Wikileaks Newslinks 17-19 August 2011

19 August 2011 —

Why the WikiLeaks cable about Syrian regime is spot on
The Guardian
In the Wikileaks cable the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is described as ‘nasty’ and ‘abrasive’ by US diplomats. Photograph: SANA / HO/EPA Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s apparently disingenuous statement to the UN secretary general, …

Some Pinoys in Sabah seen as ‘troublesome’ – Wikileaks
… described as “troublesome” a segment of Filipinos living in Sabah and
warned that they could become potential threats to Malaysia’s security if
parts of Mindanao are given autonomy, according to a confidential 2006 US
cable released by WikiLeaks. …

Everything You Want To Know From Wikileaks But Had To Pay To Ask
Burnt Orange Report
Classified or Top Secret Information has never been or will ever be a
secret! These terms are used to warn personnel employed by intelligence
groups such as military personnel, police, FBI, or civil servant workers,
that if they reveal such information …

Bulgaria’s PM – ‘Armani-Clad Tough Guy’ in WikiLeaks Cable – Report
This has been reported by, the Bulgarian partner of WikiLeaks,
which says that in the same cable Beyrle states that Borisov, back then
still a Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry, is inefficient against
organized crime but his close ties …

WikiLeaks: US targets Abu Sayyaf overseas bank accounts
by Jojo Malig, MANILA, Philippines – The US government has
been trying to find overseas bank accounts of Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)
leaders, according to a cable from the US embassy in Brazil that was
released by WikiLeaks Thursday last …

After the Revolution: Searching for a Messiah
As the citizens of the world, newly enlightened through the advent of
ubiquitous digital media and champions of free speech and transparency such
as WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and Antisec, et al , begin to rise up against
their exploiters and oppressors, …

From the Newsdesk
Voice of America (blog)
#3: Asking To Be Hacked: Among its other accomplishments, the group
Wikileaks has inspired numerous copycats. Among them is “OpenLeaks,” a
spinoff group founded by Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Herbert Snorrason, both
formerly with Wikileaks. …

Top 5 interview walkouts
Here are five other famous walk-outs: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
storms out of a CNN interview on October 25, 2010 after the reporter asked
about sexual abuse charges against him. The Duchess of York storms out of
an interview with an Australian …

Disgruntled Employee Wreaks IT Havoc at Japanese Drug Company
Insider threats are on the rise, whether they come from malicious
employees, data leaks such as WikiLeaks or operational mistakes, Chou said.
In fact, in a recent NetIQ survey of 200 security executives, 72 percent
claimed to have experienced insider …

Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack …
Think Progress
First, that an assortment of private military firms collectively called
“Team Themis” had been tapped by Bank of America to conduct a cyber war
against reporters sympathetically covering the Wikileaks revelations. And
second, that late in 2010, …

The Lockerbie bomber I know
The Guardian
His reception, on his return to Tripoli, was portrayed as a triumphant
official welcome, but, as a WikiLeaks cable revealed, the Libyan
authorities limited the crowd to 200, with thousands of supporters and the
international media kept away. …

US Ambassador: Predecessor Criticizes Bulgaria as Private Citizen
James Pardew was the first American Ambassador, who warned in secret cables
to the US State Department, released by the whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks,
that Bulgaria is highly ineffective in the fight against organized crime
and political and other …

Daily wins newspaper of the year
Sunshine Coast Daily
“Some of the big items on our agenda were the investigation of Peter
Slipper’s travel expenses, the mother of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange
battling for her son’s freedom and our detailed coverage of the Daniel
Morcombe inquest.”

Ghost Wars
Pattaya Mail
Julian Assange, Mr. Wikileaks, may publish confidential reports, but Steve
Coll weaves such reports into a very credible story. Modern day Pakistan
and Afghanistan would not be high in my list of places to visit, as after
years of conflict with Russia, …

ACLU: Police use of digital tracking ‘shrouded in secrecy’
California Watch
Both the ACLU and the foundation also are involved in a case concerning
three individuals whose Twitter accounts are being subpoenaed by the
Department of Justice in connection to a WikiLeaks investigation. “(They)
would not have had any idea that the …

Not so hidden dragon
Hindustan Times
Publicly, the Indian foreign office expresses no concern about China’s
enlarging footprint in Sri Lanka though according to WikiLeaks, in November
2007, Mohan Kumar, the joint secretary dealing with Sri Lanka, had told US
embassy official Ted Osius in …

