BREAKING NEWS: Humanitarian Ship to Enter Gaza Territorial Waters, Break the Blockade By Michel Chossudovsky and Julie Lévesque

23 May, 2011 — Global Research

UPDATE Monday 23 May At 8.33am EDT (14.33pm local time)

The Spirit of Rachel Corrie lifted anchor and started sailing towards Gaza.

UPDATE: 9:53pm EDT, Egypt time 3:53pm

“The Egyptian Navy is forcing us out of their territorial waters and has asked us to go to international waters. One Egyptian patrol boat is coming very fast from behind with a gun pointing at us.” Everyone is calm and steady. We are okay.”

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Jeju Island: My Solidarity Fast Begins Today Bruce K. Gagnon

23 May 2011 — Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


I have decided to begin an open-ended fast today in solidarity with Yang Yoon-Mo and the other eight leaders recently arrested for trying to stop the Navy base construction in the Gangjeong village on Jeju Island. By my calculations, professor Yang is now on his 49th day of his hunger strike.

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BBC is ‘confusing cause and effect’ in its Israeli coverage By Tim Llewellyn

23 May 2011 — The Guardian

A controversial book concludes the Corporation still fails to present a fair and balanced picture of conflict

British broadcasters’ coverage of the Arab awakening over recent months has been brave and honest. These are difficult and dangerous stories. But the BBC – and in this article I am going to concentrate on the BBC, because it is the broadcaster we are taxed to enable and sets worldwide standards of fairness – and its teams have made every effort to report with balance and application.

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: 23 May, 2011: NATO To Deploy Attack Helicopters For Libyan War

23 May 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Libya: Nearly 8,000 NATO Air Missions, Over 3,000 Combat Flights
  • NATO To Deploy Attack Helicopters For Libyan War
  • U.S. Missiles In Europe Can Fuel New Arms Race: Russian Military Chief
  • Four NATO Soldiers Killed In Eastern Afghanistan
  • U.S. Drone Attack Kills At Least Four In Pakistan
  • United Arab Emirates To Open First Arab Embassy At NATO Headquarters
  • Iran Denounces United Arab Emirates Move Toward NATO

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Disclosure and Deceit: Secrecy as the Manipulation of History, not its Concealment By Dr. T. P. Wilkinson

21 May, 2011 — Global Research

The declassification of official secrets is often seen as either a challenge or a prerequisite for obtaining accurate data on the history of political and economic events. Yet at the same time high government intelligence officials have said that their policy is one of ‘plausible deniability’. Official US government policy for example is never to acknowledge or deny the presence of nuclear weapons anywhere its forces are deployed, especially its naval forces. The British have their ‘Official Secrets’ Act. When the Wikileaks site was launched in 2007 and attained notoriety for publication of infamous actions by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, this platform was heralded and condemned for its disclosures and exposures.
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Libya Newslinks 21-23 May 2011

22 May 2011 —

23 May 2011

22 May 2011

21 May 2011

The Tunisian Revolution Did Not Come Out Of Nowhere

23 May 2011 — The Bullet – Socialist Project E-Bulletin No.505

Interview with Sadri Khiari

The Tunisian revolution has been the detonator of the wave of protests and uprisings which have spread across North Africa and the Middle East since January, 2011. Sparked by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on December 17, 2010, the Tunisian revolution quickly spread from the towns in the central mining and agricultural regions of the country to the coastal cities, including the capital Tunis. Mass demonstrations, riots and strikes compelled President Ben Ali to flee the country on January 14. The ultimate outcome of the still fluid revolutionary process remains undetermined. So far popular mobilization and the forces activated by them – a series of parties, associations, unions, and intellectuals now organized in a loose coordinating committee (Le comité de salut public à la tunisienne) – have succeeded in forcing the retreat and partial dissolution of the networks of repression of the Ben Ali regime, changing the composition of the interim government a number of times and implementing their demand for a constituent assembly, from which Ben Ali’s old ruling party, Le Rassemblement constitutionnel démocratique (RCD) will be excluded for ten years. Governed by a new electoral law passed on April 11, elections for this assembly are scheduled for July 24.

