Information Clearing House 22 November 2011: US firm's teargas used against Tahrir Square protesters

22 November 2011 — Information Clearing House

Op-Ed Articles

US Backs Egypt’s Military as Tahrir Square Crackdown Continues
By Kristen Chick
Security forces have killed at least 29 as Tahrir Square protests enter their fourth day. The US has come under attack for backing the military junta despite vows to support democracy and human rights.

U.S. Ratchets Up Economic Pressure on Iran
By Barbara Slavin
The Barack Obama administration Monday declared the Islamic Republic of Iran a “primary money laundering concern” – a designation that stops short of blacklisting Iran’s Central Bank.

Once again, destination Iran
The Obama Predicament-and the Final Option!

Rev. Richard Skaff
What does president Obama have to do to get re-elected in 2012, and delay the total collapse of the global economic system that has been based on fiat money, black gold (oil), and an elite ponzi scheme that sucked the wealth out of every individual and nation?

Syria: Who’s Doing The Killing?
Video Shows Armed Protesters And Police Killed In The Streets.

Army Coup Reality Dawns On Egypt’s Protesters
The Bee
The Egyptian ‘revolution’ of February was always an attempted coup d’etat by the military – a fact that has gradually dawned on would-be revolutionaries who are again making their anger heard.

Weimar Revisited
By Uri Avnery
What we are seeing is a general attack on democracy as such. Perhaps only people who have experienced life under a fascist dictatorship can fully realize what that means.

Ron Paul: Flawed policies helped lead to 9/11
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Sunday he thinks flawed U.S. foreign policy “contributed to” the causes that led to the September 11 terrorist attacks, though he stopped short of saying the attacks were America’s “fault.”

The Roots of the UC-Davis Pepper-spraying
By Glenn Greenwald
The now-viral video of police officers in their Robocop costumes sadistically pepper-spraying peaceful, sitting protesters at UC-Davis (details here) shows a police state in its pure form.

Lobbying Firm’s Memo Spells Out Plan to Undermine Occupy Wall Street
By Jonathan Larsen and Ken Olshansky, MSNBC TV
A well-known Washington lobbying firm with links to the financial industry has proposed an $850,000 plan to take on Occupy Wall Street and politicians who might express sympathy for the protests.

Legalized Corruption of Government Exposed
Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff (who spent time in prison after pleading guilty to corrupting public officials) exposed how the U.S. government is legally corrupted. The Young Turks Cenk Uygur breaks down clips from his 60 Minutes interview.

Is Pizza a Vegetable? Well, Congress Says So
By Lizz Winstead
What does childhood nutrition matter next to the frozen food industry’s wishes? Just don’t ask what the pepperoni’s made of.

Hard News

46 Militants, 2 Army Officers Killed in Pakistan:
Troops shelled militant positions in mountainous areas of Kurram Agency, killing 11 rebels and injuring 25 more, TV news channels quoted security sources as saying.

18 “insurgents” killed in Nuristan, Afghanistan:
A total of 18 insurgents have been killed in an on-going cleanup operation in Kamdesh district of Afghanistan’s Nuristan province with Parun as its capital, 180 km east of capital city of Kabul, a provincial official said on Monday.

UK occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan:
The soldier from the 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (1 PWRR) died in the blast from an improvised explosive device in the Jamal Kowi area of the Nahr-e Saraj district of central Helmand. Next of kin have been informed.

Death toll hits 33 as Egypt clashes continue:
Protesters have brandished bullet casings in the square, but police deny using live fire. Medical sources at Cairo’s main morgue said 33 corpses had been received there since Saturday, most of them with bullet wounds. At least 1250 people have been wounded, a health ministry source said.

US firm’s teargas used against Tahrir Square protesters:
Egypt’s military junta fired CS gas cartridges made by Combined Systems Inc of Pennsylvania, say demonstrators

Syria speaks out against Arab League – video:
The country’s foreign minister, Walid al-Moualem, has spoken out against the Arab League, suggesting that forces within the organisation are trying to work against Syria’s interests.

Syrian “rebels” strike heart of Damascus:
Syrian rebels struck at the heart of Damascus, firing rocket propelled grenades at the municipal headquarters of the ruling Ba’ath party in an attack that exposed the regime’s vulnerability in its most heavily-fortified citadel.

Syrian army defectors deny attacking Baath office:
The commander of a group of Syrian army defectors has denied earlier claims that his followers attacked the headquarters of Syria’s ruling Baath party in the capital Damascus.

Turkey PM warns Assad his days are numbered:
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Monday that his days as leader were numbered and he cannot remain in power indefinitely through military force.

Russia says West fanning flames of Syria conflict:
 Lavrov reiterated Russia’s position that opponents of Assad share responsibility for the violence and should face concerted international pressure to enter talks with the government, Russian news agencies reported.

