What is going on in Libya? By William Bowles

29 August 2011

29 August 2011

Some Tweets on ‘African Mercenaries’

J0nblaz @al_Jamahiriya @journalist92 This what we mean by Black Libyans being pursued & executed by NATO rabble terrorists! goo.gl/tkaDP

MikePrysner Rebels are correct; many Black Africans being lynched in #Libya were “hired by #Gaddafi.” They’re called immigrant workers, not mercenaries, about 3 hours ago

MikePrysner “Come and see. These are blacks, Africans, hired by Gaddafi” Rebel fighter shows off dead bodies found rotting in #Tripoli. about 6 hours ago

The real african mercenaries are from Eypt and Tunisia and work for NATP and the insurgents. This is what has become of the fraudulent arab spring.

MikePrysner Amnesty Int’l aids imperialist propaganda by labeling victims of racist lynchings “Gaddafi loyalists.” Do they call rebels “NATO loyalists”?
1 day ago

MikePrysner Even as racist attacks being carried out by NATO invaders, Amnesty Int’l can’t resist calling Libyan civilians “Gaddafi loyalists.” #yousuck

28 August 2011

Dead men don’t talk

The horrors began to emerge, despite careful media manipulation, right after Qaddafi’s compound of Bab al-Aziziya was stormed by rebel fighters. Aside from the expected looting and souvenir hauling by rebel fighters, dead bodies were seen strewn across the vast grassy expanses of the compound. At first, rebel fighters alleged they were killed by government loyalists, however, this statement was negated by a resident of the area. He was told to remain silent by one of the rebels.

Many of the dead are black Africans. It appears that they did not die in combat, as they are being shown with hands tied behind their backs, or with handcuffs. Rebel fighters are proudly displaying them to TV journalists, designating them as mercenaries from Chad, Ghana, Mali or Niger “imported” by Qaddafi equipped with guns, designed to kill government opposition rebels. — ‘Bloodbath in Libya embarrassing for National Transitional Council‘, The Examiner.com, 28 August 2011

Now this is presumably the same story the Independent ‘covered’ yesterday (see below). This entire obscenity is based on nothing but a slew of lies about Gaddafi’s ‘genocide’ designed to rationalize the spurious R2P doctrine that has replaced out and out recolonization.

27 August 2011

The Independent peddles the race card

Today’s Independent has a front page story that once again plays up the ‘African Mercenaries’ disinformation campaign being waged by the ‘rebels’.

“Around 30 men lay decomposing in the heat. Many of them had their hands tied behind their back, either with plastic handcuffs or ropes. One had a scarf stuffed into his mouth. Almost all the victims where black men. Their bodies had been dumped near the scene of the fierce battles between rebel and regime forces in Tripoli. Some looked like they’d been removed from hospital.

Quoting a ‘rebel’ Ahmed Bin Sabri:

“Come and see. These are blacks, Africans, hired by Gaddafi, mercenaries.” — ‘Vengeance in Tripoli: rebels settle scores’, the Independent, 27 August 2011

The quote above is taken from the front page but on reading the continuation on p.4 we find out that all is not as it seems with even Amnesty International warning of atrocities being committed wherever the ‘rebels’ go. So why did the Independent decide that it should use the quote on the front page when its clear from the rest of the article that there is absolutely no evidence to support the allegation that Gaddafi hired ‘African Mercenaries’! It even mentions the initial allegations, allegations that I demolished months ago, when I showed that all the stories had but one source and a source that was never verified and basically dropped by the MSM, until now.[1]

Later in the piece it still insists on letting the ‘rebels’ have the last word on the subject of the ‘African Mercenaries’

“”They were shooting at us and that is the reason they were killed,” said Mushab Abdullah, a 35-year-old rebel fighter from Misrata, pointing at the bodies. “It has been really tough at Abu Salim, because these mercenaries know that, without Gaddafi to protect them, they are in big trouble. That is why they were fighting so hard.


“We have found mercenaries from Chad, Niger, Mali, and Ghana, all with guns. And they took action against us.””

But as the writer points out, “…if the men had been killed in action, why did they have their hands tied behind behind their back?” The answer? “Something went wrong”.

The author of this atrocious piece of USNATO propaganda is Kim Sengupta, and even though I know the decision to put the ‘African Mercenaries’ disinfo on the front page wasn’t his to make, nevertheless it’s clear that the Indie’s headline should have read: ‘Are TNC rebels slaughtering Black Libyans and alleged Gaddafi supporters?’