Sadri Khiari is a Tunisian dissident now living in France, where he is a leading intellectual of Le Parti des Indigènes de la République (PIR), an anti-racist political party founded in 2010. He has published a number of books on Tunisia – Tunisie, le délitement de la cité – coercition, consentement, résistances (Paris: Karthala, 2003) and on the post-colonial situation in France [Pour une politique de la racaille (Paris: Textuel, 2006); La contre-révolution coloniale en France (Paris: La Fabrique, 2008), and Sainte Caroline contre Tariq Ramadan (Paris: La Revanche, 2011)].

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Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news 22 May, 2011: NATO’s Air War: 7,732 Sorties, 2,975 Combat Missions

22 May, 2011 — Stop NATO

  • NATO’s Air War: 7,732 Sorties, 2,975 Combat Missions
  • NATO Intensifies Bombing Of Tripoli, Libya’s Main Harbor
  • Obama In Europe To Boost “Global Action” With NATO Allies
  • “Here For The Long Term”: EU Opens Office In Benghazi
  • EU Foreign Ministers Plan Additional Sanctions Against Belarus
  • U.S. To Build New Radar-Evading, Long-Range Nuclear Bombers
  • Afghan War: Jordanian Officer Killed, Four Soldiers Wounded
  • Pakistan: Thousands Participate In Anti-NATO Protest
  • Elections: Cyprus Heading Toward NATO?
  • Georgia: U.S.-Trained Army Called Upon To Back Power Transfer

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 22 May, 2011:

22 May, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli settlers dump sewage in Palestinian town
IMEMC – Sunday May 22, 2011 – 19:07, Sewage and wastewater from the Israeli settlement of Ariel, the largest settlement in the West Bank, has polluted the Palestinian village of Bruqin, which sits adjacent to the settlement.

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Spanish protesters cheer for ‘world revolution’ as ban on demonstration takes effect

20 May 2011 — The Raw Story – AFP

MADRID — Thousands of protesters in Madrid furious over soaring unemployment staged a silent protest and then erupted in cheers of joy as a 48-hour ban on their demonstration took effect on Saturday.

‘Now we are all illegal’ and ‘the people united will never be defeated,’ were among the chants of the protesters who crammed Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square and spilled onto side streets.

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Britain plotted regime change in Iraq as early as 2001 By Robert Stevens

21 May 2011 — WSWS

Previously classified documents released into the public domain reveal that Britain’s MI6 planned a coup against then Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, just months after 9/11. This was despite official acknowledgement that there was no connection between the Hussein regime and Al Qaeda. The documents also confirm that the quest to secure stable oil supplies was central to plans for the invasion of Iraq.

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The Spanish Tahrir It’s the real democracy, stupid [by Universidad Nómada]

21 May 2011 — Quilombosphere

Some 25,000 people crammed into the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid (AFP, Pedro Armestre)

‘On 15th May 2011, around 150,000 people took to the streets in 60 Spanish towns and cities to demand ‘Real Democracy Now’, marching under the slogan ‘We are not commodities in the hands of bankers and politicians’. The protest was organised through web-based social networks without the involvement of any major unions or political parties.

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Haiti's humanitarian crisis

1 September 2010 — International Socialist Review

From Duvalier Dynasty to military coups and intervention

To anticipate what lies ahead in Haiti, it is important to understand the origins of the popular movement for democracy and social justice that has shaped the last 25 years. The movement’s resilience is a legacy of the astonishing and successful war for slave liberation and independence of 1791–1804, an event that continues to reverberate in Haitians’ consciousness and world history.

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War in Iraq: worst moment in UK history – British MP — RT

22 May 2011 — RT

As the last group of British Royal Navy training staff pulls out of Iraq on Sunday marking the end of the UK military operation in the country, British MP Paul Flynn told RT the war in Iraq was not really worth it.

­‘With 179 British lives lost and ten billion pounds spent, there will be no celebrations, no parades or marches or flags out to mark the end of the war. And all we seem to have achieved is we have replaced one rotten government with another rotten government,’ stated Flynn.

According to the MP, the whole country understood it was the wrong war to get involved into.

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