VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 7 March, 2011: Dirar Abu Seesi Kidnapped by Mossad, Now in Israeli Prison, Censor Gagged Reporting Story

7 March, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli settlers and soldiers attack Palestinians near Nablus: 10 Palestinians, 1 settler injured
IMEMC – Monday March 07, 2011 – 19:02, According to local sources, a large group of armed Israeli settlers invaded Qusra village, near the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank, on Monday, and began uprooting olive trees, throwing stones and firing live ammunition at Palestinian farmers. Palestinian youth threw stones at the settlers, and the Israeli army then attacked the youth with live ammunition, injuring ten, three seriously.

Israel constructs electric fence on Egypt border
IMEMC – Monday March 07, 2011 – 18:59, An Israeli military official based in the southern part of Israel stated Monday that the first stage of the Israeli electric fence on the Israel-Egypt borders will be accomplished soon.

Palestinian Boy Summoned to Jerusalem Police Station
IMEMC – Monday March 07, 2011 – 18:10, 10 year old Muslim Aoudeh from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, was summoned to the Jerusalem police station for investigation on Sunday.

Khirbet Tana Water Confiscated By Israeli Army
IMEMC – Monday March 07, 2011 – 14:29, The Ma’an News Agency reports that Israel has continued its campaign against Khirbet Tana by confiscating 20 portable water tankers on Monday morning.

Israeli Army Invades Nablus
IMEMC – Monday March 07, 2011 – 12:11, The Israeli Army invaded Kharbet Tana in the eastern part of Nablus, on Monday, and confiscated tanks of water belonging to civilians.

Second Day of Sit-in at Karam Abu Salem Crossing
IMEMC – Monday March 07, 2011 – 11:32, Truck drivers protested, Monday morning, at Karam Abu Salem crossing for the second day. This prevented the entry of goods to the strip.

Ma’an News

Settler, soldiers open fire on Palestinians
3/7/2011 – NABLUS (AFP) — Ten Palestinians and a Jewish settler were wounded on Monday during clashes in a village near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, a Palestinian official and witnesses said. Ghassan Daghlas, an official in charge of tracking settler activity, said six Palestinians were taken to hospital and another four were on the way…. Related: 3 injured as settlers open fire on Palestinian village

Israel continues to target Khribet Tana
3/7/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Twenty portable water tankers brought into the hamlet of Khirbet Tana after Israeli forces destroyed the herder community’s wells in January, were confiscated on Monday morning, an official said. A group of Israeli military jeeps entered the hamlet and removed all of the trucked-in water carriers that residents use….

3 injured as settlers open fire on Palestinian village
3/7/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Settlers on Monday opened fire at Palestinians, injuring three, in As-Sawiya village south of the West Bank city of Nablus, a Palestinian Authority official said. Dozens of residents of the illegal Yash Adam outpost attacked the village, PA settlement affairs official Ghassan Doughlas said. Palestinian ambulances could not reach the village…. Related: Settler, soldiers open fire on Palestinians

Gaza food situation tight as Karni crossing closed
3/7/2011 – RAMALLAH (IRIN) — The complete closure of the Israel-Gaza border crossing at Karni, announced on March 2, will make the delivery of food aid to Gaza more difficult, in an area where over half the population is estimated to be food insecure. The closure of Karni will also add 20 percent to the cost of aid….

Protesting crossing closure, Gaza drivers halt trucks
3/7/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Palestinian truck drivers responsible for transferring goods through the Israeli-controlled crossing terminals refused to work for the second day in a row Monday, protesting the decision to close one of the crossing points last week. Drivers set up a picket line near the Kerem Shalom crossing terminal in the southern….

Tunnel collapse kills Gaza man
3/7/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A young man died Monday morning inside a tunnel at the Egyptian border in southern Gaza, medics in the coastal enclave confirmed. Identified as Abdul Aziz Sabah, 18, from Der Al-Balah, the teen was said to have been crushed wen a Rafah-area tunnel collapsed. Medics retrieved the body and delivered….

Notice to evacuate 15 Jerusalem apartments
3/7/2011 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli police and Jerusalem municipality workers handed out 15 eviction notices on Sunday afternoon, affecting families in the Ar-Rashid building of East Jerusalem’s Beit Hanina neighborhood. Residents were told to be out of their homes within 10 days, after which the building would be demolished, neighborhood officials said. Apartment….

133 Palestinians held in Israel’s jails for over 20 years
3/8/2011 – GAZA (Ma’an) — Gaza’s Ministry of Detainees reported Monday that the number of prisoners held in Israeli jails for over two decades has increased to 133. Ministry spokesman Riyad Al-Ashkar said 39-year-old Imad Al-Masri entered his 21st year in Israeli detention on Monday. Al-Masri, from Tubas, was detained in March 1991….

UK to upgrade Palestinian diplomatic status
3/7/2011 – LONDON (AFP) — Britain will upgrade the status of the Palestinian delegation to London to the level of a mission in line with a number of other EU countries, Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Monday.” Given the extent of our aid to the Palestinian Authority and our work with them, we will join many other….

First intl delegation arrives in Gaza post-Mubarak
3/7/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A delegation of Egyptians and other foreign nationals entered Gaza on Sunday through the Rafah crossing, marking the first such group to pass into the coastal enclave since the Egyptian revolution began. Without disclosing details as to the nationalities of all travelers, Hamas’ crossing committee said eight delegates passed….

Ministers push Israel PM over new peace plan
3/7/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Top Israeli ministers on Monday urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to swiftly make public details of his new diplomatic initiative in a bid to end Israel’s increasing isolation. Over the past week, the Israeli press has been filled with reports about Netanyahu’s new plan to establish a Palestinian state….

