MSM’s Keep Relentlessly Pounding on Gaddafi’s Libya

28 August 2011 — Waterput

NATO’s conquest of Libya has taught me the enormous strength of those who control the main stream media. Once you have established a certain ‘paradigm’ or perspective on a particular situation, it is easy to let people stick to that by fueling them with exactly those kinds of words that will prolong the existence of that belief system (1).

Cunningham has recently talked about this manipulation by words (2) and it is almost impossible to inoculate yourself against these reality-twisters. Someone who commented on my youtubechannel (3) pointed out another aspect that I hadn’t thought about: the problem of people not speaking any English.

In regards to Libya there are a few ways to get to information that goes against the NATO-reality, but they are often spoken in English. There are of course many people in the world that don’t understand the English language, which makes it almost impossible to reach these people with other information: they are an extremely easy prey for media manipulation.

Another element is that it can get rather tiring to have to keep on fighting – at least in your head – against the subtle ways in wich information is presented. It can sometimes even become an attractive option to just bow your head and follow what the newspapers write and stop thinking independently.

When I walked around my local super market last week I looked around and suddenly realised that many people are far too occupied with their own local worlds that they don’t even care what is going in the world beyond their own.

If you read an Associated Press report today (4) you can read about the cruelties committed by the Gaddafi soldiers:

”Evidence indicates that loyalists of Moammar Gadhafi killed at least 17 detainees and arbitrarily executed dozens of civilians as rebels moved into Tripoli, a New York-based human rights groups said Sunday.”

Somehow there is no mention of the fact that Tripoli was a peaceful city before NATO decided to conquer the city, starting the killing spree in this city, after having been responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of dead civilians with their malicious bombing campaign. As if the people from Tripoli don’t have the right to defend themselves against invaders. The paradigm that says ”NATO and Rebels are the good guys and Gaddafi and his followers are the bad guys” seeps through nearly all the reports you read.

Let’s take the situation on Sirte. One could easily describe it as yet another attempt by NATO and their Rebels to conquer a city that doesn’t want to be ”liberated” by the those who betrayed their country by allowing foreign troops to kill their fellow Libyans. But the NATO-propaganda describes it as follows:

”Instead, rebel fighters are preparing for an assault on Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte, should negotiations with tribal elders for a peaceful surrender fail.”

The rebels have always declined any proposal for peace talks with the ruling Libyan government. Now they are presented as those friendly guys offering a peacetreaty to the people of Sirte.

As if the people of Sirte are now the stupid Gaddafi-loyalists who are against peace, subtly implying that the Rebels with their NATO airforce are the ones who deserve to control the country, forgetting that they are in fact the aggressors.

NATO now doesn’t feel like protecting the civilians of Sirte, instead NATO supports the Rebels by bombing various locations in that city that was once destined to house the African World Bank, where African countries could lend money with 0% interest. The Rebels are also attacking that idea with their aggression.

Whatever article you read it is filled with these kind of sentences, which look pretty normal, but influence the reader into the ruling pro-NATO paradigm on Libya.

Recommended Reading: Libya and Lies by Cynthia McKinney (5) and other articles by the Global Civilians for Peace in Libya (6)

(2) (Killing the Truth)

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