Occupy Wall Street then the World Newslinks 11-15 November 2011

15 November 2011 — williambowles.info

15 November 2011
NY police remove Occupy protesters

Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 11:48

The crackdown on Occupy protests and the criminalization of dissent
World Socialist Web Site Today at 08:29
Throughout the United States, city administrations are moving to break up encampments of the Occupy movement, trampling underfoot the constitutionally protected right of assembly.

Brazilian army, police occupy Rio de Janeiro slums
World Socialist Web Site Today at 08:29
On Sunday Brazilian police and Government troops occupied three slums in Río de Janeiro as part of a pacification program in preparation for Soccer and Olympic competitions in 2014 and 2016.

Portland attacks Occupy camp
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 06:00
Occupy Portland’s camp was cleared over the weekend, but the struggle is continuing with stepped-up activities this week.

Election Day victories for our side
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 06:00
The resounding defeats of an Ohio anti-union law and Mississippi anti-abortion measure were signs of a new political mood shaped by Occupy.

Ellen Brown: Occupy LA Teach-In
Dandelion Salad Today at 00:46
with Ellen Brown Featured Writer Dandelion Salad webofdebt.com Nov. 9, 2011 OccupyLAMedia on Nov 8, 2011 Occupy LA Teach In Ellen Brown Ellen Brown is an attorney and president of the Public Banking Institute, http://PublicBankingInstitute.org. In Web of Debt, her latest of eleven books, she shows how a private cartel has usurped the power to create […]

Michael Parenti: Combating Imperialism: Occupy
Dandelion Salad Today at 00:34
with Michael Parenti Featured Writer Dandelion Salad Michael Parenti Blog http://www.michaelparenti.org Nov. 12, 2011 By Ryan Sparrow, Riaz Sayani-Mulji http://rabble.ca November 10, 2011 On this week’s episode of Progressive Voices, we speak with world-renowned author, political scientist and activist Dr. Michael Parenti. Imperialism from the classical and modern context, as well as its relation to […]

Time for a new Bill of Rights
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
Were people to understand the banking and monetary system there would be a revolution, said Henry Ford. Occupy Wall Street shows that the public is beginning to understand who does create our money and profit from that – and therein lies something more advantageous than revolution. – Ellen Brown

The Paradigm Shifts
In These Times Today at 10:00
The day after ‘Occupy Wall Street’ began on September 17, GOP budget chief and austerity ideologue Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) warned on Fox News: ‘Class warfare will simply divide this country more, [it] will attack job creators.’ The two events were not related (the media was ignoring the protesters), but their contrasting messages reaffirmed a reality of American life: The elites–the real instigators of class warfare–inhabit a different universe than the rest of us.

Police evict Occupy Oakland demonstrators
World Socialist Web Site Today at 08:29
Hundreds of armed police officers in riot gear descended on Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland, California at approximately 5:00 am Monday morning to evict dozens of peaceful protesters. The show of force was consistent with similar crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street encampments nationwide, including last week

New York police clearing protest
BBC News Today at 08:16
Police in New York launch a pre-dawn operation to clear the Occupy Wall Street protest camp in Zuccotti Park, which has inspired dozens of similar protests around the world.

NYPD evicts Occupy Wall Street encampment
Russiatoday.ru Today at 07:58
Police in New York have begun to clear the Occupy Wall Street movement encampment in Zuccotti Park, where protesters have been staying since September. At least 40 people have reportedly been arrested with the police…

“Occupy Wall Street Evicted by NYPD (LiveStream)”
MRZine.org Today at 07:45
CALL NOW: NYPD 646-610-5000; New York City Mayor’s Office 212-788-7550, 212-513-6300; NYC Mayor 212-639-9675; NY Governor 518-474-8390

Farooque Chowdhury and Michael D. Yates, “The Occupy Wall Street Uprising and the U.S. Labor Movement: An Interview with Steve Early, Jon Flanders, Stephanie Luce, and Jim Straub”

Unravelling Carbon Markets

Our fight for Ahmed Hossain
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 06:00
Facing the threat of deportation, Ahmed Hossain found allies who rallied to his side–including Occupy Wall Street.