4 Palestinians detained in Hebron
3/7/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained overnight four Palestinians from Hebron and lead them to unknown destination, local sources told Ma’an. Home raids targeted family homes in the Old City of Hebron, and included two brothers. The four were identified as Suleiman and Labib Majed Al-Fakhouri, 20 and 23, Mahmud Sa’….

6 more detained at Gaza unity rally
3/7/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A second day of protests calling for an end to Palestinian division, say Hamas government police detain another six protesters, bringing up to 12 the number who have been detained in Gaza City since Sunday morning. Protest organizer Amir Abu Shabab told Ma’an on Monday afternoon that the…. Related: Hamas detains ‘unity’ rally protesters

School girl killed by car near Jerusalem
3/7/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian high school student was struck and killed by a truck Monday, as she walked home from school in the Jerusalem-area village of Al-Eizariya, police said. The girl was identified as 16-year-old Inas Tubal. Police said she was killed instantly, adding that an investigation had been opened to locate….

Israel releases Palestinian woman
3/7/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities released on Sunday a 23-year-old Palestinian woman who had spent four years in Israeli prison, Ramallah Detainees Center reported. The released detainee, Nada Derbas from Jerusalem, said Palestinian women were mistreated in Israeli custody. She called for greater efforts to be made to secure the release of all….

Abbas heads to Britain for talks on peace
3/7/2011 – RAMALLAH (AFP) — President Mahmoud Abbas traveled to Britain late on Sunday for a one-day visit to discuss the stalled peace process with Israel. Abbas was scheduled to hold talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron and the country’s Foreign Secretary William Hague on Monday before heading to Denmark.” The talks with Cameron and….

Report: Israel may offer ‘interim’ peace plan soon
3/7/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may move up a trip to the United States and present an interim peace plan to head off growing pressure on the state, Israeli radio reported Monday. Citing sources close to the prime minister, the radio said Netanyahu had been expected to present the plan during a May….

Abbas gives Fayyad more time to form cabinet
3/7/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Re-appointed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad requested on Sunday another two weeks to form a new government, the secretary general of the Council of Ministers said. Na’im Abu Al-Hums told Ma’an Fayyad made the request to President Mahmoud Abbas and it had been agreed, allowing the….

Hamas detains ‘unity’ rally protesters
3/7/2011 – GAZA CITY (AFP) – Hamas police on Sunday detained several protesters calling for unity between the Islamist group and its bitter West Bank rival Fatah, witnesses in Gaza City told AFP. Police intervened as around a dozen young protesters sought to march towards the legislative building in Gaza City to stage a demonstration calling on the…. Related: 6 more detained at Gaza unity rally

Fatah: Revolutions impact unity efforts
3/7/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – Fatah official Osama Al-Qawasmi issued a statement Monday urging Palestinian factions to find a way to end the state of internal division.”We must be prepared for the establishment of a liberated Palestinian state,” the statement said, amid fresh reports that rival factions are engaged in unity talks. Al-Qawasmi noted that….

Gaza police seize drug cache
3/7/2011 – GAZA (Ma’an) — Gaza anti-drugs forces seized around 45,000 narcotic pills smuggled into the Strip, police in Gaza reported Monday. Police Brigadier Anwar Zu’rob said some 20,000 pills of narcotic Tramadol were discovered inside car tires brought via tunnels underneath the Rafah border with Egypt. Investigations by the force led to a….

Mideast tourism sector hit by uprisings
3/7/2011 – BEIRUT, Lebanon (AFP) — Tourism professionals in the Middle East are bracing for fallout from the revolts shaking the region, with cancellations affecting even countries so far spared from the upheavals, notably Jordan and Syria.” Tourists are being influenced by the media coverage and are putting the whole Middle East in one bag, not differentiating between….

UN gains access as Libya rebels lose ground in clashes
3/7/2011 – RAS LANUF, Libya (AFP) — Residents of an eastern rebel town fled Monday fearing an attack by Moammar Gadhafi’s forces, as the UN was sending an envoy to Tripoli and the US came under pressure to arm Libya’s rebels. As loyalist forces thwarted a rebel advance on Gadhafi’s hometown and….

Air strikes target Libyan rebels near Ras Lanuf
3/7/2011 – RAS LANUF, Libya (AFP) – A second air strike targeted Libyan rebels just east of the strategic oil town Ras Lanuf on Monday and was met with a barrage of machine-gun fire, an AFP reporter said. The reporter on the eastern outskirts of Ras Lanuf heard a fighter jet screech low through the sky and saw….


Egypt cabinet takes oath of office
AlJazeera 7 Mar 2011 – New prime minister and ministers for key porfolios expected to win the approval of pro-reform groups.

Palestine News Network

Israeli Fighter Jets Attack Targets in Gaza
PNN – Gaza — PNN — The Israeli Air Force carried out a number of air strikes at dawn on Sunday targeting a number of areas in central Gaza Strip; damage was reported but…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory ( 24 Feb. 02 Mar. 2011)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Jerusalem Post

Egyptian Islamist wishes to ‘see Israel wiped off map’
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – During visit to Iran, Muslim Brotherhood official praises Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, accuses Israel of “foreign intervention.”

Loyalist forces strike across Libya
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Gaddafi likens crackdown to Israel’s Gaza offensive, warns that if he falls, thousands of refugees from Libya would “invade Europe.”

Anti-Boycott bill passes first reading in Knesset
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Proposed legislation would place sanctions on bodies that advocate boycotting Israel; rights groups say bill limits freedom of expression.

7 Palestinians wounded by gunfire after West Bank clash
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Security forces use live fire to disperse ongoing clashes that broke out after settlers reportedly uprooted trees in Kusra, south of Nablus.

Britain to raise status of Palestinian London office
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Hague says status being raised to mission; move falls short of conferring formal diplomatic status which would imply recognizing Palestinian state.

