1 October 2011

Genet Tadesse – DR. MOUSSA IBRAHIM, OCTOBER 1, 2011

Broadcaster: “With us on the on the line is Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, the official spokesman for the Libyan Government. Doctor, I want to begin by saying Thank God for your safety. The media channels of lies and deceit have said that you attempted to flee wearing women’s clothing, wearing a neqab (female headdress covering face). Do you think it is an attempt to slander and muddy the image of the resistance and jihadi fighters like yourself?”

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: “Greetings my dear brother, and greetings to all the viewers of this courageous channel. My dear brother, we have given our lives and our souls for the sake of this country and we partake in an honourable and duteous cause for a true Civilization project and I am not surprised that these rumours and lies have been wrongfully claimed by the heads of the Council of Shame and traitorship in Libya and the reporting and follow up of such statements by the media outlets , who in an organized way co-operate with NATO and the NATO rebels.

The Glorious Youth of Libya that undertake this holy war against the greatest powers of the world, they try to taint their image but they are much greater and purer than this. We will not leave the battleground. We will fight until we die or until we are triumphant, as pleases God.

These rumours are lies. I was close to the frontline in Sirte and with me a battalion of great loyal men of around 23 fighters. 8 of them fell from the Sirte the unified, 2 Harwara, 2 Tarhouna, 3 Werfella and 1 from Wershifana and 1 from Seesan and 6 from the brave Zliten.

We were exposed to a surprise attack by a gang of NATO militias and were forced into an isolated area and the group of young men who were with me stayed behind to fight the NATO militia who were well equipped and well armed by their evil NATO alliance, while we were only using light weaponry etc. The fighting went on for more than a day and a half. They announced my capture and arrest but that was not true. In fact they never got near me. The young men kept fighting within the valleys of the deserts. Some of these men died as martyrs in this brave and pure battle; 2, 1 from Werfella and 1 Seean and the rest resisted this surprise attack and we escaped safely. May God have mercy on the martyrs who God will welcome and not NATO.

The above led us to approach another frontline of the war, where we can set your minds at ease about the fighters and their readiness and their high spirits and their determination. But the lying media channels try to release as many rumours and lies as possible to bring down the morale of resistance movement.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I personally witnessed with my own eyes, how they killed, Zwaitneeya, Wershifna , See3an, Werfella, Tarhouna, Hrawa, and the tribes of Sirte who were hand in hand, side by side , and how the planes flew above us and how they bombed relentlessly and how the militia on the ground tried to attack. I swear my dear brother, the eyes of these people had a spark of anger and war and their footing stood steady, and all of them were speaking of dying martyrs and the brave, and they spoke of their families with love and compassion. It was an amazing sight. These were not trained individuals. They were not trained by Al Qaeda, NATO, France, Qatar. These were normal young people. They were everyday people like the people viewing Al-Rai Channel right now, who will turn the channel and watch a tv show, movie or music video. Normal youth astonishingly transformed into lions and heroes because they felt that they had a higher purpose in this phase that they must be heroes and fighters. I asked some of them who they were? What families they came from? What they did in life, work wise? Some were students, teachers, businessmen, mechanics etc. All of these people had no goals or aspirations but to fight these terrorists and to bring down and topple this colonial conquest of their country.

I swear my dear brother, even though a lot of these people are not politically educated they ARE morally educated and they understand all that is going on. They cannot be fooled by this mask and buzzwords of “democracy” and “freedom” and “change” which is a deceitful lie to cover up the colonial intentions for Libya. They understand their feelings, transparency and honesty. All of this, they know overall that it is their duty to fight. I would like to send again my respects to the 2 martyrs whom I mentioned earlier and salute to my brothers who are currently still fighting on numerous battlefronts.

Broadcaster: We never doubted for one second that Moussa Ibrahim “the fighter” would flee a battle in his hour of need. In any case doctor, the media are saying and spreading rumours that civilians are fleeing Sirte. Do you think it is an attempt to give an impression that the city has been evacuated so that they can say that everyone has fled in order to collectively massacre and cleanse the entire City and its population?

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: Of course my brother, they have already started this. The Arab viewers from everywhere, Saudi, Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and all Arab countries, need to know that the inhabitants in Sirte are being truly massacred and wiped out in the last month while in their homes , the amount that have been killed while… and I’ll say it again IN THEIR HOMES have reached their thousands , thousand killed. This is NOT AN EXAGERATION, thousands of people ! This is evident to the extent that the scent of death and killing and destruction has gotten so overwhelming that the international organizations have got to experience it even while in the enemy’s countries far away. The scent has got, as they say in English, TOO MUCH TO IGNORE.

They have started the media game again by saying that the inhabitants of Sirte are leaving to cover up the fact that they are killing civilians and we don’t bomb civilians. This is a clear strategy and plot partaken by Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and others that are by now the most skilled and experienced in lies and deceit. I can say that I count myself as an expert on a Global level on these channels and very knowledgeable and experienced in their capabilities, from dealing with them extensively and observing them very closely the last 9 months. I know their composition and how they operate from the inside and in actual fact it is just a part of this international imperial operation, a part of which is fake, cosmetic and organized.

The city still has 180,000 of its inhabitants, a few hundred have fled because their homes and lives have been destroyed. 180,000 still remain within the city, added to the fact that full tribes have come to Sirte because the gangs entered and invaded their villages so they had to escape to Sirte and they are being bombarded right now from overhead, buildings falling etc. The tanks and regiments and grad missiles, hit without considering military targets hitting civilians.

