NATO’s Inevitable War: The Flood of Lies regarding Libya By Fidel Castro

4 March 2011 — Global Research

In contrast with what is happening in Egypt and Tunisia, Libya occupies the first spot on the Human Development Index for Africa and it has the highest life expectancy on the continent. Education and health receive special attention from the State. The cultural level of its population is without a doubt the highest. Its problems are of a different sort. The population wasn’t lacking food and essential social services. The country needed an abundant foreign labour force to carry out ambitious plans for production and social development.

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Libya Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 4-5 March 2011

5 March 2011 —

5 March 2011

What Libya Learned From Egypt
Huffington Post (blog)
Libya’s nationwide Internet blackout is entering its second full day. From
a technical standpoint, it’s clear that this is a very different strategy
than the one used by Egypt in the last days of the Mubarak regime. The
ultimate outcome is probably …

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Libya Independent Media Newslinks for 5 March 2011

5 March 2011 —

Information Clearing House Newsletter 4 March, 2011: Roots of the Arab Revolts and Premature Celebrations

4 March, 2011 — Information Clearing House

“I think that NATO is itself a war criminal.” – Harold Pinter

Battle For The City of al-Zawiyah
Raw Video
– Warning – Video contains graphic footage depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 4 March, 2011: Israel To Sue Bedouin Villagers For Cost Of Demolition

4 March, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Non-violent anti-Wall protests held in four West Bank villages on Friday
IMEMC – Saturday March 05, 2011 – 04:22, On Friday afternoon, anti-Wall protests were organized in the villages of Bil’in, Nil’in and an-Nabi Saleh, in the central West Bank, as well as al-Ma’sara in the south. Three were injured and dozens were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 26 February – 4 March 2011: Kurils/ Immigration / ‘Manageable Chaos’ / Libya / Venezuela

5 March 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Kuril islands: in memory of victims of Japanese barbarian policy

04.03.2011 | 20:33 | RUBTSOV Yuriy
Trying to distort the results of WW II, revenge seekers in Japan hope that people’s memory will fail them. A series of court hearings took place in Russia’s Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk between the 25th -31st of December, 1949, to try twelve members of the Japanese Kwantung Army as war criminals for manufacturing and using biological weapons in 1938-1945 in China… Half a century has passed, and having abandoned all commitments it took at the Crimea Conference and documented in a three-party deal on the Far East issues (from February 11, 1945), as well as in other landmark documents signed following the end of WW II, the US decided to support Japan in its territorial claims to Russia…

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Civil war in Libya, intervention by the West already a reality By William Bowles

4 March 2011

“Defence secretary Liam Fox today confirmed that a British diplomatic team is in Libya talking to rebel forces.” — ‘SAS unit ‘held by Libyan rebels’‘, The Independent, 6 March 2011

According to the Wikipedia site ‘a civil war is a war between organized groups within the same nation state’ which seems to be a pretty accurate description of events in Libya as they unfold. The problem is identifying who is contesting for state power as there seems to be no single group in charge of the opposition.

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