VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 10 October, 2011: An investigation into the transformation of Jerusalem after 1967

10 October 2011 , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Clashes Reported In East Jerusalem
IMEMC – Tuesday October 11, 2011 – 00:25, Palestinian sources reported Monday that clashes took place between the Palestinian residents of Ras Al Amoud in occupied Eat Jerusalem, and Israeli soldiers and policemen following repeated provocations by the army and by Israeli settlers illegally living in the area.

Beit Sahour Holds “Freedom Race” for Hunger-Striking Prisoners
IMEMC – Monday October 10, 2011 – 23:41, Hundreds of Palestinians gathered on Sunday to watch and partake in the inaugural “Freedom Race” taking place in Beit Sahour, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

FIghter Killer Near Erez Terminal
IMEMC – Monday October 10, 2011 – 17:54, A Palestinian resident, 22 years old, was killed Monday afternoon as Israeli jets shelled an area near Erez (Beit Hanoun) Terminal , north of the Gaza Strip, eyewitnesses reported.

Middle East Quartet To Invite Israelis And Palestinians Back To The Negotiation Table
IMEMC – Monday October 10, 2011 – 14:32, Members of the Middle East Quartet are set to invite representatives from Palestine and Israel to a round of talks, to begin negotiations afresh after talks stalled once again last September, due to Netanyahu’s inability to halt the expansion of the settlements.

President Abbas Visits Colombia To Urge Support For Palestinian State
IMEMC – Monday October 10, 2011 – 13:43, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his delegation reached Bogot?°, his third destination in seeking positive UN votes for the Palestinian state, to urge Colombia’s support. Abbas was welcomed by the assistant minister of foreign affairs of Colombia at the airport on Monday morning, the Ma’an News Agency reported.

Israeli Army Kidnaps Two Hebron Residents
IMEMC РMonday October 10, 2011 Р13:10, The Israeli Army kidnapped two Palestinian residents from al-‘Aroob refugee camp, in the northern part of the West Bank city of Hebron on Monday, after breaking into their houses, the Palestinian news agency (WAFA) reported.

Settlers Attack Farmers Harvesting Olives In Nablus Area
IMEMC – Monday October 10, 2011 – 12:15, Dozens of extremist Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian farmers harvesting their olive trees on Monday morning in the village of ‚ÄòAzmoot, east of the West Bank city of Nablus, the Ma’an News Agency reported.

Urgent Messages From The M.O.H. To The International Health Bodies Concerning Prisoners’ strike
IMEMC – Monday October 10, 2011 – 12:06, Dr. Fathi Abu Mughli sent urgent messages to both the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross, calling upon them to immediately negotiate with the Israeli Military authorities to stop the oppressive actions against the prisoners, the Ma’an News Agency Reported.

Army Demolishes A House In Bethlehem
IMEMC – Monday October 10, 2011 – 11:28, Israeli military bulldozers demolished a house in the village of Al-Jab’a, southwest of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, on Monday morning, the Palestine News and Info Agency (WAFA) reported.

Army Airstrikes On Gaza
IMEMC – Monday October 10, 2011 – 03:02, The Israeli Air Force bombarded several areas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening, while the Israeli Navy fired shells at coastal areas; damages were reported, no injuries

Ma’an News

Man killed in northern Gaza Strip
10/10/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A 22-year-old man was killed in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon, after witnesses reported Israeli troops fired at him near the border with Israel. The military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed Ahmad al-Azazmeh, from the northern city of Beit Hanoun, as….

PA: Settlers clash with olive harvesters near Nablus
10/10/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Settlers clashed with Palestinian farmers in a Nablus village on Monday, a Palestinian Authority official said. Dozens of settlers from the Elon Moreh Jewish-only settlement attacked Palestinians picking olives in Azmut village east of Nablus, PA settlement affairs official Ghassan Doughlas told Ma’an. The villagers refused to abandon their….

Locals: Israeli forces demolish home near Hebron
10/10/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Monday demolished a house in the village of al-Jabaa, northwest Hebron, locals said. Villagers told Ma’an that soldiers entered the village at dawn, before bulldozers demolished the home of Nasri al-Tous for not having a permit. A spokesperson for the Israeli Civil Administration could not be….

Health of PFLP leader on hunger strike ‘very worrying’
10/10/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Fears are growing about the health of imprisoned PFLP leader Ahmad Saadat, as Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails entered day 14 of a hunger strike sparked by Saadat’s solitary confinement. Head of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society legal team Jawad Boulos said Monday he had visited the Popular Front….

Governor of Ramallah’s car stoned by settlers
10/10/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A car carrying Governor of Ramallah Laila Ghanam and police chief Abdul Latif al-Qadumi was pelted with stones by settlers on Sunday night, security sources said. The car came under attack while passing by the notorious Yitzhar settlement in Nablus, causing the driver to swerve and lightly injure both passengers, security….

Israeli forces conduct searches in Tulkarem
10/10/2011 – TULKAREM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces searched students at universities in the northern West Bank on Monday morning, a Ma’an correspondent said. Soldiers entered the city of Tulkarem and stationed at the entrance of Khadoury Palestinian Technical University, witnesses said. Forces then located to the center of al-Quds Open University in the city….

Azzun man ‘injured in settler attack’
10/10/2011 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — A resident of Azzun says he was injured Sunday evening when settlers threw rocks at his car in the northern West Bank. Wael Khlef, in his 50s, said he was driving on the Tulkarem-Ramallah road close to Yitzhar settlement when dozens of settlers threw rocks at his car, shattering the windscreen….

Palestinians to push heritage agenda at UNESCO
10/10/2011 – RAMALLAH (Reuters) — The Palestinians will seek World Heritage status for the birthplace of Jesus once the UN cultural agency admits them as a full member, and will then nominate other sites on Israeli-occupied land for the same standing, an official said. Hamdan Taha, a Palestinian Authority minister who deals with antiquities and culture, said UNESCO….

Soldiers detain 2 teens in Hebron
10/10/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained two teens overnight Sunday, a Ma’an correspondent said. Yousef al-Titi, 16, and Muhammad Jawabreh, 17, were detained by soldiers at dawn. Both men are from al-Arrub refugee camp north of Hebron. An Israeli army spokeswoman said that one person had been detained and taken for routine….

UK’s Ofcom rejects Erekat complaint against Al-Jazeera
10/10/2011 – LONDON (Reuters) — British communications regulator Ofcom rejected a complaint from ex-Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat that Al-Jazeera had treated him unfairly in its Palestine Papers documentary series broadcast earlier this year that led to his resignation. The Qatari news channel published a flood of confidential documents in January on which the documentary was based, showing that….

Gaza ministry sets entry restrictions for foreigners
10/10/2011 – GAZA CITY (Reuters) — The Interior Ministry in Gaza said on Monday foreigners wishing to enter the coastal enclave would require visas, enabling the Hamas-run administration to monitor aid workers and activists more closely. The new rules will take effect from Tuesday. Separate visa requirements for foreign journalists are still being worked out. The ministry said….

Abbas arrives in Colombia for official visit
10/10/2011 – BOGOTA (Reuters) — President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Bogota for an official visit on Sunday. He is scheduled to meet with Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos on Tuesday. The leader traveled to Colombia after meeting with Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes. He is touring Latin America to follow up on support for a Palestinian bid for full….

Allenby Bridge to operate reduced hours during Jewish holiday
10/10/2011 – JERICHO (Ma’an) — Operating hours at the border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank will be reduced on Wednesday and Thursday due to a Jewish holiday, crossing officials said. The Allenby Bridge will be open from 8 a. m. to 11 a. m. on Wednesday and between 8 a. m. and 5. 30….

