20 December 2011 — The Wild Wild Left

Katanga province, Democratic Republic of Congo

aleela.jpgAleela hurried along the forest floor, trying to keep up with the boys. The coolness felt good to her bare feet. Soon enough the sun would burn away the darkness.

She dug thru mounds of dirt with her bare hands, looking for nuggets of copper to place in a pan. She thought of Suhuba. It would be nice to have her friend here. Of course Suhuba was too small to help, but he was a good listener and would be preferable to the two silly boys.

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New Riot Police Shields Will Suffocate Protestors With Acoustic Waves

17 December 2011 — The Wild Wild Left

riot shields.jpgMore new toys on the horizon from Raytheon of Waltham, Massachusetts to make the coming police state terror goons as efficient as possible when dealing with those dirty f’ing regular people sleeping in parks unreasonably expecting that their constitutional rights will still accrue in the new world order.

Yoo ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

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…and Gaddafi was what? Bad, yes. Now open your Citizenship Readers to page 45….

15 November 2011 — Wild Wild Left

I suppose because the average Libyan is now doomed to years of social chaos, misery and poverty, western consensus media have redoubled their efforts to remind us just how heinous Gaddafi was. I know it’s near to useless to try to hold them responsible or awaken any vestigial conscience lurking in a journalist’s tiny head, but I make the effort occasionally. The specific story I emailed the BBC about is below but the overall coverage is the irritant. Continue reading

Video Intermission: Occupy Is NOT An Obama Reelection Campaign

21 October 2011 — Wild-Wild Left

Stephen C. Webster writing at RawStory notes that ‘Speaking to a ‘We Are Change’ activist at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ this week, political hip-hop artist Immortal Technique threw down the gauntlet to those in the media who characterize the anti-corruption movement as a partisan affair, suggesting that the 99 Percent are willing to ‘sacrifice’ President Barack Obama’s second term if it would send a message powerful enough to spark change.’

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Video: Anonymous: Monday the NYSE goes DOWN

5 October 2011 — Wild-Wild Left

We witness the Government enforcing the laws that punish the 99% while allowing the 1% to escape justice, unharmed, for their crimes against the people.

On the other hand:

‘Anonymous threat’ plot to undermine Wall Street protest? Today at 12:12

The hacker group Anonymous says the resent announcement that it will attack the New York Stock Exchange is actually a false flag operation to mar the Occupy Wall Street protests.