The “Arab Spring” Is A Jedi Mind Trick
All of this information is captured in a June 29, 2010 State department
cable that was made public by WikiLeaks. Is there only reason to believe
that Iran severed its ties to radical groups in Egypt in mid-2010? Or is it
more likely Iran continued its …

Lulzsec leader: a 21st Century Billy The Kid?
ABC Technology and Games
This is another topic that will divide people as Wikileaks has already
illustrated. Will we see him again? Who knows? Who cares? Other hackers are
already getting less spotlight now that he (and Lulzsec) aren’t around to
reply to taunts. …

DC Water Cooler: Vacant Slots at State Reflect Policy Shortcomings
Americas Quarterly (blog)
In April, Ecuador asked Ambassador Heather Hodges to leave over comments
revealed in a WikiLeaks cable about corruption “at higher levels of
power.” With Nicaragua, Ambassador Robert Callahan recently announced his
departure. …

Pacific newspaper awards recognise Fairfax
Sydney Morning Herald
The judges praised The Age’s investigative team and their work on the
Wikileaks saga, the Reserve Bank of Australia bribes scandal and the soccer
World Cup bidding process. ”Terrific scoops, top journalism, engaging
presentation,” a judge said. …

Shadow Warriors
A recent WikiLeaks release demonstrates that there was close coordination
between right wing, separatist groups in eastern Bolivia—where much of
that country’s natural gas reserves are located—and the US Embassy. The
cables indicate that the US …

Valley chokes me (press release)
A few months back, when a former Chief Minister of a southern state, (whose
name allegedly figures in the list of politicians having ‘black’ money
accounts in Swiss Banks, according to Wikileaks) asserted on the
‘practicality’ of so-called unbreakable …

Quoted: on hacking, releasing BART police officers’ information
Good Morning Silicon Valley (blog)
Anonymous, the hacker collective famous for attacking other sites belonging
to government agencies and companies for various reasons — for example,
in support of whistleblower site WikiLeaks — inspired Monday afternoon’s
commute-snarling BART protest …

Turkey Could Help Restore The Balance Between The US And The Middle East
Business Insider
Some of the Wikileaks cables point to a clash of cultures between American
diplomats and AK leaders; like many populist movements newly arrived in the
halls of power, the AK brings some attitudes and expectations to the
diplomatic process that don’t …

Why the US is still stuck in Iraq
According to diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks last October, the US
authorities were putting the war-related death toll as of March 2009 at
109000. Of those fatalities, nearly 4000 were from coalition forces, about
15000 from the Iraqi national …

UK social media controls point to wider ‘info war’
Attempts by the United States and its allies to block the dissemination of
leaked state department cables via WikiLeaks might have largely failed, but
Julian Assange and his organization have been left largely starved of
funds. …

Hanging With Hackers At Germany’s Annual Gathering Of the ‘Geeks’
The many men and few women camping near the cracked tarmac are for some —
and were, even before Wikileaks’ revelations — modern-day Robin Hoods, the
last defenders of citizen rights, fighters against a capitalist world. …

The Courage to Dissent
Dissident Voice
Probably not — it is on the public record that the USA has killed 500000
Iraqi children, that 45000 US citizens die every year from lack of access
to health care, that WikiLeaks has exposed government secret plots… on
and on. …

Bulgaria’s PM – ‘Armani-Clad Tough Guy’ in WikiLeaks Cable …
By WLNews
comBulgaria’s PM – ‘Armani-Clad Tough Guy’ in WikiLeaks Cable –
ReportNovinite.comThis has been reported by, the Bulgarian partner
of WikiLeaks, which says that in the same cable Beyrle states that Borisov,
back then still…

WikiLeaks Reveal: U.S. and UN Supervised Integration of Coup …
The secret U.S. dispatches detailing the police force’s overhaul were part
of 1918 Haiti-related cables obtained by the media organization WikiLeaks
and provided to Haïti Liberté. The cables show that UN and U.S. officials
saw the …

Wikileaks, palace and 2006 election | Political Prisoners in Thailand
By thaipoliticalprisoners
Continuing PPT’s Wikileaks posts, this cable, dated 26 April 2006, refers
to the king’s speeches to judges following the April 2006 election, which
several opposition parties had boycotted in alliance with, and under
pressure from, …