Ashton to call Abbas, Netanyahu in peace talks bid
10/10/2011 – LUXEMBOURG (AFP) — EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said she will call President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later Monday to try to set a date for a restart of stalled peace talks. Speaking at the close of talks between European Union foreign ministers, Ashton said she would call “to invite them….

Fayyad rallies support for prisoners’ hunger strike
10/10/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Monday called for the UN to support Palestinian prisoners’ rights in Israel, as he visited sit-in tents in solidarity with a detainees’ hunger strike. Fayyad, chief of the Ramallah-based government, expressed sympathy for strikers, saying their refusal of food since Sept. 27….

Israeli-Palestinian model takes on critics
10/10/2011 – NAZARETH, Israel (AFP) — As make-up artists and hairdressers circle her, Huda Naccache calmly discusses the media frenzy sparked by her appearance, clad in a skimpy bikini, on the cover of an Arab-Israeli magazine. The long-limbed 22-year-old, who comes from the mixed Israeli and Arab port city of Haifa, doesn’t see the cover….

Israeli medical residents poised for mass walkout
10/10/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Nearly 300 residents at hospitals across Israel failed to turn up to work Monday and hundreds more were poised to resign later the same day in a dispute over pay and conditions. Another 400 resignation letters were to go into effect by midnight, meaning around 700 medical residents would no longer be working….

In photos: Egyptian Christians clash with military police
10/10/2011 – MaanImages / Reuters – Christians clashed with military police on Sunday in Cairo, leaving at least 24 people dead. Christians protesting about an attack on a church set cars on fire, burned army vehicles and hurled rocks at military police. It was some of the worst violence since the February uprising which ousted Hosni Mubarak. Coptic Christians….

Libya forces aim for full control of Gadhafi town
10/10/2011 – SIRTE, Libya (AFP) — Libya’s new regime forces aimed to take full control of Moamer Gadhafi’s hometown Sirte on Monday after seizing key targets in the face of fierce resistance from his diehards. On the third day of what was touted as a final assault, National Transitional Council (NTC) fighters captured the….

Activists: More than 30 killed in Syria violence
10/10/2011 – NICOSIA (AFP) — At least 14 civilians and 17 security personnel were killed in clashes across Syria, with the flash-point city of Homs turning into a battle zone, activists said on Monday. Seven of 14 civilians killed on Sunday were gunned down by security forces in the city of central Syria, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for….

Egypt Christians mourn dead after clashes kill 25
10/10/2011 – By Tamim Elyan and Edmund BlairCAIRO (Reuters) — Egyptian Christians mourned their dead and berated the army on Monday after at least 25 people were killed when troops crushed a protest about an attack on a church in the worst violence since the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. Armored personnel carriers sped into the crowd late….

Egypt Copts blame ‘infiltrators’ for deadly clashes
10/10/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox church headed by Pope Shenuda III on Monday blamed “infiltrators” for triggering clashes in which 25 people were killed, most of them Christian.” The Christian faith denounces violence. Strangers infiltrated the demonstration and committed the crimes for which the Copts have been blamed,” the church said in a….

Egypt executes man for 2010 Coptic shooting
10/10/2011 – CAIRO (Reuters) — Egyptexecuted on Monday a man for killing six Christians and one Muslim in a shooting in 2010, implementing the sentence a day after at least 25 people were killed when Christians protesting about a church attack clashed with the army. The drive-by shooting, which sparked protests at the time, occurred in the southern….

Egypt court overturns ban on Islamist party
10/10/2011 – CAIRO (Reuters) — An Egyptian court on Monday overturned a decision barring the formation of a political party by an Islamist group that took up arms against the state in the 1980s and 1990s. It also overturned a decision barring presidential hopeful Ayman Nour from forming a party, saying both Nour and the Islamist group al-Gam….

Egypt’s Christians vent fury at army after clash
10/10/2011 – CAIRO (Reuters) – Women in Cairo’s Coptic hospital wailed for their dead on Monday and Christians accused Egypt’s generals of failing to protect them from strict Islamists after 25 people, most of them Coptic demonstrators, were killed in clashes with troops.” My brother, my brother, they killed my brother,” screamed one woman….

EU holds hand out to Syria opposition, pressuring Assad
10/10/2011 – LUXEMBOURG (AFP) — The EU held out a hand to Syria’s opposition grouping Monday, welcoming its formation and urging the world to do the same, as it readies new sanctions against Bashar Assad’s regime. Ramping up the pressure on Damascus, the European Union “welcomes the efforts of the political opposition to establish….

Palestine Note

Egypt’s Copts In Deadly Clash With Military
Palestine Note 10 Oct 2011 – After worst violence since ousting Mubarak, religious leaders call for dialogue NPR – Several hundred Christians pelted police with rocks outside a Cairo hospital Monday, in fresh clashes one day after more than two dozen people died in riots that…


Support grows for Palestinian’s prison strike
AlJazeera 10 Oct 2011 –

Egypt army seeks probe into Cairo clashes
AlJazeera 10 Oct 2011 – Military council asks government to form fact- finding team to investigate Sunday’s clashes that left 26 people dead., At least 10 people killed and 21 others wounded as three blasts rock mainly Shia neighbourhood of Iraqi capital.

Quartet pledges to restart Middle East talks
AlJazeera 10 Oct 2011 – Diplomats in Brussels pledge to approach Palestinians and Israel in effort to bring them back to the negotiating table.

EU welcomes Syrian opposition council
AlJazeera 10 Oct 2011 – Support comes after Damascus warns of “tough measures” against any state recognising a unified anti-government body.

Al Jazeera vindicated over Palestine Papers
AlJazeera 10 Oct 2011 – UK communications regulator rules that release of secret documents was “fair” and in the “public interest”.

Relief Web

Palestinian gender delegation visits EU institutions
Relief Web 10 Oct 2011 – Source: European Union Country: occupied Palestinian territory A delegation of officials from the Palestinian National Authority Prime Minister’s Office, the Palestinian Civil Police and Palestinian Ministry of Women’s Affairs visited Brussels recently and met with EU officials, EU Member States,…

Media and Global Health – From Information to Action
Relief Web 10 Oct 2011 – Source: Internews Network Country: World , Afghanistan , Haiti , Kenya , Nigeria , occupied Palestinian territory , Pakistan , South Sudan (Republic of) Public healthth is a crucial priority on the global development aid agenda. Nations trying to manage new epidemics amid existing disease and malnutrition…

Palestine Telegraph

Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian house near Bethlehem
10 Oct 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli bulldozers demolished on Monday morning a house in the village of Jab’a, southwest of Bethlehem.

The National

Russia and China plan ‘balanced’ Syria resolution
The National 10 Oct 2011 – The Moscow-drafted version will condemn violence carried out both by the regime of Bashar Al Assad and the rebel opposition.

Saleh supporters hurl rocks and bottles as women rally for Nobel winner Karman
The National 10 Oct 2011 – An all-female street celebration to honour Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawwakol Karman saw 40 women injured when they were attacked by supporters of Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Netanyahu promises to prosecute Israeli anti-Arab graveyard vandals
The National 10 Oct 2011 – Israelis apologise for sectarian attacks on Jaffa cemeteries that saw the desecration of 26 Muslim and Christian graves in the Tel Aviv suburb of Jaffa by suspected ultranationalist Jews.

Copts turn anger on Egypt’s army
The National 10 Oct 2011 – In a second day of violence, the worst in Egypt since the uprising that ousted Mubarak in February, Coptic Christians protesting in Cairo hospital pelted security forces with rocks yesterday after at least 26 people died on Sunday.

Cairo on alert after 24 people killed in riots
The National 9 Oct 2011 – Authorities step up security at vital installations in anticipation of renewed unrest, deploying additional troops outside parliament and the cabinet.


