Germany Sends Military Terror Forces Into Libya For NATO

22 August 2011 — MathabaDer Spiegel

The Grenz Schutz Gruppe (Border Guard Group) GSG-9 which is German so-called military elite special forces are now in Libya, German media has revealed.

Tripoli (mathaba) — In an all-out final attempt to try to install a capitalist bankers government in Libya, terrorist rebels have entered the capital city after being dropped by sea during massive bombing by NATO clearing the way for them to enter to a blood bath.

The German government has officially sent in its GSG-9 forces in violation of Africa’s sovereignty under the guise of protecting German diplomats, however these forces are without any permission and there is no danger to the German diplomats, who are free to leave Libya.

This comes in a report by renowned German media publication ‘Der Spiegel’.

Mathaba analysts are predicting a victory for Muammar Qaddafi, because the NATO objective is to kill the symbolic hero of the Libyan revolution, who brought about one of the highest standards of living in the world, with a socialist and democratic government that is a model alternative to capitalism.

Unlike the bankrupt states of NATO — the USA, Britain, France, and much of western Europe — which are attacking Libya in a desperate grab for Africa’s resources, Libya being the wealthiest nation, in Libya all medical, dental, housing, electricity are provided to citizens free of charge from the oil revenue.

In capitalist countries such as Australia, poverty is rampant, with mining and national resources going into the coffers of private conglomerates to the tune of trillions of dollars annually, instead of being shared among the population as is the case in the Libyan Jamahiriya system.

The tebels with strong NATO fire support and bombing and aided by other foreign agents which GSG-9 is now joining, have entered the capital city which is directly on the shore line and unprotected from the sea, after NATO wiped out the small Libyan navy at the beginning of its attacks in March.

Having promised a 2 to 3 day operation to ‘get rid’ of popular Libyan symbol and historic revolutionary Muammar Qaddafi, 6 months later the NATO forces, popularly known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, have still failed to make advances in Libya in spite of an all out media war of disinformation.

After Libyan defence forces moved out of Tripoli to come to the aid of besieged towns and cities in outlying areas of the largely desert country, NATO saw its change to push the rebels forward and drop them into Tripoli on the night of August 20th, resulting in over 1300 deaths and 5000 injuries during the first half day alone, overwhelming the otherwise well-equipped hospitals.

The German report in Der Spiegel says that the situation is unclear and that the German GSG-9 troops claim they were sent in order to protect German diplomats and that the German troops are now already in operation in Tripoli.

The German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle had already violated Libyan sovereignty by flying into Benghazi in May, a city under occupation by Al-Qaida allied terrorists, without a visa nor permission, in a direct snub to Africa’s borders and the African Union peace road map, where he conducted talks with the TNC terrorist council.

In 2005, Der Spiegel reports, there was a private Germany company of ‘former GSG-9’ members active in Libya, to assist for a short time Libyan security forces in the war against terror. The German intelligence office ‘BND’ had ‘been informed’ of the visit, thus giving it approval.

Now, the paper reports, the participation of German soldiers is in the war for Libya between the government and the rebel opposition. Eleven German soldiers work in the NATO fighting group although the German government officially denies any participation in fighting. German Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière defended the engagement as ‘normal course of work’ and rejected a parliamentary inquiry.

Germany was initially strongly opposed to the French-US-British NATO adventure in Libya until the CIA made an attempt on the German leader Merkel, with an NEMP device almost bringing down the aircraft she was thought to be travelling on, inside Germany, which recovered loss of height just before hitting the ground, although she was on a different flight. After this she flew to Washington and received orders and did an about-face on the Libyan involvement.

The German Green party however have not ruled out a case in the legal courts to challenge the issue.

‘Hour Zero Has Begun’

Since 6 months the rebels in Libya has been fighting with the help of NATO against the Libyan people (Der Spiegel says against Qaddafi). Now it appears that the crucial deciding juncture has been reached, the paper says, because the rebels have, by their own admission, entered the capital city for the first time.

In the night to Sunday, according to residents in many parts of the city there were hour long gun fights between rebels and the Libyan defence forces. Also after day break on Sunday there were shots to be heard, as reporters reported from the city center.

One rebel said by telephone with one of the journalists of Reuters, that snipers had taken up positions on the roofs of buildings around the Qaddafi complex. Many residents were injured. While he spoke, there were shots audible in the background.

‘The zero hour has begun. The rebels in Tripoli have stood up’, said the vice president of the TNC terrorists, Abdel Hafis Ghoga. Britain also sees in the conflict a turning point according to foreign secretary Alistair Burt on Sky News.

NATO did not want to confirm that the rebels have pushed into Tripoli. NATO speaker Roland Lavoie, said on Sunday in Brussels, that the situation is constantly changing. It is difficult to know the position with accuracy he said.

A German report by the dpa news agency, Germany’s government news agency, said that Qaddafi had already left the city and will go with his family possibly to Algeria. Mathaba has denied this report, and confirmed that Qaddafi took his Kalashnikov and has gone to the front line of the resistance to give motivation to the population defending their nation and Africa against external aggression.

The German news agency claimed ‘well informed sources’ for the false report which will lose credibility for Germany’s government news media.

Qaddafi gives defiant speech

Still in the morning, Qaddafi gave a speech on Libyan TV which was supplied with sound, urging Libyan patriots to stand firm. The attacks have been deflected and rebel fighter eliminated, he said.

According to Reuters news agency the fights appeared limited to a few isolated parts of the city, and have not at first spread around the entire capital.
Rebels however claimed that they are trying from the west and south to get further into the city. The sea, from which forces were dropped by small boats under NATO firepower, is to the north. Since 6 months the rebels have been protected and assisted by NATO, Der Spiegel pointed out.

NATO also continued to fly with increased bombings of Tripoli on the night to Sunday, and the rebels say that the coming hours are decisive.

Translation by Mathaba News Agency

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