Stop NATO News March 10, 2011: NATO Commanders Have Drawn Up Plans For Libya Military Operations

10 March 2011 — Stop NATO

1. U.S. Official: NATO “Natural Choice For Military Action” Against Libya
2. NATO Troops Kill Afghan President’s Cousin
3. Police Slay Afghan Civilians, German Troops Kill Afghan Woman
4. Italian FM Calls For Joint EU-NATO Naval Blockade Of Libya
5. Military Interference In African States Unacceptable: Russian Foreign Minister
6. NATO Planes To Patrol Mediterranean
7. Brussels: Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister Joins NATO’s War Council
8. NATO Commanders Have Drawn Up Plans For Libya Military Operations
9. NATO Rebuffs Libyan Envoys
10. Disputed Spratly Islands: 6,000 U.S. Troops In Philippines War Games
11. U.S. Threatens Syria With Isolation
12. NATO Expands Mediterranean Surveillance Under 10-Year-Old Operation Active Endeavor
13. Libya: NATO Moves Toward Military Action Without UN Resolution
14. Australian Prime Minister In Washington: U.S. Must Be At Center Of New World Order
15. Thank Tank: Japan Is Now Aircraft Carrier Power For First Time Since World War Two
16. Pentagon Chief, NATO War Council Meet On Afghanistan, Libya
17. NATO Officials Say Bloc Can Deploy 200-300 Jets To Libya
18. Obama Directly Targets Ivory Coast
19. As The U.S. Senate Goes After Belarus
20. NATO Defense Chiefs Discuss Missile Shield, Libyan Operations
21. Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency Awards $1.1 Billion Contract
22. Canadian Military Spending At Highest Point Since WW II: Study
23. Alaska: U.S. Special Forces Trained For Arctic Warfare
24. Canada Conducts Arctic Military Exercise
25. Russia Opposes Militarization Of The Arctic

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 8 March, 2011: Israeli Seeks $20 Billion in US Aid

8 March, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

International Women’s Day in Palestine 2011
IMEMC – Tuesday March 08, 2011 – 16:44, Tuesday marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women. In Palestine, rallies and conferences were organized to celebrate this day. These provided a chance and space to reflect on the achievement of Palestinian women, and the many steps still needed to attain full equality with men.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 9 March 2011: Bradley Manning Now “Catatonic”; Obama ENOUGH!

9 March, 2011 — Information Clearing House

Word Games
An American Atrocity in Afghanistan

By Dave Lindorff
How can Americans reach proper conclusions about this obscene war against one of the poorest peoples in the world if our supposedly “fair and balanced” media simply perform the role of Pentagon propagandist.

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