Safe Purim: Choosing costumes, toys and treats wisely
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Health authorities and Israel Standards Institution urge parents to ensure that costumes purchased are safe for all ages.

Tunisia names new gov’t, disbands hated security forces
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Jordanian journalists rally for more freedom; Kuwaitis plan to launch protests; Egypt arrests 47 security officers for burning documents.

Israel Apartheid Week, and efforts to combat it, begin
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Exclusive: NGO Monitor announces efforts to combat Apartheid Week with “BDS Sewer System” to detail sources of delegitimization campaigns.

PA seeking to remove Hamas from US, EU terror lists
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Nabile Sha’ath raises the issue with EU governments, says move aimed at paving way for unity government.

Palestinian woman serves up success with café chain
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Huda El-Jack acts as a role model for female entrepreneurs looking to assume a greater role in the West Bank economy.

IDF: 6 Palestinians shot in clashes with settlers
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Security forces use live fire to disperse ongoing clashes that broke out after settlers reportedly uprooted trees in Kusra, south of Nablus.

‘PM ordered removal of all illegal W. Bank structures’
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – High Court reveals that Netanyahu has called for the removal of all illegal structures on private land in settlements by end of 2011.

Lieberman says Pope’s exoneration could bring peace
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – During visit to Vatican, foreign minister thanks Pope Benedict XVI for reiterating that Jewish people are not responsible for Jesus’ death.

Save our ties with Turkey
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – The moment the last vote is counted in Ankara’s elections this June, Israel must act to heal relations

‘Strikes on Libya rebels like Israel’s crackdown on Gaza’
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Gaddafi says that Israel used tanks to fight extremists; Libyan leader claims his country is important partner for West in containing al Qaida.

Moussa hits campaign trail in Egypt presidency race
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – Arab League secretary-general is seen as the front-runner to replace Hosni Mubarak after July’s elections.

Instead of rage, Palestinians planning ‘day of unity’
Jeruslalem Post 7 Mar 2011 – In what is being billed as a day of rallies in both the Gaza Strip and West Bank to “end the division,” youth call on Fatah, Hamas to reconcile.

International Solidarity Movement

13 injured when Israeli settlers and army attack the village of Qusra
3/7/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – In the afternoon of the 7th of march 2011 villagers from Qusra, south of Nablus, were attacked by settlers from the surrounding illegal outposts who shortly were accompanied by the Israeli army. Thirteen Palestinian men where injured and taken to Rafidia hospital in Nablus. Nurses reported that the ambulance staff were prevented from reaching the….

Ha’aretz Defense page

Palestinians wounded by IDF fire during clashes with settlers near Nablus
Ha’aretz – Army investigating soldiers’ claim that they felt threatened by the Palestinians; soldier: Settlers threw rocks at wounded Palestinians; Nablus hospital officials say nine people hurt, seven from gun fire.

Violent clashes erupt between Israelis, Palestinians near Nablus
Ha’aretz – Settler lightly hurt when struck by rock; Palestinian medics say nine people brought to hospital for treatment, seven of them with gun shot wounds.

Cabinet: All West Bank outposts on private Palestinian land to go by year’s end
Ha’aretz – Netanyahu’s government responds to petition submitted by Peace Now regarding six contentious outposts; homes built on non-private still subject to debate.

‘Likud will support transfer of some West Bank land to Palestinians’
Ha’aretz – Speaking with Army Radio, Deputy PM Dan Meridor says it is in Israel’s interests to thwart a global recognition of a Palestinian state within 1967 borders.

Israel grouped with Iran, North Korea as world’s least popular countries
Ha’aretz – BBC poll surveying 27 countries shows that Israel is viewed as having a negative influence in the world; negative opinions in U.S. and U.K. increased over past year.

Barak: Mideast peace does not go against Israel’s security interests
Ha’aretz – In wake of Netanyahu plan to announce new peace plan in May, Defense Minister says that would be ‘too late,’ urging an immediate return to peace negotiations.

Facebook campaign promotes Palestinian freedom, on money
Ha’aretz – New Facebook campaign urges Palestinians to write slogans such as ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Stop the Gaza Blockade’ on Israeli bank notes.

Ha’aretz National page

Israel’s social workers, treasury fail to reach agreement over wages
Ha’aretz – Social workers strike for second day as Finance Ministry refuses to yield their demand that private-sector social workers receive pay raises as well.

Widower of Carmel fire victim: Israel’s security abandoned by Netanyahu government
Ha’aretz – Husband of Ahuva Tomer tells Knesset panel debate on Israel’s firefighting services that the prime minister has put off making decisions on the matter.

IDF soldiers: ‘Jenin, Jenin’ director presents Israeli fighters as Nazis
Ha’aretz – Israeli Arab filmmaker Mohammed Bakri says he does not regret his 2003 film about an Israeli offensive in Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield.

Netanyahu agrees to attend Knesset discussion with Carmel fire mourners
Ha’aretz – The prime minister had considered not attending out of fear that political opponents would use bereaved families as weapons against him and turn the discussion into a lashings forum.

Palestine Telegraph

Israel confiscates 9 water tanks near Nablus
7 Mar 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)- Israeli forces confiscated Monday nine tanks used for drinking in Khirbat Tana in the east of Nablus city.

Palestinians protest the closure of Karni crossing
7 Mar 2011 – Gaza strip, (Pal Telegraph)- Dozens of workers and truck drivers struck for the second day in front of Karem Abu Salem crossing protesting Israeli’s decision to close Karni commercialcrossing known as Al-Montar completely and permanently.

Israeli army arrests 4 Palestinians including 2 children in WB
7 Mar 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation forces detained Monday four citizens including two children from The West Bank city of Hebron.

Tunnel worker dies of serious injuries
7 Mar 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)- A Palestinian tunnel worker died Monday due to serious injuries inflicted his body while he was practicing his job.


