Libyan Scenario For Syria: Towards A US-NATO “Humanitarian Intervention” directed against Syria? By Rick Rozoff

30 April, 2011 — Global ResearchStop NATO

On April 29 the White House issued an executive order to enforce new and more stringent sanctions against Syria and appealed to European North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies to follow suit.

In a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives President Barack Obama wrote, “I have determined that the Government of Syria’s human rights abuses….constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and warrant the imposition of additional sanctions.”

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Media Lens: If At First You Don’t Succeed – Four Decades Of US-UK Attempts To Topple Gaddafi

28 April 2011 — Media Lens

Behind a wall of silence, the US and UK have been conducting over the last four decades a massive, largely secret war against Libya – often using Chad, the country lying on its southern border, as its base. The current attacks on Col. Gadafi’s troops and attempts to assassinate the Libyan leader with the US deployment of unmanned drones are best seen as part of a wide-ranging and long-standing strategy by the US/UK secret states to dislodge Gadafi.

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Libya Newslinks 1-2 May 2011: NATO Bombers butcher Gadaffi relatives

2 May 2011 —

2 May 2011

1 May 2011