Wikileaks Newslinks 12 August 2011

12 August 2011 —

The Sultry Eyes of Julian Assange
The Atlantic Wire
The Wikileaks leader even (maybe) had Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie invited to his birthday party. He fancies himself a decent dinner partner too, as he once sold himself out to the highest bidder. Now, according to a new eBook, he is a master seducer. …

US that accuses Sri Lanka of war crimes exposed by WikiLeaks – Sri Lankan …
Colombo Page
According to United States military documents leaked by the WikiLeaks, the Iraq War Logs have recorded 92003 civilian deaths during the Iraq War from January 2004 to December 2009 while several other organizations list over 100000 civilian deaths. …

WikiLeaks: France doubted Israeli role in Syrian general’s assassination
By Barak Ravid Tags: WikiLeaks Syria IDF The French government believed in August 2008, just weeks after the assassination of Syrian General Muhammad Suleiman, that the perpetrator behind the assassination was not Israel, as many previously assumed, …

US differed with Australia and NZ on Fiji 2006 ‘coup’
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Ltd
Leaked cables released by Wikileaks reveal that the United States differed with Australia and New Zealand on how they should address the 2006 takeover of government by the Fiji military. The US was reluctant to label the actions in 2006 a ‘coup’ as it …

Q&A: Floyd Abrams
New York Law Journal
Q: Will the actions of Wikileaks have an impact on First Amendment
protections for journalists? A: While Wikileaks has played some useful
role, it has also behaved recklessly for having released, without review,
materials of significant potential harm …

A scattershot look at the ‘Gray Lady’
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
At the same time they’re covering WikiLeaks, turmoil and scandal at news
giant Tribune Co. and the Comcast-NBC deal, they’re receiving buyout
letters in the mail, saying goodbye to colleagues, grappling with changes
in free online content and adapting …

PayPal Lists 1000 IP Addresses Involved in Hack, for FBI
SPAMfighter News
Back in 2010, an unknown hackers’ gang attacked PayPal when the payment
service froze the account Wikileaks used. But data from the hackers’
activity was enough for Pay Pal to track down the perpetrators.
Consequently, PayPal has listed out 1000 IP …

E-book on Julian Assange published on Wednesday
WikiLeaks have been leaking information on many secret affairs all around
the world and now an inside take on the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian
Assange has published on Wednesday, in form of an e-book. The news was
announced by RosettaBooks, …

Cameron considers blocking BBM, Facebook and Twitter for alleged rioters
The government is considering disabling the access of suspected rioters to
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Twitter, Facebook and mobile texting. Wikileaks
– fearless whistleblowers or irresponsible nuisances? Keep up to date with
the latest developments. …

The Next Chapter in Europe’s Financial Crisis
Last December, the Guardian reported on cables from US officials, disclosed
by WikiLeaks, that reveal the Vatican working behind the scenes to shape
events in Europe. In one cable, Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict xvi,
is reported to have been …

Barbara Shelly | Government by proxy serves lazy lawmakers
Kansas City Star
The council, known as ALEC, is getting a lot of attention ever since a
left-leaning advocacy organization, the Center for Media and Democracy, got
a hold of thousands of pages of the group’s internal documents and posted
them online, a la WikiLeaks. …

MarketWatch (press release)
Recent phenomena such as Wikileaks, Stuxnet, Advanced Evasion Techniques
and the latest security breaches have changed the security landscape
permanently and acted as wake-up calls also in the strategic aspect. In
June, Stonesoft introduced the …

Nigerians Receive First Payments for Children Who Died in 1996 Meningitis Drug …
New York Times
Last year, a secret 2009 State Department cable exposed by WikiLeaks said
that a Pfizer official in Nigeria told American diplomats that the company
had hired private investigators to “uncover corruption links” to
Nigeria’s former attorney general in …

Facebook under attack
Asia Times Online
Anonymous has targeted online retailer Amazon for closing down WikiLeaks
servers, PayPal, Mastercard, the Church of Scientology and a number of
state websites in the Middle East where democracy protests have occurred.
On August 8, the group replaced …

Cable: Saudi king wantted same tech ‘his friend, President Bush, had on Air …
World Tribune
The cable, released by WikiLeaks, reported on US efforts to sell Saudi
Arabia aircraft from Boeing. In 2006, Bush was said to have urged Abdullah
to purchase as many as 56 Boeing aircraft, 13 of them for the royal fleet.
The cable quoted Abdullah as …

The web turns twenty Difference Engine: Happy anniversary?
The Economist (blog)
When WikiLeaks dumps massive volumes of diplomatic correspondence stolen
from government computers on its website, it is not engaging in some heroic
act of free speech, nor bringing specific cases of wrongdoing to the
public’s attention. …

Karzai’s departure ‘good news’
Montreal Gazette
In December, Canada’s ambassador to Afghanistan, William Crosbie, even
offered to resign on the eve of a WikiLeaks dump that made public his
criticism of the Afghan president regarding the 2009 election. He
reportedly feared it would harm …

Anonymous hackers disown Facebook plot
The group also carried out attacks on PayPal and other financial services
companies in retaliation for those companies withdrawing services from
Wikileaks, the whistle-blowing website. Anonymous has also launched
numerous attacks on the Church of …