Dr. Barghouthi Detention in Hebron “A very simple human rights abuse case.”
Uruknet 7 March 2011 – While accompanying a Bulgarian delegation through the Old City of Al-Khalil/Hebron, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi was detained without reason in what can only be described as a racist violation of his human and civil rights. Just outside the Ibrahim Mosque this morning, Israeli police attempted to keep Dr. Barghouthi and the Bulgarian delegation from crossing the…

Israeli Army Invades Nablus
Uruknet March 7, 2011 – The Israeli Army invaded Kharbet Tana in the eastern part of Nablus, on Monday, and confiscated tanks of water belonging to civilians. Ghassan Daghlas, the Palestinian Authority official in charge of monitoring settlement activity in the north of the West Bank, stated that a number of jeeps and trucks invaded the area and confiscated more…

Gaza food situation tight as Karni crossing closed
Uruknet March 7, 2011 – The complete closure of Karni crossing on the Israel-Gaza border announced on 2 March will make the delivery of food aid to Gaza more difficult, according to UN agencies assisting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip where over half the population is estimated to be food insecure. The closure of Karni will also add 20 percent…

Australian government calls for air strikes on Gaddafi forces
Uruknet March 7, 2011 – Australian Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has placed the Gillard Labor government at the forefront of agitation by the Western powers for military action against Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The barely concealed aim of any imperialist intervention would be to ensure Gaddafi’s replacement by a regime subservient to American and other great…

Madison a Foretaste of Things to Come: The Next Big Occupation Could be Boomers Taking Over the Capitol Building
Uruknet March 6, 2011 – The dramatic and inspiring occupation of the Wisconsin Statehouse in Madison by angry public workers and their supporters over the past few weeks is an exciting preview of what we can expect to see in the halls of Congress before long, as right-wing forces, funded by corporate lobbies and corporate-funded think-tanks push hard for cutbacks…

The National

Egypt’s excluded minorities push for a better deal
The National 8 Mar 2011 – Young people, women, Copts, Bedouins and others want more influence and freedom in the post-Mubarak Egypt, and an end to discrimination.

Rights activist Haitham al Maleh, aged 80, to be freed in Syria amnesty
The National 8 Mar 2011 – A former judge and lawyer who has received international recognition for his defence of human rights, Mr al Maleh, sentenced to three years in prison last July under emergency laws for ‘weakening national morale, is expected to be freed from jail as part of an amnesty for thousands of prisoners announced by Syrian president Bashar al Assad.

Alternative Information Center

Court Rules that Film Jenin Jenin Doesn’t Defame Soldiers
Alternative Information Center – The Israeli Supreme Court denied on Monday (7 March) that Mohamed Bakri, director of the documentary Jenin, Jenin , defamed the soldiers that participated in Israel’s 2002 “Operation Defensive Shield”.

Roots and Wings: An Interview with Sharif Kanaana on Palestinian Folklore
Alternative Information Center – Born in the northern Palestinian village of Arrabeh in the Galilee and currently living in Ramallah, Sharif Kanaana has been a professor at Birzeit University for many years and is the author of several well-acclaimed books,…

Daily Star

Calls for Libya no-fly zone grow
Daily Star 7 Mar 2011 Top Israeli ministers Monday urged the prime minister to swiftly make public details of his new diplomatic initiative in a bid to end Israel’s increasing isolation while Britain announced it will upgrade the status of Palestinian…

Ministers urge speed from Netanyahu over new peace plan
Daily Star 7 Mar 2011 Top Israeli ministers Monday urged the prime minister to swiftly make public details of his new diplomatic initiative in a bid to end Israel’s increasing isolation while Britain announced it will upgrade the status of Palestinian…

Tunisia announces government free of old regime figures
Daily Star 7 Mar 2011 Tunisia announced a new interim government free of any members of the regime of toppled Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali Monday, and also scrapped a security agency that had targeted political dissidents. Seeking to assert their authority…

Thousands of Algeria’s police rally in capital
Daily Star 7 Mar 2011 ALGIERS: Thousands of auxiliary police marched in Algiers Monday to demand pay raises, breaking through heavy security to reach Parliament in a rare mass show of dissent in the tightly controlled country.The policemen, estimated by organizers…

Oman in third Cabinet reshuffle as unrest spreads through Gulf
Daily Star 7 Mar 2011 Oman carried out its third government reshuffle in a month Monday, in the latest of a string of concessions aimed at appeasing protesters demanding jobs and political reforms in the Gulf Arab sultanate. The latest concession…

U.S. defense chief sorry over Afghan child deaths
Daily Star 7 Mar 2011 KABUL: U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates offered a personal apology to President Hamid Karzai Monday for the deaths of nine Afghan children in a NATO air strike which drew fury in Kabul. “This breaks our heart,”…

The Guardian

Palestinian diplomatic status in the UK upgraded
The Guardian 7 Mar 2011 – Palestinian delegation in London to become a diplomatic mission, bringing Britain into line with several other EU countries William Hague said that Britain had upgraded the status of Palestinian diplomats in the UK, in a largely…

Relief Web

United Nations International Meeting on the Question of Palestine: The urgency of addressing the plight of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention facilities
Relief Web 7 Mar 2011 – Source: UN General Assembly

OPT: Gaza food situation tight as Karni crossing closed
Relief Web 7 Mar 2011 – Source: Integrated Regional Information Networks

UNICEF Humanitarian Action for Children 2011: Building Resilience
Relief Web 7 Mar 2011 – Source: UN Children’s Fund

Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories: Petition urges Human Rights Council to act for international justice for Gaza conflict victims
Relief Web 7 Mar 2011 – Source: Amnesty

Inter Press Service

WOMEN’S DAY: An Arab Israeli Woman Fighting on All Fronts
IPS “Every woman is a woman of frustration. Me, I’m just struggle.” Hanin Zoabi, 41, is a Palestinian Israeli woman, a fighting woman. An elected member of the Israeli Knesset parliament, she is the first woman on an Arab party’s list, Balad.

