Information Clearing House Newsletter June 29, 2011: How Greed Destroys America

29 June, 2011 — Information Clearing House

“After you Brother!” Qadaffi Stays and Obama Leaves?
By Franklin Lamb
Gaddafi has survived assaults of various types from US Presidents’ Ford, Carter, Reagan, George Bush 1, Clinton, George Bush 2, and Obama. Vegas book makers are giving odds he’ll be the leader of Libya’s Fatah Revolution after the voters retire Obama.

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Media Invited to Inspect U.S. Boat to Gaza Before it Sails


Audacity Invites Media to Inspect Boat and Passengers

“We’re Sulfur-Free and Ready to Sail”

Passengers on the U.S. Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope, invite Greek and international media to inspect The Audacity of Hope at 3 pm Athens time on Thursday, June 30, in the town of Perama (next to Piraeus), 42 Democratis. Continue reading

Libya Newslinks for 29 June 2011

29 June 2011 —

29 June 2011

Black Caucus on Libya War: The Good, the Confused, and the Hopeless By Glen Ford

29 June 2011 — Black Agenda Report

At this critical juncture in history, the Congressional Black Caucus is near useless to the cause of peace. The recent congressional vote on Libya shows that, in the CBC, “there are more Confused members than Good, and The Good are outnumbered four to one by The Hopeless.” Much of the Caucus has bought into President Obama’s “humanitarian intervention” scam, notably Minneapolis Rep. Keith Ellis. Ellis has given a blank check to arbitrary global rule by U.S. military fiat – to endless wars that need no declaration, and to the end of international law as it has evolved over the centuries.”

These 24 members of a caucus that claims to be the “conscience of the Congress” will sign any check and authorize any amount of killings.”

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Black Bloc: A Misguided Tactic for June 30 By Maeve McKeown

28 June 2011 — New Left Project

On March 26, a movement that has existed for several decades but has largely been absent from UK politics, known as ‘Black Bloc’, emerged from the shadows and scared the living daylights out of Middle England.  They blitzed central London, smashing the windows of the Ritz and the high street facades of corporate giants, threw paint and smoke bombs, and ran rings around the police.

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EU bailout of Greece – “robbery and swindle” — RT

29 June 2011 — RT

On the streets of Athens the voices of discontent are growing louder. From the next bailout installment the Greek politicians are eager to receive, the people will not get a penny, experts believe.

‘Not a cent of this bailout money actually comes into the Greek economy,’ author and economic analyst Nick Skrekas told RT. ‘It all goes out into interest payments and repayments.’

Whilst the battle is on to save the banks and prevent a large-scale financial crisis, for the Greek people the price is simply too high.

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Video: Austerity in Greece Meant to Break Workers’ Resistance

16 June 2011 — The Real News Network


Leo Panitch is the Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and a Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University in Toronto. Panitch is also the author of ‘Global Capitalism and American Empire’ and his most recent release ‘American Empire and the Political Economy of International Finance’. In addition to his university affiliation he is also a co-editor of the Socialist Register the latest volume of which is The Crisis This Time

Transcript follows

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Video: Greeks declare war on austerity cuts — RT

28 June 2011 — RT

At least 46 people have been injured as violent clashes and strikes paralyzed Greece on the eve of the vote for fresh austerity cuts. Over 20,000 people took out on the streets of Athens on Tuesday, beginning a massive general 48-hour strike.

As the protest in Athens turned violent on Tuesday, at least 14 people were arrested. Police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse aggressive youths, reportedly anarchists, who joined in the rally, throwing stones and marble chipped from nearby buildings, as well as Molotov cocktails. Twenty-one police officers have reportedly been injured in the clashes.

Most of the demonstrators have not been involved in violence, but tear gas forced them to leave the square outside the Finance Ministry for some time.

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Video: Debtocracy by Katerina Kitidi and Aris Hatzistefanou

20 June 2011 — MRZine

In March 2011, a group of people from different political backgrounds took the initiative to demand the formation of an Audit Committee in Greece.  Academics, writers, artists, union representatives all over the world supported this initiative.  The Audit Committee will find which parts of the debt are odious or illegitimate and will prove that, as provided by Greek and International Law, the Greek people are not obliged to pay such debt.

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