Collateral damage in the war on anonymity
San Francisco Chronicle
Think Wikileaks. Eliminating such cover will almost certainly reduce the
kind of leaks that let the public occasionally see inconvenient truths.
Encouraging civility while preserving avenues of dissent is a tough
balancing act, and the core debate over …

11 Things That Happened This Day In History – 12th August
Here Is The City
1998 – Swiss banks agreed to pay $1.25 billion as restitution to World War
II Holocaust victims 10. 2005 – Sri Lanka’s foreign minister, Lakshman
Kadirgamar, is fatally shot by an LTTE sniper at his home 11. 2010 –
Director of Wikileaks, Julian Assange …

Tsvangirai’s leadership qualities questionable
Zimbabwe Independent
In secret diplomatic cables exposed by WikiLeaks, Dell said: “Morgan
Tsvangirai is a brave, committed man and, by and large, a democrat. He is
the only player on the scene right now with real star quality and the
ability to rally the masses. …

For 2012, Obama Is His Own Worst Enemy
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
So might WikiLeaks. One would have to work—and very hard—to turn the
removal of bin Ladin from planet earth into a political liability. Obama’s
handlers seem hell-bent on doing precisely that. As was noted in this space
on May 5, 2011, “As is true of …

Back to the future with Cameron’s digital Riot Act
Crikey (blog)
… the Obama Administration is caught in — Hillary Clinton
enthusiastically promotes and funds internet freedom abroad, while the US
Government engages in illegal online surveillance, harasses net activists
and seeks ways to destroy WikiLeaks at home …

Download EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere for Surveillance-Free Internet Browsing
Death and Taxes
We famously saw Amazon buckle under pressure from Senator Joe Lieberman to
drop WikiLeaks from its servers. Could the same be happening with Yahoo and
Microsofts’s Bing search engine? Hopefully, however, the EFF and Tor’s
efforts with HTTPS Everywhere …

Gordon Campbell on the Christchurch rebuild & SIS politics
Instead, it has taken the Wikileaks cables to reveal that as early as mid
2005 (two full years before the SIS case finally collapsed) that the
government always secretly expected to lose its case against Zaoui, once
the inquiry was completed! …

Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro now available
… intense lobbying and shady backroom deals prompted the US government to
secretly try to push ACTA and TPP (thinly veiled versions of the US’s DMCA
Copyright Act) on the rest of the world, confirmed by secret diplomatic
cables leaked by WikiLeaks. …

Hackers gather around the computer campfire
Domscheit-Berg, the former spokesman for WikiLeaks, made his the portal
available for testing on Wednesday, exposing it to camp attendees. Over the
next four days, the CCC community can test the penetrability and security
infrastructure of its software …

The iron curtain: lessons for the modern Germany
The National
The two are said to be diametric opposites or like “fire and water” as a
WikiLeaks cable memorably revealed last year. This approach can sometimes
leave Merkel lagging. She was felt to have been sluggish when faced with
the problem of the no-fly zone …

Medvedev’s Remarks on Georgian War Anniversary: Politics, Lies, and Electioneering
This wholly omits the long record, now revealed in analyses and even in
WikiLeaks of Moscow’s four-year campaign to destabilize Georgia before the
war, and the fact that this campaign has continued uninterrupted since
then. Yet at the same time, …

China International Fund
The Economist
An unpublished 2009 WikiLeaks cable quotes an American mining executive,
whose company stood to lose business in Guinea because of the syndicate,
complaining that Mr Thiam has “personally benefited from promoting [the]
China International Fund”. …

US has ignored Lanka’s relief measures: Govt.
Daily Mirror
“While the US accuses us of war crimes, Wikileaks with its accounts of
Iraq taken from US cables, proved that thousands of civilians were killed
during operations in Iraq”, he added. “The West is facing major
difficulties today owing to uprisings by …

World Editors Forum 2011: The latest update
Graphic Repro
For the evolving programme, registration and other information, please
After WikiLeaks: the next step for newspapers, featuring Mathias Müller
von Blumencron, editor-in-chief of Der …

The Number One Enemy of Humanity Is Capitalism, Imperialism, and Zionism
Dissident Voice
Media control ranges from before the censorship over the atomic bombings of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 14 to the massive disinformation campaign over
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, 15 to the present battle to censor
Wikileaks. …

WikiLeaks rails Dominican Republic’s ex leader, candidate …
Santo Domingo.- A U.S. Embassy cable of February 20, 2004 disclosed by
WikiLeaks affirms that Dominican Republic’s then ruling PRD party, through
the PPH, its major faction headed by them president Hipólito Mejia, sought
to control the …

Future Focus: James Ball | PANPA
By Trevor Allen
The former Wikileaks data analyst is now an investigative journalist for
The Guardian. He’ll speak to PANPA Future Forum-goers about data-inspired
reporting – journalism’s new frontier. News Now: The stereotypical
journalist is terrible …

Haiti: WikiLeaks Cables Expose How U.S. Blocked Aristide’s Return …
A new exposé on Haiti reveals how the United States led a vast
international campaign to prevent former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand
Aristide from …

Wiki Leaks – Santa Monica, CA Patch
Comprehensive local coverage of Santa Monica, CA. Featuring news and
events, business listings, discussions, announcements, photos and videos.

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