EGYPT: Burning Questions for Mubarak’s Secret Police
IPS The much-feared secret police and intelligence service that protected the regime of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak by arresting, torturing, and even killing opponents has started a wave of burning documents and evidence that could incriminate them, as calls escalate for abolishing the force altogether and bringing its officers to…

Stop The Wall

Commemorate Land Day 2011 by Joining the Global BDS Day of Action 30 March
Stop The Wall – The BDS National Committee (BNC) is calling on you to unite in your different capacities and struggles to join the Global BDS Day of Action on Land Day, 30 March 2011, in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s right to self determination on their ancestral land. [

YNet News

Palestinians hurt by IDF fire
YNet News – Forces alerted to Nablus area following violent clashes between settlers,….

IDF general dismissed over lie appeals to Supreme Court
YNet News – Brig.-Gen. Imad Fares, who was dismissed from service after giving false….

IAEA chief sees possible progress in Syria probe
YNet News – UN nuclear watchdog chief says reached agreement with Syria on inspection of….

Israel ranked among least popular states
YNet News – Global poll held for BBC finds just three countries ranked below Israel —….

Rabbi Wolpo: Fire rubber bullets back at soldiers
YNet News – National rift deepening- SOS Israel Chairman Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo called on West Bank settlers living in outposts and their supporters to use violence against soldiers …….

West Bank clashes: Settlers stoned injured Palestinians
YNet News – The IDF and Israel Police are trying to locate settlers who opened fire on Palestinians during clashes that erupted Monday afternoon near the Alei Ayin outpost, located …….

Britain upgrades status of Palestinian diplomats
YNet News – Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague announced Monday the UK will upgrade the status of Palestinian representatives in London, ahead of talks with Palestinian …….

Egypt swears in new post-Mubarak Cabinet
YNet News – Egypt’s military rulers on Monday swore in a new Cabinet that includes new faces in key ministries, responding to protesters’ demands that the new government be free of …….

Palestinian Information Center

Hamas lauds anti-siege positions of Egypt’s new FM
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – Hamas has lauded positions held by newly named Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi.

Resheq: Hamas to launch a comprehensive political initiative
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – Ezzet Al-Resheq, a political bureau member of Hamas, said that his movement was about to launch a new political initiative for national salvation.

Khreisha: PA denying passports to select Gaza citizens
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – The second deputy speaker of the PLC Hassan Khreisha has confirmed that Palestinian Authority intelligence has interfered in issuing passports to certain citizens in Gaza.

IOF troops serve demolition notices, detain ten Palestinians including children
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) served demolition notices to a number of citizens in Beit Ummar village, Al-Khalil, claiming that their houses were in proximity to the Quds-Khalil bypass road.

Israeli reports reveal increase in settlement activity, demolitions
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – Recent Israeli reports reveal a marked increase in settlement activity and demolitions in the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Urgent appeal for releasing mother of two kids from Israeli jails
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – In conjunction with the 100th celebration of international women’s day, a Palestinian mother of two kids called Iman Ghazzawi, 35, has been locked up in Israeli jails for 10 years.

Independent commission to prosecute PA for job discrimination
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – The Palestinian independent commission for human rights said it intends to file a lawsuit with the higher court against the policy of security survey pursued by the Fatah-controlled PA.

Poll: Israel among the world’s least popular countries
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – An annual opinion poll conducted by the BBC revealed that Israel’s popularity in the world declined greatly.

Peace Now: 70 Israeli outposts are built on private lands in W. Bank
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – Peace Now movement said that about 70 Israeli settlement outposts are built on private Palestinian lands and 16 percent of the West Bank lands has been declared as a state land.

Palestinian teen dies in tunnel collapse
PIC 7 Mar 2011 – A Palestinian teenager died on Monday when a tunnel collapsed over his head in Rafah city, south of the Gaza Strip, medical sources said.

Los Angeles Times

Palestinians make risky gambit for statehood
LA Times 7 Mar 2011 – After failed peace talks, the Palestinian Authority is making a push for statehood through an international campaign for membership in the U.N. and a resolution recognizing a Palestinian state. The U.S. plans to block the effort, calling it a ‘strategic mistake.’ Palestinian leaders are embarking…

New York Times

Jerusalem Journal: A Monk in Confinement, Waiting to Reclaim a Title
New York Times 7 Mar 2011 – For three years, Irenaeus, once the patriarch of Jerusalem, has been cloistered in an apartment in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate because, he says, of his successor.


Dirar Abu Seesi Kidnapped by Mossad, Now in Israeli Prison, Censor Gagged Reporting Story
Tikun Olam – Dirar Abu Seesi, kidnapped Gaza engineer I have just confirmed through the Israeli NGO, HaMoked, that the story of the kidnapping and smuggling of Dirar Abu Seesi is under Israeli military censor gag order. I’ve just spoken to his attorney, Michal Rochabi-Dansiger, a government appointed public…

BBC spots sharp climb in negative view of Israel in the U.S.
Mondoweiss – BBC World Service poll , out today. Page 19: Evaluations of Israel’s influence in the world are still broadly unfavourable. However, unlike countries that have seen their negative views worsen, Israel has seen a very slight improvement. [49 percent unfavorable views on average in 25 countries, to…

Qadhafi repeats that he is committing warcrimes just like Israel
Mondoweiss – Libyan Revolution – Take Whats Yours Uploaded by libyansrevolt . – Up-to-the minute news videos. And more news from Libya: Qadhafi’s Crimes Gadhafi: Crackdown on Libya revolt is like Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza Speaking to France 24, long-time Libyan Leader says estimated figures of rebel,…

