And this from Mozilla Firefox on Internet censorship

16 November 2011

Fight for the Internet’s Future
int-censorship.jpgRight now, the US Congress is considering legislation that could profoundly affect the future of the internet we all know and love. It’s called the Stop Online Piracy Act, but the fact is that it won’t accomplish that goal. Instead, it will impose new, far-reaching consequences for us all. Here are just a few of the ways it could affect you:
• Every single online communications platform — from YouTube to Facebook to Amazon — could be under threat if a single rights holder alleges a violation.
• It would make the Web less stable and secure.
• General-purpose social media sites, like Twitter or Facebook, could be forced to track and control user behavior, chilling innovation and undermining free expression.
• Your internet provider could be required to inspect all of its users’ traffic and browsing.
Mozilla is joining with many other Internet companies and public-interest organizations to urge members of Congress to reject this legislation. We urge you to email your representatives in Congress today. And then please join our ongoing efforts to fight this legislation and ensure that the Web remains a thriving platform for innovation that’s open and accessible to all.

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