Syria/Libya versus Bahrain: A BBC factoid By William Bowles

23 June 2011

Facts are wonderful things, ignore them at all cost:

“Was the decision taken [by NATO] that killing civilians here would save others elsewhere?” — ‘Libya: Funerals fuel controversy over Nato airstrikes‘, Jeremy Bowen, BBC News Website, 22 June 2011

When I first heard this report by Bowen on 22/6/11 I couldn’t believe my ears! Here is the much vaunted objectivity of the BBC revealed for what it’s worth, nothing, nothing at all. Does Bowen really listen to what he himself said? Kill little children here so that these little children won’t kill people elsewhere?

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Afghan Drawdown, Libyan Murder By Craig Murray

23 June 2011 — Craig Murray

Could anyone watch Jeremy Bowen’s piece on BBC News last night, which showed a grieving father hugging the wrapped bodies of two tiny children killed in a NATO bombing? The fact the tiny childrens’ grandfather was a Gadaffi minister seemed to Jeremy Bowen a possible justification – he posed a dichotomy that by killing these children, more civilian lives could be saved.

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Media Lens: Three Little Words: WikiLeaks, Libya, Oil

23 June, 2011 — Media Lens

‘Libya has some of the biggest and most proven oil reserves — 43.6 billion barrels — outside Saudi Arabia, and some of the best drilling prospects.’

So reported the Washington Post on June 11, in a rare mainstream article which, as we will see, revealed how WikiLeaks exposed the real motives behind the war on Libya.

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This is what empires do By William Bowles

19 June 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

I’m sure that somewhere, in a university or institute, researchers have produced an analysis that measures the rise in the number of armed conflicts as a ratio of the increase in economic instability as capitalism goes into one of its periodic meltdowns. Meltdowns that almost invariably end in large-scale war/s as a means of consuming surplus capital, taking out competitors, getting rid of surplus labour, grabbing new markets, extending the sphere of empire… yada, yada, yada…

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NATO states divided over Libya

22 June 2011 — RT

Recent civilian casualties in Libya are causing a rift between NATO member states. Italy has called for an immediate halt to the violence in order to allow humanitarian aid into the country, a move which France opposes.

Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini announced on Wednesday that it is essential to halt hostilities in Libya in order to bring aid to the country.

“We have seen the effects of the crisis and therefore also of NATO action, not only in eastern and south-western regions but also in Tripoli,” Frattini said.

“I believe an immediate humanitarian suspension of hostilities is required in order to create effective humanitarian corridors,” he added.

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Fukushima city: officially safe thanks to new ‘creative’ safety standards — RT

22 June 2011 — RT

Some residents of Fukushima city believe the government is neglecting radiation risks and are trying to alleviate the damage on their own. Meanwhile the UN watchdog is to report on the crisis in Vienna on Monday.

Delegates from most of the 150 member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency have convened for the five-day-long forum in the Austrian capital. On their agenda is tightening safety regulations for nuclear reactors.

The IAEA is due to present a full report on conditions in earthquake- and tsunami-hit Japan. The review is expected to criticize Japan for underestimating the risks facing the Fukushima plant, and for a slow government response to the disaster.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 22 June, 2011: Savvy flotilla prep in full swing at Athens port

22 June, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Ross: “Israel Must Remain Jewish State”
IMEMC – Thursday June 23, 2011 – 04:54, Dennis Ross, senior aide to American President, Barack Obama, stated during a speech in Jerusalem, Wednesday, that all steps must be taken to ensure that Israel “remains a democratic and Jewish State”.

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Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: June 23, 2011: NATO To Use “Any Means Necessary” To Wage Libyan War: Rasmussen

23 June 2011 — Stop NATO

  • NATO To Use “Any Means Necessary” To Wage Libyan War: Rasmussen
  • Libya: Bitter Truth About The Fighting Country
  • Emanuel Uses Influential Friends To Land NATO, G-8 Summits In Chicago
  • Emanuel Seeks Corporate Donors For Chicago NATO Summit
  • U.S. Warship Enters Georgian Waters
  • Russia Condemns Arrival Of U.S. Warship In Georgia
  • NATO Caucasus, Central Asia Representative In Tajikistan
  • U.S. Expands Drone Warfare
  • American TV “News” Ignores Five Wars, Focuses On Celebrities, Scandals

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“Rebels” are power-hungry terrorists, say Libyan refugees — RT

23 June 2011 — RT

Civilian casualties have raised serious misgivings about NATO intervention in Libya, even among supporters of the ongoing aerial campaign. And while the international community is taking sides in the conflict, it is the Libyan people who suffer most.

Salma and her family escaped from the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi to hide in a refugee camp in the west of the country when life in their native city turned into a nightmare.

‘It’s not safe there anymore. It’s become dangerous. And that’s not only because of explosions and gunshots. One day, people from the government in Benghazi – you call them rebels, we call them terrorists – came to me and told me, ‘we have to arrest your daughter, because we know that she supports Gaddafi,’ Salma told RT.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter June 22, 2011: British, French Agents Undercover in Libya to Get Gaddafi

22 June, 2011 — Information Clearing House

Note: Tom Feeley, editor of ICH has to go into hospital for a few days and get his heart repaired. We wish him well

British, French Agents Undercover in Libya to Get Gaddafi: Report
A team of 130 British and French agents are reportedly on a one-million-pound-a-week, do-or-die deep undercover mission in Libya to get Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

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Greece: Crisis and Unrest By Panagiotis Sotiris

22 June 2011 — New Left ProjectGreek Left Review

The only way to describe recent developments in Greece is to refer to a peaceful popular insurrection that has led to an open political crisis. The mass gatherings at city squares at the centres of all major Greek cities continue to gather momentum. Since the 25th of May, Athens and most Greek cities have experienced some of the biggest mass rallies in recent history. It is a unique experience of social mobilization. It is also a highly original form of protest, which combines mass rallies with a democratic process of discussion through mass people’s assemblies.

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