Wikileaks: US Intelligence in the Investigation, KSA: Truth or …
By admin
“Wikileaks” documents published by “al-Akhbar” newspaper shows
clear cooperation between the International Tribunal and all of US, Britain
and France on one hand, and the begging of Prosecutor in the tribunal
Daniel Bellemare to get …

The Haitian Blogger: WikiLeaks Haiti: The Aristide Files
It’s part of a series of reports that draw from almost 2000 US diplomatic
cables on Haiti released by WikiLeaks. The series is a partnership between
The …

Twitter / WikiLeaks: The Assad 4: WikiLeaks IDs …
The Assad 4: WikiLeaks IDs 4 men suspected of secretly handling money for
the Syrian president

Kim Ives on His Report, “WikiLeaks Haiti: The Aristide Files … – A new exposé on Haiti reveals how the United States led
a vast international campaign to prevent former Haitian …

18 August 2011

With Wikileaks Dead, New 9/11 Deception Ploy In Motion
Normally, stories like this, stories providing cover, “game theory”
stories, come from Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Always the same, a
spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. Wikileaks? Peddling Israeli
plots against Iran and Pakistan using dirt …

WikiLeaks cable: Filipinos ‘troublesome’ in Sabah
by Jojo Malig, MANILA, Philippines – Migrant Filipinos are
synonymous with the word trouble in Malaysia’s Sabah state, according to a
confidential cable from the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur that was released by
WikiLeaks on Wednesday. …

Dutch Anti-Islam Politician Becomes Brand
… crucial support when the government needs a majority to pass
legislation. Wilders stands out among Dutch politicians because of his mane
of bleached-blond hair and was nicknamed “the golden pompadour” in US
diplomatic cables disclosed by WikiLeaks.

In the Global Cyberwar, China Is a Dragon, America is a Nuclear Stealth Bomber
Somewhere between the breathless reporting on China’s state-sponsored
hacking offensive, the perceived threat of hackers from former Soviet
republics, and the “hacktivist” activities of amorphous bodies like
Anonymous and Wikileaks, we seem to have …

Indian corruption: Hazare hunger strike allowed
The Periscope Post
The scandals included a Wikileaks cable showing alleged vote-bribing; the
anti-corruption chief himself charged with corruption; and the
Telecommunications Minister accused of mis-selling mobile phone frequency
licences. An anti-corruption bill (the …

Guardian Loses Fight for Web Readers Even After Taking Out Murdoch Tabloid
Chief Executive Officer Andrew Miller said in June that the newspaper,
which also led coverage of the WikiLeaks disclosure of classified US
diplomatic cables, may run out of cash in three to five years without a
reorganization. …

ASIO’s overseas powers dramatically expanded
ABC Online
Any group or individual – for example, WikiLeaks and its founder Julian
Assange – regarded as a danger to “security” or “economic well-being” could
be targeted. In a written Senate committee submission, the Law Council of
Australia warned that the new …

New U.S. ambasssador faces cooler relations in Egypt
Sacramento Bee
… was an important behind-the-scenes figure in the move from the military
dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf to a democratically elected government,
judging from the several confidential cables she sent to Washington that
WikiLeaks later published by. …

Anonymous claims release of BART police officers’ data
PayPal for instance was attacked for its perceived opposition to WikiLeaks,
while the Arizona law enforcement websites were targeted to protest the
state’s tough immigration laws. In BART’s case, the agency has been
targeted for temporarily shutting …

DOD adopts tactical approach to information assurance
Defense Systems
“After WikiLeaks, DOD has stepped up on their internal security
measures,” said Kyle Lai, president and CEO of KLC Consulting, a defense
industry security and IT consulting firm. Lai noted that lax information
assurance practices paved the way for …

The Breivik Portfolio: The American Connection
Right Side News
On November 28, a batch of WikiLeaks cables from the American embassy in
Oslo was released, including some non-detailed references to the SDU
program. The publicity around the WikiLeaks revelations helped keep the
scandal in the headlines well into …

Ecuador: to end corruption, police must take lie detector test
Newsday (subscription)
Nation Newsday News Nation Ecuador: to end corruption, police must take
lie detector test Published: August 17, 0113 1:19 PM By breaking1 Global
Post In April, Ecuador asked the US Ambassador to leave the country after a
cable exposed by WikiLeaks …

When Is Inciting a Riot on Facebook Right? And When Is It Wrong?
TIME (blog)
The WikiLeaks cables revealed that Obama Administration worked to set up a
global shadow system of phone towers and servers that could be made
available to protesters against repressive regimes around the world. One $2
million project funded by the …

Learn from Europe’s errors
The Wikileaks affair is another major example of exposing the vulnerability
of complex systems. So are the hackers who create havoc in the computer
systems of large organizations. A third key characteristic of Western
societies is the decline of …,7340,L-4110306,00.html

Hackers hit San Francisco subway police website
… agent provocateurs,” Anonymous said on a Twitter account @AnonyOps,
used by the loose-knit group. “Hacktivists” with Anonymous have previously
attacked the websites of Visa and PayPal, among others, after they stopped
accepting donations for Wikileaks.

