Wikileaks Newslinks 8 June 2011

8 June 2011 —

WikiLeaks: India told US to beware of Pakistan’s ‘game’ in Afghanistan
The Express Tribune
A WikiLeaks cable filed by US Political Counselor Uzra Zeya in New Delhi in February last year contains details of his meeting with YK Sinha, India’s A/S equivalent for Afghanistan. The US diplomat wrote: Sinha told PolCouns that India welcomes …

WikiLeaks documents reveal US/Canada tensions over Devils Lake
WikiLeaks released US diplomatic documents to CBC, which were widely
publicized in Canada, detailing American officials’ frustrations in 2005
over Manitoba’s “angry rhetoric” opposing releases from Devils Lake to
alleviate flooding. …

WikiLeaks: An election issue?
Nassau Guardian
Reading some of the Bahamian blogs and websites, some seem to also wonder
if the United States Embassy cables being published by The Nassau Guardian
via WikiLeaks will have an impact on how Bahamians vote. They should, as
Bahamians should evaluate as …

5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head — And That …
And what discoveries in 2011 has WikiLeaks unearthed thus far? Sign up to
stay up to date on the latest World headlines via email. Between Collateral
Murder, the Iraq War Logs, the Afghan War Diary, and Cablegate, it appeared
as though 2010 would go …—_and_that_the_media_are_ignoring

Wikileaks: US Government closely monitor 40000 Irish Muslims
Irish Central
The US Government monitors Ireland’s mosques amid concerns over alleged
Islamic ‘extremists’ operating in Ireland, the latest leaked embassy cables
have revealed. According to the cables, closely monitoring Ireland’s Muslim
population of around 40000, …

WikiLeaks: PNP paid dons not to protest
Go Jamaica
There are claims this afternoon that just over five years ago the People’s
National Party (PNP) paid area leaders not to participate in a national
demonstration. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) which was in opposition at
the time had called the island …

WikiLeaks: US accuses Jang Group of publishing ‘false, inflammatory’ stories
The Express Tribune
… inflammatory stories” against the US and its interests despite having
a contract with the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and airing Voice
of America (VoA) on Geo TV, revealed a recently released WikiLeaks cable,
also published on …

Chinese Triad gangs trafficking women into Ireland for sex industry – cables
Irish Independent
The ‘confidential’ dispatches are revealed in the Ireland Cables – a
tranche of over 1900 US embassy documents exclusively obtained by the Irish
Independent from the whistle-blowing organisation WikiLeaks. The cables
show how the US government was keen … and Wikileaks present: Pakistan Illustrated
Some of the leading stories that stunned Pakistan and the world since the
Dawn Media Group decided to open Pandora’s Box – Wikileaks’ Pakistan
Papers. – Illustrations by Faraz Aamer/ Secret internal American
government cables, accessed by Dawn …

LulzSec Touts Hacktivism And NATO Considers War
Fast Company
Last week it was PBS and Sony Pictures, with the former targeted for
bad-mouthing WikiLeaks, and the latter because it was foolish enough to
store customer details in a plain text file on its servers. There may have
been more intrusions, but we haven’t …

Document exposes UK ‘energy fears’
The cable, an account of an April 2008 conversation with the then UK energy
minister Malcolm Wicks by then US under-secretary for economic, energy and
agricultural affairs Reuben Jeffery, was leaked by whistleblower website
WikiLeaks and published on …

In whose interest?
Jamaica Observer
So much media time and space have been devoted to WikiLeaks in recent weeks
and yet the disclosures continue to attract headlines in both the print and
electronic media. So we assume that the media are giving the people what
they want. …

WSJ and Al-Jazeera Lure Whistleblowers With False Promises of Anonymity
The success of Wikileaks in obtaining and releasing information has
inspired mainstream media outlets to develop proprietary copycat sites.
Al-Jazeera got into the act first, launching the Al-Jazeera Transparency
Unit (AJTU), an initiative meant to …

Bahraini Activists: London, Tel Aviv Aid Manama Regime in Suppressing People
Fars News Agency
Speaking to FNA on Wednesday, Head of Bahrain Freedom Movement Saeed
al-Shahabi said that recent media reports, including a report by the
whistleblower website WikiLeaks, proves that Tel Aviv is collaborating with
the Manama government in suppressing …

WikiLeaks reveals an intimate conversation between Jacob Zuma and Muammar Gaddafi
BOOK Southern Africa (blog)
by Ben Trovato on Jun 7th, 2011 Tweet Jacob Zuma: Greetings, Comrade
Colonel Brother Leader, Glorious Guide of the First of September Great
Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Lion of the
North, Champion of the People! …

Chinese Take Out
Pajamas Media
I wanted to point everyone to Claudia Rosett’s most recent piece on PJM, in
which she debunks the recent assertion that Wikileaks proved there was
“no Tien an min massacre”. The debunking, in this case, was easy:
Claudia was an eye witness, …

More youth at Guantánamo than US claimed
UC Davis
The finding is based on an analysis of military documents recently made
public by the transparency organization WikiLeaks. “This new report shows
that even more children have been imprisoned at Guantánamo than our
earlier research revealed,” said …

Christie hit out at Miller
Nassau Guardian
Cables obtained by The Nassau Guardian through the whistleblower WikiLeaks
reveal deep concerns Perry Christie had about the Petrocaribe agreement
with Venezuela while he was prime minister, and his worries about certain
moves then Minister of Trade …

With Humala’s win, Peru turns to the left
In 2006, he came close to winning, but WikiLeaks cables reveal that Peru’s
establishment politicians put aside their differences and beat a path to
the US embassy, asking for help smearing Humala as a Peruvian Hugo Chávez.
WikiLeaks also reveals that …