99 percent for the planet’s future
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 06:00
Occupy Wall Street took a stand against the Keystone XL pipeline, with supporters traveling to Washington, D.C., for a day of action.

14 November 2011
How to overcome the power of the 1%

Socialist Alliance RSS feed Yesterday at 08:49
Sunday, November 13, 2011
By Dave Holmes
The global Occupy movement has focused the spotlight on the 1% versus the 99%. Who are the 1%? In the United States, the 400 richest individuals have as much wealth as the bottom 150 million. A similar picture applies in all the large capitalist countries.

Occupy comes to campus
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Yesterday at 06:06
Thousands joined protests at the University of California Berkeley November 9, facing down police repression–and voting for a statewide student strike.

Harvard is under occupation
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Yesterday at 06:05
More than 500 people helped to launch an Occupy encampment at the university most associated with the 1 percent

A win for Occupy Rochester
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Yesterday at 06:04
Occupy Rochester successfully pressured Mayor Tom Richards to negotiate a deal to let the group set up an encampment.

Oakland’s new excuse for repression
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Yesterday at 06:03
Oakland officials are using a tragic shooting as an excuse for threatening a new attack on the Occupy encampment.

Reports from Occupy: 11/15
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Yesterday at 06:00
Look here for regularly updated news of the Occupy movement. In this round-up: Seattle.

OWS: Just how do you turn ‘occupation’ into revolution? By William Bowles
Dandelion Salad Yesterday at 02:52
by William Bowles Featured Writer Dandelion Salad williambowles.info 10 November 2011 ‘The streets are our brushes, the squares our palettes’– Vladimir Mayakovsky[1] If only… What are Lefties to make of OWS? Is it ‘ours’? Where is it headed? Is it socialist? And what is it with occupations anyway? ‘The global Occupy movement has put the […]

The Greanville Post Yesterday at 22:28
(‘Mic Check’ is one of the many wholesome developments of the Occupy Movement.  A single speaker’s words are echoed by a spontaneous ‘chorus’ of listeners.  The benefits are twofold: the original words are repeated, magnified and enhanced by the additional listeners-speakers; and the words are imprinted on the minds and hearts of those who speak and hear.)

Musician shocks Obama’s party with Occupy song
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 17:42
President Obama and APEC leaders attended a stately dinner in Hawaii on Saturday, when the official entertainment took a turn for the unexpected as a musician chosen to perform for guests offered up an extended version…

Police planned Fortnum arrests
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:53
Police who arrested over a hundred anti-cuts activists for occupying a swanky shop were there to ‘arrest everyone,’ Westminster magistrates’ court heard today.

US authorities step up nationwide crackdown on Occupy protests
World Socialist Web Site Yesterday at 16:18
City governments and police across the US have stepped up their attacks on Occupy movement protest sites. Over the weekend dozens were arrested and encampments broken up in numerous locales.

Tragedy In Vermont
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:00
In an incident that can only be described as tragic, a man apparently took his life inside a tent at the Burlington, VT Occupy camp the afternoon of November 10, 2011. Like every Occupy camp, the one in Burlington, VT. has a fair share of men and women without homes living there. This man Josh was one of them. In a statement released to the press, Occupy Vermont-Burlington wrote: ‘Despite our best efforts to provide care and support to all our members of the (Occupy) community, occupations are not equipped with the infrastructure and resources needed to care for the most vulnerable members of our community…. This tragedy draws attention to the gross inequalities within our system.’

The Battle in Portland
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:00
Faced with a 12:01 a.m. Sunday morning eviction from the three city parks occupied for more than a month, Occupy Portland and its city supporters turned out in mass Saturday night and well into Sunday morning.  At their height around the midnight deadline, crowds swelled to over 6,000 strong.  This massive turnout came despite a police led fear campaign, in which reports were circulated via the local media claiming police ‘intelligence’ indicating an influx of 150 out of town ‘anarchists’ coming into the city for a violent confrontation.

Crackdown at dawn: Cops clear Occupy Oakland (VIDEO)
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 15:37
Hundreds of police officers converged on the Occupy Oakland camp early on Monday, dismantling the protesters’ tents and arresting at least 20 Occupy Oakland demonstrators who had gathered overnight in the town center.

