Black Agenda Report 6 April 2011: Lynch Law in Libya / Black Wall Around Obama / Thinking Post-Obama

6 April 2011 — Black Agenda ReportNews, commentary and analysis from the black left

Lynch Law and Summary Executions in Rebel-Held Libya

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
“The world’s most imperial-dependent, ill-disciplined and whining ‘liberation movement’ is still blaming black ‘mercenaries’ and soldiers from Chad for its failures in the field.” Chad, meanwhile, has officially asked the “international coalition” to protect its civilians from the rebels, who have executed “dozens” of Chadian migrant workers. In rebel-held Libya, black Africans and Gaddafi supporters are the people in need of protection.

The Black Wall Around Barack Obama: Who Does It Protect Him Against?

By BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon
The presumption that Barack Obama, no matter what he does or doesn’t do, enjoys nearly unanimous black support is a veritable wall around the president. But who does it protect him against? Republicans? Banksters? Tea partyers, warmongers, torturers? Or black people and the left, his supposed base?

Freedom Rider: Thinking Post-Obama

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
History will record that “the benefits to black America from the Obama administration have been non-existent” – and, at some point, African Americans will also have to face the fact. “Never again should one candidate for office, even the highest office of all, give voters amnesia about their history and experience.” Obama fever took all the oxygen out of the room, starving Black people’s brains. It is past time that African Americans became reacquainted with reality: Obama has been a disaster for the historical Black political agenda.

Of Dr. King, Mixtapes and Imperial Crackdowns

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR editor and columnist Jared A. Ball
When Black radio was cleansed of news, ideas, controversy and every other socially redeeming quality, the mixtape filled the vacuum. But now, the corporate counter-attack is in full swing, driving the independent mixtape into the nether regions of legality. “This is about managing communication and assuring that only sanctioned forms of music can be exchanged legally and that only these handful of companies benefit from the sale of that sanctioned art.”

The Obama Disaster, at Home and Abroad

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
There is nothing left of Obama, except the “moderate Republicrat corporate lawyer” that he has always been. He refuses to fight in the people’s interest, because he is not interested in the people – only in his foolish dream of a grand alliance with the GOP in service of Wall Street. But the GOP feels triumphant, and isn’t playing his games. “Obama has already sacrificed trillions in social spending trying to split the budget difference with Republicans who persist in seeking total victory.

A Crack in Time: April 1968

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
In the immediate aftermath of Dr. Martin Luther King’s murder, myths were made and paradigms altered. To revisit the week of King’s assassination is to take a personal stride across a chasm, from one epoch to the other. This crack in time opened for the author when he was an 18-year-old soldier.

Defending ‘Our Mother’s Gardens’

by Sikivu Hutchinson
On a host of fronts, the counter-revolution is on the offensive against “the revolutionary right of women to control their own destinies.” Under U.S. House legislation, anti-abortion booby-traps are embedded in the tax code, as entrapments. “Women who are audited could be forced to reveal why and how they had an abortion, further ensuring Big Brother’s reign over their bodies and destinies” – a horrific combo of “sexual terrorism and state power.”

President Obama Gets His Groove Back By Attacking Africans

by Cynthia McKinney
“Even I could not imagine that it would get this bad” under Barack Obama, writes Cynthia McKinney, former Georgia congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate. Abroad, the First Black President murders whole nations and peoples. At home, “Blacks are slipping back more and more into economic and cultural servitude and political irrelevancy,” with Black family wealth now pegged at $2,000 per household, compared to $94,600 for whites.

Jena Six Activist Convicted, Faces Decades in Prison

by Jordan Flaherty
In what appears to be a Twenty-first Century example of White Power’s revenge, a key personality in the Jena Six case awaits sentencing on drug charges. Catrina Wallace was among a dozen Black people arrested in Jena, Louisiana, in an air-and-land assault by law enforcement authorities. The dream of racial justice in Jena has reverted to a Deep South nightmare.

Incarceration Nation

by Linn Washington, Jr.
Mass Black incarceration is a kind of “punitive backlash” against the gains of the Sixties, and only a “a major social movement” can challenge it. Nowhere on the planet is mass imprisonment more entrenched than in the United States. “The U.S. imprisons more than South Africa did under apartheid.” At every stage of the criminal justice system, Blacks are selected for harsher treatment. “In major urban areas almost one-half of black men have criminal records.”

Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of April 4, 2011

Harlem Protest Against Obama’s Wars
“There is no such thing as a ‘humanitarian” intervention, when it comes at the hands of the U.S. and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” said Dr. Williams Sales, professor of Africana Studies at Seton Hall University, speaking at a rally organized by Harlem Fightback Against War at Home and Abroad. “Do not drink the Kool-Aid” on Obama’s Libya policy.
Libya Headed Toward Bloodbath
“There will be sections of the population, if the fighting enters Tripoli, who will go underground and create an insurgency,” says Dr. Vijay Prashad, director of International Studies at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. On the rebel side, those that oppose foreign intervention are now irrelevant. “Libya, unfortunately, is in for a long-term bloodbath.
Foreign Occupation Likely
Robert Naiman, policy director for Washington-based Just Foreign Policy, says the U.S., by siding rebels that include Islamist elements, “has helped to create the scenario it says it most fears: a lawless area that could be a base for al Qaida types.”
Farrakhan: Chickens Coming Home
Speaking at a Chicago Mosque, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan warned that “America can’t win these wars. And if they kill that brother [Gaddafi] and his family, like they did Saddam [Hussein] and his sons, those are chickens, as Bro. Malcolm said, that will come home to roost.”
Amiri Baraka on Obama, circa 2008
In an October, 2008, radio interview, poet-activist Amiri Baraka accused leftist critics of candidate Barack Obama of being afflicted with “some kind of egotistical self-regard as the perfect radical.” Today, in his latest poem, Baraka calls President Obama a “yapping Negro” who would sell his own folks “into slavery.”
Florida Violates Voting Rights Act
By seeking to roll back the franchise for persons convicted of felonies, Florida is in violation of the Voting Rights Act, says Dale Ho, attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.
How to be Happy While Black
“African American people who are higher in racial identity are generally happier with their lives,” says Michigan State University’s Stevie Yap, lead researcher of a new study.

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