Stones hurled at Jerusalem light rail, bus; police suspect nationalist motives
Ha’aretz – Bus driver lightly injured after rocks cause him to crash bus into wall; Jerusalem Police searching for perpetrators.

France FM: Palestinian statehood bid starting to create cracks in European unity
Ha’aretz – EU member states cannot come to agreement on Palestinian UN move, says Alain Juppe; Catherine Ashton says no division among EU countries regarding renewal of Mideast talks.

Netanyahu instructs Finance Ministry to raise medical residents’ salaries
Ha’aretz – PM offers to add thousands of shekels per month to the salaries of young doctors who work in Israel’s public health system.

Hamas: Foreigners now need visas to enter Gaza
Ha’aretz – Foreigners will have to apply online or through local sponsor a week before entry to get month-long visa.

Egypt’s Christians vent fury at army after deadly clashes
Ha’aretz – At least 25 people, mostly Coptic protesters, were killed Sunday in clashes with army troops.

Despite Egypt ban, thousands of palm fronds smuggled to Israel, U.S. ahead of Sukkot
Ha’aretz – Palm fronds, or lulavs, which are used ceremonially during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, are being exported from Egypt via Jordan to Jewish communities.

Author accused of scamming women out of millions on Jewish dating site
Ha’aretz – Mitchell Gross allegedly duped at least two women into investing about $4.4 million in a sham company he set up, using some of the money to buy expensive artwork, a luxury car and a golf club membership.

Report: Iranian actress faces jail, lashing
Ha’aretz – Kalameh.com website says Marzieh Vafamehr was sentenced for appearing in a movie critical of the Islamic republic’s hard-line policies.

Yemen al-Qaida wing confirms death of U.S.-born cleric
Ha’aretz – Confirmation follows U.S. announcement in September that Anwar al-Awlaki – the most visible member of the Yemen-based al-Qaida wing – was killed by a CIA drone attack.

U.S.: Egypt violence should not delay elections, transition to democracy
Ha’aretz – White House issues statement in response to violence between Egypt’s military police and Coptic protesters, which left 25 dead; UN chief Ban Ki-moon urges Egypt’s leaders to protect people of all faiths.

Syria clergyman threatens West with suicide attacks
Ha’aretz – The country’s highest Sunni Muslim clergyman, Mufti Ahmed Badereddine Hassoun, said he would launch suicide attackers if Syria is attacked.

EU imposes sanctions against 29 Iranians for human rights abuses
Ha’aretz – New measures, which include asset freezes and visa bans, extend the current list that targets individuals associated with rights violations to 61.

Israel says ‘ready for talks on all core issues’ with Palestinians
Ha’aretz – Prime Minister’s spokesman welcomes Quartet call to meet on peace process over coming days, says both sides must ‘show creativity’ in negotiations.

Hundreds of Israel’s medical residents skip work amid threats of mass resignation
Ha’aretz – Netanyahu’s office urges medical residents to hold off on resignation for two weeks, says actively working to find a solution to the crisis.

Turning the Galilee into Tuscany, the Judean Hills into Provence
Ha’aretz – The head of the Moshavim Movement wants to turn the country’s farming communities into tourist attractions.

Israel housing sales at 9-year low
Ha’aretz – Prices have started retreating, but slowly.

How to change life in Israel
Ha’aretz – Why can’t governments, here and elsewhere, run themselves properly?

Israel issues urgent Sinai travel advisory ahead of Sukkot
Ha’aretz – Counter Terrorism Bureau urges Israelis vacationing in Sinai to leave popular holiday destination immediately and return home, fearing attacks or abductions.

Palestinians compile list of heritage sites as part of UNESCO campaign
Ha’aretz – Minister says PA seeking World Heritage status for 20 sites, including Bethlehem and Hebron.

Jerusalem Post

Supreme Court: IBA can’t broadcast Rose Pizem documentary
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – ‚ÄòProtection of human dignity is the highest value in our legal system,’ says Justice Eliezer Rivlin.

‘Cairo wants dozens of prisoners in exchange for Grapel’
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – ‚ÄòAl-Ahram:’ Egyptians seek release of inmates held in jails in Israel and the United States in return for alleged spy.

J’lem: 2 stone throwing incidents damage bus, light rail
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Egged driver lightly injured after losing control, slamming into wall due to stone throwing; light rail windshield damaged, no injuries reported.

The globalization of poverty
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Political and economic leaders in the West must acknowledge the full extent of the current crisis, and seek to solve it long term.

Encountering Peace: Confessions of a ‚Äòyefeh nefesh’
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – I believe in peace, and I don’t want to rule over an unwilling Palestinian population. If that makes me a “self-hating Jew” to some, so be it.

Can Obama be trusted on Israel?
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Yes, the president stood firmly with Israel at the UN. But is this change of heart sincere or the product of a devastating Democratic loss in New York’s ninth congressional district?

Taiwan and Israel: A growing partnership
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Both are small but rich and beautiful democratic countries, surrounded by strong and hostile enemies.

Our World: The forgotten Christians of the East
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – It is unclear what either Western governments or Western churches think they are achieving by turning a blind eye to the persecution of Christians in the Muslim world.

The passing of Steve Jobs
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – In some ways, the gadgets the Apple founder created have become a social nuisance.

Price Tag – the war in classrooms
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Religious Zionist education is about peace and fundamental values of human freedom, not wanton violence against innocent people.

Israel must stamp out Jewish extremism
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – The time has come to admit an unhappy truth: Whereas we once thought Jewish terrorists were “errant weeds,” those weeds have now sprouted roots.

Egypt’s shaky rule
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Having just commemorated the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Anwar Sadat, we should be wary of the potential for sudden, and violent, change on our border to the south.

In Putin’s return, Russian Jews see stability
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – For Jewish community in Russia, returning president marks a departure in the country’s history from the anti-Semitism of past Communist elites.

Gov’t seeks court order to keep residents in wards
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Netanyahu waves ‚Äòcarrot’ of more pay for exclusively public work; MK Adatto: PM ‚Äòpersonally responsible for current situation’

Social Justice movement calls for nationwide strike
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Activists say strike will follow “massive demonstration to call on the prime minister one last time to answer the demands of the people.”

EU’s foreign ministers support call for immediate talks
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – J’lem applauds EU statement putting pressure on PA to resume negotiations; Netanyahu speaks with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, telling her he would be willing to meet PA President Abbas anytime.

Rivlin dedicates Schalit exhibit in European Parliament
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Knesset speaker: “It’s a grave mistake to consider Schalit’s fate a matter of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, instead of basic human values.”

Top Dutch MP slams Turkey’s ‘belligerence’ against Israel
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Middle East expert Kortenoeven accuses Turkey of “sliding into an abyss of Islamic extremism,” criticizes foreign policies at OSCE meeting.

Hamas announces new visa procedures for Gaza visitors
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Tourists, would-be foreign residents now required to seek approval from Hamas-run Interior Ministry before entering the Strip.

This Succot, a palm in every hand
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Israeli technology enables local growers to make up for Egyptian export ban after worry that there wouldn’t be enough lulavim for the holiday.

PM instructs Treasury to grant young doctors salary hike
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Netanyahu meets with Steinitz, Litzman in hopes of preventing mass resignations of medical residents; PM asks for two-week delay.

IAEA expected to give details on Iran atom bomb fears
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Diplomats say UN nuclear agency could lay out evidence of military aspects of Iranian nuclear program in report due in November.

Yemen-based al-Qaida wing confirms death of Awlaki
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Terrorist group announces “martyrdom” of US-born cleric on website ten days after US had said he was killed in CIA drone strike.

Readers Reflect: The first year of the rest of my life
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – As part of JPost’s High Holidays competition, one reader shares her story of how making a brave decision led her to want to live life to the full.

