Wikileaks Newslinks 27 October 2011

27 October 2011 —

WikiLeaks suspends operations due to cash crunch
Times of India
(WikiLeaks will have to stop publishing secret cables and devote itself to fund-raising if it is unable to end a financial “blockade” by US firms.)

US diplomat suspended for book, blog with WikiLeaks link
WASHINGTON — The State Department has suspended a veteran diplomat for a book critical of US policy in Iraq and irreverent blog posts that included a link to a WikiLeaks cable, he said Wednesday. Peter Van Buren, a 23 year foreign service officer who …

WikiLeaks: Bulgarian Intelligence Head is Sycophantic
Photo by Sofia Photo Agency The following cable, sent by John Beyrle, US Ambassador to Bulgaria before going to Moscow, dated January 25, 2007, has been released by WikiLeaks and their Bulgarian partner, the site fo
investigative journalism …

WSJ, NYT Wikileaks Knockoffs Stuck in Neutral
Image by AFP/Getty Images via @daylife The news that Wikileaks is
suspending operations for lack of funds ought to represent a big
opportunity for The new York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Both papers
have been developing their own secure file …

Wikileaks: UN Hunger Expert’s “Profoundly Immoral” Actions (press release)
We write concerning the alarming revelation by Wikileaks that the World
Food Program had sent urgent letters to your predecessor warning that Jean
Ziegler, a UN Human Rights Council official tasked with combating hunger,
has engaged in “profoundly …

Wikileaks changed ‘climate’ rather than the ‘weather’…
Slugger O’Toole
You can sort of see why Bank of America, which Assange said in December
would be WikiLeaks’ next target, with the release of documents that would
produce a scandal as big as Enron, might not want to fund an organisation
which wanted to bring about its …

Glenn Greenwald on Occupy Wall Street, Banks Too Big To Jail and the Attack on …
Democracy Now
Greenwald also discusses the possible shutdown of the online whistleblower
website WikiLeaks due to a “financial blockade” led by MasterCard, Visa and
PayPal. “The reason why all these companies cut off funds is because the
government pressured and …

NOKIA rolls out a new range of smart phones, Wikileaks goes quiet and Oracle …
The Economist
The Economist welcomes your views. Please stay on topic and be respectful
of other readers. Review our comments policy. Building a Windows phone will
probably be the final nail in Nokia’s coffin. Symbian was not perfect, but
it is much better than …

Clear view on blowing the whistle
Cambridge News
Mr Snorsson, who was previously involved with the Wikileaks website, will
call for a transparency that allows people to be able to leak information
for the public to read – his own website has pledged to be more
transparent than Wikileaks. …

US, Aus spy exposed
Solomon Star
CLASSIFIED US diplomatic cables from 2006, recently published by WikiLeaks,
have finally revealed that Australia and the United States have highly
protected local intelligence sources in the Solomon Islands. The WikiLeaked
document trove which was …

Anonymous Threatens Fox News Over Occupy Wall Street
Escapist Magazine
They have attacked Scientology for its so-called evil practices, they
brought down major banks’ website in support of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks,
and they even went after Gene Simmons when he openly taunted them. Now, the
group has released a video …

Museveni: ‘Gaddafi was a playboy’
The Observer
The 2010 WikiLeaks dispatch also gave an insight into the playboyish and
eccentric world of the deceased Libyan leader. A cable sent by then US
ambassador to the country, Gene Cretz, claimed Gaddafi enjoyed flamenco
dancing, horse-racing and ‘relies …

The power to run the Internet
By Adriene Hill Marketplace, Wednesday, October 26, 2011 A man walks inside
the Pionen high-security computer storage facility of Swedish Bahnhof , one
of the companies to host WikiLeaks servers on December 9, 2010 in
Stockholm, Sweden. …

Christiane Amanpour Not a Fan of ABC’s Dynamic Journalism?
In your wacky Wednesday media column: Christiane Amanpour’s reportedly
unhappy, the New Orleans paper’s crazy Twitter scheme, the Hackgate Phone
Zero located, and Wikileaks isn’t so easy to copy after all. Christiane
Amanpour reportedly hates being on …