Dan La Botz, “Rape, Drug Overdoses, and Suicide in Occupy Movement — What Does Democracy Look Like?”
MRZine.org Yesterday at 15:35
A series of crimes and tragedies in the Occupy movement — a rape in Philadelphia, drug overdoses in Portland and Vancouver, a suicide in Burlington — have led the media to scrutinize our movement more closely and have led the authorities in several cities to use such developments as an attempt to shut it down. We, the Occupiers, should ask ourselves: What do these experiences tell us about the Occupy movement and about our society? What is our moral responsibility in this situation, and what is the responsibility of the governmental authorities?

Occupy: Online buzzword of the year
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 14:39
The word ‘occupy’, the phrase ‘Arab Spring’ and the name ‘Steve Jobs’ have been most-talked about terms in the English language blogosphere and online media this year, an Internet monitoring report says.

Occupy Portland: Dozens arrested as camps torn apart (VIDEO)
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 10:50
Dozens of Occupy protesters have been arrested during a weekend standoff with Portland police. Thousands of people took to the streets to protect their camps in two local parks from being torn apart by officers in riot…

Overcoming Corporatism by Ralph Nader
Dandelion Salad Yesterday at 22:20
Dandelion Salad by Ralph Nader The Nader Page Nov. 10, 2011 The organizers of the spreading Occupy initiative are taking their awareness and moral indignation right to corporate territory–Wall Street, the corporate lobbies in Washington, D.C. and their likes around the nation. The denizens of corporate territory have taken notice, with varying degrees of alarm, […]

Can the Occupy Movement Civilize the USA?
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 19:27
Keep On Keepin’ On by BOB SIMPSON
‘What does labor want? We want more schoolhouses and less jails; more books and less arsenals; more learning and less vice; more leisure and less greed; more justice and less revenge; in fact, more of the opportunities to cultivate our better natures.’

Occupy camps under attack across America
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 16:58
Nearly 60 days after the Occupy Wall Street movement began, cops across the country cracked down on encampments in Oakland, Albany and cities in-between over the weekend, in a series of events perhaps the most…

Riot police swoop on Occupy Oakland camp

Combative Obama Renounces Socialism
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:00
Washington (CNN) — Seeking to recover his once-impressive standing in the polls, President Obama on Monday continued to position himself as the most responsible candidate in the 2012 presidential race.

Earthquakes, Hydraulic Fracking and Greed
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Yesterday at 14:01
Earthquakes, Hydraulic Fracking and Greed
Many of the Wall Street bankers live in Connecticut where the early snow devastated the area recently, hundreds of thousands, including many of them, were still without power this week.

Occupy Honolulu: Hawaiian Musician Makana Performs Protest Song to World Leaders at APEC Summit
Democracy Now! Yesterday at 13:36
As President Obama met with world leaders this weekend at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Hawaii to discuss how to bolster global trade, activists with the group Occupy Honolulu protested economic inequity that they say would result from new trade agreements.

How a neo-liberal shell game created an age of activism
Asia Times Online Yesterday at 11:00
Although mainstream media try to distance the Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring protests, both are rebellions against an extreme concentration of wealth caused by neo-liberal policies of deregulation and union-busting. The same policies that cost American livelihoods and jobs created dictatorships from Egypt to Tunisia, and now the global youth are united in their attempt to dislodge the 1%. – Juan Cole (Nov 14, ’11)

An Occupy Road Trip
In These Times Yesterday at 10:00
A trope about mass movements is that they spring up from nowhere. That appears to be the case with the Occupy Wall Street movement, which went from an idea to a social force that reshaped the national debate in barely a month. It may appear to be rootless, but the occupation of the Wisconsin state capitol in February and smaller successful episodes

Police move in on Occupy Portland
BBC News Yesterday at 01:32
Police in riot gear move in on Occupy Wall Street protesters in Portland, Oregon, responding to a deadline from the city’s mayor.

Fill ‘er up with The Holy Ghost!
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 00:10
…and check the dip-stick on my salvation!
Ilargi: I’m convinced it’s not so much that it’s hard to understand; instead, it’s hard to accept. Still, for most people that’s enough reason to not understand.