Alternatively Speaking: What the 4 species can do for you
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Alternative medicine enthusiast Natalie Marx answers your questions: How can I open up emotionally to my partner?; What is a good natural lip balm?

Rights groups slam proposed increase to libel penalties
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – Penalties could reach over NIS 1 million, would require media to publish full responses by injured parties; Horowitz calls bill “draconian.”

We ere what we experience
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 РLife experiences – the ups, downs, and everything in between – shape us, stay with us and influence our emotional set point as adults, study shows.

PM summons Steinitz, Litzman for urgent talks on residents
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – State seeks injunction against medical residents’ mass resignations; Netanyahu asks for two-week delay; hundreds of residents don’t show up for work at hospitals around country to protest salaries.

Should my succa have a debt ceiling?
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – The owner of a succa that needed new infrastructure, columnist Edmon J. Rodman looks into the US debate on job creation for a bipartisan solution.

If you don’t snooze, do you lose?
Jerusalem Post 10 Oct 2011 – An ongoing lack of sleep during adolescence could lead to more than dragging, foggy teens, US research suggests.

The Guardian

Ofcom’s ruling on the Palestine papers offers hope to the Middle East | Clayton Swisher
The Guardian 10 Oct 2011 – In vindicating al-Jazeera’s publication of diplomatic documents, Ofcom is supporting truth-telling in a turbulent region Nine months ago, when al-Jazeera and the Guardian jointly published the Palestine papers , revealing the scale of concessions secretly made by…

Dateline Jerusalem: four decades of journalism still relevant today
The Guardian 10 Oct 2011 – Collection of articles by former Guardian correspondent Eric Silver evokes a different era of reporting I’ve been dipping into a collection of the journalism of the late Eric Silver, who was based in Jerusalem for nearly…

Inter Press Service

Support Builds for Syrian National Council
IPS What was once a glaring weakness in the seven-month Syrian revolution and uprising against the government of President Bashar al-Assad is now slowly transforming into one of its strengths with the coalescence of opposition groups into the Syrian National Council (SNC) earlier this month.

Egypt Army Seeks Probe into Cairo Clashes
IPS Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has called for a speedy investigation into Sunday night’s deadly clashes in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, that left at least 26 dead and more than 300 injured, mostly Coptic Christians.

MIDEAST: Prisoners on Hunger Strike Find New Support
IPS Sitting in the shade of a small lemon tree in the German Colony area of Haifa, eight Palestinian activists are on hunger strike since Saturday in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners who have been striking for nearly two weeks in protest against poor prison conditions and a lack of basic…

ISRAEL: Showing Tolerance for Intolerance
IPS “On Saturday, we as a nation atoned for our sins. I as a Jew feel ashamed of myself. I’m asking for forgiveness,” declared Ron Hulday, mayor of this mixed city, immediately at the closing of the Day of Atonement.

“Invisible hands” strike again
Uruknet October 10, 2011 – Intelligence reports from the Egyptian National Security Agency have revealed that “invisible hands” were yet again behind another bloody night in Cairo. During a peaceful demonstration of Copts demanding their rights, the hands apparently hijacked a large armoured military vehicle and – while apparently sober – ran over several Coptic protesters….It is also unclear…


Eye-witnesses claim military threw protesters’ bodies into the Nile
Uruknet October 9, 2011 – Angry Copts at the Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo claim that the military threw the bodies of dead protesters into the Nile during Sunday night’s clashes around Maspero…The reports are unverified as yet, but with an uncertain death toll and what appears to be a misinformation campaign from the state-owned media, the rumor…

NATO and anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya step up bombardment of Sirte
Uruknet October 10, 2011 – Anti-Gaddafi militias aligned with the National Transitional Council (NTC) have claimed control over most of Sirte, a coastal Libyan city between Tripoli and Benghazi, after they launched an offensive last Friday that was coordinated with NATO forces. The militias reportedly now occupy Sirte’s university, main hospital, the Ouagadougou Convention Centre and other key points….

Prisoners on Hunger Strike Find New Support
Uruknet October 10, 2011 – Sitting in the shade of a small lemon tree in the German Colony area of Haifa, eight Palestinian activists are on hunger strike since Saturday in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners who have been striking for nearly two weeks in protest against poor prison conditions and a lack of basic rights. “I decided to…

Eyewitness in Cairo: Copts were gunned down by the military
Uruknet October 10, 2011 – At least 23 protesters were killed in Cairo last night, Sunday, as the army and police carried out a massacre in front of the state TV building. Coptic Christians had been staging a peaceful march from the working class district of Shubra to Maspero, in downtown Cairo, to denounce sectarian attacks against churches. The…

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists’ statement on the massacre of Copts at Maspero
Uruknet October 10, 2011 – The Revolutionary Socialists send sincere condolences to the families of the peaceful demonstrators who were murdered by the bullets of the Central Security Forces and crushed by the military’s armoured cars after they came on the night of 9 October to defend the right of Coptic Christians to freedom and equality. The police repression…

Syria News – October 9, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: The air intelligence conducting a massacre against martyr Mohammad Al Saegh’s Family after his been killed by the security gunfire yesterday, they killed his father and his grandfather and two of his uncles. This happened when the family was trying to prevent them from kidnapping the martyr corpse a while after it was delivered to…

Israeli Navy Fires At Fishing Boats In Gaza
Uruknet October 9, 2011 – On Friday evening, the Israeli Navy opened fire on a number of Palestinian fishing boats in Palestinian territorial waters near Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip; no injuries were reported. Following the Israeli attack, the fishermen returned to shore to avoid any further attacks. Mahmoud Al Aassy, head of the…

Hunger Strike Ongoing, Violations Against Detainees Escalating
Uruknet October 9, 2011 – Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Issa Qaraqe’, stated on Saturday that Palestinian political detainees in Israeli prisons are continuing with their hunger strike to demand their legal rights, despite Israel’s escalating measures aimed at breaking the strike. Qaraqe’ added that the Israeli Prison Administration claims it is negotiating with the detainees and listening to their…

The Forgotten Anniversary: 10/7 and America’s Longest War
Uruknet October 9, 2011 – …Less commonly remembered is that in the weeks following 11 September 2001, the Bush Administration held high-level secret negotiations with Taliban officials. As reported by the BBC, CNN and the Washington Post, among other news outlets, US-Taliban talks included the possibility of turning over Bin Laden to an international criminal tribunal. Although most Americans…

Honoring Israel for What?
Uruknet October 9, 2011 – Van Buren Board of Education near Findlay, Ohio is holding ‘A Night to Honor Israel’ at its High School on October 27th. The sponsor of the event is nothing other than Christians United for Israel (CUFI). This is an odd thing. A Night of Honoring Israel for what? Honoring someone, or a group, should…

Children of Qalandiya: Sharif’s Future Foretold
Uruknet October 9, 2011 – Since September has past and with it the trepidation about a ‘political tsunami’, and the horrifying scripts or bleak prophesies about thousands of people from throughout the West Bank marching towards Qalandiya checkpoint had been disproved, the place is once more governed by that same mundane routine and depressing grayness. The blockages on the…

Elie Wiesel, Former Israeli Intelligence Chiefs Celebrate Judaization of East Jerusalem
Uruknet October 9, 2011 Before Rosh Hashana, Orthodox Jews gather at night to read and study in a ritual known as Selichot (“penitential prayers”). The ritual is meant to spiritually attune the mind and soul to repentance and introspection, primary themes of the High Holidays. One of the leading land-grabbers in East Jerusalem is an Israeli settler NGO, Elad,…

Last-ditch effort to save a unique Palestinian village
Uruknet October 9, 2011 – The Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites is joining the campaign to save the remaining houses of the Palestinian village Lifta, at the western entrance of modern Jerusalem. Lifta, the best-kept of hundreds of abandoned Palestinian villages, is about to be demolished in order to make way for a new Jewish neighborhood. According…

Syria News – October 8, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet October 8, 2011 – (10-08-11) Douma | Damascus | Child, Ameen Khabiya Murdered by Assad Forces at Funeral Procession … Qamishli: martyrdom of Jamal Al-Omar, 67 years suffocation by a gas bomb which were thrown by security forces on the funeral of the martyr Mashaal Tammo, and arresting 16 person…Qameshli: Martyrdom of Jamal Husain Husain who was born in Naf Korah…

Daily Star

Libya’s transition council recognizes Syria’s, EU holds back on full recognition
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 The European Union welcomed a newly formed Syrian opposition council Monday as a positive step forward and urged other countries to do the same…

Coptic Christians rage against Egypt’s army
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Egypt’s Coptic Christians unleashed their fury on the army Monday after at least 25 people were killed when troops broke up a protest…

Cassese resigns from STL, new chief chosen
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 The head of the United Nations-backed court probing the assassination of statesman Rafik Hariri has resigned and been replaced by New Zealand Judge Sir David Baragwanath, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon said Monday.

