As Smartphone Scandal Grows, Tech Firms Run for Cover, Reap Windfall Profits

1 April 2011 — Anti-Fascist Calling…

Recent revelations that Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating systems collect, store and transmit records of users’ physical locations to central databases–secretly, and without consent–have ignited a firestorm over Americans’ privacy rights in an age of hypersurveillance.

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Libya Newslinks 3-4 May 2011

4 May 2011 —

4 May 2011

3 May 2011

Cannonball Adderley – Bossa Nova Nemo

Here’s an early version of “Jive Samba” from Oscar Brown, Jr.’s television show Jazz Scene USA – so early the tune had not yet been named. Adderley had only recently expanded his quintet (brother Nat, Joe Zawinul, Sam Jones and Louis Hayes) to a sextet with the unique talents of tenor saxophonist/flutist Yusef Lateef.

In case you missed it: Free speech on trial By John Pilger

16 March 2011 — Morning Star

As the United States and Britain look for an excuse to invade another oil-rich Arab country, the hypocrisy is familiar.

Colonel Gadaffi is ‘delusional’ and ‘blood-drenched,’ while the authors of an invasion that killed a million Iraqis who have kidnapped and tortured in our name are entirely sane, never blood-drenched and once again the arbiters of ‘stability.’

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Stop NATO News: 3 May, 2011

3 May 2011 — Stop NATO

Updates on Libyan war: May 3, 2011

  • NATO Headquarters: Military Chiefs Of 54 States Meet On Libyan, Afghan Wars
  • NATO Expansion Architect Asmus Dies
  • U.S. To Base Interceptor Missiles, Troops In Romania
  • U.S. To Base Interceptor Missiles Across Black Sea From Russia
  • Next-Generation Satellite To Advance U.S. Star Wars Capabilities
  • NATO Air Strike Kills Eight Afghan Security Guards
  • Afghan War: Romanian Troops Injured In Attack On Tank
  • Ivory Coast: Pro-Western Forces Launch “Final Assault” Against Rivals
  • Australia Promises U.S., NATO To Keep 1,550 Troops In Afghanistan
  • U.S. Marines, NATO Allies Observe South Korean Artillery Drills

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Stop Nato Updates on Libyan war: 3 May, 2011

3 May 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Libya: NATO Transitions To Terror Bombing Phase Of War
  • NATO Spokesman Wants New UN Resolution For Libyan Invasion
  • NATO’s Air War Over Libya: 4,886 Air Missions, 1,980 Strike Sorties
  • Expert: NATO Invasion Of Libya Would Produce Catastrophe
  • Libya: Church Leader Asks NATO For Truce Out Of Respect For Victims
  • NATO Headquarters: Military Chiefs Of 54 States Meet On Libyan, Afghan Wars

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Bin Laden-U.S.Partnership: Pakistan in Context; ISI and U.S.Connection part 2

4 May 2011 — The Burbank Digest

On the web:
Sheikh Mohammed bin Laden, founder
Bakr bin Laden, chairman
Saudi Binladin group offices, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The Saudi Binladin (or Binladen) Group (SBG) is a multinational construction conglomerate and holding company for the assets owned by the bin Laden family, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
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Information Clearing House Newsletter 3 May, 2011: It Was Vengeance, Not Justice

3 May, 2011 — Information Clearing House

Shot In Cold Blood
Bin Laden ‘Was Not Armed and Did Not Use Wife as Human Shield’

By Peter Foster
Osama bin Laden did not use one of his four wives as a human shield in his dying moments, contrary to earlier reports, as White House officials began to “clarify” early accounts of Monday’s commando raids by US special forces.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 3 May, 2011: Will bin Laden killing pave way for similar moves by Israel?

3 May, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Egypt’s FM Meets Hamas Leaders, Cairo Prepares For Official Ceremony Of Signing Unity Deal
IMEMC – Wednesday May 04, 2011 – 04:05, Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Nabil Al Arabi, met on Tuesday evening with the visiting Hamas delegation headed by Hamas’ Political Bureau Chief, Khalid Mashal, and held talks on the latest developments in the Arab World and the Palestinian Unity Agreement.

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