13 November 2011
Huge protests continue in Europe and US

Morning Star 13/11/2011 at 16:45
The global Occupy movement gathered pace over the weekend, when massive demonstrations against corporate greed took place in Europe and the US.

OpEds: The Occupy movement, identity politics and the International Socialist Organization
The Greanville Post 13/11/2011 at 06:49
By David Walsh, cultural and political analyst, WSWS.ORG 
The Occupy Wall Street and associated protests represent the re-emergence of social struggle at the center of American political life after an absence of thirty years or more.

The myth of the progressive city
The Greanville Post13/11/2011 at 06:25
With mayors like Bloomberg and Emanuel, urban areas have become bastions of privatization and corporatist economics

‘Occupy’ Protests at a Crossroads
Consortiumnews.com 13/11/2011 at 03:57
Occupy Wall Street and related protests around the United States enjoyed surprising success in getting across a powerful message about economic inequality in America. But now the movement is at a crossroads both internally and externally, as Danny Schechter explains. By Danny Schechter A week ago, I produced a TV documentary on inside the Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York. It was already somewhat obsolete by the time it aired. The Park, once a buzzing center of debate and open-air…

Martin Hart-Landsberg: Yes, Virginia, there is a 1%
Links – International journal of socialist renewal 13/11/2011 at 03:51
By Martin Hart-Landsberg
October 24-November 7, 2011 — Reports from the Economic Front, posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal with permission — The Occupy Wall Street movement has succeed in forcing the media to acknowledge the extent and seriousness of income inequality. In many ways wealth inequality is a bigger problem, since it is wealth that largely underpins income and power differences.

Missing the Point of Ohio’s Referendum
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page 13/11/2011 at 02:02
In a comment posted in response to the Open Salon version of my previous entry, Barzin Pakandam posted the following:

12 November 2011
Iceland’s Fair Value Vultures
Michael Hudson 12/11/2011 at 22:13
The’s New Bank Disaster
Olafur Arnarson, Michael Hudson and Gunnar Tomasson*
The problem of bank loans gone bad, especially those with government-guarantees such as U.S. student loans and Fannie Mae mortgages, has thrown into question just what should be a ‘fair value’ for these debt obligations. Should ‘fair value’ reflect what debtors can pay – that is, pay without going bankrupt? Or is it fair for banks and even vulture funds to get whatever they can squeeze out of debtors?

America Takes its Political Pulse: The November 2011 Elections
Strategic Culture Foundation 12/11/2011 at 20:00
Few signs suggest social upheaval in America will reach the level currently obtaining in Greece let alone attain a full-blown radicalization. All the same, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement may somehow trigger far-reaching reforms. The Populist movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries is a provocative precedent. It grew from below, it propelled Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Taft to break up business trusts, and it catalyzed women’s suffrage, child labor controls, the minimum wage, and more. Perhaps the real OWS drama is yet to unfold?

Occupy Homes: New Coalition Links Homeowners, Activists in Direct Action to Halt Foreclosures
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page 12/11/2011 at 19:34
While city governments and police forces across America – hypocritically attempting to claim that they are part of the 99% while ordering Occupy protesters to remove their tents – are this week doing everything they can think of to shut down and evict local Occupy encampments, effectively saying they’ll support the protestors as long as they sleep outside in the cold and the snow this winter, the Occupy movement itself has this week begun a campaign of supporting people whom banks are foreclosing on by occupying homes at risk of foreclosure when tenants enlist its support, beginning with Occupy Minnesota working with the Take Back the Land Movement: ‘a national network of organizations dedicated to elevating housing to the level of a human right and securing community control over land’.

The Occupy movement and beyond
World Socialist Web Site 12/11/2011 at 16:09
The eruption of global protests, sparked by the Wall Street occupation in New York, has given voice to the mass opposition to social inequality, unemployment, war and the corporate domination of political life.

Frederick Engels and the Theoretical Development of Modern Socialism
Dissident Voice 12/11/2011 at 16:01
Engels discusses the theories of modern socialism  in chapter two of part three of his book Anti-Dühring: Herr Eugen Dühring’s Revolution in Science. We are informed that socialism is a politico-economic theory based on the materialist conception of history.

