Bilderberg: Death of Democracy Behind Closed Doors By grtv

10 June 2011 — — Global Research.TV

Heads of state, CEOs and NATO officials are gathering at the top secret Bilderberg conference this week in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Are the global elite meeting to carve up the world or is this just simply a talk shop? With these meetings perhaps shaping the future of the globe, why is the media not being allowed to listen in?

Andrew Gavin Marshall of the Centre for Research on Globalization says that despite democratically-elected leaders from democratic countries conversing, these closed-door conversations are far from democratic.

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In 2002, Bilderbergers agreed to start war on Iraq – investigative journalist — RT

12 June 2011 — RT

The Bilderberg conference, a gathering of the world’s political and financial elite with a veil of secrecy enforced by an army of security guards and a full-scale media blackout, is now underway in Switzerland.

­The meeting is bankrolled by Swiss taxpayers, even as Europe tightens its belt and forces through brutal austerity cuts.

In a talk with RT, Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist from the UK, sheds light on what may be happening behind closed doors.




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“Humanitarian” Bunker Buster Bombs: NATO cranks up air campaign in Libya by Atul Aneja

14 June 2011 — Global ResearchHindu – 2011-06-08

bunker-buster.jpgAP In this photo taken on a organised government tour smoke rises from debris as foreign journalists take photographs next to a damaged truck at the Hadba agricultural area, outside Tripoli, Libya, on Wednesday, which Libyan officials claim was a target of a NATO air strike on Tuesday night.

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Wikileaks Newslinks 14 June 2011

14 June 2011 —

WikiLeaks cables show worry about Saudi oil security
Secret US State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks and shared with McClatchy Newspapers and other news organizations show otherwise. Even though 70 percent of Saudi Arabia’s oil exports flow through the Abqaiq facility, Saudi security forces were …

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Yemen Newslinks 14 June 2011: CIA Plans Drone Strikes in Yemen

14 June 2011 —

Yemen president health stable but suffers throat problem, prime minister very …
Washington Post
By AP, SANAA, Yemen — A senior Yemeni official in the Saudi capital says
President Ali Abdullah Saleh has developed a problem with his throat but that his overall condition is stable. Saleh is being treated in Riyadh along with several to government …

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Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: June 14, 2011

14 June 2011 — Stop NATO

  • NATO’s Libyan War Air Campaign: 10,971 Flights, 4,164 Combat Sorties
  • Clinton: African Union Must Betray, Depose Founder Gaddafi
  • Video And Text: NATO Air Strike Hits Libyan Medical Factory
  • NATO’s Top Military Commander In Malta To Discuss Libyan War
  • NATO, South Korean Partner Discuss East Asia, Afghanistan, Libya
  • U.S. Guided Missile Warship Headed To Baltic Sea
  • Poland: “Permanent Rotation Of American Military Aircraft”
  • Azerbaijan Meeting: “NATO: Political And Military Alliance For The 21st Century”
  • U.S. In Secret Talks To Prolong Afghan Military Presence Past 2014
  • Security Tightened In Belgrade Over NATO Conference

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NATO Newslinks 14 June 2011

14 June 2011 —

NATO refuses to rule out bombing Libyan Roman ruins
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff NATO cannot verify rebel claims that Gadhafi may be hiding rockets at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Leptis Magna. (CNN) — NATO refused to say Tuesday whether or not it would bomb ancient Roman ruins in Libya if it knew …

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When will the USA and NATO decide that it's Chavez' turn? By Oscar Heck

14 June 2011 —

VHeadline commentarist Oscar Heck writes: Wow! Thanks to my good friend and writer (and translator), Franco Munini, another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. He sent me the link to a very interesting article about why Libya and Gaddhafi are suddenly being attacked by the USA and its allies. The similarities between what is happening in Libya (or rather the reasons why it is happening in Libya) and what is happening in Latin America these days is eerie.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 13 June, 2011: Israel’s Threats: Will Gaza Flotilla Be Safe?

13 June, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

After Running Out Of Anesthesia, All Surgeries In Gaza Put On Hold
IMEMC – Tuesday June 14, 2011 – 03:06, Dr. Atef Al Kahloot, head of the Medical Services in the Gaza Strip, reported Monday that all surgeries in hospitals across the coastal region have been put on hold until further notice as they ran out of anesthesia medications and supplies.

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Video shows police violently arresting Jewish man in Jerusalem

14 June 2011 — Israeli Occupation Archive

“Israel is occupying the Palestinian people in my name, in the name of world Jewry,” Lucas, clutching his American passport, tells the camera. “And I myself, an American Jew, is here to say that is completely unjustified and ethically reprehensible.”

IOA Editor: This news story finally made it to Haaretz, and got distorted along the way. The group of Israelis marching through East Jerusalem chanting “death to the Arabs” was not “small,” as several video reports have clearly shown.

Ha’aretz report follows

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 13 June, 2011: The Financial Road to Serfdom

13 June, 2011 — Information Clearing House

Libyan Resource Nationalism
Why the NATO Powers are Trying to Assassinate Moammar Gaddafi

By Brian Becker
Wikileaks-released State Department cables from November 2007 and afterwards show the real reason for the mounting U.S. hostility to the Libyan government prior to the current civil war.

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