Wikileaks Newslinks 15 November 2011

15 November 2011 —

Court Decision Forcing Twitter To Give Up Info On Wikileaks Associates …
You may recall that the US government has been seeking all sorts of info on some folks who were somehow connected to Wikileaks as a part of its grand jury investigation, using the obscure 2703(d) process, rather than a standard subpoena (the 2703(d) …

WikiLeaks’ Assange to quit extradition fight?
Zee News
London: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has hired a Swedish public
relations company in an indication that he is ready to abandon his appeal
against his extradition to Sweden to face sexual misconduct allegations. In
a statement on his website, …

Anonymous Versus EFF? Corporate Donation Riles Activists
Wired News (blog)
By Ryan Singel This snippet from the leaked anti-WikiLeaks document shows
US journalists to be targeted in the proposed disinformation campaign.
Online freedom advocates blasted the Electronic Frontier Foundation, on
Monday, angry that the digital …

SKOR | Foundation Art and Public Space / NAi Publishers
Taking WikiLeaks as an illustrative example, Open 22 investigates how
transparency and secrecy relate to one another, to the public and to
publicity in our computerized visual cultures. It examines transparency as
an ideology, the ideal of the free …

Our World: Defending Israeli democracy
Jerusalem Post
US Embassy cables leaked by Wikileaks in September exposed the ugly truth
that self-described champions of Israeli democracy would like us to forget
about the actual goals of Israel’s self-described human rights
organizations. …

A chief fighter President and two non-Presidents
Daily Monitor
By David Sseppuuya (email the author) When President Museveni protested
unsubstantiated allegations by WikiLeaks about his personal integrity last
month, he called himself ‘Ssabalwanyi’, introducing a new word into the
Ugandan political lexicon. …

Ryan Phillippe’s Damages: “Out of the Ballpark”
E! Online
“He’s an arrogant and brilliant young man,” she said of the role, inspired
by WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange. “I really don’t like him. Just
so arrogant.” As for his work, Close cooed, “Out of the ballpark! He’s
doing wonderfully. …

Google the site Search our articles archive Search for an event
Chicago Reader
At a surreal Chicago Humanities Festival panel discussion on “WikiLeaks
and the First Amendment” at Northwestern University Saturday, a jaunty
Judith Miller (now a Fox News commentator) defended both WikiLeaks’ right
to protect its sources and the …

Dosing ACT with Epsom salt a better tactic
The Dominion Post
OPINION: Let’s face it, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks will not be breaking a
leg to get their hands on the tape recording of the Johnnies’ “cup of tea”
meeting. The Herald on Sunday paints the recording as breathtaking and a
game-changer. …

Q and A: US Policy Goals on Global Energy
New York Times
He resigned as envoy in May after several frank comments about the Mexican
military were revealed by WikiLeaks, angering President Felipe Calderón of
Mexico. From 2003 to 2009, Mr. Pascual was director of the foreign policy
studies program at the …

Malawi’s president not dead, just on secret holiday
Daily Maverick
He had a diplomatic, WikiLeaks-induced spat with Britain which caused
crucial aid money to dry up, there’s hardly any fuel in his country’s
petrol pumps and he’s had to crush, violently, an incipient Arab
Spring-style rebellion against his attempts to …

Rushdie Runs Afoul of Web’s Real-Name Police
New York Times
Twitter, by sharp contrast, follows a laissez-faire approach, allowing the
use of pseudonyms by WikiLeaks supporters and a prankster using the name
@FakeSarahPalin, among many others. It does consider deceitful
impersonation to be grounds for …

First Amendment Expert Floyd Abrams Admits SOPA Would Censor Protected Speech …
Either way this seems like a sad move by Abrams, who has been taking a
number of missteps after a long and distinguished career. Between
supporting this and his oddly ill-informed attack on Wikileaks (in which he
insisted Wikileaks had done things it …

Bringing Okinawa to Australia: An American Base Down-under?
China would (and we have Wikileaks to thank for this) be integrated into
the international community, but one had to wary. Australia and the United
States had to prepared ‘to employ force if everything goes wrong’ (Sydney
Morning Herald, Dec 6, 2010). …

Can free speech ever be too free?
St. Louis Beacon
A prosecution of Julian Assange for the WikiLeaks publication of secret
diplomatic cables would be “the worst thing for the press since the
Pentagon Papers,” said James C. Goodale who represented the Times in the
Pentagon Papers case 40 years ago. …

Where Soccer Has Been a One-Way Ticket Out
New York Times
15, 2009, was released by Wikileaks. In it, the United States ambassador
Ronald K. McMullen wrote: “Human rights abuses are commonplace and most
young Eritreans, along with the professional class, dream of fleeing the
country, even to squalid refugee …

Cheating: A way of life
The Asian Age
I must fall back on the WikiLeaks cables for the information that more than
30 million cases are pending in Indian courts, that our 21 high courts need
another 285 judges, and that there are 3170 vacancies on lower court
benches. …

