Egypt Newslinks 3 August 2011

3 August 2011 —

Egypt’s Mubarak, in hospital bed, goes on trial as protesters clash
By the CNN Wire Staff Cairo (CNN) — An ailing Hosni Mubarak — once a symbol of autocratic rule in Egypt — was wheeled into a Cairo courtroom cage in a hospital bed Wednesday to face trial for allegedly ordering the killing of protesters calling for …

The new new Egypt
Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has been reviving Mubarak-era repression tactics and ratcheting up anti-American rhetoric. They have entered a loose but dangerous relationship with the ultra-conservative Salafists to act as their …

Egypt Seeks to Broaden Wheat Import Sources as Russian Grain Prices Climb
By Ola Galal and Maria Kolesnikova – Wed Aug 03 07:34:36 GMT 2011 Egypt,
the world’s biggest wheat importer, is stepping up efforts to find more
sources after prices it paid for Russian grain climbed almost 5 percent in
less than a month. …

Egypt Releases Detained BBC Journalist
RTT News
(RTTNews) – Authorities in Egypt have released BBC journalist Shaimaa
Khalil after detaining her on Monday in Cairo during a security operation
aimed at clearing a sit-in protest, the British news broadcaster reported
Tuesday. …

The feminine face of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo, Egypt (CNN) — When Iman Abdella steps out of a black-and-white
Cairo taxi in Haggana, residents of the impoverished quarter rush to greet
her with jubilant cries and trilling zaghareet. “Alf marhaba (welcome a
thousand times),” cries Soad …

Egypt-Sinai-Gaza: The triangular threat to Israel
Jerusalem Post
regime stabilizes, the border area shared by Egypt, Israel and the Gaza
Strip will likely be a focus for increased terrorist activity. Last week’s
attack on the gas pipeline in the …

Mubarak Goes on Trial in Egypt
Wall Street Journal
By YAROSLAV TROFIMOV CAIRO—Egypt’s deposed President Hosni Mubarak
arrived in court Wednesday to stand trial on charges of ordering the
killing of revolutionary protesters, in a prosecution that is without
precedent in the Middle East’s modern history …

Metropolitan Museum Returns Antiquities Found in King Tut’s Tomb to Egypt
By Marlon Bishop : WNYC Culture Producer The Metropolitan Museum of Art has
returned 19 objects to Egypt originally found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.
Last November, the Met agreed to give back the artifacts after an internal
museum investigation …

Egypt to Raise Price of Land Sold to Egyptian Resorts, Mal Says
By Ola Galal – Wed Aug 03 06:58:22 GMT 2011 Egypt’s Tourism Development
Authority plans to raise the value of 20 million square meters (215 million
square feet) of land the government earlier agreed to sell to Egyptian
Resorts Co. …

Egypt’s Mubarak denies charges of complicity in the killing of protesters …
AP We welcome your comments on this story’s topic. Off-topic comments,
personal attacks, and inappropriate language may be flagged and removed,
and comment privileges blocked, per our Terms of Service. Thanks for
keeping the comments space respectful. …

King Tut may have been more European than Egyptian
Every other European male is related to King Tutankhamun, the celebrated
boy pharaoh who ruled Egypt more than 3000 years ago, according to
researchers in Zurich. Scientists at Zurich-based DNA genealogy center,
iGENEA, say they have reconstructed the …

Egypt, Europe, and the Seeds of a Crisis
New York Times
The only problem with this decision is that it didn’t take into account
either the EU’s foreign policy priorities or the likely reactions of a
post-revolutionary Egypt. Under the Lisbon Treaty, the EU is meant to be in
a better position to coordinate …

Egypt’s Gama’a Islamiya denounces airing of Mubarak trial
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: Egypt’s fundamental Islamic group Gama’a Islamiya denounced the
airing of ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s trial, which began on Wednesday
morning at the Police Academy in New Cairo. The group’s spokesman Assem
Abdel Maged said on Monday that …

Robert Fisk: Egypt awaits first trial of an Arab Spring dictator
The Independent
We shall not speak his name. Along the road to his trial – if it actually
takes place – are rows of watermelon stands, vast green hard-skinned
“batiqs” piled on top of each other on broken wooden carts, the favourite
ice-cold fruit for the “iftar” meal …

The Middle East Channel: Inside Egypt’s Salafis
Foreign Policy
The same might be said for their debut on Egypt’s main stage last Friday,
as hundreds of thousands of Salafis joined other Islamist groups in Cairo’s
Tahrir Square. Droves of people from governorates across Egypt got off
buses near Tahrir Square, …

Egypt’s Mubarak goes on trial in hospital bed
Jakarta Post
AP, Cairo | Wed, 08/03/2011 7:22 PM The judge has adjourned the trial of
ousted President Hosni Mubarak until Aug. 15, ordering him held at a
military hospital near Cairo and overseen by an oncologist. The order by
the judge is one of the strongest …

Egypt: HDNet Reveals Plight of Christians, Women Post-Revolution
Christian Post
By Amanda Winkler | Christian Post Reporter HDNet World Report, the
network’s Emmy Award-winning news program, will air a detailed report of
post-revolutionary Egypt and how minority groups, such as women and Coptic
Christians, are faring. …

Egypt puts Mubarak on trial, transfixing Arab world
Reuters Africa
By Sarah Mikhail and Dina Zayed CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak was
wheeled into a courtroom cage in a hospital bed on Wednesday to face trial
for killing protesters — an image that thrilled those who overthrew him
and must have chilled other …

Building boom
BBC News
But this construction boom has its roots not in Israel, but in Egypt. And
it is built on illegal smuggling. Parts of Rafah, the southern Gazan town
right on the border with Egypt, have the feel of a major industrial zone or
port. …