Israel barring Anglican Bishop from living in Jerusalem
Mondoweiss – From the Episcopal News Service : The Rt. Rev. Suheil Dawani, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, has filed court action seeking reinstatement of his permit to reside in the city of Jerusalem, which was revoked in August 2010 upon what the bishop says are unfounded…

Separate and unequal in the West Bank
Mondoweiss – The discrimination of the Israeli state in the occupation is well documented and, unfortunately, immense. Discriminatory allocation of water, confiscation of private and public land, unlawful restriction of movement as well as unequal zoning and planning policies (not to mention repetitive and often unpunished acts of…

Dr. Barghouthi Detention in Hebron
Palestine Monitor – While accompanying a Bulgarian delegation through the Old City of Al-Khalil/Hebron, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi was detained without reason in what can only be described as a racist violation of his human and civil rights. Just outside the Ibrahim Mosque this morning, Israeli police attempted to keep…

Leslie Gelb seems resigned to Israel’s ‘plight’
Mondoweiss – In Newsweek , elder statesman Leslie Gelb, formerly of the New York Times and Council on Foreign Relations, tries to argue that the Arab peoples may be the biggest losers of the revolutions. Gosh. But then there’s this paragraph. It strikes me as coldblooded and realist, and…

BREAKING: Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi Confined in Hebron
Palestine Monitor – Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, has been confined just outside the Ibrahim Mosque in the Old City of Al-Khalil/Hebron. According to witnesses, Dr. Barghouthi was approached by soldiers who asked him to enter a military vehicle. When he refused, the soldiers…

Abu Seesi Kidnapped by Mossad and Now in Israel’s Shikma Prison
Tikun Olam – Dirar Abu Seesi with three of his six children B’Tselem and HaMoked have helped me track down Dirar Abu Seesi, after his kidnapping by the Mossad in Ukraine on February 18th. I reported earlier this month that he was in an Israeli prison. Now my NGO…

Right-wing agitation heightens tension in Jaffa
Palestine Monitor – Right-wing activists congregated in Jaffa last Wednesday, led by Baruch Marzel and MK Michael Ben Ari of the National Union, to protest against a cabal, made up of Islamic Movement supporters, purportedly manipulating society in Jaffa. The protest was attended by roughly fifty supporters who were…

Israeli Black Shirts (aka Border Police) Provoke Sheikh Jarrah Violence
Tikun Olam – Above you’ll find 9 minutes of riveting video of the fisticuffs and mauling used by Israel’s Black Shirt Border Police to “quell” a noisy, but entirely peaceful protest by Sheik Jarrah’s Solidarity activists. Mounted police ‘necessary’ to quell non-violent Sheikh Jarrah protest Masked Black Shirt Israeli…

March 15th Call to Action
Palestine Monitor – Message from Hirak Al Shabab, a decentralized Palestinian democracy movement: Whether you want to uproot settlements, create a democracy, put food on the table, build a roof over your head, vote in PNC elections, a job, or higher minimum wage – March 15th is your day….

Army arrests local protest leader in Nabi Saleh last night
Popular Struggle Coordination Committee – Naji Tamimi, member of the Nabi Saleh popular committee and one of the leading figures in the struggle against the annexation of village lands by the nearby settlement of Halamish, was arrested last night during an army night raid on the village. The military also searched…

Misc 2

Egypt’s new cabinet takes office
BBC 7 Mar 2011 – Members of Egypt’s new cabinet are sworn into office at a ceremony in the captial, Cairo, almost a month after popular protests ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Holocaust film to be seen in Iran
BBC 7 Mar 2011 – A landmark film about the Holocaust, Shoah, is to be shown for the first time on a satellite TV channel which broadcasts into Iran.

VIDEO: Life and death on the Gaza border
BBC 7 Mar 2011 – Newsbeat is in Gaza to see what life is like for people on both sides of the Israeli border.

J Street Offers Alternative to AIPAC
Antiwar.com 7 Mar 2011 – Hundreds of Jewish activists from J Street visited congressional offices on March 1 to talk about Israel and the settlements and to present a pro-peace agenda against the dominant views of the most powerful lobby in Washington, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The visits…

(en) Palestine-Israel, The uprising of the masses in the whole Arab region vibrate also in Israel and the 1967 occupied areas.
A-infos 7 Mar 2011 – The connection between the upraising of the masses of the Arab countries is expressed by the uprising masses and the political arena in both Israel and the occupied territories. The continued joint struggles the anarchists against the wall are involved with include these vibrations and eruption…


The Arab Spring
Rashid Khalidi, The Nation, Israeli Occupation Archive3/6/2011
Suddenly, to be an Arab has become a good thing. People all over the Arab world feel a sense of pride in shaking off decades of cowed passivity under dictatorships that ruled with no deference to popular wishes. And it has become respectable in the West as well. Egypt is now thought of as an exciting and progressive place; its people’s expressions of solidarity are welcomed by demonstrators in Madison, Wisconsin; and its bright young activists are seen as models for a new kind of twenty-first-century mobilization. Events in the Arab world are being covered by the Western media more extensively than ever before and are being talked about positively in a fashion that is unprecedented. Before, when anything Muslim or Middle Eastern or Arab was reported on, it was almost always with a heavy negative connotation. Now, during this Arab spring, this has ceased to be the case. An area that was a byword for political stagnation is witnessing a rapid transformation that has caught the attention of the world.
Three things should be said about this sea change in perceptions about Arabs, Muslims and Middle Easterners. The first is that it shows how superficial, and how false, were most Western media images of this region. Virtually all we heard about were the ubiquitous terrorists, the omnipresent bearded radicals and their veiled companions trying to impose Sharia and the corrupt, brutal despots who were the only option for control of such undesirables. In US government-speak, faithfully repeated by the mainstream media, most of that corruption and brutality was airbrushed out through the use of mendacious terms like “moderates” (i.e., those who do and say what we want). That locution, and the one used to denigrate the people of the region, “the Arab street,” should now be permanently retired.
The second feature of this shift in perceptions is that it is very fragile. Even if all the Arab despots are overthrown, there is an enormous investment in the “us versus them” view of the region…. — See also: Source more.. e-mail


