting …

Saudi Arabia’s voices of discontent
Saudi Arabia has mobilised thousands of troops to try to quell rising
dissent in the kingdom. Protestors have called for a ‘day of rage’ and are
using social network sites to rally protestors. But will King Abdullah’s
announcement of billions of …

Govt, Saudi Arabia discuss oil supply concerns
Manila Standard Today
by Alena Mae S. Flores THE government is exploring talks with Saudi Arabia
for a stock inventory agreement that will help secure the country’s oil
supply, Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras said Monday. “This is very
fresh as discussions happened in …

Saudi Arabia to have 6th highest per capita GDP by 2050: Report
Economic Times
DUBAI: Saudi Arabia is expected to emerge as the sixth richest economy of
the world in terms of per capita GDP by 2050, surpassing Canada, the United
Kingdom and Switzerland, a Citibank forecast has said. According to the
report, the oil-rich kingdom …

OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia: Shortages not behind oil price spike, vows to tap …
By Adam Schreck DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – Saudi Arabia’s oil
minister on Tuesday denied the surge in oil prices reflects a shortage of
crude on the market but said the kingdom is committed to tapping excess
supplies if needed. …

Saudi Arabia Inches Closer to Ban on Child Marriages
The Media Line
Child marriages are commonplace in Saudi Arabia, an ultra-conservative
kingdom where no law regulates the minimum age of marriage. But that may
change soon, as local human rights organizations prepare the ground for new
legislation protecting minors, …

Saudi Arabia’s `Day of Rage’ Lures Record Bets on $200 Oil: Chart of Day
(Source: Bloomberg) Options traders are betting more than ever that crude
oil is heading to $200 a barrel as some websites call for a “Day of
Rage” in Saudi Arabia and anti- government protests spread in the Middle
East and North Africa. …

MIDDLE EAST: Protest movements give new energy to International Women’s Day
Los Angeles Times
Twitter and Facebook were filled with messages of support for the women of
Egypt and Tunisia, as well as protesters in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,
Libya and Iran. Some posted video tributes to the female protesters, while
others, perhaps bolstered by …

Saudi royals’ boozy, druggy bashes — #cablegate
Boing Boing
A cache of Wikileaks Cablegate cables disclose that Saudi Royals — with
collusion of the religious police — throw wild drug- and alcohol-fuelled
parties, sponsored by western energy beverage companies, despite the strict
rules in Saudi Arabia and the …

MIDEAST STOCKS-Saudi gains boost markets, state buying seen
By Praveen Menon DUBAI, March 8 (Reuters) – Most Gulf bourses advanced on
Tuesday, tracking gains on the Saudi market, as confirmation that
state-linked funds had been buying local shares boosted fragile investor
sentiment. Saudi Arabia’s index . …

LIBYA/SAUDI ARABIA: Libya remains center stage that
Automated Trader
LIBYA/SAUDI ARABIA: Libya remains center stage amidst concerns that Gadhafi
might opt for a Jimmy Cagney-like “Top of the World, Ma” type exit (blow up
Libya’s oil pipeline as threatened in the past). Traders maintain that
unlike Egypt’s Mubarak, …

Don’t try to control our lives, say Saudi women
Arab News
By RIMA AL-MUKHTAR | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: Young Saudi women are calling for
more freedom and liberty in their own country. On International Women’s
Day, university students claim that women in Saudi Arabia need more
independence because their daily life …

Saudi Petrochemical Projects Won’t Lack Gas, Official Says
By Wael Mahdi – Tue Mar 08 15:33:58 GMT 2011 Saudi Arabia has enough
natural gas to supply planned petrochemical projects, an official in charge
of allocating the fuel said. All “committed” projects will receive gas
allocations, Prince Faisal bin Turki …

Oil could hit $200 if Saudi sees protests, says report
AME Info
A new report by Societe Generale says Brent crude futures could hit $200 a
barrel if political unrest spreads into Saudi Arabia. “In this most
extreme, worst-case scenario for the oil markets, serious unrest spreads to
Saudi Arabia,” the bank said. …

Saudi Aramco Upgrades Apr Light Crude OSPs From Sidi Kerir Amid Libya Crisis
Aramco officials have publicly said Saudi Arabia would meet incremental
demand arising from disruption to Libyan oil supplies, which is by and
large made up of high quality sweet crude. Before political unrest swept
through the country, Libya produced …