Largest general strike looms
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 A proposal by Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas to increase wages by 20 to 30 percent will be discussed by the Cabinet Tuesday…

Oct. 10 marked as Lawyer Day
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 The Beirut Bar Association decided Monday that Oct.10 would be marked as the Lawyer Day.

Parliament panel follows up on 2009 abductions case
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Lebanon’s parliamentary committee for Human Rights followed up Monday on the case of kidnapped Lebanese Joseph Sader and Syrian Shebli al-Aisami.

Hadath inspection center reopens after security boost
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Beirut’s vehicle inspection center was reopened to business Monday after a two-day closure to protest a fight at the facility that left seven people injured, the state-run National News Agency reported.

House committee discusses electronic media controls
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Parliament’s Media and Telecommunications committee began discussions Monday on regulating electronic media as part of studying amendments to the media law.

MSF, filmmaker join efforts to shed light on mental health of Lebanese
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 The international NGO Medecins Sans Frontiere held a screening of a documentary by filmmaker Carol Mansour Wednesday to highlight the dire state of mental health in Lebanon…

Fires consume agricultural land, vegetation in south Lebanon villages
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Fires fueled by unseasonably warm temperatures destroyed large areas of agricultural lands and vegetation in several south Lebanon villages Monday.

Diab unveils large-scale education plan
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Education Minister Hasan Diab unveiled a major plan to revamp the nation’s education system from kindergarten to university Monday…

Workshop calls for abolition of capital punishment in Lebanon
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 On the occasion of the European and World Day Against the Death Penalty, the European Union delegation to Lebanon organized a presentation and debate on the issue Monday…

Iran renews offer to equip Lebanese Army
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi renewed his country’s offer Monday to equip the Lebanese Army during a meeting with Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn.

Siniora dismisses Al-Manar ‚Äòfabrications’
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora dismissed Monday fabrications which he said Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Manar TV has been making against him since last week.

Cabinet agenda to skirt controversial topics
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 The Cabinet is set to discuss a number of routine items this week depending on the outcome of discussions concerning the General Labor Confederation and an increase in wages and benefits.

Lebanese leaders urge Egypt to prevent sectarian strife
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Lebanon’s leaders from both sides of the political spectrum condemned Monday the sectarian clashes in Egypt which killed 25 people and called on Egyptian authorities to act to prevent the country from sinking into full-fledged civil…

Charbel presents draft electoral law
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Interior Minister Marwan Charbel announced Monday a draft electoral law prepared by the ministry for the 2013 parliamentary elections…

Rai urges Lebanese expats to register to vote
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai urged Lebanese expatriates Monday to register to vote at embassies abroad in order to preserve the demographic balance among Lebanon’s confessional communities.

Iran’s Fordo nuclear site draws defiant aura from namesake
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Not far from one of Iran’s most secretive nuclear sites, villagers proudly declare a willingness to sacrifice their lives to defend their country’s nuclear program from attack by the West.

Egypt executes man for earlier Christian killings
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Egypt executed Monday a man for killing six Christians and one Muslim in a shooting in 2010, implementing the sentence a day after at least 25 people were killed when Christians protesting about a church attack…

Latest round of EU sanctions hits 3 Iran ministers
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Three Iranian government ministers are on a list of 29 people targeted by new European Union sanctions, diplomatic sources said Monday.

Europe alarmed over Egypt clashes
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 European leaders expressed alarm Monday over sectarian clashes overnight in Egypt that killed 24 people, mainly Coptic Christians, and urged post-revolution authorities to uphold religious freedom.

Leading Syrian lawyer urges protesters to avoid violence
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Syrian lawyer Razan Zaitouna has been forced into hiding, her family members detained and her fellow activists jailed, killed or forced to flee the country for their pro-democracy activities.

Britain halts bid to arrest Livni for war crimes
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Britain blocked an attempt Thursday to arrest visiting Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni for alleged war crimes, officials said.

Battle for Libya’s Sirte nears end
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Libya’s new government forces were battling block by block into the center of Sirte Monday, eyeing the symbolic prize of finally capturing Moammar Gadhafi’s hometown after a month-long siege.

Palestinians to seek World Heritage status for West Bank site
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 The Palestinians will seek World Heritage status for the birthplace of Jesus once the U.N. cultural agency admits them as a full member, and will then nominate other sites on Israeli-occupied land for the same standing,…

Israel police: 2nd mosque arson suspect in court
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 A second suspect in the arson attack on a mosque in northern Israel appeared in court Monday for an extension of his remand in custody, police said, without giving details of his identity.

String of Baghdad bombings kills at least 10
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 A string of explosions targeting security officials – and people who rushed to the scene to help the wounded – killed at least 10 people in western Baghdad Monday evening, officials said.

Fighting rages between government, militants in Mogadishu
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Heavy fighting broke out in Somalia’s capital Monday after pro-government forces attacked militant positions following what the African Union force said were the deaths of at least 12 Somali civilians because of militants’ mortars.

Al-Qaeda confirms death of Awlaki
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based wing confirmed Monday the death of U.S.-born militant cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who U.S. officials said was killed 10 days ago in a CIA drone strike.

Saudi Arabia tries suspects in 2003 attacks
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Saudi Arabia has begun trials for 85 alleged members of an Al-Qaeda-linked cell which attacked three housing compounds for foreigners in the capital Riyadh in 2003, local newspapers reported Monday.

Yemeni protesters urge U.N. to resolve crisis, force Saleh out
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Tens of thousands of protesters marched in the Yemeni capital Monday, calling on the U.N. to resolve the country’s political crisis and force President Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign.

Hezbollah: Unrest in Egypt part of U.S. project
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 The recent clashes in Egypt that resulted in the death of 25 people are part of a U.S. project to divide the region, Hezbollah said Monday, calling on Egyptians to adopt dialogue to resolve crises.

White House: Egypt violence should not delay election
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 The White House called for restraint in Egypt Monday after violent clashes that killed protesters and security forces, and said the transition to democracy should continue.

Egypt’s Christians vent fury at army after clash
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Women in Cairo’s Coptic hospital wailed for their dead on Monday and Christians accused Egypt’s generals of failing to protect them from strict Islamists after 25 people, most of them Coptic demonstrators, were killed in clashes…

Lebanon to send delegation to Cyprus to discuss maritime borders
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Lebanon is preparing to send a delegation to Cyprus to reach a resolution over disputed maritime borders between the two countries, Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said in remarks published Monday.

Mansour: Lebanon 2011 dues to STL up $6.7 mln
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour has said that Lebanon’s share of funding for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon has increased by around $6.7 million in 2011 as result the depreciation of the euro currency.