The Middle East feminist revolution
Naomi Wolf, Al Jazeera3/4/2011
Women are not merely joining protests to topple dictators, they are at the centre of demanding social change.
Among the most prevalent Western stereotypes about Muslim countries are those concerning Muslim women: doe-eyed, veiled, and submissive, exotically silent, gauzy inhabitants of imagined harems, closeted behind rigid gender roles. So where were these women in Tunisia and Egypt?
In both countries, women protesters were nothing like the Western stereotype: they were front and centre, in news clips and on Facebook forums, and even in the leadership. In Egypt’s Tahrir Square, women volunteers, some accompanied by children, worked steadily to support the protests — helping with security, communications, and shelter. Many commentators credited the great numbers of women and children with the remarkable overall peacefulness of the protesters in the face of grave provocations.
Other citizen reporters in Tahrir Square — and virtually anyone with a cell phone could become one — noted that the masses of women involved in the protests were demographically inclusive. Many wore headscarves and other signs of religious conservatism, while others reveled in the freedom to kiss a friend or smoke a cigarette in public.
Supporters, leaders
But women were not serving only as support workers, the habitual role to which they are relegated in protest movements, from those of the 1960s to the recent student riots in the United Kingdom. Egyptian women also organised, strategised, and reported the events. Bloggers such as Leil Zahra Mortada took grave risks to keep the world informed daily of the scene in Tahrir Square and elsewhere. more.. e-mail

Exposed: Israel’s sham inquiry into murder aboard the Mavi Marmara
Richard Lightbown, Redress3/8/2011
Richard Lightbown assesses in forensic detail Israel’s submission to the UN Panel of Inquiry on the Gaza Flotilla raid (the Turkel Commission Report) against available evidence, showing how the commission received much of its testimony via a third party, discouraged witnesses from the flotilla from appearing, used antiquated legal opinion and further compromised itself by using biased language.
DECONSTRUCTING TURKEL: The Report of the Commission for Examining the Maritime Incident of May 31, 2010 – Part One (Turkel Commission Report): A Critique of Errors and Omissions 68 page report on Scribd 6 March 2011
Israel’s submission to the UN Panel of Inquiry on the Gaza Flotilla raid (the Turkel Commission Report) is assessed against available evidence. Much testimony was received via a third party, and witnesses from the flotilla were discouraged from appearing. The Commission’s background summary is flawed and inaccurate. Antiquated legal opinion is used while contemporary legal opinion given in testimony was ignored, as was first hand expert testimony on medical conditions in Gaza. NGO reports detailing adverse effects of the closure on infrastructure and the economy are summarised here and contrasted with Turkel’s assessment. The Commission’s declaration that the blockade is lawful was arrived at by misinterpreting circumstances and ignoring the duty to allow humanitarian relief into Gaza. Part B of the report considers the raid…. more.. e-mail

Anti-government protests erupt across Iraq
Electronic Intifada: 7 Mar 2011 – BAGHDAD, Iraq (IPS/AJ) – Hundreds of people have converged on Baghdad’s Tahrir, or Liberation, Square on 4 March for an anti-government demonstration despite a vehicle ban that forced many to walk for hours to the heart of the Iraqi capital.more

Pro-democracy protests spread to Oman
Electronic Intifada: 7 Mar 2011 – SOHAR, Oman (IPS/AJ) – Fresh protests have taken place in the Gulf sultanate of Oman, following a wave of pro-democracy demonstrations across the Arab world. The unrest in Sohar has been a rare outbreak of discontent in the normally calm sultanate of Oman.more

Dr. Barghouthi Detention in Hebron
Palestine Monitor: 7 Mar 2011 – While accompanying a Bulgarian delegation through the Old City of Al-Khalil/Hebron, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi was detained without reason in what can only be described as a racist violation of his human and civil rights. Just outside the Ibrahim Mosque this morning, Israeli police attempted to keep Dr. Barghouthi and the Bulgarian delegation from crossing the street in the H2 zone of the Old City in Al-Khalil/Hebron. Before Dr. Barghouti crossed the street with the delegation, Israeli officers approached him and told him that he may not cross the street to enter the mosque. “They are trying to segregate the street for the settlers,” said Dr. Barghouthi, the Secretary General of the Palestine National Initiative. “It is discrimination based on nationality.” With this in mind, Dr. Barghouti—who was recently at the frontline of the annual demonstration in Hebron to open Shuhada Street—defied the IOF’s orders and crossed the street. Dr. Barghouti…more

BREAKING: Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi Confined in Hebron
Palestine Monitor: 7 Mar 2011 – Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, has been confined just outside the Ibrahim Mosque in the Old City of Al-Khalil/Hebron. According to witnesses, Dr. Barghouthi was approached by soldiers who asked him to enter a military vehicle. When he refused, the soldiers confiscated his identity card and claimed orders from Shabak, or the Israeli security agency Shin Bet. Dr. Barghouthi in Al-Khalil/Hebron, 25 Feb 2011: “Why are you doing this? We are non-violent.” Dr. Barghouthi’s call for non-violent resistance to the occupationmore

