Wikileaks Newslinks for 24 June 2011

24 June 2011 —

WikiLeaks Sheds Light on Legal Standstill Over ‘Well Regarded’ Fugitive on …
New York Times
But new insight into the international tug of war over Pluimers can be found in a diplomatic cable released earlier this year by the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks. That cable, written in 2006 by officials at the US embassy in The Hague, indicates that …

WikiLeaks cables reveal scandal and disease in Thai royal family
The Australian
An article analysing the cables, which were obtained by WikiLeaks, is due to be published online today by Andrew Marshall, a British journalist who formerly worked for Reuters. He resigned three weeks ago after the news agency declined to publish his …

LulzSec Goes All Wikileaks On Arizona State Cops
All Things Digital
The increasingly brash hacker group LulzSec released the first of what it
says is only the first of many “payloads” to the Internet today: A
cache of documents taken from servers belonging to the Arizona Department
of Public Safety. …

Wikileaks – Kristinn Hrafnsson
ABC Online (blog)
Until 2006, just five short years ago, no-one had heard of the
whistleblower website Wikileaks. That all changed very quickly when news
footage from July 2007 was released showing a US Apache helicopter shooting
and killing a Reuters photographer in …

Three Little Words: WikiLeaks, Libya, Oil
Dissident Voice
So reported the Washington Post on June 11, in a rare mainstream article
which, as we will see, revealed how WikiLeaks exposed the real motives
behind the war on Libya. So what happens when you search UK newspaper
archives for the words ‘WikiLeaks’, …

Tech Today: Anonymous, We Hardly Know Ye
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The story reveals how Anonymous likely emerged from the anarchic message
boards of 4Chan to launch attacks against the Church of Scientology and
organizations that had cut ties to WikiLeaks—moves reflecting the group’s
beliefs in Internet freedom. …

Top Dominican politicos admit Wikileaks accusations
Dominican Today
The Wikileaks transcript also mentioned that the Attorney General at the
time, Francisco Domínguez Brito, told ambassador Hans Hertell that “many
high-ranking military officials in the (Hipólito) Mejía administration,
such as former Army Chief general …

Let’s face up to reality about Karzai
Boston Globe
By Juliette Kayyem EVER SINCE WikiLeaks released thousands of diplomatic
cables, exposing the secret thoughts and first-hand accounts of the US
diplomatic corps, I have often wondered what the world would be like if
ambassadors were simply more frank. …

6 Ways PR Has Changed For The Better
Business Insider
AP Stylebook Updates – WikiLeaks, Bedbugs and Check-ins In the early days
of my PR career, I remember standing in the mailroom with a stack of a
hundred or so cover letters sending out blast faxes to newsrooms as our
press releases crossed BusinessWire …

Cameroon’s Novel Penalty: Hold Corrupt Officials Until They Show Remorse
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Samuel Rubenfeld Cameroon government officials arrested on corruption
charges wouldn’t be released until they showed remorse, according to a
Wikileaks cable. Paul Biya, president of Cameroon, speaks during the 65th
annual United Nations General …

Arrest Puts Spotlight on Brazen Hacking Group LulzSec
New York Times
Anonymous is best known for its attacks last year in support of WikiLeaks,
led by Julian Assange. The group went after the Web sites of companies like
MasterCard and PayPal, which had refused to process donations to WikiLeaks
after it disclosed …

Guardian website wins news journalism and technical innovation awards
The Guardian
Judges praised the site for its coverage of WikiLeaks, Andrew Sparrow’s
election 2010 live blogs and for its 2.3m daily unique users. They
described its World Cup coverage and Twitter match replays as “jaw
dropping” and praised the network of 150 …

Saudi clout on oil questioned after OPEC
The Vienna setback followed a February disclosure in US documents released
by WikiLeaks that Washington was concerned that the kingdom wasn’t able to
pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices. These have risen sharply since
January when the Arab world …

Whistleblowers or terrorists? The Wikileaks story
ZDNet (blog)
Our special report takes a closer look at the inner workings of Wikileaks
and its connection to the hactivists known as ‘Anonymous’. Zack Whittaker,
criminologist who studied at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, is a
freelance journalist and …

Pandering to U.S
Now, thanks to WikiLeaks, the affinity between Harper and American
political conservatism has been revealed in a fairly long excerpted
statement by former US ambassador David Wilkins. He suggested Harper would
be useful in advancing the American agenda …

Playing by America’s rules
Jamaica Gleaner
THE PUBLICATION of the WikiLeaks cables was necessary; even though it might
prove embarrassing for the governments and many individuals. As it stands
today, one could get the impression that the direction the Jamaica
government takes is driven and …