Cassese resigns, Judge Baragwanath elected STL president
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Judge David Baragwanath was unanimously elected as president of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Monday, replacing his predecessor Judge Antonio Cassese who resigned due to health reasons.

Future MP: STL funding issue unlikely to break up Cabinet
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Future Movement MP Samir Jisr said Monday the government would remain intact in the face of current division in the Cabinet over the issue of financing the international court.

Russia offers to draft ‘more balanced’ Syria resolution
Daily Star 10 Oct 2011 Moscow and Beijing are ready to propose a UN resolution on Syria that is more “balanced” than the West’s draft, condemning both regime and opposition violence, Russia’s foreign minister said in an interview published Monday.

YNet News

Netanyahu: Raise residents’ salaries
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday called for an increase in the salaries of young doctors who confine their work to the public health system. Netanyahu’s … ….

European Parliament hosts Shalit exhibit
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – An exhibition of drawings titled “When the Shark and the Fish First Met” and based on a story written by Gilad Shalit when he was 11-years-old opened on Monday at the … ….

Jerusalem: Stones hurled at Light Rail, bus
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – Stones were hurled Monday at the Light Rail in Jerusalem’s Shufat neighborhood, near the Israel Police National Headquarters. A windowpane was smashed but no injuries … ….

Social protesters to launch ‘nation’s strike’
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – Just a day after the conclusions of the Trajtenberg report were approved by the cabinet, the social protest leaders are already planning their next move; on Monday they … ….

East Jerusalem woman charged with incitement
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – A resident of east Jerusalem’s Shufat neighborhood was charged with incitement to violence and aggravated assault of a police officer on Monday. An indictment filed … ….

Gantz fights back over planned budget cuts
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – An estimated NIS 3 billion ($810 million) are set to be cut from his budget but the IDF chief of staff isn’t rushing to wave the white flag. A day after the cabinet … ….

Watch: IAF jet hits flock of pelicans
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – A video documenting the emergency landing of an F-15 jet following a bird-strike shows the crew’s resourcefulness in handling the crisis and captures the drama which … ….

Jaffa’s Arab residents return to desecrated cemetary
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – VIDEO: Residents arrive at desecrated Muslim cemetery facing ocean to inspect….

Peres, Netanyahu send condolences to Erdogan
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – In letter to Turkish leader, President writes news of his mother’s death….

Hamas: Foreigners to apply for Gaza visas
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – Group says move meant to ensure security of foreigners, who enter either through….

Steinitz: Time to end residents’ anarchy
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – PM Netanyahu summons finance minister, deputy health minister for urgent meeting….

Iranian student lashed 74 times for ‘insulting’ Ahmadinejad
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – Peyman Aref suffers brutal punishment for ‘insulting’ Iranian president by….

‘Eli knew someone betrayed him’
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – New revelations concerning Israeli spy Eli Cohen’s last days in Damascus’ prison….

Health crisis: Residents resign
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – Health system braces for debilitating blow to services as hundreds of medical….

Palestinians to push heritage agenda at UNESCO
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – Ramallah set to push for heritage status for Bethlehem, Hebron and Nablus; says….

Shas seeks to review Coalition deal
YNet News, 10 Oct 2011 – Religious party’s discontent with cabinet’s approval of Trajtenberg….

Palestinian Information Center

Occupation forces demolish Palestinian home in Bethlehem
PIC – 10/10/2011 – 11:56 AM

Settlers attack olive harvesters in Nablus district
PIC – 10/10/2011 – 10:10 AM

Israel is destroying America, period
PIC – There is no doubt that one of the main reasons for America’s phenomenal economic and financial problems, which affect America’s overall global standing, has to do with the so-called Israeli factor.

Abu Zunt laid to rest after 36 years of his body being detained by occupation
PIC – Hundreds of people participated in the funeral of Hafez Abu Zunt who was killed in a resistance attack against occupation in 1976 and whose body was detained by occupation since then.

Mishaal phones Erdogan to offer condolences
PIC – Head of Hamas’s political bureau, Khaled Mishaal, phoned Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan to offer condolences over the death of his mother, Tenzile Erdogan, who died last Friday.

Gaza Interior Ministry releases 70 prisoners in honour of Miles of Smiles aid co
PIC – The Interior Ministry in Gaza released 70 prisoners who completed two thirds of their prison terms in Rehabilitation and Reform facilities to honour participants in “Miles of Smiles 6”.

Serious deterioration in health condition of Abul Haija, Saadat
PIC – The Palestinian ministry of prisoners held the IOA fully responsible for the life of detained Hamas leader Sheikh Jamal Abul Haija after his health suddenly and seriously deteriorated.

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners join hunger strike
PIC – Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Gilbo’a prison announced they would join the hunger strike waged by their fellow inmates in other prisoners as of tomorrow Tuesday.

Jewish settlers torch 20 Palestinian dunums of olive trees
PIC – Palestinian fire fighters managed on Monday morning to put off a huge fire that was blazing in 20 dunums of olive farmland in Orta village, south of Nablus, a statement for the fire brigades said.

Palestinian resistance fighter killed in IOF artillery shelling
PIC – A Palestinian resistance fighter was killed on Monday morning after Israeli occupation forces opened artillery fire at him near the Beit Hanun (Erez) crossing to the north of the Gaza Strip.

Occupation forces arrest three Palestinians in the southern West Bank
PIC – Israeli occupation forces arrested on Monday three Palestinians, including two minors, from al-Khalil and Bethlehem in the southern Gaza Strip.


Prisoner Brutally Beaten by Israeli Interrogator to Admit Charges

UNDP and Ministry of Culture Sign Aid Agreement Worth $60M

Abbas Given ‚ÄòHonorary Citizen’ of BOGOTA

Israeli Administrations, Prisoners’ Meeting Failed, Says Official

Israeli Strike on Gaza Kills Palestinian

EU Follows Palestinian Initiative at UN, Calls for Re-Launching Peace Process

EUPOL COPPS: Palestinian Gender Delegation Visits EU Institutions

420 Palestinian Prisoners Join Hunger Strike

Palestinians Ready for Negotiations If Settlements Stop, Official

Health of Imprisoned Leader Deteriorated, says Rights Group

Los Angeles Times

Egypt on edge as Copts mourn slain protesters
LA Times 10 Oct 2011 – Funerals are held for four of the Christian Copts slain by army police and thugs. Officials and religious leaders seek to ease sectarian tensions amid rising anger toward the ruling military council. Mourners wept over the coffins of Coptic Christians on Monday as Egyptian officials…

22 killed in Egypt as Christians clash with troops
LA Times 9 Oct 2011 – A Cairo rally by Coptic Christians to protest the burning of a church turns violent, underscoring the growing sectarian divisions in Egypt since the fall of Hosni Mubarak. At least 22 people were killed in clashes between military police and Coptic Christian protesters in the…

Syria warns nations against recognizing opposition group
LA Times 9 Oct 2011 – Foreign Minister Walid Moallem says Syria would take ‘tough measures’ against any country that recognizes the opposition Syrian National Council. Syria’s foreign minister warned other nations Sunday not to bestow international legitimacy on a new opposition umbrella group that seeks to expedite the ouster of…

Libya fighters find scenes of despair in Surt hospital
LA Times 9 Oct 2011 – Injured loyalist soldiers and civilian patients line blood-smeared corridors while awaiting care in the short-staffed facility damaged by bomb blasts. An emaciated patient lay unconscious in the abandoned intensive care unit. The heart monitor beside the bed beeped loudly, ringing out across an empty ward…

New York Times

Copts Criticize Egypt Government Over Killings
New York Times 10 Oct 2011 – Egypt’s Coptic Church issues a harsh denunciation of the government, referring to “problems that occur repeatedly and go unpunished.”

