FBI Casting Set Stage for Boston Marathon Bombing, Shootout, Charade

20 April 2013 — Land Destroyer

Update: CBS reveals in their report, “CBS News: FBI Interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev 2 Years Ago,” that the FBI initially attempted to deny any contact prior to the Boston bombings with slain suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. It was only after Russia’s RT publicly pursued the story that the FBI finally admitted officially it had. 

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Our Gang of War Criminals By Dave Lindorff

2 March 2012 — Greanville Post

Threatening Iran

GoeringIf a bunch of street toughs decided to gang up and beat the crap out of some guy in the neighborhood because they feared he might be planning to buy a gun to protect his family, I think we’d all agree that the police would be right to bust that crew and charge them with conspiracy to commit the crime of assault and battery. If they went forward with their plan and actually did attack the guy, injuring or killing him in the process, we’d also all agree they should all be charged with assault and battery, attempted murder, or even first-degree murder if he died.

'SWIFT Boating' Iran: Economic War a Prelude to Military Attack By Tom Burghardt

20 February 2012 — Global Research – Antifascist Calling…

Despite, though likely because, Iran is ready to restart negotiations with the so-called P5+1 group (the five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) over its civilian nuclear program, belligerent rhetoric and sharply-worded political attacks from Israel and the United States have escalated.

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Imperial Military Adventurism: Tensions Rise as U.S. Imposes 'Nuclear Option' on Iran's Economy by Tom Burghardt

2 January 2012 — Antifascist Calling…Global Research

Blocking oil Shipments through the Strait of Hormuz…

Reacting to American threats to crater their economy, Iran’s first vice president Mohammad-Reza Rahimi said last week that the Islamic Republic would retaliate by blocking all oil shipments through the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

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Red Lines and Ticking Clocks: U.S. War Plans Against Iran The possibility of Russia's Military Involvement… By Tom Burghardt

26 December, 2011 — Global ResearchAntifascist Calling…

Before the first bomb falls disinformation specialists prepare the ground. Leading media outlets, foreign policy journals and a plethora of think tanks funded by elite foundations, energy and weapons’ conglomerates, “right,” “left” or “center” take your pick, churn out war propaganda disguised as “analysis.”

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IRAN-DRONEGATE: Empires Don't Apologize: Iran in the Imperial Crosshairs By Tom Burghardt

18 December 2011 — Global ResearchAntifascist Calling…

After first denying that the Iranian military had captured the CIA’s RQ-170 Sentinel spy drone, and then reluctantly acknowledging the fact only after PressTV aired footage of the killer bot, the Associated Press reported that “the Obama administration said Monday it has delivered a formal request to Iran” that they return it.

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Stop NATO news: December 1, 2011

1 December 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Pakistan: Nationwide Protests Against NATO Attack Continue
  • Vietnam-Style Exit: Russia Could Deliver Death Blow To NATO
  • 224 Iranian MPs Condemn NATO Attack On Pakistan
  • NATO Reports Fresh Clash With Pakistani Military
  • Pakistan: Tribal Elders, Civil Society Back Government Against NATO
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Wikileaks Newslinks 23 November 2011

23 November 2011 — williambowles.info

NYPD ‘Loses’ the Occupy Wall Street Wikileaks Truck
Life can be difficult when your vehicle has a huge Wikileaks logo and “Top Secret Mobile Collection Unit” emblazoned on the side. An artist’s Wikileaks-themed U-Haul truck is missing after being confiscated by the NYPD. The Wikileaks truck has been a …

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Wikileaks Newslinks 17-19 August 2011

19 August 2011 — williambowles.info

Why the WikiLeaks cable about Syrian regime is spot on
The Guardian
In the Wikileaks cable the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is described as ‘nasty’ and ‘abrasive’ by US diplomats. Photograph: SANA / HO/EPA Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s apparently disingenuous statement to the UN secretary general, …

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The Development of "Privacy Killing Technologies": A Link to the Murdoch Scandal? By Tom Burghardt

25 July 2011 — Global ResearchAntifascist Calling

Black Ops for Major U.S. Banks and Corporations

Following revelations earlier this year by The Tech Herald that security firms with close ties to the Pentagon ran black ops for major U.S. banks and corporations, it became clear that proprietary software developed for the military and U.S. intelligence was being used to target Americans.

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