Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: June 20, 2011

20 June 2011 — Stop NATO

  • 13 Libyan Civilians Killed In Latest NATO Assault; 856 Civilians Killed In All
  • Libya Condemns NATO Raid On Residential Neighborhood
  • Libya: 11,781 NATO Sorties, 4,469 Strike Missions
  • Libya: NATO “Celebrates” Three Months Of Bombing With Fresh Carnage
  • U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer Ends Italian Visit
  • Guided Missile Destroyer Assigned To U.S. Carrier Strike Group Ends Israel Visit
  • U.S. Guided Missile Cruiser Enters Georgian Port For Exercise
  • Ukraine: U.S., NATO Complete This Year’s Largest Black Sea Naval Exercises
  • U.S. Kills Seven In Pakistan In 36th Drone Strike Of The Year
  • Pakistan Voices Concerns To U.S. Over Border Incursions
  • NATO Installs New Joint Warfare Center Commander

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Brian Haw Anti-War Hero Dies by Paddy McGuffin

20 June 2011 — Morning Star

brian-haw.jpgInternationally renowned peace campaigner Brian Haw has died, his family said today.

Mr Haw, who staged a 10-year protest outside Parliament against British and US foreign policy, had been receiving treatment in Germany for lung cancer.

The message, addressed to friends and supporters, posted on Mr Haw’s website by his family said: ‘It is with deepest regret that I inform you that our father, Brian, passed away this morning.

‘He left us in his sleep and in no pain, after a long, hard fight.’

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Libya Newslinks for 19 June 2011

20 June 2011 —

Gates vigorously backs Libya policy
Gates defends the president against critics who question the legality of the operation in Libya. | AP Photo Close By BYRON TAU & ANDY BARR | 6/19/11 12:41 PM EDT In two farewell interviews Sunday as Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates launched a robust …

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Wikileaks 20 June 2011

20 June 2011 —

WikiLeaks critical of NYT, Guardian
Business Spectator
WikiLeaks believes it is changing the fundamental nature of journalism, spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson has said, according to a report on Technology Spectator. Speaking at an event hosted by the University of Sydney and Sydney Ideas on Friday, …

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Wikileaks Newslinks for 19 June 2011

20 June 2011 —

WikiLeaks: Few Cubans can name US-backed dissidents
Yet respondents identified an average of only 1.5 of the seven dissidents on the list, or fewer than one in four, according to the dispatch, which is part of the huge cache of State Department documents obtained by WikiLeaks and passed to McClatchy and … Continue reading

Final Statement – Adopted by the International History Conference Commemorating 70th Anniversary of the Outbreak of 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War

19 June 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Final Statement – Sevastopol, June 15-17, 2011

Adopted by the International History Conference Commemorating 70th Anniversary of the Outbreak of 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War (Sevastopol, June 15-17, 2011)

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Jews for Justice for Palestinians Weekly newsletter 20 June 2011

20 June 2011 — Jews for Justice for Palestinians

The state of Jews
June 18th, 2011 From its origin as ‘Jew-state’ through various twists of meaning, the current ‘Jewish state’ which Palestinians must recognise has more in common with Pakistan than the USA or any European state of all its citizens. Uri Avnery traces the path

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 19 June, 2011: Return of the One-State Solution?

19 June, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israel Claims Freedom Flotilla Aims At Confrontation With the Army
IMEMC – Monday June 20, 2011 – 01:15, Head of the Israeli Navy, Eliezer Marom, voiced on Sunday a strict warning targeting the organizers of the Freedom Flotilla, dubbed in his speech as the “Hate Flotilla” that will be heading to the besieged Gaza Strip later this month to deliver humanitarian supplies. Flotilla organizers affirmed the peaceful nature of the flotilla and their determination to proceed to Gaza. (Freedom Flotilla 2 Press Released Attached To This Article)

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