Israeli Cabinet Backs Outline for Social Change
New York Times 10 Oct 2011 – The Israeli government approved recommendations for new housing, education and tax measures, a process that is expected to take several months to carry out.


Obama administration asserts right to assassinate Americans
WSWS – A memorandum drafted last year spells out the claim that the president can authorize a killing regardless of legal and constitutional prohibitions.

NATO and anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya step up bombardment of Sirte
WSWS – The crisis in Sirte underscores the grotesque nature of the claims made by the NATO powers and their political cheerleaders that the war on Libya was a “humanitarian” intervention.

JTA: BDS backer bumped from Heroes contest
Jewish Voice for Peace –

Mitchell Plitnick: For Yom Kippur, Jewish Federation Tries To Muzzle Muzzlewatch
Jewish Voice for Peace –

Peres Offers Condolences on Erdogan’s Mother’s Death, Won’t Offer Condolences for Mavi Marmara Dead
Tikun Olam – Haaretz’s Barak Ravid made a mountain of meaning out of Shimon Peres’ offering condolences to Turkey’s prime minister on the death of the latter’s elderly mother recently: Peres’s condolences are particularly noteworthy in light of the recent deterioration in ties between Israel and Turkey. The Israeli…

The impact of the Wall on Palestinian life
Mondoweiss – Virtual field visit: Impact of the Annexation Wall This tour shows how the building of the Annexation Wall on Palestinian land; the severe restrictions on movement resulting in loss of livelihoods; and the expansion of the settlements, are tactics being employed by the Israeli Occupying Power…

A Presbyterian take on divestment from the Israeli occupation
Mondoweiss – “What does the Lord require of you? To do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8) This is what inspires the work of the PC (U.S.A.)’s investment policy committee, Mission Responsibility Through Investing (MRTI). MRTI’s record in its mission has…

The 99 percent in DC
Mondoweiss – (Photo: John Quiqley ) To learn about activities happening near you visit Occupy Together . To learn more about “the 99 percent” and the inspiration behind the protests be sure to visit the We Are the 99 Percent tumblr page .

In Cairo, the SCAF consecrates sectarian bloodshed
Mondoweiss – I enjoyed reading Philip Weiss’s personal account of how he came to mark Yom Kippur in Cairo . Ahead of a day in which a mass anti-sectarian march was planned, it instinctively felt like a nice rejoinder to the spirit of the ongoing revolution and the millions…

Local Angel
Mondoweiss – The angel in the poster on the right is from the Christian/ Muslim cemetery in Jaffa that wasdesecrated last week by Israeli Jews The text below is from the book What Does A Jew Want? and from my film, Local Angel whichColumbia University is showing today…

Jewish Terrorists and Death of Irony
Tikun Olam – Jewish terrorists have neither brains nor a sense of irony. Imagine, spray-painting “Death to Arabs” on Arab gravestones. H/t Issa Edward Boursheh.

Second Mosque Arson Suspect Identified Here, Haaretz’s Melman Says Shin Bet Can’t Solve Jewish Terror Crimes Because Doesn’t Want to
Tikun Olam – Mosque burning Jewish terror suspect, Yisrael Katz I’ve published here , the only media source inside or outside Israel to do so, the full name of the settler suspect arrested by police in the mosque arson attack: Yisrael Katz from Yitzhar. I’ve also noted that the evidence…

Elie Wiesel, Former Israeli Intelligence Chiefs Celebrate Judaization of East Jerusalem
Tikun Olam – Elie Wiesel celebrates Elad’s theft of Palestinian land Before Rosh Hashana, Orthodox Jews gather at night to read and study in a ritual known as Selichot (“penitential prayers”). The ritual is meant to spiritually attune the mind and soul to repentance and introspection, primary themes of…

Misc 2

The upcoming Syrian-Arab spring
Voltaire Network 10 Oct 2011 – Editorial Erdogan’s adventure and the calculation of the cost Following the failure which affected the Western alliance at the Security Council due to the Chinese-Russian veto, the American administration publicly assigned the mission of pressuring Syria to Erdogan’s government. Numerous questions are surrounding the Turkish authorities’…

Euro parliament delegation visits Jerusalem MPs’ protest tent
Middle East Monitor 10 Oct 2011 – A high-ranking European parliamentary and political delegation has visited the protest tent of the Jerusalemite parliamentarians threatened with deportation. The solidarity visit took place during a trip to Jordan and the occupied West Bank organised by the Council for Palestinian-European Relations. The delegation, headed by Britain’s…

A day of festivities for the injured children of Gaza
Middle East Monitor 10 Oct 2011 – EXCLUSIVE PICTURES The Our Country Centre has held a theatre and entertainment event for child war invalids on the grounds of the Al-Jazeera Club in Gaza City. The goal of the festival was to bring and atmosphere of joviality and happiness to Palestinian children who have…

Wadah Khanfar honoured at IslamExpo dinner
Middle East Monitor 10 Oct 2011 – EXCLUSIVE PICTURES IslamExpo has held a dinner in honour of the ex-Director General of the Al-Jazeera Network at which Wadah Khanfar was congratulated for his impressive tenure at the Doha-based station. Hosting the event, Anas al-Tikriti of IslamExpo welcomed Mr Khanfar and thanked him for the…

An investigation into the transformation of Jerusalem after 1967
Middle East Monitor 10 Oct 2011 – Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem has for all intents and purposes strangled its Arab population. The restrictive policies enforced in; construction, planning, land appropriation, investment in infrastructure and services are all geared to force the flight of Palestinians and realize the Judaisation of the city. Consequently, every…

Minister: Hunger strike about isolation, not chicken
Sabr 9 Oct 2011 – BETHLEHEM ( Ma’an ) — The main goal of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails is an end to solitary confinement policies, the Palestinian Authority prisoners’ affairs minister said Sunday. The use of isolation cells is the “strategic demand” of prisoners, who have refused food for…

Israel approves several hunger strike demands
Sabr 9 Oct 2011 – BETHLEHEM ( Ma’an ) — Israeli prison authorities have decided to meet some of the demands by Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails, detainees said Sunday. The prison administration has agreed to allow the transmission of satellite television, has allowed prisoners to go on family visits…

Voices from the Occupation: Ahmad F. – Detention
Sabr 9 Oct 2011 – DCI Palestine Name: Ahmad F. Date of arrest: 6 July 2011 Age: 15 Location: Burin village, occupied West Bank Accusation: Throwing stones On 6 July 2011, a 15-year-old boy from Burin village, near Nablus, in the occupied West Bank, is arrested by Israeli soldiers from the…

DCI submits complaint on behalf of child detainee
Sabr 9 Oct 2011 – DCI Palestine [19 September 2011] ‚Äì On 7 September 2011, DCI submitted a complaint to the Israeli authorities on behalf 17-year-old Ahmad R. The complaint requests that the Judge Advocate General opens an investigation into allegations that Ahmad was mistreated by Israeli soldiers in May 2011….

Egypt Copts mourn unrest victims
BBC 10 Oct 2011 – Thousands of Egyptian Christians gather for funerals of protesters killed on Sunday, with many mourners expressing anger at the military.

Gaddafi Sirte troops ‘cornered’
BBC 10 Oct 2011 – Pro-Gaddafi troops are cornered in two small areas of Sirte, says a commander with Libya’s interim government forces, as heavy fighting continues.

EU hails Syria opposition council
BBC 10 Oct 2011 – The EU welcomes the formation of the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) as “a positive step forward”, despite warnings from Damascus.

