Bahrain mostly mainstream newslinks 5 May 2011: Bahrain renews emergency law as repression persists

5 May 2011 —

BAHRAIN: Medical staff face prosecution, alleged torture after aiding anti …
Los Angeles Times
Nearly 50 doctors, nurses and other medical staff have been detained in
Bahrain in connection with treating anti-government protesters,
human-rights officials said Wednesday. Those detained included 24 doctors
and 23 nurses and paramedics, according to …

‘Bahrain’s trial of civilians illegal’
Press TV
The EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, has expressed deep concern
over the imminent executions of four anti-government protesters in Bahrain.
However, the Western powers have even fallen short of condemning the gross
human rights violations in …

Bahrain is limping back to normal after unrest
By Orlando Crowcroft, Business News Editor Dubai: Bahrain is almost back to
normal after weeks of riots and protests that gripped the capital city of
Manama, a Bahraini tourism official told Gulf News. Nada Ahmad Yaseen,
acting assistant undersecretary …

Bahrain, Kingdom of Silence
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
An eerie silence and a paralyzing sense of fear currently grip Bahrain.
Since mid-March, when tens of thousands of protesters last took to the
streets demanding political reform, Bahraini security and military forces
have engaged in an ongoing, …

ANALYSIS-Bahrain media play role in tension after protests
Reuters Africa
By Andrew Hammond DUBAI, May 5 (Reuters) – Bahraini media have played a
central role in a crackdown on Shi’ite Muslims following the suppression of
pro-democracy protests that threatened the Sunni monarchy’s grip on power,
analysts say. …

US concerned by arrests of medical staff in Bahrain
People’s Daily Online
The US is deeply concerned by reports regarding the detention of medical
facility staff in Bahrain, the State Department said on Wednesday. “I’d
like to stress that we remain firmly committed to the principle of medical
neutrality,” said department …

Bahraini doctors to face prosecution after aiding anti-government protesters
RIA Novosti
Bahrain’s Justice Ministry will try in a military court 47 medical
professionals for alleged deadly assault and refusal to help persons in
need during the months of unrest in the kingdom, local media said on
Wednesday. All together, 24 doctors and 23 …

Swedish citizen Khalil Al Halwachi believed missing after house raid
Dr. Ahmed Jamal, president of the Bahrain Medical Society was arrested from
his clinic yesterday. Tunisian award winning blog, Nawaat, declines the
Arab eContent Award 2011 awarded by Bahraini government: …

Bahrain: Tensions rising despite repression
Green Left Weekly
By Elizabeth Pickworth, Manama Despite appearing calm on the surface,
tensions are escalating within Bahrain, which has been the scene of
anti-government protests that began on February 14. There still remains a
strong police presence within the …

Wikileaks: Bahrain wanted to engage Israeli media
Jerusalem Post
COM STAFF The Bahraini government wanted to engage with Israeli media, in
support of the Arab Peace Initiative and the Obama administration,
according to documents released by Wikileaks on Wednesday. According to the
US diplomatic cable of a meeting …

We were not involved…
Gulf Daily News
“There’s no point reacting against these kind of rumours because, at the
end of the day, we are a Bahrain-based company, we belong to this land and
we’re going to remain here forever.” While Mr Jawad’s 24 Hours Market near
the GCC Roundabout enjoyed …

Death sentences in Bahrain: joint statement by EP committee chairs
The death sentences passed on four anti-government protesters in Bahrain on
28 April prompted thousands of appeals, posted by Bahrainis on the European
Parliament’s Facebook page, for help to get them revoked. Moved by these
appeals, committee chairs …

Egypt’s Free Front for Peaceful Change supports Bahraini revolution
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – This statement points out that the Bahraini
reactionary regime and other repressive Arab regimes that in the recent
years have burnt mosques and copies of Holy Qoran, and have oppressed their
peoples, should be toppled. …

UN rights chief slams Bahrain military trials
GENEVA, May 05, 2011 (AFP) – UN human rights chief Navi Pillay on Thursday
condemned death sentences imposed by military courts in Bahrain on
protestors accused of killings as well as military trials for civilian
activists. …

Historic day for Bahrain
Gulf Daily News
MANAMA: Bahrain yesterday attended the signing ceremony of the Palestinian
reconciliation deal between Fatah and Hamas, ending years of internal
divisions and paving the way for presidential and legislative elections.
Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary …

Local News New shock WikiLeaks revelations
Gulf Daily News
The comment was allegedly made by former editor of opposition newspaper Al
Wasat, Dr Mansoor Al Jamri, during a conversation with ex-US ambassador to
Bahrain William Monroe. Dr Al Jamri allegedly said that if Mr Al Khawaja
ever took over, people would …