My dear brother I personally telephoned, with international organizations and some international television channels and I called the Human rights organizations and the united nations officials and well known authorities. And I asked them all to come to Sirte, considering they visited other cities in Libya in the past while conducting this conspiracy against us , why don’t they come now to record and gather facts on the destruction and crimes in Sirte !?

They say OK we will come, we will organize and come. It has been one month since I have requested this and not a single channel entered Sirte, not a single organization enteres Sirte , not a single red cross initiative enters Sirte. Not a sIngle Islamic entity or UN authority has commented on the destruction of the city Sirte !

The Conspiracy is clear to anyone who has a heart or can hear what is happening. For the people who have no hearts and do not want to know or learn or analyse or break down this unjust global regime. Of course they would rather live in blissful ignorance, but we prefer the widening of knowledge and of knowing more and more.

The seeking of the truth is the first phase in any war. And we are on the side of the Truth with God’s assistance !

Broadcaster: Dr. Moussa, on the ground, what is the situation on the frontlines especially in the surrounded resistant towns? I mean to say Bani Walid, Ghadamis and Sirte?

Moussa Ibrahim: I will try to give you a summary. There are two types of frontlines, battlefields. The primary fronts, Bani Walid, Sirte and Sabha and there are other fronts in violated towns.

In terms of the violated towns, we can observe that the resistance movement has increased in these cities, there are operations which are undertaken continuously in Zliten, Tripoli, Zawiya , Azizia and Tarhouna among other cities. Some are planned and organized operations and some are small that some individuals undertake. All are successful and see positive results. There are casualties seen, and on the enemies side. But most importantly that the flag of war is being raised. The continuation of these operations proves that NATO cannot take control of Libya.

In terms of the Primary frontlines, Thank God, Bani Walid, is truthfully fully cleansed within a large radius surrounding the town and it remains to be said that we are still suffering the effects somewhat, of course.

But the dead bodies of NATO militia are left in the valleys and Mountains of Bani Walid. Of course the heads of the ground forces of NATO rebels know full well of this fact. The Tarhouna hospital, Tajoura Hospital, The Tripoli Medical Centre are all full of bodies from the Bani Walid battlefield. Taking this to account, Bani Walid has now translated into the term ‘DEATH’ for these gangs. So Bani Walid’s reports are excellent. The last attack on Bani Walid was yesterday, today there have been no attacks. Yesterday many sacrificed their lives. I would like to salute all the tribes of Bani Walid, especially that of the Battle of the Valley of Ghalboun and our brother Sbaya3 and Asahbaa, Kimmat, Qbool, Gwaydaa that have protected and defended.

In terms of the second primary Frontline of the resistant town of Sirte the attacks have been greater, these have been taken from 5 different focal points supported by heavy NATO planes and supported with very modern weapons. But the young men of Sirte have been capable of standing their ground and resisting this attack. And the piece of intel which I can present, this reached me only 2 hours ago, is that the young men of Sirte have made a strong advance east of the town which led to the fleeing of the enemy to retreat a number of kms and also leading to the seizure of some of their weapons. The south of city seems to be coping well and the west is also doing fine.

In saying this, we expect and I would like to alert the viewers that we expect that the attacks will intensify in Sirte beginning tomorrow especially from the West and South. BUT, we are ready and we have a lot of strength from the west and we have a lot of hard work being done from the south and the Eastern front we should eliminate the threat completely in the next few days.

Just one second my dear brother if I may, I would like to take an opportunity to issue a statement to the tribes of the violated towns, for example the honourable people of Tarhouna , we know that the proud and patriotic people of Tarhouna cannot accept the NATO rebels and we receive constant letters from Tarhouna that they are against NATO but they are silent against their will.

We say to them if they cannot and do not have the capabilities to open a battle field of resistance in the city itself, to at least for the loyalists, to move and send, 100?s from Tarhouna, Wershefanna, Asabeeaa, Seean and Hawamed, from everywhere to join the frontline in Bani Walid and Sirte. Of course, we do currently have large numbers already from such tribes within these battlefields, but these tribes need to keep sending more and more people so that our forces can be stronger and stronger and eventually open the battlefield in their own towns.

Broadcaster: Doctor, Thank God for your safety again, and thank you for your participation and we salute you on your resistance.

Moussa Ibrahim: Before I go I would like to give a personal condolence on behalf of our Revolutionary Leader Muammar Gaddafi, to the family of the hero Jamal Abdal Nasser for his son Khalid. May God have mercy on his soul, the Leader Muammar Gaddafi would like to offer deepest respects to the family of Jamal Abdul Nasser and to all the free people and all the Arabs.

And we would like to solidify the struggle which Jamal Abdel Nasser lead for freedom and for pride and the struggle that all Arabs face against foreign occupiers, against the theft of oil, against the setting up of military bases in Libya and anywhere in Arabic land. We would like to again offer our deepest condolences to the Arabic people. We would like to say God willing we will maintain the flag of freedom and pride and Islam and honesty until victory, Inshallah.

(Editor’s Note:Moussa Ibrahim’s message has critical information that needs to be circulated far and wide. I am deeply grateful to my translator for this accurate rendering of the interview. ~Alexandra Full Translation © by I.A. LIBYA

… For Libya 360°)

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