(en) Palestine-Israel, After the September big noise the joint struggle continue
A-infos 10 Oct 2011 – The pick of the struggle was the escalation in settler colonialists terror in Anata, where a mob of local settlers – including personal of state forces who live there, attacked Jewish radical activists who accompanied Palestinians who tried to access their land. The state forces -…

(en) US, WSA’s Ideas & Actions, An American Fall By Steve Fake
A-infos 10 Oct 2011 – The Arab Spring and European Summer have now inspired a wave of demonstrations in the U.S. as well. It may well prove to be the most significant wave of protests the nation has seen in many years. —— The occupation of Wall Street began on September…

Israel plans to expel Bedouin communities from Area C
B’tselem 9 Oct 2011 – The Civil Administration has announced a plan to “relocate” the 27,000 Bedouins living in Area C in the West Bank. In Jan. 2012, some 2,300 Bedouins will be forcibly transferred to a site near the Abu Dis refuse dump, east of Jerusalem, in blatant contravention of…


After September
Khaled Amayreh, Al-Ahram Weekly10/6/2011
Following Abbas’s celebrated speech in New York, Palestinians wonder whether international support in the UN will help them attain freedom and national rights.
Palestinians are quickly returning to reality following the brief euphoria generated by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’s landmark speech at the United Nations on 23 September.
PA officials, who have been overenthusiastic about the creation of an international momentum that would dramatically expedite Palestinian statehood, are now realising that reality is more complex than they previously thought.
This is not to say that Palestinians, including the PA, are having second thoughts about the PA bid to gain UN membership for a prospective state. Far from it, there is a great consensus among Palestinians that Abbas’s speech was positive, if not impressive.
However, there is renewed realisation that speeches alone, even if eloquent, alone don’t produce statehood and that a lot of struggle, bitterness, as well as sacrifices are still required to convince the world of the long-overdue entitlement of Palestinian statehood, independence and freedom.
Privately though, some PA officials don’t hesitate to express their frustration and disillusionment over the fact that both the United States and Europe know that Israel is not willing to pay the price for peace.
Some other Palestinian officials lashed out at the International Quartet, accusing Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair of being excessively biased towards of Israel and of being Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s lackey. more.. e-mail

Power and Confusion in the United States and Palestine
Rami G. Khouri, Agence Global10/10/2011
WASHINGTON, D.C. — To spend time speaking and listening to a wide range of people in Washington, D.C. on Middle Eastern issues, as I did last week, is to wander into a world of deep perplexity, for two main reasons: Every pillar of the United States’ Middle East policies is changing rapidly, and much of the change sees Middle Eastern actors taking charge of their own destinies, leaving the United States in a strangely weakened and often marginalized position. The principal manifestations of this situation are the behavior of the Palestinians, Saudis, Egyptians, Israelis, Turks, and Iranians, and the Russians and Chinese from outside the region. The two most telling arenas where American perplexity rises to the surface are the Palestinian bid for UN recognition and the Arab citizen rolling revolts across the region.
The most dramatic window into America’s confusion, contradictions, and degraded credibility is its inability to stop the forward motion of the Palestinian bid for United Nations recognition of statehood in the pre-1967 borders. This has dramatically exposed Washington’s sharp isolation in the region, because its strong commitment to Israel apparently overrides any other issue there, including applying the international rule of law on problems like Israeli settlements expansion. The Palestinians not only dismissed strong American objections about the move at the UN, but have now followed this up with a request for recognition at UNESCO, which has received preliminary approval from the body’s executive board. The United States has threatened to cut off its funding for UNESCO, which accounts for 22 percent of the body’s budget. In the new world we are entering, the Palestinians are acting, and Washington is reacting.
This is just one example of how the strongest power in the world also may be the weakest power in the Middle East, despite its armed forces fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The isolation of the American-Israeli delegations at the UN reflects a wider reality. Across the region, most people and governments see American policies as being contrary or even hostile to their wellbeing. This will continue to be highlighted by the Palestinian move at the UN in the months ahead. more.. e-mail

Grapel stays
Doaa El-Bey, Al-Ahram Weekly10/6/2011
US attempts to release an alleged American-Israeli spy have yet to succeed.
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has turned down calls by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to release Ilan Grapel, an Israeli-American accused of being a Mossad spy.
Meanwhile, in a meeting with journalists at the US Embassy in Cairo, Panetta denied his involvement in any direct negotiations over the release of Grapel, adding that he had heard some news reports suggesting his imminent release.
Panetta concluded a visit to Cairo on Tuesday during which he held talks with the head of the ruling military council Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and Prime Minister Essam Sharaf. The release of Grapel was one of the issues discussed during the meeting which also focussed on the situation in Egypt. Panetta reaffirmed the US commitment of a strong, long-term military relationship with Egypt. He also expressed his country’s willingness to help in the democratic transition in Egypt and underlined the importance of lifting emergency laws.
Grapel is a dual US-Israeli citizen detained in Cairo in June on suspicion of being a spy for Israel. He allegedly sought to inflame the passions of demonstrators, encouraging them to clash with military forces during the 25 January Revolution.
Before Panetta’s visit, several news reports suggested a deal was in the works to release Grapel in return for freeing dozens of Egyptians detained in Israeli prisons. Various Israeli newspapers and Israeli TV reported that the deal was almost complete. It was also said Grapel would return to Washington with Panetta at the end of the defense secretary’s trip. Although the deal was not made yet, observers believe that it might just be delayed. more.. e-mail

Hunger strikes will continue until prisoners’ demands respected
Electronic Intifada: 10 Oct 2011 – Jillian Kestler-D’Amours The Electronic Intifada Haifa Thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails continue to hunger strike and commit other acts of civil disobedience to demand basic human rights. Meanwhile, activists in Palestine and around the world hold hunger strikes in solidarity.more

Palestine: Justice First, Negotiations Later
Palestine Chronicle: 10 Oct 2011 – By Stuart Littlewood Law, justice, liberty and human rights, we were taught, are non-negotiable. Perhaps Obama, La Clinton, Cameron and Hague missed that important part of their education. Restore the Palestinians’ lands, homes and resources, as required by law, by convention and by numerous United Nations resolutions, then see what’s left to negotiate. That is the route to peace. If Israel digs its heels in, the UN knows what to do. It must resort to sanctions, obviously, like it does against any other delinquent nation. This will be a simple test of the great organisation’s high-minded principles, and for its not-so-high-minded members. If it cannot rise to the moral challenge it doesn’t deserve to survive. And the world is doomed. The Palestinians may not wish to swap bits of land. If they do, they should not have to bargain with a gun to their head or a military jackboot on…more

Dancing on Our Occupation Permit
Dissident Voice: 10 Oct 2011 – Sunday night, our permit expired for occupying Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. So we threw a dance party, and when we could dance no more, we went to sleep in Freedom Plaza. We have until 2 p.m. today to remove our possessions. We do not intend to do so. We suspect that if the police want to remove us by force they will wait until evening. So we’re throwing a dinner party, and 99% of the country is invited. Our permit is now the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. There is no way for the vast majority of people in this enormous country…more

Obama at the General Assembly: Sacrificing Palestine for Zionist Campaign Funds
Dissident Voice: 10 Oct 2011 – There are two views of Obama’s speech to the General Assembly on September 21, 2011, and his opposition to the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state and its admission to the UN. The common opinion of foreign policy experts was that Obama led the US to an ignominious diplomatic defeat, deepening US isolation in the international system. The White House’s blatant parroting of Israel’s position to continue bilateral negotiations, while Tel Aviv continued to colonize Palestinian land and forcibly evict its residents, alienated the 1.5 billion Muslims throughout the world. Obama’s refusal to even mention the return to the 1967 borders as a basis for a “peace settlement” totally undermined any pretext that the US could act as an “honest broker” in Mid-East peace negotiations, even in the eyes of its most slavish supporters in the PLO. His one-sided reference to Israel’s minimal casualties in maintaining the Occupation, while…more

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