Saudi’s Day of Rage spooks energy markets
Petroleum Economist
Meanwhile, more and more options traders in New York were betting on oil
hitting $200 a barrel, according to Bloomberg data (see Chart), after a
protest from the Shiites minority in Saudi Arabia last week and websites
calling for further protests in …

FACTBOX-Q&A on Saudi Shi’ites protests in oil province
Reuters Africa
The top oil exporter and US ally has so far avoided unrest like in Egypt or
Tunisia but Shi’ite protests have made markets worried whether Saudi Arabia
is insulated from larger anti-government demonstrations. Saudi Arabia
applies the Wahhabi austere …

Pinoys in Saudi assured of contingency plans
But no serious events in Saudi Arabia have yet been reported that would
warrant OFWs’ repatriation, said Binay, who arrived in the country last
Saturday, after visiting Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. However,
Binay, who discussed bilateral labor …

Al-Qaeda Biggest Risk to Saudi Oil: Barclays
Terrorism and not the “day of rage” protests planned Friday pose the
biggest risk to Saudi Arabia’s ability to keep the world supplied with oil,
according to Barclays Capital commodities analyst Amrita Sen. “Although
we believe the risks are rising for …

Saudi Arabia: “Demonstrations are Forbidden in This Country …
By Haifa Alrasheed
Saudi Arabia: What Saudis Demand. Unfortunately, the demands made by the
CIA engineered demonstrators in Saudi Arabia do not state… More “.
Special Coverage: Libya Uprising 2011. Global Voices | Libya Uprising 2011
| Special Coverage …

Will The Day Of Rage In Saudi Arabia On March 11 Send The Price Of …
By Michael
The price of oil is shaping up to be the number one economic story of 2011,
and right now the eyes of the investing world are closely watching the

All Eyes Are On Saudi Arabia This Week
By Jeffrey Towson
All eyes are turning to Saudi Arabia and it is going to be a fairly tense
week in the world’s other magic Kingdom. As someone who has developed +$10B
of high profile projects in that country, here is my assessment of what
will and won’t …

Saudi Arabia Detains Shi’ites As Clerics Ban Protests
By The Huffington Post News Editors
DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi security forces have detained at least 22 minority
Shi’ ites who protested last week against discrimination, activists said on
Sunday, as the kingdom tried to keep the wave of Arab unrest outside its

Beyond Libya: Upheaval in Saudi Arabia Threatens to Send Oil …
By Josh Garrett
Over the last two weeks the groundswell of protests that gave way to near
civil war in Libya have kept oil prices on the rise, sending the price of

Saudi Arabia Focusing on Potential Domestic Unrest | Gerald …
By (Admin)
Analyst Kamran Bokhari examines the measures being taken by Saudi Arabia to
ensure that it does not fall victim to the spreading regional unrest.Saudi
Arabia was doing its best recently to prevent the riots in neighboring
Bahrain and …

Will The Day Of Rage In Saudi Arabia On March 11 Send The Price Of …
By Truth is Contagious
The price of oil is shaping up to be the number one economic story of 2011,
and right now the eyes of the investing world are closely watching the
developing situation in Saudi Arabia. All of the other recent Middle East
revolutions …

How Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Could Hold Off Arab Uprising …
By Bruce Riedel
The House of Saud watches nervously as friends fall and the United States
changes its alliances. Bruce Riedel on how money could help them—and why
King Abdullah should not be underestimated.

How Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Could Stop An Uprising …
By Bruce Riedel
The House of Saud watches nervously as friends fall and the United States
changes its alliances. Bruce Riedel on how money could help them—and why
King Abdullah should not be underestimated. The view from the enormous
marble palaces in …

The West, Islam and Sharia: Dispatch: Saudi Arabia Focusing on …
By West World
Ever since the toppling of the Tunisian president in early January, Saudi
Arabia has been using its resources to make sure that other states within
the region, particularly Bahrain and Yemen that border Saudi Arabia, do not
go the way …

Bahrain and the Battle Between Iran and Saudi Arabia :: The Market …
Bahrain and the Battle Between Iran and Saudi Arabia :: The Market Oracle
:: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website.

Inside Story – Saudi Arabia’s growing voices of discontent …
By Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia mobilises thousands of troops, to try and quell rising dissent
in the Kingdom. But even as King Abdullah announces billions of dollars in
social reforms – is this going to be enough to stave off a revolution? …

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