Wikileaks Newslinks 28 October 2011

28 October 2011 —

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to learn fate of extradition fight in …
Washington Post
LONDON — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will learn next week of the verdict in his fight against his extradition to Sweden to answer allegations of sexual misconduct, the organization said Thursday. WikiLeaks staffer Joseph Farrell said that …

Will Mugabe’s party be torn apart by Wikileaks?
BBC News
But party insiders say the country’s independence leader, who has been in power for 31 years, was stunned by recent disclosures on the whistle-blowing site Wikileaks that his close allies spoke to US diplomats about his political exit and death. …

World Tech Update, Oct. 27, 2011
Coming up on World Tech Update this week Nokia launches two Windows Phones,
Sony buys Sony Ericsson, Amazon boosts Kindle Fire production, Wikileaks
stops publishing classified files and new technology tracks researchers at

Chan slams Wikileaks report, vows to seek legal action
Solomon Star
Mr Chan said there was nothing fishy about the Wikileaks revelations of US
and Australia intelligence in the country. He said he had no idea about the
Wikileaks documents which was obtained by the Solomon Star which had
pin-pointed him as a reliable …

Wenzhou: home-grown Wikileaks
WENZHOU, China — There’s only one place to go to get the gossip on
Wenzhou: Wikileaks — the local version, that is. For years, this isolated
coastal city has had its own heavily trafficked gossip website that has
also become a valuable leaking ground …

US Diplomat Suspended For Writing Controversial Book, Linking To WikiLeaks
Talk Radio News Service
Foreign Services Officer Peter Van Buren claimed Thursday that he was
suspended indefinitely from his position at the State Department earlier
this week after writing a book that was critical of US policy in Iraq and
linking to Wikileaks on his blog. …

A much-changed Doro
In two columns (Inquirer, 9/7/11 and 9/11/11), Amando Doronila, consultant
and senior columnist of the Inquirer, berated WikiLeaks for undermining the
relations among states. He deplored the “deluge of secret state documents
pilfered by the …

Steve Jobs is the modern Gutenberg
InfoWorld (blog)
Then there was the endless drama over WikiLeaks and its house-bound leader,
Julian Assange, as well as the usual round of dramatic threats from
Anonymous. As always, the residents of Cringeville have opinions about all
of it. …

Zimbabwe: Litter Bugs – a Case for National Discipline
Village Wikileaks, in a recently released cable, systematically intercepted
from the chief’s information department have it that as the sun buried
itself imperceptibly in yonder western horizon one wintry sunset, Mambongi,
the village idiot, …

Year after Rice praise, Wiki slammed Natwar
Hindustan Times
Little over a year from praising his pivotal role in the India-US nuclear
cooperation, Americans were hitting out at the former foreign minister for
“stoking” anti-Americanism, reveals the US diplomatic cables released
by WikiLeaks. …

Africa after Gaddafi
The Southern Times
In addition, revelations by whistleblower website WikiLeaks indicate the
island nation of The Seychelles in 2009 offered use of its territory as a
launchpad for US fighter jets. The US military has reportedly based MQ-9
Reaper drones there since 2009 …

Influential men seem a bit more socially aware
Montreal Gazette
… the WikiLeaks gang (8; the far less anonymous WikiLeaks mastermind
Julian Assange comes 41st); and diminutive Argentinian soccer superstar
Lionel Messi (10). And what’s this? The top-rated actor in the group of 49
is Canuck Ryan Gosling at No. 9. …

US prisoner files human rights complaint against Lithuania
RIA Novosti
According WikiLeaks, Zubaydah, 40, was arrested in Pakistan in 2002 as a
suspected influential al-Qaeda member who was involved with the 9/11
attacks. He has remained in US custody in various undisclosed locations
ever since. He has never been charged. …

Why Ryan Gosling is the man of the future
Globe and Mail
In a Wikileaks world, it’s not possible or even desirable to appear to be
the Teflon-smooth politician or perfect gentleman. Everyone knows there’s a
crack somewhere – a deep-seated insecurity, a messy addiction – and
it’s better to out it yourself, …

Occupy Oakland Photo Brings Global Solidarity
The NarcoSphere
Thanks were sent out to Wikileaks and the hactivists at Anonymous. One of
the reasons that the Occupy movement began was because the banks and PayPal
froze all Wikileaks accounts. The US used the banks to silence the truth,
after the Wikileaks’ …

Gadhafi’s death feeds theorists
His performance might have turned into the greatest show on earth and may
have made the recent WikiLeaks hullabaloo look like a Punch and Judy puppet
show. If you are dying for more news about Moammar, don’t worry. The
conspiracy theorists will already …

OWS: The Revolutionaries, Their Plan and Liberty’s Last Stand
The Moral Liberal
Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has been discredited by astute observers as a
pawn of the globalists he seemingly exposes. On October 15 th , Assange
addressed an adoring crowd of protesters in London. As he champions greater
transparency through leaked …

What happened to the rest of the Gadhafi family?
Safely back in Ukraine Galyna Kolotnytska made international headlines last
year when a WikiLeaks cable revealed that the Ukrainian nurse had been in
Gadhafi’s employ for nearly a decade. The cable reported that the eccentric
leader wouldn’t travel …