Al Jazeera shifts centre of action from the USA
New Vision
With just one computer terminal, WikiLeaks can spill the beans on the most
powerful nation on earth. Syrian and Yemeni authorities, meanwhile, are
learning the hard way that the world is a wired village with news outlets
putting videos of the latest …

Tory MP Hawn hoped higher unemployment would lead to better army recruitment …
APTN National News
APTN National News obtained the diplomatic cable from whistleblower website
WikiLeaks. It was part batch of hundreds of confidential and secret cables
originating from or sent to the US embassy in Ottawa and consulates across
the country. …

Jamaica Wikileaked
Stabroek News
Indeed in most of the countries too, the revelations emanating from Mr
Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, have not excited much comment
from political parties, even when in opposition. And there may have been
good grounds for this, …

Hackers Announce ‘Operation Turkey’
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Most recently, the group claimed responsibility for disrupting the sites of
MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, after they stopped servicing WikiLeaks under
pressure from the US government. A demonstrator protests Internet
censorship in Istanbul last month. …

Doer’s ‘angry rhetoric’ cited in ’05 US cable
Winnipeg Free Press
American diplomatic documents released by WikiLeaks to CBC say Manitoba’s
“angry rhetoric” over Devils Lake frustrated US officials and made for a
“terribly strained” relationship between the two countries. “The US and
Canada are clearly on a collision …

Amy’s latest column (3)
Record-Searchlight (blog)
Zelaya also explained that US Ambassador Charles Ford fabricated a letter,
a false profile of the President, which was later leaked and published by
WikiLeaks. And this ambassador, who just left Honduras, who left the
country with a political profile …

SUMMARY JUDGMENTS: Our daily legal-news aggregator for June 7
Thomson Reuters News & Insight
DOJ gets more time to mull WikiLeaks usage: A federal district court judge
in Washington on Monday granted a Justice Department request for another
week to come up with guidance for how lawyers for Guantanamo Bay detainees
can use documents published …

Forrester: ‘Splinternet’ of devices requires difference in web development
Speaking as the analyst house launched the Forrester Forum in Barcelona
today, Stephen Powers, principal analyst at the firm, said traditional
PC-based internet experiences were “waning”. Wikileaks – fearless
whistleblowers or irresponsible nuisances? …

WikiLeaks a boon for US government: Former Obama campaign adviser
Computerworld Australia
WikiLeaks’ leaking of classified information should be considered a
blessing for the US government, and other governments should take heed of
the lessons when it comes to information sharing, according to a former
member of Barack Obama presidential …

Sarah Palin is National Traitor
And now she turns not only against the fiber and backbone of her country,
but against its democratically elected President, accusing him of being
incompetent for not stopping Wikileaks. Where was she and where was her GOP
before and during the 9/11 …

Nintendo Latest Victim of LulzSec Hacker Group
“The hacker group Lulz Boat, are those ones responsible for this false
information and stated they hacked into this particular website in
retaliation of a documentary on PBS about Julian Assange and the
whistleblowers’ site WikiLeaks,” TechZone said. …

‘West manipulating Syrian unrests’
Press TV
Flounders:b I think it is clear that there are also US and international
forces, who are seeking to destabilize Syria, during this time of internal
difficulties, and this has been confirmed even in some of the Wikileaks’
cables, which describe in … “ WikiLeaks: Ahmet Çalik says Turkmen president …
By magtymguly pyragy
Editor’s note: An American diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks reveals
that in 2007, Turkish businessman Ahmet Çalk believed that, vis-à-vis,
Turkmenistan was “on the surface” the most independent of the
post-Soviet Central Asian …

WikiLeaks cables reveal more juveniles detained at Guantanamo Bay …
By Eric W. Dolan
An investigation of Detainee Assessment Briefs (DAB) and other classified
documents published by WikiLeaks reveals that fifteen juveniles were
detained at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, three more than the U.S.
State Department …

Creekside: WikiLeaks : US bid to “shore up” Harper from the day he …
By Alison
WikiLeaks : US bid to “shore up” Harper from the day he was elected. An
embassy cable written by US Ambassador David Wilkins the day the Cons were
first elected in 2006 suggests Harper would be useful in advancing the US
agenda for …

Malaysiakini.TV – Mukhriz Mahathir on ‘WikiLeaks revelations’, PAS …
By MalaysiakiniTV
The recent Wikileaks revelations of scathing observations about the New
Economic Model (NEM) and the Malaysian civil service by top Malaysian
officials to US diplomats are just “personal opinions” with no impact on
policy, …

WikiLeaks Haiti: The PetroCaribe Files | Cubadebate (English)
By Cubadebate
When René Préval took the oath of Haiti’s presidential office in a
ceremony at Haiti’s National Palace on May 14, 2006, he was anxious to
allay fears in Washington that he would not be a reliable partner. “He
wants to bury once and for …

Medical: MedicalConspiracies- Most Shocking WikiLeaks Yet …
By Medical
Most Shocking WikiLeaks Yet! (illegal Cancer Cure=Genocide).—g&feature=autoplay&list=PL89D11432
9E5434E9&index=18&playnext=1. Uploaded by HOSSERLEGALIZE420 on Dec 28, 2010

WikiLeaks a boon to US government | Today’s Defense
By Admin
WikiLeaks’ leaking of personal information should be deliberate a blessing
for a US government, and other governments should take mind of a lessons
when it comes to information sharing, according to a former member of
Barack Obama …

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