Those Libyan “Freedom Fighters”: The Fix is On By Kevin Carson

7 May 2011 — C4SS

In a column three months ago (‘Egypt: Let the Looting Begin,’ Feb. 4), I suggested that was really going on in Egypt was somewhat different from the official narrative. In quite a few of the ‘people power’ revolutions in recent years — no matter how sincere the people on the streets — it turned out that there were attempts to orchestrate things by people behind the scenes, for whom ‘people power’ was the very last thing on the agenda. In that column I reported that Frank Wisner — a veteran spook, described by Vijay Prashad at Counterpunch as a ‘bagman of empire,’ was Obama’s man on the ground.

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Libya 1911: The Genesis Of Aerial Bombardment By Alan Johnston

11 May 2011 — Global ResearchBBC News

-By bringing aircraft to the battlefront, the Italians were doing something new.

This was only eight years after the pioneering Wright brothers in America had managed the first, short flight. Flying was still in its infancy.

-[T]he many bombers who would come after him – those who would strike at places like Guernica, Dresden and Hiroshima – would do more damage and take more lives than the young Italian pilot could ever have imagined.

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Stop NATO News: 10 May, 2011

10 May, 2011 — Stop NATO

Updates on Libyan war: May 10

  • Afghan War: NATO Ready For Next 100 AWACS Missions
  • Romania Loses Another Soldier In NATO’s Afghan War
  • Afghanistan: Over 165 NATO Soldiers Killed So Far This Year
  • Afghan Insurgents Launch Large-Scale Assault In Eastern Province
  • Pakistan: U.S. Drone Attack Kills Five, Wounds Seven
  • Kyrgyzstan: NATO Plants Itself Deeper In Central Asia
  • Central Asian Nations “Extremely Important” NATO Partners
  • Obama Visit To Poland This Month Can Seal Warplane Deployment Deal
  • Poland: Obama Visit To Focus On Shale Gas, Shifting U.S. Warplanes East
  • Estonia Upgrades Military To Meet Global NATO War Standards
  • French Warplanes Take Over NATO Baltic Air Patrol
  • Belarus Warns Of Parallels With World War II
  • Opposition: Georgia, U.S. Envoy Plan “Color” Coup In Azerbaijan
  • U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership Meeting In Washington

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