Corporate Hacking Firm That Targeted ThinkProgress Now Markets Services …
… of e-mails from one of the military contractors involved, HB Gary
Federal, and dumped them online for all to see (the dump revealed a
separate conspiracy, on behalf of Bank of America, to destroy WikiLeaks and
journalists like Glenn Greenwald). …

Judgment due next week in Assange extradition case
Newsday (subscription)
Click here Judgment due next week in Assange extradition case Originally
published: October 27, 2011 4:12 PM Updated: October 27, 2011 4:22 PM By
The Associated Press DAVID STRINGER (Associated Press) (AP) — WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange will learn …

China’s Morally Hollow Economy
American Spectator
In 2010, for instance, Wikileaks revealed that China’s present Vice Premier
Li Keqiang had expressed little confidence in his own country’s GDP numbers
during a 2007 conversation with the American ambassador. The causes for
such uncertainty are several …

UGANDA: Awaiting The American Army
Strategy Page
The peace activists point to Wikileaks cables which indicate the talks were
uncoordinated. To some that suggests a conspiracy theory that the
government wanted the talks to fail because it ultimately wants Joseph Kony
killed or captured.

Quantico Brig Recommended for Closure
The Quantico brig, officially known as a pre-confinement area, was in the
spotlight over criticism of the treatment of a Army Pvt. Bradley Manning,
the Army Soldier suspected of passing secret communications to WikiLeaks.
The commander of the Marine …

Looks like Congress has declared war on the internet
If you liked what PayPal and others did when they shut off donations to
WikiLeaks, you’re going to love the new Stop Online Piracy Act. According
to Techdirt, which has been a vocal critic of the bill and its
predecessors, the new legislation would …

Moving beyond ‘Mai-Baap’
The News International
It simmers when the Wikileaks expose skewed US intervention in a state’s
internal affairs, and it downright explodes when a US national chooses to
butcher two men in broad daylight. It is the threat and perfidy, which
people have come to associate with …

Interview with Nigel Warburton
Oxford Student
Cue a full, nuanced quote on the subject of Wikileaks: “Defenders of
Assange will say show me the victim, but it’s not that easy to do when
these things are happening behind firewalls. That being said, I think it’s
a fantastic development in the area …

Editorial: Iraq, the war that never should have been
… more than 100000 Iraqis killed, according to US government documents
released by WikiLeaks in 2010; and a cost to US taxpayers of from $1
trillion, according to the president, to $4 trillion, according to a recent
Brown University study. …

Stocks have big day…More camps being closed…Perry may skip some debates
9&10 News
LONDON (AP) — WikiLeaks says its founder, Julian Assange, will find out
next week if he has to return to Sweden to answer charges of sexual
misconduct. A staffer at his anti-secrecy website says Britain’s High Court
has told Assange it will deliver …

US Government Seeks to Create Website Ban List
The New American
Lieberman has moved to shut down websites like Amazon and Wikileaks without
a court order. Likewise, the Department of Homeland Security has seized a
number of websites just for linking to copyrighted material, even as that
material wasn’t hosted on …

Assange: Battle bigger than Wikileaks — War in Context
By News Source
Al-Akhbar English reports: Wikileaks, the international whistle-blowing
website responsible for revealing thousands of secret political and
diplomatic documents over the past six years, announced Monday that it was
suspending publishing …

Wikileaks knockoffs from NYT, WSJ stuck in neutral
By eMedia Vitals Staff
The news that Wikileaks is suspending operations for lack of funds
represents a big opportunity for The new York Times and The Wall Street
Journal, both of which have been developing their own secure file
submission systems. But neither …

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to learn fate of extradition fight in …
LONDON – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will learn next week of the
verdict in his fight against h… – World Breaking News – Winnipeg Free

US Marines to close brig that held WikiLeaks suspect | News …
By Syndicated News Feed
WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Marine Corps said Wednesday it will close a
prison in Virginia that came under criticism for its treatment of a soldier
accused of.

Will Mugabe’s party be torn apart by Wikileaks?
27 October 2011 Last simplified ?t 08:24 ET B? Brian Hungwe BBC News,
Harare Th? next few weeks ????? prove t? b? th? m??t trying ?n
th? career ?f Zimbabwe’s 87-year-ancient President Robert Mugabe. Until
now ?t w???? h??? b??n …

Judgment due next week in Assange extradition case
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrives at the High Court in London for
his extradition appeal hearing, Tuesday, July 12, 2011. (AP Photo/Lefteris
Pitarakis). Regular Photo Size. Related Coverage. Judgment due next week in
Assange …

WikiLeaks suspends publishing to fight financial blockade | Media …
Julian Assange says banking bans have destroyed 95% of whistleblowing
site’s revenues. By Esther Addley and Jason Deans.

Xeni on Madeleine Brand radio show: “Wikileaks struggles to …
I joined the Madeleine Brand Show today for a discussion about the latest
Wikileaks news. On Monday, Julian Assange said—for the second time in as
many …

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