Bradley Manning Newslinks 10-12 August 2011

12 August 2011 —

10 August 2011

State Department Spent $1.2 Billion On An Asset Monitoring System… That …
So can someone explain why the federal government is coming down so hard on Bradley Manning, rather than taking some of that energy and focusing on securing the State Department’s computers? Honestly, from the sound of things, you have to imagine that …

Anonymous Anarchism: The Yang of Globalization
The Army arrested Private Bradley Manning as the source of the material and subjected him to conditions comparable to those used on terrorists for releasing the information to Wikileaks. Physical and emotional isolation, removing his clothes, …

DC Police Chief Demotes Commander Who Disagreed with Her: Daily Whistleblower News
Government Accountability Project (blog)
Whistleblowers who reveal information to any of these sites (whether
WikiLeaks, Al-Jazeera, or Wall Street Journal) are always themselves in
danger of being revealed after the fact (like Bradley Manning), whether
through their own actions or by the …

IVR Deconstructed » Why Can’t We Know?
By charlie
But take whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning, who’s accused of divulging
classified U.S. documents to Wikileaks. Manning has been incarcerated for
nearly a year and a half and is the subject of a heated, divisive national
debate. …

Chicago Indymedia: Chicago Independent Television for August …
Chicago Independent Television for August: Bradley Manning at Pride Parade,
… raise awareness to the plight of alleged Wikileaker Bradley Manning,

Next Left Notes (
Free Bradley Manning. Free Bradley Manning · Gaza Freedom March

Bradley Manning – mydropintheocean
How can I change anything, I am just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean is
made of many drops. This site is my drop in the ocean and also links to the
many …

Bradley Manning appreciation thread
After reading his chats with lamo it is obvious Bradley Manning has high
moral standards and a heart of gold. A truly good person at heart. …

charge against Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning – Digg
Private Bradley Manning, a 23-year-old intelligence analyst with the US
Army, stands accused of disclosing a classified video of American troops…

11 August 2011

Galarcep: Klinsmann’s key concerns
Fox News
Jurgen Klinsmann’s long-awaited arrival as US head coach has overshadowed a
match that suddenly doesn’t seem to have the same focus points it might
have had if Bob Bradley were still manning the US sidelines. The match
itself still has plenty of …

The Internet Finds One Way To Relieve The Pain Of The London Riots: Photoshop
… which typically supports protesters, youth causes, and
anti-establishment events (see: hacktivist groups like Anonymous and the
cult of celebrity around Bradley Manning) seems to be condemning the London
riots more than one might expect. …

Bradley Manning Support Network » East Coast “About Face” book …
By emma
Courage to Resist staff member and Bradley Manning Support Network
organizer Emma Cape will be making a trip to the East Coast the last two
weeks of September, to present Courage to Resist’s new book on war
resisters, About Face, …

Statement by “V for Vendetta” author Alan Moore in Support of PFC …
“With any legitimate trial of whistle-blower Bradley Manning still being
at an … Bradley Manning and others like him everywhere are vital to our
continued …

Hey guys, what the hell ever happened to Bradley Manning? | XYDO
I haven’t heard much about him or his trial for a while and was wondering
if he is still probably being tortured in solitary confinement. submitted
by 6…

August 2011 Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors
“With any legitimate trial of whistleblower Bradley Manning still being
at an unspecified date in the future, it …

BlackBuddha: Bradley Manning’s Army is in London, burning down the …
BlackBuddha: Bradley Manning’s Army is in London, burning down the bridge,
… “ Bradley Manning’s Army is in London, burning down the bridge, …

‘V for Vendetta’ Writer Alan Moore Supports Alleged Wikileaks …
‘V for Vendetta’ Writer Alan Moore Supports Alleged Wikileaks Whistleblower
Bradley Manning. Tue Aug 9 08:31. share this story …

Bradley Manning – Maelle Doliveux
About Bradley Manning’s denied rights to trial and abuse during his arrest
for allegedly leaking government documents to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks and Bradley Manning Street Art – a gallery on Flickr
Wikileaks and Bradley Manning Street Art. A gallery curated by Wikileaks
Mobile… | 5 photos | 2 views View: Default NEW Light box. Bidder #70;
Hero Bradley …

10 August 2011

Anonymous & LulzSec Hacks US Police, Releases 10GB Of Confidential Data …
TFTS (blog)
Five of the credit cards details revealed to the public were used to make
“involuntary donations” to some organizations such as a support group
for Bradley Manning, the US military man accused of funneling sensitive
information to WikiLeaks. …

Anonymous Clashes With Its Adversaries At Hacker Conference
Huffington Post
Byun says that he decided to help Emick take down Anonymous after learning
that Anonymous members were planning to attack the Marine Corps base in
Quantico, Va., where Bradley Manning, an alleged source of Wikileaks, was
being held. He knew that Anons, …

Court Rules Torture Suit Against Rumsfeld Can Go Forward
Government Accountability Project (blog)
Related Article: Associated Press Summary: Acclaimed graphic novelist Alan
Moore – author of The Watchmen and V for Vendetta – has thrown his
support behind Bradley Manning, the WikiLeaks whistleblower. Key Quote:
“With any legitimate trial of …

This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here Blog Archive …
By Jonn Lilyea
I hope they seize all of his shit, including his collection of feather boas
and his Bradley Manning-signed Lady Gaga posters. Nothing would make me
happier than Choi paying the American taxpayer back for cheating them out
of a …

Bradley Manning Support Network | Support Julian Assange
The Justice Department on Thursday fired back against a lawsuit filed by a
WikiLeaks supporter and friend of accused leaker Bradley Manning over the

4 bradley manning | World War 3 Illustrated Web Comics
Recent Comics. 4 bradley manning; make banks pay; s&m trans comic · loan
shark & Chase Octopus · 1 catherine shay. Log In or Register …

Bradley Manning (_BradleyManning) on Twitter
Bradley Manning (_BradleyManning) is on Twitter. Sign up for Twitter to
follow Bradley Manning (_BradleyManning) and get their latest updates.

Who Is Bradley Manning | Bras Online
Who Is Bradley Manning. On August 5, 2011, in Uncategorized, by admin. who
is bradley manning who is bradley manning. Bradley Manning: Hero or

4 bradley manning | World War 3 Illustrated Web Comics
4 bradley manning

Vigil for Bradley Manning! | XYDO
On Monday August 1st at noon, the Catholic Worker Amsterdam organizes a
vigil in front of the American consulate at the Museumplein in Amsterdam.
We wil…

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