WikiLeaks is back in business
Banyule and Nillumbik Weekly
”To reclaim the organisation’s future survival, WikiLeaks is now forced to
temporarily suspend its operations and move into a phase of fund-raising,”
Mr Assange said in a statement released in London yesterday. Mr Assange
also revealed at a news …

Marine Corps recommends closing Quantico brig
CNN International
In addition, WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning was detained at the Virginia
brig 36 miles south of Washington before being transferred to Fort
Leavenworth prison in Kansas. The announcement said factors in the
recommendation included the facility’s low …

Akpabio and his many assessors
Daily Sun
Hence, when Wikileaks, the American whistle-blower, drew attention to Akwa
Ibom State , insisting that its governor is a man to watch – in terms of
good governance deliverables – the nation woke to its expected function of
monitoring. …

As Patriot Act turns 10, we do NOT need a Patriot Act cyber-edition
Computerworld (blog)
In the last year, there was talk of being charged with the Espionage Act
for daring to read, comment upon, “like,” or tweet about any of the dirt
revealed via WikiLeaks. That surely is not a crime, is not
terrorism-related either, but the threat of …

3 Difficult Document-Mining Problems that Overview Wants to Solve
PBS MediaShift Idea Lab
Wikileaks published the Afghanistan and Iraq war logs data sets last year,
and recently the full archive of US diplomatic cables has also become
available. All three archives are the same basic type: hundreds of
thousands of documents in identical …

Security and press freedom – walking the tightrope (blog)
The rise of WikiLeaks is one example of how government secrecy has been
radically challenged in recent years. In an interview with WAN-IFRA,
Charlie Beckett, director of POLIS and author of an upcoming book on
WikiLeaks responded to a question about …

US gas find off Vietnam adds to China tension
Financial Times
China has pressed international oil companies, including BP and ExxonMobil,
to withdraw from oil and gas exploration deals with Vietnam, according to
industry executives and leaked American diplomatic cables that have been
published online by Wikileaks …

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Cancels Swiss Trip As Wife, Aides Denied Visas
Voice of America
But persistent news reports say Mr. Mugabe has been under care for prostate
cancer – a scenario supported by a US diplomatic cable released by
Wikileaks quoting Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono as saying Mr. Mugabe
was a cancer patient. …

US Power Grid Still Prime Cyber Target
An open source app for stress testing networks, the Low Orbit Ion Cannon
was reportedly used by WikiLeaks supporters to unleash cyber attacks last
year following the arrest of the Web site’s founder, Julian Assange.
Langevin also pointed to Stuxnet, …

Design Fiction: “Speculative” exhibition, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
Wired (blog)
… and the activism of WikiLeaks and Anonymous. “Speculative” is a
unifying force joining the work on display and calling up the potential of
political, cultural, sexual, technological, biological, economic, and
ecological world we all want. …

US could face chill by seizing E. Guinea assets
The Associated Press
In a 2009 diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks, ranking US diplomat
Anton K. Smith described Equatorial Guinea as a country beset by foreign
and homegrown predators, “sharks … buccaneers and adventurers,” but
called Obiang one of the good guys. …

Kissinger calls Arab Spring a challenge for next administra…
Connellsville Daily Courier
In a wide-ranging conversation, Kissinger warned against a nationalist
backlash to the rise of China, which he visited in secret to lay the
groundwork for President Richard M. Nixon’s historic visit, and said he was
“horrified” by the WikiLeaks …

Kurdistan Trade Fair Attracts Hundreds of Businesses
Leaked US diplomatic cables from Iraqi Kurdistan, released by the
whistle-blower website Wikileaks, shows that US officials doubted the KRG
could attract major international businesses to Kurdistan if it did not
reform the way government operates. …

Iraq war over, War Party not
Tehran Times
In one single revelation, WikiLeaks stated that “its release of nearly
400000 classified US files on the Iraq war showed 15000 more Iraqi
civilians died than previously thought” (Reuters, October 24, 2010).
Equally important is the fact that the …

