Libya Newslinks 26 August 2011

26 August 2011 —

Rebels in Libya work to rub out loyalist pockets
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — Opposition and NATO forces took aim at the Gadhafi regime in Tripoli and Sirte on Friday as rebels worked to consolidate their power across strife-torn Libya. British warplanes pounded a “large headquarters …

New CNN Poll: Support for Libya jumps but no bounce for president
CNN (blog)
Washington (CNN) – Support for US military action in Libya has skyrocketed
nearly 20 points in the wake of this week’s events in Tripoli, but most
Americans don’t see the rebel advances in Libya as a victory for the United
States, according to a new …

Officials try to contact Megrahi
BBC News
The man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing may have fled from his home in
Libya as Colonel Gadaffi’s regime crumbles, it has emerged. Scottish
officials have tried to contact Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi following the rebel
advance into Tripoli. …

AU Officials Consider Libyan Opposition’s Role
Voice of America
August 26, 2011 AU Officials Consider Libyan Opposition’s Role VOA News
African Union (AU) representatives are meeting in Ethiopia Friday to
consider whether they should recognize Libya’s opposition coalition as the
country’s new government. …

Libya investment ‘missing $2.9bn’
BBC News
Some $2.9bn (£1.8bn) is missing from the accounts of the Libyan sovereign
wealth fund, the official tasked with tracking down Libya’s foreign
investments has told the BBC. Mahmoud Badi said investigations had found
“misappropriation, …

Oil May Fall as Libya Moves to Resume Output, Survey Shows
San Francisco Chronicle
26 (Bloomberg) — Oil may fall next week as Libyan rebels consolidate their
hold on the country after deposing leader Muammar Qaddafi and begin taking
steps to restore crude exports, a Bloomberg News survey showed. Seventeen
of 34 analysts, …

Unesco warning over Libya looting
BBC News
The UN’s cultural body has warned international art dealers and museums to
look out for artefacts that may have been looted from Libya during
fighting. Unesco director-general Irina Bokova said in a statement that
dealers should be “particularly wary …

Libyan rebel envoy heads to Italy
By COLLEEN BARRY The head of Libya’s rebel Cabinet arrives in Italy for
talks Thursday with Premier Silvio Berlusconi on his second stop on a
European diplomatic tour aimed at securing the release of billions of
dollars in frozen Libyan assets. …

US role made the difference in Libya
CNN International
US involvement in the Libyan conflict was hotly debated in Congress and
across the country. Americans were understandably weary of war and not
happy about a third conflict. We should acknowledge President Barack
Obama’s leadership and the contribution …

Leaked cable: John McCain pushed to arm Qadhafi
McCain assured Muatassim that the United States wanted to provide Libya
with the equipment it needs for its … security,” according to the
cable. McCain said that he understood the need for Libya to upgrade its
existing ranks of C-130 Hercules aircraft …

AU ready to recognise Libya’s rebels – News – Mail & Guardian Online
The African Union could recognise rebels who ousted Muammar Gaddafi as
Libya’s legitimate government as early as Friday.

Libya: Who Won? | FrontPage Magazine
By Stephen Brown
Four days after Libyan rebels swept into Tripoli, Gaddafi loyalists are
still putting up fierce resistance in several parts of the city. The rebels
assaulted a pro-Gaddafi neighborhood on Thursday, while an attack against
an apartment …

Obama Unlikely To Sink Money Into Rebuilding Libya, Experts Say
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON — At a time when the country couldn’t be more fixated on
cutting spending, a revolution taking place thousands of miles away is
presenting U.S. leaders with a new dilemma: How much of a role should the
U.S. play in …

Libya: The politics of the ‘endgame’
By Mark Bahnisch
As the Revolution in Libya appears set to succeed, a number of notions have
become instant common wisdom, the most prominent of which is that “we”
somehow have a responsibility to ensure that Libya does not become another

CNN’s Matthew Chance, FNC’s Steve Harrigan Talk Libya, Coming Home …
By Alex Weprin
CNN’s Matthew Chance, FNC’s Steve Harrigan Talk Libya, Coming Home.

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