Libya Newslinks 14-15 November 2011

15 November 2011 —

15 November 2011
Syria uprising falls victim to power plays
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
The Arab League’s machinations on Syria underline how greater powers – after seeing the protests had failed – have hijacked the bloody uprising to further their geopolitical objectives. As the West takes a harder line and as the Russian camp solidifies opposition to a Libyan scenario, neither the Syrian opposition nor its government has the country’s fate in their hands. – Ramzy Baroud (Nov 15, ’11)

First Sketches of the Arab Spring’s Results (I)
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 07:41
Regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt, the demolition of Gadhafi’s rule in Libya, and lingering conflicts in Yemen and Syria were the first results of the tide of mass protests that rose in the Arab world in 2011. While in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen the outpourings of popular discontent were prompted by evident socioeconomic ills, corruption, and lack of democracy, the developments in Syria and especially in Libya were mainly attributable to external influences…

Syria In Western Strategy For Global Military Supremacy by Rick Rozoff
Dandelion Salad Today at 05:21
by Rick Rozoff Featured Writer Dandelion Salad Stop NATO Stop NATO-Opposition to global militarism November 14, 2011 The League of Arab States (Arab League) suspended the membership of Syria in the organization on November 12 as it had with Libya on February 22 of this year. In the case of Libya, whose membership was reinstated […]

VIDEO: Herman Cain stumbles in Libya remarks
BBC News Today at 04:11
US Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain struggles to answer when the editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ask if he agreed with President Obama’s policies toward Libya.

Greetings all,
Of course you will be following events on the ground and you will know that the carnage
in Libya is far from over despite the fact that the pro-imperialist corporate media is
now silent and has moved on. All of a sudden, as we would expect, they are no longer
interested in massacres in Libya.

14 November 2011
The New Flag of a Free Libya

Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Yesterday at 18:01
The U.S., British and French governments, supported by the Australian Canberra regime, Canada and Qatar, have installed Al-Qaida terrorists in Libya, and put them in control of the oil.

Libyan factions in deadly clashes
BBC News Yesterday at 16:47
Several days of fighting between rival factions outside the Libyan coastal city of Zawiya leave at least seven people dead, reports say.

Remembrance Day : “Let this Silence be a Scream for Peace”
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:00 Felicity Arbuthnot
Across the world the fanfare commemorating the ‘day the guns fell silent’ has been trumpeted (literally, in many places) as having special resonance: 11.11.11: a once in a century event.

VIDEO: Libyan Scenario Unfolding in Syria Yesterday at 15:34
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

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