Wikileaks Newslinks 12 November 2011

12 November 2011 —

Twitter ordered to give WikiLeaks probe info
Times of India
A US judge has ordered Twitter to disclose information about three account holders to US officials conducting a probe into WikiLeaks. SAN FRANCISCO: A US judge has ordered Twitter to disclose information about three account holders to US officials …

The Circuit: Facebook and the FTC, Senate upholds net neutrality, Twitter …
Washington Post (blog)
Judge rules in Twitter/Wikileaks case: A judge ruled Thursday against three Wikileaks supporters who were seeking the right to prevent the government from getting information regarding their Twitter accounts. The judge in the case ruled that because …

Wikileaks Euro Revelation: Germany Underestimated Greek Debt Threat
By Günther Lachmann Think what you will about Wikileaks, but a just published US Embassy report sheds important new light on Germany’s stance in the face of the crisis in Greece. The report, which the US Embassy in Berlin sent to Washington DC, …

Zimbabwe: Gono Speaks On Wikileaks, Indigenisation
IN the second series of a question and answer session between Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono’s (GG) and businessdigest chief business reporter Paul Nyakazeya (PN), the governor talks about the WikiLeaks, indigenisation, the financial …

Court Demands Twitter Data On WikiLeaks Case, Facebook And FTC Near Privacy …
Fast Company
In connection with a WikiLeaks probe, Twitter has been asked to reveal information about three users currently under investigation. According to the ruling by a federal judge, the IP address of the computers the three people used was part of the …

Google, LG Electronics plan TV with Internet
San Francisco Chronicle
Twitter loses a top marketing exec and it must turn over data to the government in a WikiLeaks probe. Google and LG Electronics may unveil a television using the search giant’s software at the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, …

Assange hires Swedish PR company
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is planning his return to Sweden to be
questioned over rape and sexual assault allegations, Swedish PR firm Ullman
said on Friday, claiming they have been hired by him to handle media
pressure. …

NDC’S Hypocrite President Insults Ashanti’s
Whistle- blowing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has leaked confidential
information to the public from the US Embassy profiles that involves some
Foreign Ministers, Ambassador’s and some presidents secret conversation.
More essentially it has exposed …

WikiLeaks ruling spotlights outdated e-privacy law
NEWS.GNOM.ES (press release)
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Australia House refused to host award
The Canberra Times
Instead, Australia House staff suggested that WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange could receive his Gold Medal in an Australian-themed nightclub
which advertises itself using a website featuring a man being ”dacked” in
a rugby scrum. …

Beware of the United States
The Financial Gazette
WikiLeaks has revealed that both the opposition and the ruling party
officials have consulted the American ambassadors. In all this, the West
and America more prominently, has once again emerged as the omniscient
arbitrator; hence the recent …

Movie review: Contagion
New Zealand Herald
He’s got a wonky tooth interrupting his film star smile and his character’s
vaguely Australian tones might be inspired by Wikileaks guy Julian Assange.
Though he doesn’t take up much screentime, he’s also a jarring note in this
riveting, menacing movie …

Don’t Believe the WMD Hype in ‘SEAL Target Geronimo’
Wired News (blog)
Pfarrer also relies on WikiLeaks — which I haven’t checked, because the
Defense Department tells me not to — for outlandish claims about Iraqi
WMD finds. If there was any doubt, that’s where he really proves he doesn’t
know what he’s talking about. …

The Biggest Little Diplomatic Crisis You’ve Never Heard of
The Atlantic
Information released by WikiLeaks offers a slightly different
interpretation. According to diplomatic cables sent from Wellington to the
United States, “[US diplomats] have been told by retired [government of New
Zealand] officials who were in senior …

USA Insists on Threatening Iran
National Turk English
Diplomatic wires revealed by WikiLeaks provide evidence on old Washington
and Tel Avivâs plans to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. On November 2009,
Israeli authorities told their US counterparts that “2010 would be a
crucial year, if Tehran continued …