Time for an Economic Bill of Rights
Dissident Voice 12/11/2011 at 16:00
Henry Ford said, ‘It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.’

Occupy: Finding our Core
Dissident Voice12/11/2011 at 16:00
The Occupy Movement is an amazing phenomenon. In less than two months it’s has aggregated into a global movement, taking a strong stand again the financial forces that have taken over the U.S. and so many other governments. There are no indications of us going away.

Occupy Wall Street – On the strategy and tactics of non-forceful and forceful responses to the violence of the capitalist-imperialist state by Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.
Dandelion Salad 12/11/2011 at 12:34
by Fazal Rahman, Ph.D. Guest Writer Dandelion Salad November 12, 2011 Abstract: In this article, a dialectical approach to the strategy and tactics of non-forceful and forceful forms of struggle, in face of the all-round violence of the capitalist-imperialist state, is proposed. As some of the pacifist, progressive, and anarchist or anarchist-like speakers and writers […]

11 November 2011
Tahrir Square & the Occupy Movement
New Left Project 11/11/2011 at 20:40
by David Wearing
In the rising wave of international protests happening under the Occupy banner, Cairo’s Tahrir Square has gained iconic status, frequently invoked by activists from New York and Oakland to Barcelona and London. The substantial differences between what is happening now in Zuccotti Park, or outside St Paul’s Cathedral, and events in Egypt at the start of this year, are obvious enough.

How Wall Street Occupied America
The Greanville Post 11/11/2011 at 19:18
Editor’s Note: We like Bill Moyers and sincerely appreciate his work over the years, and have few doubts about his good faith, HOWEVER, wise and bright as he is, he remains (like many of his generation) trapped within the confines of capitalist democracy and therefore incapable of envisioning radical changes beyond reformism. —PG
By Bill Moyers
This article is adapted from a speech Bill Moyers gave in October at Public Citizen’s fortieth-anniversary gala.

fer Fawkes Sake OCCUPY the WORLD 11.11.11
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page 11/11/2011 at 18:50
For more Info & latest updates, DAILY editions in this series can be found HERE

Clowns and matador fight Wall Street bull (VIDEO)
Russiatoday.ru 11/11/2011 at 16:25
If you ask anyone involved in the Occupy movement, they’ll be sure to tell you that Wall Street is full of clowns. In a new video circulating the Web, some demonstrators decided to give them some company.

Get Your Guns Out: Let’s All Celebrate Veteran’s Day
Dissident Voice 11/11/2011 at 16:00
Veteran’s Day is not a celebration to honor those who have served in our armed forces; it is a glorification of this country’s ongoing slaughter of defenseless people throughout the world.

Need vs Greed
Dissident Voice 11/11/2011 at 16:00
The current wave of non-violent protests across the U.S. and around the world is growing everyday in numbers, locations, and passion. Inspired by the massive protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Israel, India, and elsewhere in 2011 and the shout out by Adbusters over the summer, Occupy Wall Street started on September 17th as a reaction to the corpocracy, the big, powerful, wealthy corporations and their financial system with its limitless greed and disproportionate influence on our government and in our society. Whether or not we occupy, we are the 99%!

OpEds: Once again on Obama and Wall Street
The Greanville Post 11/11/2011 at 15:41
Corzine embodies the financial parasites at the top 0.1 percent of the income ladder whose swindling precipitated the global economic crisis and who have, with the assistance of Obama and his counterparts around the world, further enriched themselves from the social catastrophe they created.

Once again on Obama and Wall Street
World Socialist Web Site 11/11/2011 at 15:37
Even by the debased standards of American politics, the attempt of President Barack Obama to pass himself off as a populist tribune of the people and channel the anti-Wall Street protests behind his reelection campaign has reached new heights of cynicism and dishonesty.

The Occupy movement, identity politics and the International Socialist Organization
World Socialist Web Site 11/11/2011 at 15:37
The Occupy Wall Street and associated protests represent the re-emergence of social struggle at the center of American political life after an absence of several decades. In this context, the ISO promotes the unions and identity politics.

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