Deaths on the Nile: Is Egypt’s revolution following the course of Iran’s? BY SLAVOJ ŽIŽEK

24 August 2013 — In These Times

Now that the Egyptian Army has decided to break the stalemate and cleanse the public space of Islamist protesters, and the result is hundreds of deaths, one should first just imagine what an uproar this would have caused if the same bloodbath were to happen, say, in Iran. However, it is more urgent to take a step back and focus on the absent third party in the ongoing conflict: Where are the protesters who took over Tahrir Square two-and-a-half years ago? Is their role now not weirdly similar to the role of the Muslim Brotherhood during the 2011 Arab Spring—that of the impassive observer?

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Egypt Newslinks 1 July 2013

1 July 2013 —


Egypt’s Military Gives President 48 Hours to Resolve Crisis

Wall Street Journal

CAIRO—Egypt’s military gave Mohammed Morsi a 48-hour ultimatum to “resolve the crisis” before the military intervenes, setting the stage for a possible military coup a day after millions thronged Egypt’s streets demanding the president’s resignation.


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ICH 28 March 2013: Evidence Shows Syrian Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

28 March 2013 — Information Clearing House

Officials: Arms Shipments Rise to Syrian Rebels

By Dale Gavlak And Jamal Halaby

Mideast powers have dramatically stepped up weapons supplies to Syrian rebels in coordination with the U.S. in preparation for a push on the capital of Damascus, officials and Western military experts said Wednesday.


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Information Clearing House Newsletter 3 December 2011: 85-year-old Woman Strip Searched at JFK Airport

3 December 2011 — Information Clearing House

The Western Plan to Dismantle Syria
Redesigning the region and rewriting its map – that is the Western agenda in the Middle East, insists Galtung, specifying that “above all of that – protection of expansionist Israel.”

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Egypt imports 21 tons of tear gas from the US, port staff refuses to sign for it

28 November 2011 —

Document of importation of tear gas

CAIRO: The arrival of 7 and half tons of tear gas to Egypt’s Suez port created conflict after the responsible officials at the port refused to sign and accept it for fear it would be used to crackdown on Egyptian protesters.

Local news sites published documents regarding the shipment shows that the cargo that arrived in 479 barrels from the United States was scheduled to be delivered to the ministry of interior.

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Egypt Newslinks 24-25 November 2011

25 November 2011 —

25 November 2011
Tahrir terror: Female journos, ‘naked blogger’ assaulted Today at 14:55
Protest-riven Tahrir Square is becoming a savage minefield for women, as French and American female journalists are brutally beaten and raped, and Egypt’s ‘naked blogger’ mobbed. The latest victim is journalist for…

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Video: Death & defiance on Tahrir: Govt regrets & rejects — RT

24 November 2011 — Death & defiance on Tahrir: Govt regrets & rejects — RT

Addressing journalists on Thursday, Egypt’s Military Council rejected protesters’ demands to quit power immediately. Meanwhile, thousands of Egyptians who are not convinced by the military’s statements continue to occupy Tahrir Square.

Despite the ongoing unrest, it was confirmed that Monday’s elections would go ahead as scheduled and presidential elections would take place by June 2012.

The Egyptian military says any individual failing to cast their vote next week will be fined $83 (500 Egyptian pounds), RT’s correspondent Paula Slier tweets.

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