Libya Newslinks 25-26 March 2011

26 March 2011 18:49:38 —

26 March 2011

Al-Jazeera: An Island of Pro-Empire Intrigue by Sukant Chandan

26 March 2011 — MRZine

The Empire admits: without Al-Jazeera, they could not have bombed Libya

How did Al-Jazeera, once dubbed the ‘terror network’ by some and whose staff were martyred by US bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, end up becoming the media war propagandist for yet another Western war against a small state of the Global South, Libya?  We will not know the full details for some time; perhaps some wikileaks will help us understand later.  But this much is already certain: the station is betraying gross political bias against its pan-Arab and pan-Islamic anti-imperialist constituency, reflected by its discriminatory reporting on the region based on Qatar’s interests and its relations and service to the West.

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‘Capitalism at fault for global crisis’ — Ha-Joon Chang

25 March 2011 — RT

Is capitalism to blame for the rise in unrest and the fall of global markets? One scholar argued yes, saying it is merely how capitalism works.

Ha-Joon Chang, a senior research associate at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and author of ‘23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism’ argued the assumptions behind the dogma and hype of capitalism and the free market spun by the neoliberal economists since the era of Reagan are completely false.

‘We have to realize that all markets have regulations propping them up,’ he said, explaining there is no such thing as a true free market.

Citing labor laws, child labor rules and other factors, Chang explained that at one time these items would have been protested and in fact were opposed, but today are normal. Regulations as simple as these show a free market has already failed, he contended.

He also argued immigration policies must be highly regulated not open, as free market proponents argue. He said immigration hinders economies by creating greater income inequality gaps. Allowing too many people in and people with different approaches hinders a nation’s economy. He argued US immigration is dysfunctional because too many people come to America while high end managers and corporate workers are overpaid.

The top 1 percent of American takes in about 23 percent of US income, he noted. It’s not trickling down to the masses as free market economist argues.

In addition to tightening regulations on the market and immigration, a strong central bank that is well managed must be maintained – including strengthening the US Federal Reserve. Previous concerns with the Fed are about specific policy, he argued, not the Fed itself. A central bank is required, but strong policy is as well.

Essentially, capitalism and the free market have failed and will continue to do so. The mere fact regulations exist, he argued, eliminates the existence of a free market. The notion of true capitalism failed years ago and brought about today’s global economic crisis. “

26 March 2011 London Demo against the cuts

26 March 2011 —

According to the organizers there are 400,00-500,000 on today’s march. Not surprisingly there was a massive turnout from UNISON, the public service worker’s union, what with 350,000 jobs destined to be axed. But the BBC just spent the better part of 20 minutes not covering the main demo but a breakaway group of ‘anarchists’ who trashed some shops and a bank, then UK Uncut occupied Fortnum & Mason’s. As I write the fun continues with a giant ‘Trojan Horse’ burning in the middle of Piccadilly Circus. Sorry no photos, watch the BBC.

Here’s the best banner, supplied by UNISON of course:


Libya Newslinks 25-26 March 2011

26 March 2011 18:54:16 —

26 March 2011

Libyan operation continues as hundreds die and thousands flee — RT

26 March 2011 — RT

Coalition forces leave Colonel Gaddafi’s air defense in tatters, but on the ground tensions remain high; according to reports, at least 114 people have been killed in the first four days of the operation while 300,000 have already fled the country.

The question of civilian deaths on the ground remains a major issue. Libyan state television is continuously reporting that the number of civilian deaths stands at more than a hundred, while people in the capital city remain particularly worried.

In Tripoli people woke up to fresh explosions amid fears of more bloodshed on Saturday, as three explosions rocked the area in and around the suburbs. For the third straight night the suburb of Tajura was hit. Also, the town of Zliten which is 160 kilometers to the East of Tripoli was hit with air strikes, as well as the town of Ajdabia. The coalition air force insists that it is targeting important facilities of Gaddafi’s air force.­

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 21-24 March 2011

26 March 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Blast in Jerusalem

25.03.2011 | 09:29 | SEDOV Dmitriy
Israel has not seen terrorist attacks for quite a long time. It seemed that after 2004 Israeli people and Palestinians have learnt how to walk a narrow path between Scylla and Charybdis and not let the worst happen… Now we are dealing with something new – the blast in Jerusalem on March 23 can not be regarded out of the context of the recent events in the entire region… The first thing we can think about is the new round of Israel’s campaign against Iran, which contributes to the continuing destabilization on the Middle East…

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