Another State House exit raises eyebrows
The Standard
Mrs Kibaki had been incensed by secret conversations between the VP and
American ambassadors, as revealed by online whistleblower Wikileaks. The
leaked cables published online by Wikileaks depicted Kalonzo – just as
did several other senior Kenyan …

The Morning Wrap
The BLT: Blog of Legal Times (blog)
Revealing: A federal judge in Virginia has ordered Twitter to reveal data
about three account holders who are under investigation for their possible
connection to the whistleblower site WikiLeaks, The New York Times reports.
Twitter told the account …

At Occupy Camps, Veterans Bring the Wars Home
The Atlantic
He explained that it was WikiLeaks. It was the footage of the Apache
helicopter gunning down Iraqis released by WikiLeaks in April of 2010. Up
to that point he had been interrogating Iraqis and using what he describes
as psychological torture. …

Mimic with a fine ear for detail
Sydney Morning Herald
There is only one tense moment, when I ask about WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange. Would the US expect Australia to extradite him if he returns here?
”Well, there are no charges pending in the US,” a suddenly cautious
ambassador says, …

The Death of Mexico’s Interior Minister: History Repeats Itself, Eerily
But it may now prove difficult for Calderón to sustain inter-agency
drug-war coordination, which was criticized by high-ranking US officials in
diplomatic cables released this year by WikiLeaks, during his last year in
office. …,8599,2099352,00.html

TechEye’s Week In Review: Top Picks
The bearded Wales was mistaken by the confused customs official who thought
he was a rabble rouser called Julian Assange, of Wikileaks. He explained he
wasn’t and all was fine. Except with TechEye – he forced us to apologise
because we mentioned …

This Week in Review: Romenesko’s exit turns ugly, and Google+ is open for business
Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard
New York Times media critic David Carr mused on the decline of WikiLeaks as
an organization and its implications for radical transparency as a
movement. Dave Winer and Mathew Ingram responded by questioning why the
Times hasn’t supported WikiLeaks more …

The following is an excerpt from “Bowing to Beijing” (Regnery Publishing, Nov …
Washington Times
According to a secret US State Department cable revealed by WikiLeaks,
American specialists have tracked some of the most serious attacks back to
sites known to belong to electronic espionage units of the Chinese
military. In 2007, angry US defense …

Snap! Pippa Middleton’s in double trouble
Where did she find the lookalike of the WikiLeaks founder? “Oh, that
wasn’ta Julian Assange lookalike,” smiles Jackson. “It was Julian
Assange. He was very game to get involved. I like to do that sometimes –
throw in a real celebrity and see if anyone …

Best in Blogs: Rick Perry Offers Top 10 Excuses on ‘Letterman’ (Video)
Wall Street Journal (blog)
According to a US District Court opinion in the case of three WikiLeaks
associates, it should. [Digits] New Twists on the Old Tie: New York based
label Title of Work features embellished ties with details like silver
ventilators, strings of delicate …

Demand for probe into Ministers’ assets
We may recall that in a confidential cable release by Wikileaks in
September, 2006, Henry Jardine, the then Consul General of US Consulate
General in Kolkata, underscored the corrupt state of affairs in Manipur.
Reporting that rampant corruption was …

Mr. Kevin Rudd, Mate, Let’s Get Real!
Asian Tribune
Wikileaks has illustrated this point more than adequately. One only has to
visit any of the posh dining spots in Colombo on any given night to see the
extent to which the Western diplomatic community is being wined and dined
by those who are known to …

Beach Boys ‘new’ album brings listeners into the studio
Calvin College – Chimes
Wading through this material is rewarding, in the same way sorting through
other large unorganized data sets like the Wikileaks cables or old
architecture journals is. You get a sense that tight vocal harmonies don’t
come together in one take, …

Zimbabwe: ZANU-PF’s Real Agenda
Since the publication through WikiLeaks of a dossier of US Harare embassy
cables demonstrated the extent to which Zanu-PF members were confiding in
the “imperialist enemy”, Mugabe has been even more reluctant than in the
past to put his faith in any of …

Twitter Ordered to Give Up Wikileaks Data
By Todd Wasserman
A federal judge has rejected the appeals of three Twitter users being
probed over Wikileaks and ordered Twitter to yield data from them.