Why is the Independent peddling this racist claptrap about ‘African Mercenaries’? There is absolutely no proof for it except the words of a gang of thugs armed by USNATO who are now slaughtering their way across Libya, even stopping off to loot the National Museum on the way! This what we’ve bombed Libya to pieces for? These are the ‘democrats’ that we’ve spent billions supporting, while at home our dispossessed tear up the place?

26 August 2011

Aside from what’s happening in Tripoli, all eyes are focused on Sirte, with the rebels converging, we are told, on Gaddafi’s last redoubt. And no doubt, coverage will consist of either hand-held stuff shot on phones or carefully manicured appearances by the hacks of the Empire. Craig Murray has a piece on it that pretty well sums up the outcome, unfortunately. It’s the bit we won’t see on the BBC any more than we saw it with NATO’s blitz on Tripoli using helicopter gunships and missiles.


1. There is only one, unverified source for this allegation. See ‘Dogs of War’ Fighting for Gaddafi‘, all.africa.com, 25 February, 2011. But buried in the piece it mentions private security contractors hired by Western corporations working in Libya as being the likely source of the ‘Kenyan mercenaries’ story. The allegation, by Air Force Major Rajib Feytouni became the source of a Guardian and subsequent stories. Google Rajib Feytouni and you’ll get the same single source rehashed this way and that.This has to be the most carefully stage-managed operation, media-wise since the days of Reagan and his assault on defenceless Grenada and the blitz on Panama City that killed thousands (around the number reportedly the night the vultures descended on Tripoli). Will we ever know the true cost of R2P?

26 August 2011

Every day Libya is looking more and more like the invasion of Iraq. This from the BBC:

Unesco warning over Libya looting
BBC News Today at 12:39
The UN’s cultural body warns international art dealers and museums to look out for artefacts that may have been looted from Libya during fighting.

The BBC is still pumping out  propaganda about “Black Mercenaries” in their latest report quoting ‘rebels’. Nothing about Qatari forces fighting alongside the ‘rebels’.

BTW, there nearly 700 Libya stories as well as dozens of newslinks on InI.

Regular readers will know that I compile aggregations of links to stories on Libya but a strange thing has happened: There is a real shortage of stories from the independent media on events in Libya. My RSS feeds show mostly BBC or Mathaba as the sources and as much as I appreciate Mathaba as a source, the site is pro-Gaddafi all the way (see below).

This from Mathaba News: ‘Latest Roundup From Libya – August 25 to 26’ that claims that most of Libya is still under control of Gaddafi and that:

“Things are not going well for NATO with mercenaries and terrorist rebels trapped in the center of Tripoli, surrounded by loyalist forces.”

But the link ‘trapped…’ takes you to a story posted yesterday the 25 August, so it’s already way out of date. Things move fast on the ground, especially with what appears to be a ‘rebel’ force that’s completely out of control, looting and burning their way around Tripoli. Though with communications now apparently under the control of USNATO, it’s impossible to verify.

But as I predicted (see below), USNATO is now faced with the problem of how to separate ‘rebels’ from Gaddafi supporters, severely limiting the use of air power. This is a war that has to be fought on the ground hence the crucial importance of the Western media in ‘massaging’ the news.

What is clear, no matter how it’s done, whether with proxy forces or the direct involvement of USNATO, and there are already ‘boots on the ground’ in the shape of Special Forces, Occupation is the next, inevitable step.

More info sources

This link has tweets on the fate of Black Libyans: https://mobile.twitter.com/1d4tw

alJamahiriya The 5000 #Algerian troops now near #Nalut to join 25,000 Warfallah Tribe fighters on their way to clean #Tripoli of #NATO’s rebels.

Here’s another useful info source out of Libya: http://mobile.twitter.com/AlgerienAmazigh

Tweets from Tripoli: http://mobile.twitter.com/thetruthlibya

I’ve been so busy updating the site with as much info as I can on the situation in Libya but there’s so much ‘interference’ being run in the MSM that it’s impossible to know what’s really going on, especially the role of NATO and Special Forces on the ground.

Okay, unlike some, I’m waiting for the dust to settle before trying put something down on ‘paper’. So far, the jury is still out on the situation what with predictions by the BBC of ‘anarchy’ in the streets of Tripoli (and now a ‘chemical’ and ‘nuclear’ weapons scare), but surely the disparate gang of USNATO puppets who claim to be in control now, are the last people I would be putting my money on. Rather, what to watch is how the Empire deals with any post-Gaddafi regime. Perhaps a clue is the fact that one of the first steps of the new ‘government’ has been to farm out Libya’s oil resources (probably to the lowest bidder) with Italy, through ENI and France, through Total, getting in first.