USC in the News 8/17/2011
USC News
The Huffington Post ran an op-ed by Douglas Thomas of the USC Annenberg
School on the possibility that Wikileaks-style hacker attacks might spread
to smaller targets like individual people. “In the age of big data dumps,
the lines start to get blurry …

Mulcahy sculpture creates a ‘PR nightmare’ for Aspen
Aspen Times
On the other side of the plywood is a large face of Julian Assange, the
Wikileaks founder, apparently painted by Mulcahy. An old mountain bike is
rammed through the center of the plywood. The piece is listed for sale for
$25000. …

Young Talent Time Redux Due In 2012
Pedestrian TV
… new programming lineup, which also includes an adaptation of Kathy
Lette and Gabrielle Carey’s classic coming-of-age novel Puberty Blues, and
a show based on the life of Wikileaks’ editor Julian Assange called
Underground: The Julian Assange Story. …

Ten to resurrect Young Talent Time
Sky News Australia
Australian drama for 2012 includes Underground – The Julian Assange Story,
which will focus on the WikiLeaks founder’s activities as an 18-year-old
computer hacker. Ten will also produce a television adaption of Kathy Lette
and Gabrielle Carey’s 1970s …

Cindy Baxter: The spectre of Shell
Wikileaks reported in 2009 that Shell boasted it had employees in every
department of the Nigerian Government. The Ogoni had to take it
internationally. In 2009 Shell managed to shirk a class action in the US,
settling a suit with the Ogoni for NZD …

India anti-corruption protests are ‘new consciousness’
Channel 4 News
The infamous Wikileaks cables were responsible for uncovering one
corruption scandal. In March this year, the Hindu newspaper published a
cable that described a senior Congress aide telling a US embassy official
of a fund, worth several million dollars …

The war between governments and social media
To cut to the chase, there is only one response that governments can make
in terms of social media and exposés from Wikileaks and that is to accept
that the days of being able to carry on one-way conversations with voters
are over. …

The Pain in Spain
The Guatemala Times
And Wikileaks has revealed Spanish leaders as willing servants of the
United States, hindering, at Washington’s command, investigations into the
illegal rendition, torture, and even murder of Spanish citizens by the US
military-intelligence apparatus. …

NIAC Move’s to Block De-listing of Iranian Resistance (blog)
Everything in th documentary record, including a number of documents
released b wikileaks show that the regime has continuously opposed the
de-listing. The regime is deathly afraid of the de-listing of the MEK.
Secretary Clinton will soon have to …

Israel-China Revive Military Ties, But Not Defense Trade (subscription)
A US State Department cable published by WikiLeaks provided rare insight
into the process in place since 2006 with respect to Israeli technology
transfers to China. According to the July 2009 cable, authorized by Andrew
Shapiro, US assistant secretary …

WikiRebels: A Documentary On WikiLeaks [Multilingual] | WidowsHood
By Julie
Al Jazeera has claimed copyright on portions of this video, video may.

OFA Director Attacks “Firebagger Lefty Blogosphere,” says “Paul …
By Jane Hamsher
Paul Krugman is a Nobel prize winning New York Times columnist who
consistently sits at the top of every poll of “most influential liberals.