Mexican Congress Rejects ACTA
It was first exposed by Wikileaks in 2008 – one month and three years ago
to be more precise. Over the years, it became notorious for things like a
global DMCA, a global three strikes law and making law enforcement use
substantially more resources at …

“The Drupal of dataviz”: Overview, AP’s News Challenge winner, wants to make …
Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard
By Megan Garber When WikiLeaks released its Iraq War Logs last year, it
unleashed upon the world, and particularly upon newsrooms, 391832
individual documents. If a single reader were to tackle that document set,
says Jonathan Stray, …

Cable accuses PLP of ‘poor performance’ in organizing election
Nassau Guardian
… ahead of the election, were a blemish on his administration and a
source of some embarrassment as any alleged irregularities occurred on the
Progressive Liberal Party’s watch, according to one of the cables in the
WikiLeaks diplomatic documents. …

Apple under fire for pulling Intifada app
The Independent
More controversially, it pulled an unofficial WikiLeaks app that enabled
people to make donations to the whistle-blowing site run by Julian Assange
after PayPal, MasterCard and Visa all cancelled their cooperation with
WikiLeaks in what appeared part …

Journalists Seek Answers From LulzSec And Sarah Palin’s Emails…Without …
You can’t fault the Post and Times for trying the strategy; after all, it
worked spectacularly with Wikileaks. Growing more sophisticated after the
release of files from the Afghanistan conflict, Wikileaks launched its
diplomatic cables release with an …

Fighting words of peace
Ahram Online
What do you have to say about the WikiLeaks cable in which the US
ambassador to Asmara described the Eritrean government as a dictatorship?
That is a product of stupidity and hatred. WikiLeaks speak for themselves.
What can you say to a government that …

Water dispute can cast shadow over Pak-India talks
Kashmir Media Service
Media reports quoting the confidential cables of US Ambassador to New
Delhi, David Mulford, dated February 25, 2005 accessed by WikiLeaks, said
the US is not very hopeful about the long-term prospects of Pakistan and
India easily resolving their …

Is Obama embracing unconstitutional powers?
It has continuously harassed numerous WikiLeaks supporters, repeatedly
detaining them at airports and seizing and copying their laptops, all
without warrants, and subpoeaned their social networking records. It is
seeking (and is likely to obtain) …

FBI mum on hacker attack on Conn. affiliate
Boston Globe
Lulz has taken credit for defacing the PBS website after it aired a
documentary seen as critical of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and a
manifesto released by the group earlier this week called for a united
hacker war and encouraged “any vessel, …

Africa: From Bonn to Durban, Climate Meetings Are Conferences of Polluters
The EU’s Connie Hedegaard happily joined them to plot de-funding of the GCF
in February 2010, according to WikiLeaks. To meet scientific requirements
for planet-saving emissions cuts requires a binding UN effort like that
made in 1987 in Montreal to …

‘King Of Kong’ Director Seth Gordon Will Play ‘WarGames’ In Reboot
Indie Wire (blog)
Originally starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy (ah, the ’80s), the
film chronicled a couple of computer nerds who hack into a military
computer and instead of doing some WikiLeaks-style investigative reporting,
realize they might just …

Movie Review: ‘Page One: Inside the New York Times’
Los Angeles Times
… CNN’s affiliation with Vice magazine, Comcast buying NBC and the
crescendo of stories from the folks at WikiLeaks come off more like
independent mini-segments than episodes in the broader picture of how the
Times covers the world. …,0,4292113.story

Is Obama Violating Journalists’ First Amendment Rights?
News One
This case is akin to the not-so popular WikiLeaks supporters, who leaked
other classified information regarding the US government and refused to
disclose their sources. The exposed information, which Risen published in
the NY Times and his book “State …

Is Darrell Issa a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer?
OB Rag
WikiLeaks obtained sensitive communiqués detailing some of those meetings
that Issa conducted separately from his official business on the trip. Most
of the information in the cables are pretty benign, but how do we know that
Issa didn’t secretly meet …

S. Korea to open NK info center
The Korea Herald
“We have long noticed the fact that we often miss out on important
information due to the lack of consolidated data,” the official said,
comparing the envisioned center to “WikiLeaks.” “Sometimes, foreign
countries and international groups know more …

The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin
FrontPage Magazine
What has the US Government done besides passing gossip that later leaked
via Wikileaks? Today, the Muslim Brotherhood has been legalized in Egypt.
The AKP Islamist Party in Turkey has become the admiration throughout the
Muslim world. …