Mosque allegedly burnt down in Bahrain
After a month, the government requested troops and police from the Gulf
Cooperation Council, which arrived on 14 March, and a day later, the king
of Bahrain declared martial law and a three-month state of emergency.The
following day, security forces …

The Constitutional Monarchy Option in Morocco and Bahrain
This Brief is a case study of Morocco and Bahrain and their journeys
through the uncertain territory of the “Arab Spring.” Long-standing
regimes throughout the region are under the threat of popular uprisings and
have responded to them with a variety …

Bahraini forces wage more sacrilege
Press TV
A report says nearly 30 mosques and 50 mourning halls have been razed in
Bahrain since Feb. Saudi-backed Bahraini forces reportedly continue their
efforts to destroy Muslim holy sites in Bahrain, intensifying their
crackdown on the popular revolution …

Bahrain Arrests Two Former Wefaq MPs Matar Matar and Jawad Fayruz
Bahrain has come under strong criticism from international rights’ groups
after it quashed the protest in mid-March and hunted protesters in their
villages and hospitals. Many were said to have been dismissed from their
jobs for taking part in the …

MP recalls Bin Laden meeting
Gulf Daily News
“I remember he gave me several cassettes with his religious messages to be
distributed and heard among the youth,” said Shaikh Al Ma’awada, who is
second vice-chairman in the Bahrain parliament. “When I listened to the
content I knew it would draw …

BAE Systems Chairman On Defensive Over Middle East Ties (press release)
At the company’s annual general meeting, several shareholders of the
defense giant referred to media reports that the Saudi military had
utilized armored vehicles supplied by BAE Systems in its suppression of
popular unrest in neighboring Bahrain. …

Revolts set tough tests of rights and wrongs
Sydney Morning Herald
Yet it is likely that crude political considerations dictate that
autocratic rulers can brutally crush protests in Yemen, Bahrain and, most
blatantly, Syria, without triggering similar interventions. Yemen’s leader
of 32 years, Ali Abdullah Saleh, …

Bahrain to Try Medical Workers Who Treated Injured Protesters
Democracy Now
In Bahrain, 47 medical workers who treated pro-democracy protesters during
the nation’s recent unrest are being charged with crimes against the state.
Bahraini officials have announced charges against 23 doctors and 24 nurses
that include “promoting …

Bahrain renews emergency law as repression persists | Amnesty …
By Amnesty International
Relentless crackdown on human rights continues as Bahraini parliament votes
to extend repressive state of emergency amid continued arrests of

Bahrain: Arbitrary Arrests Escalate
By Eurasia Review
Authorities have also intensified their campaign against medical
professionals in recent days, arresting at least seven more doctors,
including the former head of the Bahrain Medical Society.

Sad Refrain from Bahrain | Dissident Voice
By Dan Lieberman
The media and world bodies have generally ignored the Bahrain protests,
making it difficult to know what is happening. Emails from an activist in

Bahrain renews emergency law, repression continues |
By Gary
The Bahraini government must end its relentless crackdown on human rights,
Amnesty International said Wednesday after the country’s parliament voted
to extend a repressive state of emergency amid continued arrests of
dissidents. …

[] Bahrain refers 47 medics to military court | Global …
By admin
DUBAI Bahraini authorities have referred 47 medics to a military court
after accusing them of abusing their posts to take part in anti-regime
protests that were crushed in March. The defendants include 24 doctors and
23 nurses, …

Bahrain loses appeal as offshore money haven “ Frog Articles Directory
By stefkadd
JEDDAH: Bahrain lost more of its appeal as a haven for offshore money
during March after a period of social unrest came on top of stiff regional
banking competition from Dubai. squash racuqet store find. Article Source.
HTML Version: …

HRW says Bahrain should set aside death sentences “ Sport Articles …
By stefkadd
HRW Says Bahrain Should Set Aside Death Sentences. May 5, 2011 | Author:
stefkadd | Posted in Uncategorized. US-based Human Rights Watch claims
defendants did not get a fair trial in Gulf kingdom. buy really enjoy get
them. Comments Off …

Bahrain government accuses Hezbollah of aiding opposition groups – CNN
The militant group Hezbollah is actively plotting with the opposition in
Bahrain to overthrow the country’s ruling family, the government said in a

Iran warns of Bahrain regional ‘repercussions’ – Yahoo! News
Iran’s foreign minister warned Monday of “bad repercussions” from the
situation in Bahrain where authorities are accused of oppressing the Shiite
majority …

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