Cyber hacking: new wave of journalism? « The Spark — Official blog …
By neuens
Anonymous is a proud supporter of Wikileaks and its founder, Julian
Assange, and the two organizations have tested the boundaries of press
freedom and the First Amendment by posting classified documents. Anonymous
has hacked, disrupted, …

2 Lithuanian Newspapers Deny WikiLeaks Cable Claims of Corruption
The European Journalism Centre highlighted a WikiLeaks document that
purports to show “unethical and illegal practices” in two Lithuanian
newspapers …

Login. @Wikileaks. Julian. I hear you, but I’m really not listening. 4 days

Chicago Humanities Festival | Wikileaks and the First Amendment …
Geoffrey P. Stone steers a conversation with Judge Richard A. Posner,
journalist Judith Miller, and author Gabriel Schoenfeld about the balance
between …

17 August 2011

Hacktivism’s Global Reach, From Targeting Scientology to Backing Wikileaks and …
Democracy Now
When MasterCard and Visa suspended payments to WikiLeaks last December,
hackers with Anonymous briefly took down the websites of both credit card
giants. Other targets have included Sony, PayPal, Amazon, Bank of America,
the Church of Scientology, …

WikiLeaks: The US saw Shakespeare ghost in Dominican Republic elections
Dominican Today
The latest WikiLeaks released by the media group SIN in the program of the
journalist Alicia Ortega Monday night paints a somber picture of the events
leading up to the 2004 presidential elections, in which the US Embassy even
quotes from Shakespeare’s …

Dutch politician Wilders seeks brand status
Wilders stands out among Dutch politicians because of his mane of
bleached-blond hair and was nicknamed “the golden pompadour” in US
diplomatic cables disclosed by WikiLeaks. Het Financieele Dagblad reported
that the Freedom Party and Wilders have been …

Defence chiefs must be called to account
The Guardian (blog)
WikiLeaks cables: David Cameron is greeted by troops at Patrol Base 2
between Lashkar Gah and Gereshk in Afghanistan. Photograph: Leon
Neal/AFP/Getty Images “There are moments when I wake up and read the
newspapers and think: ‘I tell you what, …

Heather Brooke: ‘We could be on the cusp of a new global democracy’
Whether in Britain, Egypt, the US, anywhere, they can control power by
locking down information but they’ve not got to grips yet with how liquid
it is. That’s what happened with regard to WikiLeaks. They got them, then I
got them from WikiLeaks, …

Mass media new target for law event
The New Lawyer
On issues including the birth of new democracies in post-communist Europe
and Indonesia, upheavals sweeping the Middle East and riots in the UK, to
WikiLeaks and the News of the World scandal, mass media has implications
for all nations. …

Foreign Relations dodges Hong Kong visa scandal, shifts to Immigration
Dominican Today
The statement responds to the United States Embassy’s denunciation revealed
by WikiLeaks on of alleged irregularities on visas issued by Dominican
Republic’s Trade and Development Office in Hong Kong. It said it hasn’t
received the denunciation, …

Anonymous # OpBART protest closes Downtown San Francisco BART stations
Crosscurrents from KALW News
The protest was called by Anonymous, a loose-knit, transnational hacker
collective responsible which has aligned itself with pro-democracy
demonstrators in the Middle East and the controversial whistle-blowing
website WikiLeaks. …

The Oz: too much information suddenly okay again.
Crikey (blog)
The WikiLeaks exercise shows that volume alone does not make a free and
open society. But it demonstrated citizens can never have too much
information about the operations of governments.To suggest otherwise
abrogates the compact between the state and …

A watershed moment for Obama on climate change
Washington Post
WikiLeaks documents emerged recently showing US envoys conspiring with the
oil industry to win favorable media coverage for tar sands oil. If you were
a cynic, you’d say the fix was in. Still, the final call rests with Barack
Obama, who said the night …

Business continuity briefs:
Continuity Central (press release)
Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a former spokesperson for the whistleblower
organization Wikileaks, will deliver the keynote speech at the 2011 BCM
World Conference and Exhibition scheduled to take place at Olympia, London
on November 9th and 10th. …

Channel Ten to launch new breakfast show
Herald Sun
… unattached singles as Ten tries to sex up its weight loss format. One
of Ten’s major Aussie dramas will also be set in Melbourne. Underground –
The Julian Assange Story will be based on the Wikileaks founder when he was
an 18-year-old computer hacker.