Right-wing agitation heightens tension in Jaffa
Palestine Monitor: 7 Mar 2011 – Right-wing activists congregated in Jaffa last Wednesday, led by Baruch Marzel and MK Michael Ben Ari of the National Union, to protest against a cabal, made up of Islamic Movement supporters, purportedly manipulating society in Jaffa. The protest was attended by roughly fifty supporters who were protected by a two hundred strong police force, and was limited to the mainly Jewish part of northern Jaffa. Streets leading to Palestinian areas were closed off. Palestinian shops went on strike for the duration for the march and youths affiliated with local civil rights organisations planned a counter-demonstration. Approximately four hundred people turned out, including a Zionist youth movement, supporting peaceful coexistence in the mixed cities. Police on horseback attempted to keep protesters at bay, two of whom were injured when police drove their horses into the crowd. Sheikh Jarrah activists travelling to the demonstration were intercepted by the police and held for…more

March 15th Call to Action
Palestine Monitor: 6 Mar 2011 – Message from Hirak Al Shabab, a decentralized Palestinian democracy movement: Whether you want to uproot settlements, create a democracy, put food on the table, build a roof over your head, vote in PNC elections, a job, or higher minimum wage – March 15th is your day. March 15th is our day as Palestinians. The status quo is not sustainable. Our future is not negotiable. We are not going home before we achieve freedom and justice. Make this day yours. Be the change. Spread the word. See you on the streets. What you can do: 1. Send five close friends messages about March 15. 2. Post the attached picture as your profile pic on FaceBook. 3. Ask your parents, wife, children, and friends about the future they envision for themselves. March15 is a start to begin moving towards that path. 4. Spread the word to all of your social circles: Work,…more

Escape to a World of Palestinian Surprises
Palestine Chronicle: 7 Mar 2011 – By Sherri Muzher When I was a kid, I was often asked what my nationality was. Was I Italian? Was I Greek? The answer was none of the above. “I’m Palestinian,” I would respond with a smile. “Oh,” was the usual quiet response with a polite smile. I grew up in the 1970s, a time when the word Palestinian practically became synonymous with the word, ‘terrorist.’ So I somewhat understood the reaction of strangers. The harmful and inaccurate messages they were being bombarded with were endless; a big chunk of info about Palestinians was missing. The images were nothing I could relate to as my parents stressed resilience and excellence in our academics and family values. Politics, money, and the role they play in helping to shape public opinion were not yet understood at my age. Fast forward a few decades. While the dehumanization continues, the “freedom fever” spreading throughout…more

Permission to Engage — A Poem
Palestine Chronicle: 7 Mar 2011 – By Eugene Sigaloff Those twangy voices, American voices, Voices like billiard balls, Voices like crew cuts: “Request permission to engage.” “Roger that … You are free to engage.” Voices like bullets. Permission to engage is granted, Permission granted to “light ’em all up.” Men below, unaware of the killing machine above them, Are appraised by dual minds, Kindly minds, Minds that love their dogs, Agonize if doggie’s paw has a boo-boo, Go weepy if doggie should “pass away,” And scornful minds, Minds that jeer the “enemy” when properly instructed, Us and them minds, Minds that have been drilled to lose all feeling, all pity: “Keep shoot’n, keep shoot’n, keep shoot’n, keep shoot’n.” They run, they scamper, they fall, they slide: Death as pratfall; The “fuck’n pricks,” They die in disarray, comically: “Oh yeah, look at those dead bastards!” “Nice.” Legs cannot outrun remorseless bullets, Flesh cannot thwart implacable steel: Hearts…more

An Urgent Call to Release Detainee Ahmad Asfour
Palestine Chronicle: 7 Mar 2011 – By Terry Wolfwood At the Algeria conference on Palestinian Political Prisoners I met a desperate father, Samir Asfour. He told me the story of his son. Ahmad was a 17 year old student when he was severely injured outside his home during the invasion of Gaza on January 9, 2009. He was hit by a bomb, probably a D.I.M.E., launched by an unmanned drone. His body was penetrated and lacerated by metal fragments. His father said that Ahmad was in hospital in Egypt for 8 months and then a doctor recommended he go to Jerusalem for more treatment. Ahmed has diabetes, is wheelchair bound and needs more internal surgery. He had lost body parts, sections of his intestines and his pancreas. He was arrested at the Erez border crossing, taken from his terrified father, along with his medicines and insulin. Samir now knows his son gave a forced confession after…more

Egypt: A Virtual Smoking Gun?
Dissident Voice: 7 Mar 2011 – On January 12, 2009, US Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs James K. Glassman joined a group of Egyptian political bloggers from the Virtual Newsroom of the American University in Cairo. Is this the “virtual” smoking gun that indicates American collusion in the subsequent ouster of Hosni Mubarak? Less than two months earlier, Glassman and Jared Cohen from Secretary Clinton’s Policy Planning Staff had given an on-the-record briefing on the State Department’s alliance with ten partners in the private sector — including Facebook, Google, MTV, AT&T, Howcast, Access 360 Media — to form the Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM). During that briefing, Glassman singled out Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement for special mention, saying that some of its members would be in attendance at the inaugural AYM youth summit in New York from December 3-5. Asked about “the risk of unleashing something here that is going to come back…more

The Names of the Innocent who are Killed
Dissident Voice: 6 Mar 2011 – This article is about Omar Maruf. What makes this one so important when every day dozens of innocent people die all over the world? Why an article about this one? Omar Maruf was killed by a soldier who was heavily armed, and well equipped with everything the latest Western military industry has to offer. Omar was wearing old, dirty clothes, and collecting stones with his donkey. Omar was not even a so-called “collateral damage” who was unfortunately hit by a misguided bullet or bomb during a military attack. In our modern wars, where everything is precisely calculated, sometimes someone is just at the wrong time at the wrong place. But it wasn’t like that. No, a young soldier, heavily armed and well equipped, targeted Omar, who was standing there, with shabby clothes and stones in his hands, and decided to shoot him. A young soldier on a sunny winter morning…more

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