Where The Hugo is Chávez?
Hispanically Speaking News
All particularly strange in such an eventful news week in Venezuela:
massive blackouts and an electricity crisis is underway, WikiLeaks revealed
that the Venezuelan clergy disobeyed orders to not plot against Chávez,
Venezuela’s overnight bank lending …

Covisint, a Compuware Company, to Show Oil and Gas Companies How to Avert …
MarketWatch (press release)
In particular, managing access to confidential applications and data
outside of the enterprise in this cloud-computing era can leave
organizations vulnerable to identity-driven cyber-crime challenges, such as
the recent and highly visible WikiLeaks …

Drop the pretence on Myanmar
The Hindu
Thanks to WikiLeaks, we know that the Indian foreign policy establishment
thinks Ms Suu Kyi’s “day has come and gone,” and that India’s
engagement with the Myanmarese military is based on security considerations
in the North-East and its fears of …

Cyberwarfare finds a captive audience
CNN International
A US diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks charged that the Chinese
government ordered the computer hacking, according to a report in The New
York Times. Chinese officials denied any involvement in the attack. Hackers
from China, Russia and other …

Brazilian Soccer Star Appalled at Racist Incident in Russia
Human Rights First
It’s likely that Mr. Kerimov treats his stars as well as another oligarch
from Dagestan, Gadzhi Makhachev, treated the guests at his son’s three-day
wedding that was poetically detailed in a wikileaks cable by a senior US
State Department official. …

China’s new leaders: The princelings are coming
The Economist
Mr Xi (who adores Hollywood movies about the second world war, according to
a WikiLeaks cable) and the Jaguar-loving Mr Bo exude the sort of
self-confidence that comes with a privileged upbringing. Like Western
celebrities, they excite much tattle, …

LulzSec outdoes WikiLeaks in stunning disclosure of Arizona documents
By Joe Wilcox
Using the state’s controversial immigration law as excuse, LulzSec chose a
target sure to divide public opinion. Is this a hacktivist/ anarchist group
of do-gooders or terrorists?

The WikiLeaks of Money – By Joshua E. Keating | Foreign Policy
The WikiLeaks of Money. Is Bitcoin a revolution or a bubble? BY JOSHUA E.
KEATING | JUNE 23, 2011. For something that few had heard of a month ago,
the online currency Bitcoin tends to elicit pretty strong responses. …

Wikileaks – 05.02.2010: Cameroonian President Biya Gives …
By admin

Rhizome | Announce: WIKILOOT: a wikileaks inspired text archive
By Jacquelyn Davis
You are encouraged to submit creative work to be included in a new online
exhibition that valeveil is developing, titled WIKILOOT, which intends to
collect and archive critical and/or creative writing responses to one or
more Wikileaks …

Wikileaks Strikes Again: Asian Summer? |
By sakerfa
When Reuters’ journalist Andrew Marshall isn’t piecing articles together
citing paid lobbyists like Robert Amsterdam, he is sifting through
Wikileaks cables looking for damning hearsay and gossip to malign
Thailand’s revered monarchy …

KI Media: WikiLeaks cables reveal scandal and disease in Thai …
By (Socheata)
An article analysing the cables, which were obtained by WikiLeaks, is due
to be published online today by Andrew Marshall, a British journalist who
formerly worked for Reuters. He resigned three weeks ago after the news
agency declined …

Wikileaks – Detailing the palace circles and networks | Political …
By thaipoliticalprisoners
The Wikileaks on Thailand are rolling out at a seemingly ever increasing
pace. This one refers to the monarchy and the circles/networks that
surround it. It is worth reading in full. PPT has never seen an account of
this nature before. …

WikiLeaks: Saudi Crackdown on Shiites Has Echoes of Human Rights …
WikiLeaks: Saudi Crackdown on Shiites Has Echoes of Human Rights Abuses in
Bahrain. via (title unknown) by jon on 6/23/11. WASHINGTON — This year’s
harsh crackdown on Shiite Muslims in Bahrain follows the playbook that
Sunni …

OIF Blog » Program Update: “When it Leaks it Pours: WikiLeaks …
By Nanette Perez
The program “When it Leaks it Pours: WikiLeaks, National Declassification
System, and Access to Government Information,” which was previously
reported as cancelled is in fact not cancelled and will be presented as
originally scheduled. …

Wikileaks Strikes Again: Asian Summer? Alex Jones’ Infowars …
As in Tunisia and Egypt before the US-funded “Arab Spring” was lit
ablaze, Wikileaks again seems to be the harbinger of foreign-funded unrest
about to …

WikiLeaks auctions lunch with Julian Assange – Yahoo! News
WikiLeaks is auctioning off a chance to dine with Julian Assange to raise
funds for its whistle-blowing activities — although it will have to be
lunch …

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