Wikileaks Newslinks 27 August 2011

27 August 2011 —

WikiLeaks: Reset
The Voice of Russia
Julian Assange’s notorious website WikiLeaks has reacted to its falling popularity rating and made public another batch of US State Department cables. Part of these is classified documents, relating to Russia’s relations with this country’s neighbours …

WikiLeaks reveals China’s failure to measure dangerous pollution
The Guardian
This assessment, which comes to light as the government prepares to upgrade
its air quality monitoring system, was among the central findings of cables
from the US consulate in Guangzhou that were relased on Wednesday by
WikiLeaks. …

WikiLeaks cables expose Washington’s close ties to Gaddafi
World Socialist Web Site
By Bill Van Auken US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday and
Thursday expose the close collaboration between the US government, top
American politicians and Muammar Gaddafi, who Washington now insists must
be hunted down and murdered. …

WikiLeaks: Diplomats Unpaid Parking Tickets Threatened US Aid to Bulgaria
The information comes from an US diplomatic cable sent by Charge d’Affaires
of the US Embassy in Sofia Alex Karagiannis and released by WikiLeaks and
their Bulgarian partner, the site for investigative journalism
According to the cable, …

WikiLeaks: Gono friends with Mugabe’s enemies
Whistleblower website WikiLeaks has released communications from the US
embassy in Harare revealing potentially damaging details of various
meetings between the then ambassador Joseph Sullivan and Gono between 2004
and 2005. Sullivan claims during one …

New Wikileaks: Tsvangirai’s secret letter to Obama exposed
The Zimbabwe Guardian
A RECENT missive from whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks, makes the
shocking revelation that the MDC-T leader and prime minister in the
inclusive Government used a state trip to call for the maintenance of
sanctions against Zimbabwe. …

Philippine Headline News
… Broadband Network (NBN) deal awarded to Chinese supplier ZTE was
“typical of the deals that China reportedly uses worldwide to make
friends and buy influence,” a 2008 US Embassy cable released yesterday by
online whistleblower Wikileaks stated. …

WikiLeaks exposes US stance on Canada visa move for Czechs, Mexicans
Czech Position
A US diplomatic cable released on the whistle-blower site WikiLeaks shows
how the Canadian move two years ago to impose visa requirements on Czechs
and Mexicans simultaneously was aimed at deflecting criticism that Canada
was picking on any single …

WikiLeaks is at it Again
Columbia Journalism Review (blog)
By Alysia Santo WikiLeaks is back at it this week, releasing the largest
batch of secret state department cables to date. Some 20000 documents were
made available from the cable trove between Wednesday and Friday morning,
and a Friday tweet from …

Saudi Arabia Prevents Efforts to Fight Child Sex Trafficking, WIkileaks Says
Christian Post
… are frustrated by the Saudi Arabian government’s stalled efforts to
fight child trafficking networks that involve smuggling Yemeni children
across the border for work and “sex tourism” for underage prostitutes,
a Wikileaks cable said today. …

Would-be Cuban defectors from Guyana face tough times- Wikileaks
Demerara Waves
Several Guyana-based Cuban doctors, who wanted to defect to the United
States , had fled the airport and gone into hiding, fearing that Guyanese
and Cuban officials would have tracked them down and return them to Cuba ,
a cable released by Wikileaks …

WikiLeaks: US embassy’s take on Czech corruption
Czech Position
14, 2005, cable, leaked by the controversial whistle-blower site WikiLeaks
on Thursday — along with 658 dispatches from the US embassy in Prague
over the past ten years — drew on internal statistics, as well as
findings by anti-corruption watchdog …

Inside WikiLeaks
The Sun Daily
THIS book (Published by Jonathan Cape) gives us an inside look at WikiLeaks
from the viewpoint of Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a founder and spokesman of
WikiLeaks, as told to Tina Klopp. It covers the idealistic intentions of
starting this website and how …

Wikileaks: People are transferred from China and Syria to Azerbaijan
By at 26 August, 2011, 4:38 pm Wikileaks scandalous web-site has
made another disclosure about Azerbaijan. Here is a publication, which
tells about human trafficking in Azerbaijan. We present the cable
completely. SUMMARY: This cable is the …

Armenian national carrier has “too Russian” directors – WikiLeaks
Information-Analytic Agency
The company plans to move to European standards and is replacing its modern
aircraft with older Soviet models in an effort to reduce costs, reads the
cable released by WikiLeaks. Armenian posts the cable. “The
move is a breach of Armavia’s …

WikiLeaks cable: Turkish pedicab driver prays that San Diegans are lighter …
San Diego CityBEAT
By Dave Maass Among the jobs being filled by Turkish SWT [Summer Work &
Travel] applicants, pedicab driver, fish processor, waiter, housekeeper,
and amusement park worker top the list. A student traveling to San Diego to
drive a pedicab was asked at …

