Algeria's Rebellion by Installments By Azzedine Layachi

12 March 2011 — Middle East Research

In mid-February, with autocratic rulers deposed in Tunisia and Egypt, and another tottering in Libya, the National Coordination for Change and Democracy took to the streets in the capital of Algeria. The organization, which was created on January 21, following a series of riots in several cities across the country, is led by the Rally for Democracy and Culture (RCD), an opposition party whose narrow constituency includes mainly Berber-speaking people in Algiers and the nearby Kabylia region. The Coordination includes other small political parties, as well as the National League for the Defense of Human Rights, the National Association of Families of Missing Persons (those who ‘disappeared’ during the internal war of the 1990s), an association of the unemployed and many other groups. It called for ‘change and democracy, the lifting of the state of emergency, the liberalization of the political and media fields, and the release of people who were jailed for having protested or for their opinions.’

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Parts 1 and 2: Max Keiser & David DeGraw: Decentralized global rebellion against neoliberal economic policies

12 March 2011 —

Max Keiser & David DeGraw: Decentralized global rebellion against neoliberal economic policies:

Keiser and DeGraw discuss: the economic world war – the centrally planned neo-liberal economic aristocracy and the global decentralized rebellion taking shape against it; overcoming divide and conquer strategies; social media as a weapon; Anonymous as a powerful force of vigilante justice and the coming Empire State Rebellion.

Part 1:


Part 2 Follows:
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