23 August 2011

It seems that the battle for control of Libya is far from over. A report on RT shows a very different picture of events on the ground with Gaddafi’s forces fighting back. See also posts below.

Well, one thing is sure: without NATO airstrikes on Tripoli that have caused thousands of casualties, the ‘rebels’ could never accomplished their takeover. But now, it seems getting any accurate information on the situation is all but impossible for now.

See also: Fierce fighting continues in Tripoli

The sudden and sweeping rebel advances from both east and west over the past week were reportedly facilitated by increased surveillance by US drone aircraft and intensified NATO air support against the regime’s defensive positions, according to a variety of reports here that also credited the enhanced involvement of special forces units from Britain, France, and Qatar, as well as the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – on the ground and in identifying targets and coordinating attacks. — ‘No ‘mission accomplished’ claimed yet‘, Asia Times 23 August 2011

22 August 2011

The BBC is reporting the ‘fall of Tripoli/Gaddafi’ except for ‘mopping up’ “pockets” of resistance. On the other hand, here is a report, including audio that says the opposite:

Right now I can see dead Qatari soldiers in front of my eyes, big beards, and on my hands right now I’m holding a Qatari passport… there are a lot of them but Tripoli is under control, it’s all secure, everything is fine. Libyan army, the volunteers are everywhere, families, I can see now women having the green flag and fighting against these Qatari people who are trying to come inside Tripoli and make it unsettled. But Tripoli is safe, the situation is under control. Here’s a link to an audio file dated today, 22/8/11.
Source: http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=628191

And as all the information on the ‘rebel successes’ are sourced from the ‘rebels’, they obviously cannot be considered to be at all reliable. Also missing from the MSM coverage is the role NATO is playing in the attack on Tripoli which by some accounts is being coordinated by the US, along with reports of German Special Forces being ‘on the ground’ in Libya.

The fighting raged again on Sunday night, reaching a rare degree of violence. NATO drones and planes have been bombarding in every direction. Helicopters are strafing people in the streets to clear the way for the jihadists. — ‘NATO carnage in Tripoli‘ By Thierry Meyssan

It’s absolutely outrageous! The BBC here has not been reporting any of this carnage. No wonder the streets are deserted. It’s pretty obvious that a coordinated air assault by NATO forces ‘softened up’ resistance on the ground. But what happens once the ‘Jihadists’ gain some kind of ‘control’ on the ground and air strikes are no longer a viable tactic?

The only way to secure Tripoli in the longer term would be for NATO forces to step in, perhaps at the invitation of the ‘rebels’? The Empire has opened up yet another rats nest whose eventual outcome is a complete unknown. If the ‘rebels’ live up to their reputation as thugs and murderers of their own, who knows what kind of a bloodbath could follow if Tripoli falls to the NATO puppets?

4 thoughts on “What is going on in Libya? By William Bowles

  1. Jerry+Spring says:


    The fragile unity of the ‘popular’ risings of the Arab spring have generally centred on the demand for the removal of a particular, personality leader and the establishment of some form of parliamentary democracy replete with government and opposition.

    In certain conditions, such demands may well suit the imperialist agenda to dominate the states on the east as well as on the south of the Mediterranean – the former, to secure it’s interests in its old stamping ground of the wider Middle East and, the latter, to establish a launch strip for a neoliberal style, recolonisation of Africa.

    We can be sure that every ‘popular’ rising, if not instigated by undercover imperialist elements, has been very quickly penetrated by them using one of many preplanned, response scenarios prepared by the various intelligence units of the imperialist states, including my own UK.

    This means that, without socialist revolutionary leadership, these ‘popular’ risings will, sooner or later, suffer deep penetration by the agents of imperialism.

    As a consequence, the main mercenaries on the ground in Libya at this time are those being supplied with arms and military intelligence and direction, on credit, by the US-NATO-EU Imperialist Coalition.

    In the main, the technologically well armed and well paid, state mercenaries of the NATO war machine have been blasting the Libyans directly from bases outside Libya or, locally, from the air, clearing the way for the advance of the ‘popular’ mercenaries, whose expected contribution was to obligingly pose in their do-it-yourself transport and wave their guns in the air for the video and photo media opportunities.

    Naturally, the Imperialist Coalition will be expecting the credit advanced for the high cost services of their professional mercenaries to be fully repaid, with maximum interest.

    But, at the end of the day, it will be the working class and people of Libya who will actually foot the bill.


  2. Jerry+Spring says:

    ‘All for the oil – the jolly, jolly oil. All for the loot and the lolly . . . ’


    Conservative Government and Labour Opposition in the UK unite to celebrate the success of their latest war crime, with no body bags coming home !



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