WikiLeaked: The WikiWeek: August 26, 2011
Foreign Policy (blog)
WikiLeaks drops a giant tranche of nearly 100000 new cables — we’re still
working through them — and is reportedly unhappy with the media’s mounting
disinterest in its work. (A bit of advice from your humble Wikiblogger: Not
releasing thousands of …

WikiLeaks: Erdogan hates Jewish state on religious grounds
Net – An Israeli ambassador described Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
Erdogan as a “fundamentalist” who hates the Jewish state on religious
grounds, according a US diplomatic cable recently released by whistleblower
website WikiLeaks. …

Wikileaks back on stage again
The Voice of Russia
I think that WikiLeaks wants to keep attention on itself because it has
been several months that we have not heard anything substantial from them
and now WikiLeaks has several strong competitors. US mainstream newspapers
started their own online …

Slovenia gave Croatia inferiority complex, WikiLeaks documents reveal
Croatian Times
Whisteblower website WikiLeaks has published another score of documents
that detail American embassy’s take on Croatian-Slovenian relations,
country’s new Prime Minister and a countryside wedding, amongst other
things. In documents sent to Washington …,_WikiLeaks_documents_reveal

New WikiLeaks Cables Show US Diplomats Promote Genetically Engineered Crops …
Dozens of United States diplomatic cables released in the latest WikiLeaks
dump on Wednesday reveal new details of the US effort to push foreign
governments to approve genetically engineered (GE) crops and promote the
worldwide interests of …

Wikileaks: most part of US-Azerbaijani diplomatic letters is about Iran
By at 26 August, 2011, 6:07 pm “Wikileaks” has published 45
messages of US Embassy in Baku which were sent on 2006-2010. “Regnum”
news agency informs about this. The most part of the messages are about
Iran and Tehran-Baku relations. …

Zahra warns Aoun over draft energy law
“We are proud of what we achieved [through] the Cedar Revolution, and we
are not ashamed of any word we said, before or after the WikiLeaks [leaked
cables].” “If they consider leaked WikiLeaks [cables] to be true and
honest, then they should all shut …

Live Blogging the Hurricane (Until the Power Goes Out): Day 1
The Nation. (blog)
Well, I have live-blogged election nights, WikiLeaks (for six months),
MurdochGate and numerous other serious topics, so why not one of the most
serious of all (for me, at this moment, if briefly), the approaching and
fearsome Hurricane Irene? …

US cables show Bainimarama beat opponents
The Canberra Times
Secret US embassy cables leaked to WikiLeaks, and provided exclusively to
Fairfax, allege beatings and intimidation of the military regime’s
suspected opponents took place with the full knowledge of senior Fijian
military commanders and included the …’s Week in Review | August 26, 2011 (blog)
WikiLeaks released tens of thousands more State Department diplomatic
cables this week, many of which are still classified. As per usual, the
documents revealed various pieces of information vital to the public
interest. One set of cables covered Sen. …

A lesson of 9/11: Washington can work
Washington Post
Bureaucracies resist change, and some agencies resent their loss of control
— in part due to the unauthorized release of classified information
through WikiLeaks. But WikiLeaks is not an argument for less information
sharing, which would compromise …

The text of a cable from the US Embassy to Washington on January 8, 2010 …
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of fashion shoes, like the nike,jordan,prada,****, also including the
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Greece – A special case
A cable from the US Consulate in Frankfurt to Washington, from December 23,
2009, and which was made public by WikiLeaks, is no exception. It reveals
that from that early date, American officials and senior European bankers
saw Greece as isolated and …

The ANC and the failing of democratic governance
a confidential report by the US consulate in Durban dated 8 January 2010 –
released publicly by Wikileaks on 24 August this year – stated: “The AbM
movement is a test of democratic governance for the ANC…” In its
introduction, this report sent to the …

Is Investigative Journalism Dead of Alive
Huffington Post (blog)
His paper is going through a purple patch with the Tomlinson/G20 verdict,
those Wikileaks cables and the Afghan Papers and most recently the triumph
of phone hacking/’Hackgate’. Their dogged detective work and refusing to
take no for an answer by just …

WikiLeaks Uses Twitter To Crowdsource New Batch Of Diplomatic …
By Lauren Dugan
WikiLeaks Uses Twitter To Crowdsource New Batch Of Diplomatic Cables.

wikileaks suriname – suriname press coverage or roger khan arrest …
By el che
we’ve received some of the wikileaks Guyana embassy cables. wikileaks
suriname. wikileaks suriname – suriname press coverage or roger khan
arrest week of july 3. Posted by el che ? August 26, 2011 ? Leave a
Comment. Filed Under …