ZANU PF factions unite to try to remove ailing Mugabe
SW Radio Africa
It’s being reported that Mugabe initially wanted to use the congress to get
rid of senior officials who were recently exposed by WikiLeaks as having
leaked ZANU PF secrets to US diplomats stationed at the embassy in Harare.
However Mugabe was forced …

Dershowitz papers, donated to his alma mater Brooklyn College, now available …
Washington Post
Additionally, he cited papers from his involvement in the movement to free
Soviet dissidents such as Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov as
well as First Amendment cases from the Pentagon Papers to Wikileaks. A
selection from the Dershowitz …

What the #!%*? Is Anonymous really behind threat to the city’s website over …
National Post (blog)
… tables on security expert Aaron Barr, who planned to unmask Anonymous;
in response, the group hacked into his personal and corporate websites,
publicizing thousands of emails that revealed Mr. Barr was involved in a
campaign to discredit WikiLeaks. …

Iranian Terror Plot Foiled, American Citizen Murdered
FrontPage Magazine
The Saudi ambassador was likely chosen because of Wikileaks’ revelation
that he had privately implored the US to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. On
Sunday, an American citizen and Iranian dissident named Ahmad Rezai was
found dead in Dubai. …

Proposed JLP candidates surrender US citizenship
Jamaica Gleaner
Earlier this year, documents revealed through whistle-blowing entity,
WikiLeaks, showed that Hay-Webster, although publicly stating her intention
to renounce her United States citizenship, later changed her mind and
aborted the process. …

Hacker reveals plan to occupy airwaves
Jake says he’s not a member and that he hasn’t participated in any of the
Anonymous operations protesting Scientology, shutting down Visa and
MasterCard’s websites in support of WikiLeaks, organizing this summer’s
BART protests in San Francisco, …

Happy Birthday, Guantanamo! Many more to come?
A document dump from Wikileaks earlier this year confirmed what many had
thought — that some of the detainees at the prison had been held without
reason. According to Leopold, it was very clear that America was holding
innocent prisoners. …

The Political Problems of Forecasting Structural Change
According to cables released by Wikileaks in 2010, Israeli Defense Minister
Ehud Barak claimed that Iran was going to achieve nuclear capability within
a 6 to 18 months timeline, despite a welter of countervailing facts (and
potential fictions) that …,40db1b50-7439-887d-706e-8ec00590bdb9,0c54e3b3-1e9c-be1e-2c24-a6a8c7060233

Even WikiLeaks has been forced to remove any news from Kosovo….Does this
sound dramatic? If so, remember how even the Jews couldn’t believe the
‘civilized’ Germans were capable of unleashing the holocaust. A good idea
from Kosovo Serbs! …

Museveni vows to defy MPs over oil
Daily Monitor
… that Malta rubbished this information most probably there is no
substance to the story of Dubai,” he said. Defending Mr Mbabazi, the
President said he was mentioned in the Wikileaks “that is famous for
distortions”. Museveni vows to defy MPs over oil.

FP Passport: Oman: The world’s hostage negotiator
Foreign Policy (blog)
A diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks indicates that Oman helped secure
the release of British sailors captured by Iranian forces in 2007 as well.
How did Oman become the Denzel Washington of Middle East hostage
situations? The answer lies in Oman’s …

United Wisconsin website targeted by denial-of-service attack
… as Anonymous has frequently employed DDoS attacks to take out the
websites of groups with which the collective disagrees – most notably the
sites of Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Amazonafter those companies took
negative actions against WikiLeaks. …

Twitter Ordered to Hand Over WikiLeaks Info to Justice Department …
By Tom Burghardt
In a further blow to online privacy rights and press freedom, the U.S.
District Court in Alexandria, Va. ordered the microblogging site Twitter to
hand over.

ContractsProf Blog: TOS, Wikileaks and Twitter
By lpbncontracts
A judge recently relied upon Twitter’s privacy policy in a case involving
Wikileaks. In that case, Judge Liam O’Grady upheld an order allowing
federal prosecutors to gain access to information on Twitter accounts held
by Wikileaks and by three …

Court Decision Forcing Twitter To Give Up Info On Wikileaks …
By News
You may recall that the US government has been seeking all sorts of info on
some folks who were somehow connected to Wikileaks as a part of its grand
jury investigation, using the obscure 2703(d) process, rather than a
standard subpoena …

What US Federal Court ruling over Twitter and Wikileaks says about …
By Antony Loewenstein
What+US+Federal+Court+ruling+over+Twitter+and+ …

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Twitter Trackbacks for Court makes it official: You have no privacy …
But a recent U.S. court decision involving the Twitter accounts of several
WikiLeaks supporters shows when push… moreOnline services like Twitter
and Facebook spend a lot of time on their privacy policies, and Facebook in
particular has …

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