Panama Adding a Wider Shortcut for Shipping
Panama’s vice president, Juan Carlos Varela, was reported to have privately
called the project a “disaster” in 2009, according to an American
diplomatic memo made public last year by WikiLeaks. Mr. Varela described
the main contractors, …

Biden Visit to Seek a Window on Xi
Wall Street Journal
Little is known about him beyond his official biography, although a US
diplomatic cable published last year by the WikiLeaks website suggests he
has a taste for Hollywood World War Two movies. The last time he expressed
an opinion about the US in …

BART vs. Anonymous Shows the Hackers Will be Hard to Control
International Business Times
There were the hacks against various Middle Eastern governments, the hacks
against Sony and the attacks against the financial institutions that wrong
Wikileaks. Seemingly wherever there has been a major newsworthy hack,
Anonymous has been there. …

Ron Paul Ad Compares GOP Field to Obama
ABC News (blog)
If people wants to know why terrorism exist, PBS Democracy Now had a story
recently on Haiti and Wikileaks. This shows why other countries want to
destroy us! I would recommend it to anybody that wants to know the truth!
He is the only one with any …

Amazon Boycott Over Internet Sales Tax Gains Momentum
Huffington Post
It’s not the first time they’ve faced such a measure, with other boycotts
being called for over its hosting of Wikileaks and then its subsequent
removal of the site, as well as the questionable content of certain books
on sale via its website. …

Palestine needs a political solution, not aid
A Wikileaks cable described how US officials were repeatedly told by the
Israelis that the intention is “to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of
collapse without quite pushing it over the edge”. Famously, in early 2006,
an advisor to Israel’s prime …

Data Insecurity Is a Systemic Threat
Bank Technology News
Vigilante groups or “hacktivists” have also targeted companies this year as
a continuation of attacks in 2010 that were done to protest the suspension
of services, such as donations and server hosting, to Wikileaks and
retribution to companies that …

How To Remove Yourself from People Search Websites
ZDNet (blog)
I have experienced this personally, and I’m sure the victims of things like
“Porn Wikileaks” have as well. People search sites get their data from
public records and corporations selling your information to them (including
third-party fine print …

Lipponen needs to bend toward centre
Helsingin Sanomat
“The call confirmed what we already knew: Lipponen has not renounced his
stance on NATO, or his largely pro-American views”, said a diplomatic
cable dated January 27th, 2006, which was made public by Wikileaks. If
Lipponen makes it to the second round …

“Keep it in the ground”
In mid-July, based on a US state department cable released by WikiLeaks,
Neela Banerjee of the Los Angeles Times reported that, in 2009, the state
department’s “energy envoy” was already instructing Alberta’s
fossil-fuel barons in how to improve their …

Propecia For Sale
Open Scandal
Propecia For Sale, While the world focuses on the Wikileaks scandal and
Sarah Palin’s “hit” TV show, some reliable sources are currently discussing
more long term questions of a more philosphical nature, religious freedom
in the military. …

By Super Admin
Malaysia Today. Independent News Portal in Malaysia. Read the latest news
in the country covering issue on politics, business, lifestyle, community,
and so much more.

WikiLeaks Guatemala launches August 17th 2011 « The Daily Attack
By Rj
WikiLeaks, an organization of journalists, activists and computer based in
London, had gained access to 250000 this time of State Department cables,
of which 2 000 were written by the building with more restrictive access to
all the …

Obama to issue new order improving security in response to WikiLeaks
By donal brown
The Obama administration will issue an executive order in a matter of weeks
to tighten security of classified information. New procedures will meet the
challenge of groups like WikiLeaks who got ahold of thousands of classified

WikiLeaks: U.S. and Brazil vie for power in Peru « Brazil Portal
By Brazil Institute
That, at least, is the unmistakable impression that one is left with by
reading U.S. cables recently disclosed by whistle-blowing outfit WikiLeaks,
and it’s a topic about which I have written widely in recent months. …

Riots Put UK Rights at Risk, says WikiLeaks’ Assange | Common Dreams
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange talks to members of the media during a
news conference in central London, July 14, 2011. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)
“Great …

burek for breakfast – Books: Staatsfeind Wikileaks
A rather entertaining romp through the brief history of Wikileaks, written
by ” Der Spiegel” journalists who worked with Assange on publicizing some
of the …

Wikileaks: The Future of the Media? « WIKILEAKS AUSTRALIAN …
We have invited academics, politicians and our fellow citizens to this
discussion on Wikileaks’ work and its future role in the media and our
minds.” …

Wikileaks – Assange & Philosopher Slavoj ?i?ek- Full video? – YouTube
original de Wikileaks – Asesinato de repo…by villamarcos20 views ·
Thumbnail 4:33 …

IED Attacks – Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs Analysis By HRW 12 …
Page 1. IED Attacks – Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs Analysis. By HRW. 12
August 2011. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7.

wikileaks-wiki – face and talk –
wikileaks-wiki – face and talk. You’re new here, aren’t you? …
Description: The inclusion of the day-page-sets face and talk in the
wikileaks-wiki. …

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