WikiLeaks Twitter Account Details Handed Over to US Authorities
By Gary Cutlack – gizmodo uk
Cash-strapped serious-gossip portal WikiLeaks is about to come under
renewed scrutiny from the US Justice Department, thanks to a court ruling
forcing Twitter to hand over details of who accessed the site’s account.

Feds To Get Access To WikiLeaks Twitter Accounts | WebProNews
By Chris Richardson
A recent ruling grants the United States Justice Department access to the
Twitter accounts of certain WikiLeaks associates, which indicates this
much: If you.

slight paranoia: Twitter’s privacy policy and the Wikileaks case
By (Christopher Soghoian)
Summary: The federal judge in the Wikileaks case cited in his order a
version of Twitter’s privacy policy from 2010, rather than the very
different policy that existed when Appelbaum, Gonggrijp and Jonsdottir
created their Twitter accounts back …

Judge Orders Twitter to Hand Over WikiLeaks Related Info — News …
By Jason Ditz
In a move which the Electronic Frontier Foundation termed a major blow to
online privacy, a federal judge today ordered Twitter to turn over private
information related to the accounts of three of its users as part of the
ongoing WikiLeaks probe. …

Twitter WikiLeaks Subpoenas of the Day – TDW Geeks
By Cheezburger Network
Twitter WikiLeaks Subpoenas of the Day: A federal judge has ruled that
Twitter must hand over information to the U.S. …

WikiLeaks | U.S. Judge orders Twitter | Privacy | The Daily Caller
By Joshua Peterson
U.S. Judge orders Twitter to hand over WikiLeaks data | ‘The three people
came to the Justice Department’s attention because it believed they were
associated with WikiLeaks’

Opera on WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange in the works
Opera Australia has begun work in Melbourne on the life of Julian Assange,
the founder of WikiLeaks. If the proposed opera goes to full production, it
will be the second time Assange’s life would be inspiring artistic
production in his native …

The Twitter Wikileaks case: how an outdated law makes a …
By Dissent
Over on Slight Paranoia, privacy and security researcher Chris Soghoian
does a brilliant job of delving into a section of the recent opinion in the
Privacy News –

WikiLeaks: The Lecture of the book (Nov 30th) | Charlie Beckett
By Charlie Beckett
You can pre-order the book, ‘WikiLeaks: News In The Networked Era’ here
(there will be a Kindle version at some point). The lecture is … The book
was written with James Ball who used to work at WikiLeaks and is now at the
Guardian. It is an …
Charlie Beckett

the nanyang post: Twitter ordered to hand over WikiLeaks probe info
By StraitsBlogs
The ruling came after the US Justice Department obtained a court order
seeking information from the Twitter accounts as it considers action
against WikiLeaks, which has released a trove of secret US diplomatic and
military documents. …

Opinion: WikiLeaks may die out but seminal idea will endure : First …
By donal brown
WikiLeaks seems all the more vulnerable as the founder, Julian Assange, is
likely to be extradited from Britain to Sweden on charges of sexual
misconduct. But even if WikiLeaks falls, the idea of a transnational
organization gathering and …

WikiLeaks: US thinks Daily News has become like Pravda …
By Colombo Telegraph
The remarks by Washington’s ambassador to Sri Lanka, are revealed by the
Wikileaks leaked cable. The Colombo Telegraph found the cable classified as
“CONFIDENTIAL” by ambassador Patrica A. Butenis. Under the Subheading

Wikileaks: Bank of ‘Merica Are A##holes (comedy) | OzHouse Alt News
By OzHouse
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Twitter must give user info in WikiLeaks probe – Technology …
A federal judge says Twitter must turn over account information to
government prosecutors investigating how classified documents ended up on

In Wikileaks case, US court rules Twitter data is not protected, but …
Big blow to online privacy today, and another win in the US government’s
war on Wikileaks. A US District Court ruled that private info on Twitter
accounts of three …

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