Sabotage of M.V. Saoirse in Turkey ‘an act of international terrorism’

30 June 2011 — IRISH SHIP TO GAZA

The Irish-owned ship, the MV Saoirse, that was meant to take part in Freedom Flotilla 2 has been sabotaged in a dangerous manner in the Turkish coastal town of Göcek, where it had been at berth for the past few weeks. Visual evidence of the undership sabotage, which was carried out by divers, will be presented today at a press conference in Dublin at 11am in Buswell’s Hotel. Photographs and video footage of the damage are available from the Irish Ship to Gaza campaign.

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Slash military budget not pensions – UK union leader — RT

30 June 2011 — RT

British union leader Mark Serwotka says public sector workers, who are going on a nationwide strike on June 30, will not allow the cabinet to go on with the planned cuts of budget spending.

Serwotka is general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), the trade union for British civil servants with some 300,000 members, which is one of the four unions participating in the strike. He said the government had better listen to them now, or the number of protesters will increase by a significant order of magnitude in a matter of months.

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Wikileaks Newslinks for 30 June 2011

30 June 2011 —

Foreign Affairs quick to launch WikiLeaks team
Vancouver Sun
By Jordan Press, Postmedia News June 30, 2011 2:07 AM It took just a day for a WikiLeaks war room to be set up at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa. The war room at first included more than 20 work stations, a scanner, shredder, …

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Yemen Newslinks 29-30 June 2011

30 June 2011 —

Yemeni VP unsure about Saleh’s return.
Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) — The Yemeni government has lost control over five provinces, and security in the country is deteriorating, the nation’s acting president told CNN in an exclusive interview Wednesday. In his first interview with a Western TV network …

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Britain accused of collaborating with Israel over Salah arrest

29 June 2011 — The Guardian

Arab Israelis and Palestinians say arrest of Sheikh Raed Salah in London is ‘strange’ and ‘illegitimate’, and call for his release

Sheikh Raed Salah.jpg

Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel. Photograph: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

Arab Israelis and Palestinians have accused the British government of collaborating with Israel in detaining Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel.

Ibrahim Sarsur, a United Arab List member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, described the arrest of Salah as ‘strange’. He said: ‘Sheikh Salah is one of the leading figures in the Arab Israeli community. He travelled to the UK legitimately, and he had no knowledge of any ban on his entering the UK, so we are surprised and disappointed by this illegitimate procedure.’

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The Ecology of Socialism: John Bellamy Foster Interviewed by Solidair/Solidaire

26 April 2011 — MRZine

Solidair/Solidaire, the weekly journal of the Workers Party of Belgium (PVDA-PTB), interviewed John Bellamy Foster, editor of Monthly Review, 26 April 2010

Solidair/Solidaire: Many green thinkers reject a Marxist analysis because they think that the Marxist approach to the economy is a very productivist one, focused on growth and seeing nature as “a free gift” to mankind.  You contradict that idea.

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‘Public Opinion’: The Phantom Menace By John Brissenden

19 April 2011 — New Left Project

“It remains…an axiom of conventional wisdom that the use of propaganda as a means of social and ideological control is distinctive of totalitarian regimes. Yet the most minimal exercise of common sense would suggest a different view: that propaganda is likely to play at least as important a part in democratic societies (where the existing distribution of power and privilege is vulnerable to quite limited changes in popular opinion) as in authoritarian societies (where it is not). It is arguable that the success of business propaganda in persuading us, for so long, that we are free from propaganda is one of the most significant propaganda achievements of the twentieth century.” – Alex Carey (1997): 21[1]

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Arming Libyan rebels contradicts case for war — RT

30 June 2011 — RT

The UN resolution allowing use of force against Gaddafi is meant to protect civilians. Armed rebels are clearly not civilians; so France’s airlifting of weapons to Libya goes against the whole case for the war, says British journalist John Laughland.

­Laughland, who is now the director of the Paris-based Institute of Democracy and Co-operation, says the UK, France and the US argued for the military intervention in Libya under assumptions which are now obviously wrong.

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Video: The Return of Socialism

29 June, 2011

“One does not need to be a socialist to understand that socialism has been a part of this country’s journey from the start.” — John Nichols

On June 23, John Nichols, author of The “S” Word: : A Short History of an American Tradition … Socialism, joined Phil Gasper, author of The Communist Manifesto: A Road Map to History’s Most Important Political Document in Madison, WI for an event to discuss the history of socialism in America and its increasing popularity during today’s crisis of capitalism. The event was sponsored by the ISO, Haymarket Books, Verso Books, and WORT 89.9 FM Madison.