The Complicated Sexual Politics Of Occupy Protests
Sexual abuse or harassment at Occupy protests don’t mean the protests are
worthless, anymore than Julian Assange’s sexual history said anything about
WikiLeaks. As Gaeng says, it’s depressing but true that people commit sex
crimes outside the context …

Hacker group Anonymous performs ‘vigilante’ attack on online child porn hub
Daily Mail
The attack is a change of tack for Anonymous which has previously attacked
companies such as Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal in response to the card
companies’ refusal to process donations to Wikileaks. Its latest operation
began on October 14 and …

Connie Mack changes his mind, will run for Senate (blog)
That sort of rhetoric won’t change the hearts or minds of any movement
conservatives. Nor will Mack’s vigorous and outspoken defense of the
whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks help him any, especially not with
conservative primary voters.

Traffickers exploit state laws to move guns
Futurity: Research News
He ignores Mexico’s primary gun source being the southern border (theirs,
as pointed out by Wikileaks and reported by McClatchy and Latin American
Herald). Granted, I am not an economist. I do not have a PhD in math or
statistics, but I do know the …

Government Wants More User Data, Google Says
Google’s obligatory compliance with the US request for WikiLeaks
information, for example, sparked debate over warrantless digital data
collection. A New York judge also characterized governmental cell phone
tracking “Orwellian,” saying the ECPA’s …

Probable Heir to Saudi Throne, Nayef is an Enigma
The Media Line
Among the few peepholes into the private views of Nayef comes from an
October 2009 US State Department cable published by Wikileaks. The cable
calls him “elusive, ambiguous, pragmatic, unimaginative, shrewd and
outspoken” but ultimately an enigma. …

Revoke Obama’s Peace Prize – OpEd
Eurasia Review
Julian Assange and Wikileaks revealed that Iraqi civilians were slaughtered
by American troops and that our government told numerous lies to cover up
these atrocities. Assange probably faces a future extradition to the United
States when he ought to be …

U.S. diplomat suspended for book, blog with WikiLeaks link | The …
By Agence France-Presse
WASHINGTON — The State Department has suspended a veteran diplomat for a
book critical of US policy in Iraq and irreverent blog posts that included
a link to a WikiLeaks cable, he said Wednesday. Peter Van Buren, a 23 year
foreign …

WikiLeaks, Whistleblowing & the Global Revolution Panel – Listen …
By Kevin Gosztola
Revolution Truth has put together a panel that I am on this afternoon from
12 pm to 2 pm ET called, “WikiLeaks, Whistleblowing & the Global.

WikiLeaks Funding Killed By Corporations • VideoSift: Online Video …
By (NetRunner)
YouTube Description: Companies such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Western
Union have not let their customers use their services to donate money to
the Julian Assange founded WikiLeaks. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss
on …

WikiLeaks halts journal to raise money
By admin
STORY HIGHLIGHTSNEW: WikiLeaks says it campaign to start a newborn unknown
submission systemAssange: A banking blockade has destroyed 95% of

Wall Street Journal, New York Times not ready to fill Wikileaks role …
By Steffen Konrath
Forbes :: The news that Wikileaks is suspending operations for lack of
funds ought to represent a big opportunity for The New York Times and The
Wall Street Journal. Both papers have been developing their own secure file
submission …

Student Knowledge » Blog Archive » WikiLeaks halts book to raise …
By smile
WikiLeaks believed Monday with the aim of it had launched an antitrust
complaint in excess of the monetary blockade with the European Commission.
The organization and alleged it had ongoing pre-litigation dogfight
contrary to funding …

ChokePoint workshop at Impakt Festival- Choke Point Project
By chris
Recently, Wikileaks and the role of social media in democratization
processes have taken centre stage in the public debate. … However,
Wikileaks and the Arab Spring are just two examples underscoring the
importance of the debate. In fact …

Wikileaks Muzzled by Donations Blockade
A number of major U.S.-based financial institutions have blockaded payments
to Wikileaks, forcing the site to temporarily cease publication. Wikileaks
is asking …

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