Gas supply company owes Egypt millions, says government source
Al-Masry Al-Youm
Eastern Mediterranean Gas (EMG), the company supplying Israel with natural
gas from Egypt, owes the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) LE658
million, an official source at the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum said. The
source told Al-Masry …

How will Ramadan affect unrest in Africa?
BBC News (blog)
So what impact will it have in places of conflict and unrest such as Libya,
Egypt and Somalia? Would a break in the fighting in Libya give either side
the upper hand in the conflict? In Egypt tensions are high ahead of the
trial of former President …

Ethiopia presses with Nile projects despite Egypt’s opposition
The Africa Report
The project is going ahead despite disapproval from Egypt, which is against
such activities along the Nile. It will become Ethiopia’s biggest water
project along the Nile alongside the Great Renaissance Dam hydro power dam
project. …

Failure to see ‘real Egypt’ was cause of revolt
University of Manchester
She added: “This research shows how the lives of ordinary Egyptians bear
no relation to the misleading picture of a prosperous, growing Egypt that
has been propagated by the regime and by the West for decades. “For
decades, the West has been pointing …

Egypt’s own instability worsens its blow from creation of South Sudan
Daily News Egypt
By Brett Borkan / Daily News Egypt CAIRO: The negative repercussions,
longed feared by Egypt if South Sudan became an independent state, are
likely to worsen due to Egypt’s current political and economic turmoil. For
Egypt, the recent creation of the …

Mubarak in the dock: historic trial for Egypt’s ex-president — RT
Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has appeared in court over charges
of embezzlement, corruption and sanctioning the killing of protesters
during the February uprising. Mubarak has pleaded not guilty to all

Egypt: Scenes from Monday’s Crackdown on Tahrir Square · Global Voices
By Thalia Rahme
The Front to Defend Egypt Protestors established a list of all detained
persons [ar] on their blog, and there are also telephone hotlines for those
who seek legal assistance (012 -062 – 4003) or medical assistance (017-
990- 1081). …

NewsDaily: Egypt’s Mubarak to face trial set to rattle Arab rulers
By Sarah Mikhail and Dina Zayed
Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak flew to Cairo on Wednesday where he will be tried for
conspiring to kill protesters, the first Arab ruler to appear in court
since uprisings swept the region.

The PJ Tatler » Egypt’s ‘Arab Spring’ Turning into a Golden Age …
By Bryan Preston
The optimistic view of the revolution held that Egypt’s Islamists were
artificially propped up by their status as the only available outlet for
anti-regime sentiment. Supposedly, the Islamists were destined to decline
as a raft of newly …

Egypt’s Mubarak denies all charges against him – Home » Other …
Ousted President Hosni Mubarak has denied all charges of corruption and
complicity in killing protesters during Egypt’s uprising.

Antigua Observer Newspaper | Mubarak: Egypt’s ruler for 30 years …
By efrancis
In his last address to the nation as president, Hosni Mubarak vowed he
would never leave his homeland and would die on its soil. His decision not
to flee Egypt may carry a heavy price.

Egypt military arrests BBC journalist –
By Agence France-Presse
A BBC journalist detained in Cairo after troops cleared out a central Cairo
protest has been released, the British broadcaster said on Tuesday.

Liveblogging: Former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt face justice …
By B.B
by clickykbd liveblogging: Former President Hosni Mubarak face justice
Egyptian Last Modified:

Updated edition of Tarek Osman’s prescient ‘Egypt on the Brink …
By Yale University Press London
Back in November 2010 Yale published the aptly-titled Egypt on the Brink by
Tarek Osman, a lively account of Egypt, its recent history and the
increasingly febrile political situation. Within months, the Egyptian
people had risen in …

Capital News » Egypt’s ousted strongman Mubarak to go on trial
CAIRO, Aug 3 – Months after an uprising ended his 30-year-rule, Egypt’s
ex-president Hosni Mubarak goes on trial Wednesday on murder charges, in a
historic moment for the Arab region whose leaders are rarely held to
account. …

Egypt’s former president Mubarak faces trial for corruption …
Egypt’s fallen leader, Hosni Mubarak, went on trial on Wednesday over his
role in killing protesters, in a stark message to Arab rulers elsewhere
that they too may one day be held to account. Reuters. “Mubarak can
travel to stand trial …

Egypt’s Mubarak goes on trial in hospital bed
After widespread skepticism that Egypt’s military rulers would allow it,
the scene went a long way to satisfy one of the key demands that has united
protesters since Feb. 11, when Mubarak fell following an 18-day uprising.

Instapundit » Blog Archive » IN EGYPT, TURNING ON THE LIBERAL …
By Glenn Reynolds
While the liberals and the leftists paint the military as a holdover of the
old regime, the formerly outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and the more radical
Salafi Islamist movement have taken pains not to criticize Egypt’s ruling
generals. …

In Mubarak trial, Egypt sees chance at retribution | The …
By The Associated Press
Hosni Mubarak, 83 years old and ailing, goes on trial Wednesday on charges
of corruption and ordering the killing of protesters during the 18-day
uprising that toppled him, and many Egyptians are celebrating the chance at
retribution …

Officials: 7 killed in attack on Egyptian town –
Egypt. Cairo (CNN) — Hundreds of militants stormed a coastal Egyptian …
Some of the attackers were chanting slogans about Egypt returning to Sharia
law. …

Egypt’s prosecutor summons Mubarak to trial – World news – Mideast …
Egypt’s prosecutor general on Sunday formally summoned Hosni Mubarak to
appear at his trial, giving the clearest indication that the ousted
president will …

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