…and Gaddafi was what? Bad, yes. Now open your Citizenship Readers to page 45….

15 November 2011 — Wild Wild Left

I suppose because the average Libyan is now doomed to years of social chaos, misery and poverty, western consensus media have redoubled their efforts to remind us just how heinous Gaddafi was. I know it’s near to useless to try to hold them responsible or awaken any vestigial conscience lurking in a journalist’s tiny head, but I make the effort occasionally. The specific story I emailed the BBC about is below but the overall coverage is the irritant.

Colonel Gaddafi: The last of the buffoon dictators?
By Kevin Connolly BBC News

an excerpt:

Bombastic ravings
Gaddafi made you wonder if dictatorship attracts the mad, or maddens those attracted to it.
He was an old-fashioned, theatrical sort of tyrant, whose lineage you can trace from the bombastic ravings of Mussolini, through the kilted debauchery of Idi Amin, to the platform-heeled kleptocracy of Omar Bongo of Gabon.

my email:

Surely if a thing is repeated often enough it has to be God’s truth. So, thanks much for telling me who the bad guys are. I’m too busy, stupid and apathetic to find out for myself.

Let’s find the Big Lie here. It is this: neither Gaddafi’s ‘buffoonery’ nor his cruelty to opponents were the reason for the Corporate West’s invasion and mass murder. There was plunder to be had. Witness only the high per capita income; reason enough to enrage western elites who are in a mad competition to impoverish their own populations. And for a final nail in Gaddafi’s coffin – Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh My!, Libya was not in debt to the transnational finance cartel!! That’s more than enough for any duty bound Ministry Of Truth to laud him as Killer Clown. BBC sycophant journalists needn’t worry about being singled out for criticism over this, though. Western global media was and is homogeneously, ravenously bloodthirsty about all things Libyan.

Sorry to get all ad hominen here but the BBC coverage is corrupt and brain dead. Oh yes. If it isn’t hopeless at ask, do a little homework. Gaddafi had nothing to do with the Lockerbie bombing. That was a German American Mideastern Syrian Brit intelligence agency, drug trafficker, state-sponsored terrorist operation, of the sort that makes my head hurt to examine. Multiple things were accomplished in the killing of all those people, not least of which is that years later a loyal to the City and Empire BBC reporter can make glib, unsupported reference to it to demonize a dead man. But sleep well in the comforting resonance of thy master’s voice.

Is it worthwhile to bring up these real but tired points? Or to reproduce them here? I don’t know.

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