U.S. Government Preparing New Attacks Against WikiLeaks | Mostly …
By blackandred
A recently unsealed court document, signed by a US magistrate judge on
January 4, 2011, lifts the lid on the government’s attempt to mount an
espionage or “terrorism” case against Assange and WikiLeaks. The
so-called production order, the …

Wikileaks to Release More Than 100000 US Diplomatic Cables …
By (Erica Thinesen)
Controversial whistleblowing website Wikileaks has announced it will
release thousands of previously unpublished secret…

WikiLeaks releases fresh cache of cables
By WBRi IBNS Newswire
Washington, Aug 26 (IBNS): Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has said it was
releasing more than a hundred thousand previously unpublished classified
U.S. diplomatic cables. “We will have released over 100000 US embassy
cables from …

WikiLeaks Cables: How Various Countries Manage Their Terror …
By Kevin Gosztola
The batch of US State Embassy cables recently published by the media
organization WikiLeaks contain a few assessments of how other countries’
governments manage their terrorism watch lists. The assessments reveal much
about how …

Israel Matzav: Wikileaks: Lieberman wanted Egypt to give land to …
By Carl in Jerusalem
According to Wikileaks, in a 2006 meeting with US Ambassador to Israel
Richard Jones, current Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman suggested that
Egypt give some vacant land to Gaza in order to solve the ‘overcrowding
problem’ in the Gaza …

Ping! Zine » Web Host Complied with Court Order, WikiLeaks Says
By Ping! Zine Editor
Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – A new revelation is giving a glimpse into
U.S. investigators’ efforts to investigate document leaking group
WikiLeaks. Recently, the organization revealed that prosecutors had
received a court order to obtain …

Gono dines with Mugabe ‘enemies’: WikiLeaks
By Our reporter
The cable released today by whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks’ reveals
that the RBZ Governor secretly lunched back in 2006 with a US Staff
Delegation. During the meeting Gono claimed that “extremists” in
Zanu-PF were hampering his …

Some of WikiLeaks’ Bank of America data destroyed | Black People …
By JamJam
Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:53pm EDT. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some internal Bank of
America files obtained by WikiLeaks have been destroyed, according to a
former close collaborator of Julian Assange, the whistleblowing website’s
founder. …

WikiLeaks Releasing “Tens of Thousands of Unpublished U.S. …
By Trish
WikiLeaks is at it again. On Thursday, the organization said that it would
be releasing tens of thousands of unpublished diplomatic cables from the
United States, many of which are still classified. WikiLeaks tweeted today,
saying, “We will have …

Major Wikileaks Cache Destroyed | WikiLeaks News
By WLNews
Major Wikileaks Cache Destroyed was uploaded by: TheAlyonaShowDuration:

WikiLeaks cables reveal fears over China’s nuclear safety …
By admin
Cables released this week by WikiLeaks highlight the secrecy of the bidding
process for power plant contracts, the influence of government lobbying,
and potential weaknesses in the management and regulatory oversight of
China’s …

Kuwait’s Bloggers Mentioned on WikiLeaks | Kuwaitiful
By Kuwaitiful
The article isn’t supposed to be disturbed publicly but wikileaks is all
about leaking data. In this article “Nibaq” and “Talal” get
mentioned. Nibaq was mentioned for having the first blogger aggregator and
I’m not sure who Talal is. They mention …

NEW WIKILEAKS: Vietnam Struggles With Religious Freedom …
WorldWide Religious News is a non-profit service that has been providing
the international academic and legal community (as well as various
government agencies) with up to date religious news. WWRN news articles and
information are …

Almost Ten Thousand More Cables Published By WikiLeaks …
By Saad Riaz Qazi
WikiLeaks are back in news. Yesterday, an announcement came from the
organization which stated that they still have ten thousand of previously
unpublished US diplomatic cables, some which are still classified and
secret. Wikileaks are …

2011/08/24 – Cable Viewer
Keep Us Strong · WikiLeaks logo. Currently released so far… 97115 /
251287. Articles. Brazil Sri Lanka United Kingdom Sweden 00. Editorial
United States Latin …

Facebook Aims Lens At Instagram, WikiLeaks Leaks More Cables …
Facebook To Launch Photo Filters. Roughly 100 billion photos have been
uploaded to Facebook, the world’s largest social network. But that
dominance hasn’t …

WikiLeaks: Bush Diplomat Asked For ‘Talking Points’ To Defend …
WikiLeaks: Bush Diplomat Asked For ‘Talking Points’ To Defend Monsanto
Corruption | The 2008 French documentary “Le Monde Selon Monsanto”
(“The World …

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