Russian warships enter Syrian waters to prevent NATO attack: report:
As we saw prior to the attack on Libya, which was also framed as a “humanitarian intervention,” NATO powers are keen to demonize Assad’s government by characterizing attacks by his forces as atrocities while largely ignoring similar attacks by opposition forces, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

USS George H.W. Bush Arrives in the Mediterranean:
While in the Mediterranean Sea, George H.W. Bush will conduct a full range of maritime operations and theater security cooperation efforts in concert with coalition, joint, interagency and other partners to improve operational proficiency, and maintain maritime safety and security.

Canada to maintain military frigate in Mediterranean through 2012:
HMCS Vancouver, which was recently involved in NATO’s air-and-sea campaign against Moammar Gadhafi’s forces in Libya, will be reassigned to NATO’s Operation Active Endeavour until early 2012, the minister said. It will then be relived by the HMCS Charlottetown, which will remain in the region until the end of the year.

Canada eyes military role in Syria if diplomacy, sanctions fail –
He told CTV’s Question Period that Canada’s armed forces are “prepared for all inevitabilities” but said in the case of Syria, there are a “cascading number of [international] sanctions that would have to happen before there would be any type of intervention.”

Report: Dozens of U.S. spies captured in Lebanon and Iran:
Current and former U.S. officials concede that CIA suffered difficult blow; sources say Lebanon informants were compromised by meeting CIA agents at a Beirut Pizza Hut.

Israeli defense minister calls for actions against Iran: –
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Sunday called for actions against Iran to stop it from acquiring nuclear weapons, saying “the time had come.”

Iran to hurl Israel into dustbin of history:
Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh told Fars News Agency on Monday that seeing Israel commit the folly of attacking Iran is “one of our greatest wishes.”

West Bank “settlers” attack ex-prisoner’s house:
Dozens of Israeli settlers have attacked a house in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron in protest against the release of a man in the recent Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap.

Netanyahu is now the last hope for Israeli democracy:
But Netanyahu can no longer stop it; this galloping tiger is already too hard to stop, and in the end, it will throw Netanyahu off, and with him Israel’s democracy, crushed, bleeding and irreparable.

Six Killed As Al-Shabaab, Kenyan Army Clash in Southern Region:
Heavy fighting between soldiers loyal to Kenyan government and Al shabaab and fighters in Lower Jubba region of southern Somalia, reports said on Sunday.

Ethiopian troops ‘enter Somalia’:
Residents and officials in northeast Kenya later told Reuters that Ethiopian troops had also crossed through their towns and taken up positions near bases from where the Kenyan military is launching its offensive.

Somali government says Ethiopian troops are not authorized to cross into Somalia:
 Abdirahman Omar Osman said Ethiopian troops would only be welcome if they had an international mandate or a bilateral agreement with the Somali government, but there is currently no such agreement.

U.S. & French air strikes raise human toll in Somalia:
United States and French military involvement in Africa is taking a deadly toll in the country of Somalia. Despite Washington’s denials, the people of this nation are suffering under the impact of yet another imperialist-driven war.

Ugandans wonder: Is US after Kony, or oil?:
Obama’s announcement could not have come at a worse time in Uganda’s political history. The country has been rocked by corruption scandals in the oil sector, with parliament calling for the country’s ministers to resign while it investigated charges that they took bribes from a British oil company.

Seif Gaddafi ‘Courage’ Surprised Captors:
“They were afraid at first to be shot, but we must acknowledge that Seif al-Islam surprised us with his calmness and courage… He wasn’t really afraid,” Ahmed Amer said of Kadhafi’s one-time heir apparent.

Saif al-Islam gives interview: Video – –
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi discusses the attack that led to his injuries and why he is being treated in Zintan. Rough Cut

‘ No fair trial for Gaddafi son – he knows too much ‘
– Video –

U.S. military denies forces killed Iraqis after convoy bombing:
U.S. forces shot dead two Iraqi civilians south of Baghdad Saturday following a bomb attack on their convoy, Iraq security officials said, while the U.S. military denied its soldiers opened fire.

Police arrest bomb plot suspect in New York:
Kelly said Pimentel had followed an online magazine from Awlaki, including an article entitled “How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom.”

Gingrich Calls Child Labor Laws ‘Stupid’, Wants To Replace Janitors With Poor Kids
In an anti-government diatribe that would be funny if he weren’t serious, GOP presidential candidate New Gingrich told a crowd at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government yesterday that child labor laws are “tragic” and “stupid” and have “done more to create income inequality in the United States than any other single policy.”

National Lawyers Guild Files FOIA Requests Seeking Evidence of Federal Role in Occupy Crackdown:
The rapid-fire assaults on occupation encampments in cities from Oakland to New York and Portland, Seattle and Atlanta, the similar approach taken by police, which included overwhelming force in night-time attacks, mass arrests, use of such weaponry as pepper spray, sound cannons, tear gas, clubs, all pointed to central direction and guidance.

Cost Of war

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,815
Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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