Wikileaks Newslinks 1 December 2011

1 December 2011 —

ZANU PF to avoid Wikileaks scandal at Congress
ZimEye Zimbabwe
By A Correspondent THE Zanu-PF Politburo has decided to chop out the Wikileaks scandal from its agenda at the upcoming Congress to be held in Bulawayo. The Politburo met in Harare yesterday to discuss the agenda of the 12th annual National People’s …

WikiLeaks Delays Launch of New Submission System Over SSL Security Concerns
Web Host Industry Review
By Justin Lee, November 30, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) —
Whistleblower website WikiLeaks announced on Wednesday it has delayed its
launch of the new submission system, originally set for Monday, in light of
recent security concern related to the …

Assange a liar, ‘monster’: journalist
The Canberra Times
In a television documentary, WikiLeaks Secrets and Lies, which screened on
Britain’s Channel Four yesterday, The Guardian newspaper’s Nick Davies
swiped at Assange’s credibility, adding that the 40-year-old believed his
own lies. …

Croatian transparency activists publish enormous database of government …
Boing Boing
By Cory Doctorow at 11:36 pm Wednesday, Nov 30 Marko Rakar, leader of a
kind of Croatian version of Wikileaks, has once again made a stir in
Croatia. Previously, Rakar published a database of fraudulent recipients of
veterans’ benefits (including …

Julian Assange a dishonest monster: UK journalist
Australian Times
Julian Assange has credited his Australian upbringing with providing the
motivation to launch WikiLeaks. However in a documentary aired in the UK on
Tuesday night, he was been attacked by a British journalist and labelled an
“extraordinarily dishonest …

US suspected Arroyo vendetta on Hacienda Luisita
28, 2005, according to WikiLeaks, said that “among many observers, there
is the strong suspicion” that the PARC’s decision “had more to do with
enmity” toward Corazon Aquino “who turned against President Arroyo
during the political turbulence earlier …

Joint oil exploration proposed to Libya and Italy
Malta Independent Online
Dr Vella said that Wikileaks had revealed a number of interesting facts,
such as how much our Prime Minister trusts the US Ambassador, telling them
Malta was going to sign the Partnership for Peace and what he really thinks
of those around him. …

CARAFANO: Staying on offense for cyberdefense
Washington Times
The fate of WikiLeaks and its fuzzy-headed founder, Julian Assange, offers
a case in point. The organization has been assaulted and spurned by all
sides, from companies such as PayPal and Mastercard that cut off its
services to the initiators of an …

What would you do in 3 years, 5 months, 30 days?
ZDNet (blog)
Unique in not only the work itself, as for any dissertation it must be so,
but that the secrecy and deliberate misdirection of the organisation made
it almost impossible to dissect the core facts about what made Wikileaks
headline news. …

The Difference Between Media Elites And True Journalists
The Walkley Foundation honored WikiLeaks’s founder for his “courageous and
controversial commitment to the finest traditions of journalism: justice
through transparency.” WikiLeaks’ “revelations from the way the war on
terror was being waged, …

Once again, war is prime time and journalism’s role is taboo
New Statesman
A US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks describes the new head of the
IAEA, Yukiya Amano, as “solidly in the US court” and “ready for prime
time”. The Guardian’s 3 November “exclusive” and the speed with which its
propaganda spread across the media …

Mbabazi turns heat on accusers
The Observer
“The documents presented by Karuhanga were the WikiLeaks’ reported report
by the American embassy. Ask them if they are certified documents because
if they are not, my expectation is that you dismiss them outrightly without
any second thoughts. …

EXCLUSIVE: Sri Lankan government gave orders to commit war crimes, new …
The International
Such a view appears to agree with statements made by American diplomat
Patricia Butenis in a memo released by Wikileaks last year, in which she
suggests that the responsibility for the alleged crimes rests with the
country’s senior civilian leadership. …

Mugabe’s Seized Farms Boost Profits at British American Tobacco
While Shamu said doctors are reviewing an eye operation, leaked US cables
exposed by Wikileaks cite central bank governor Gideon Gono saying Mugabe
has cancer. BAT Zimbabwe doesn’t contract with farmers directly but
“causes the growing of tobacco …

Facebook settles federal charges for violating users’ privacy
Moneylife Personal Finance site and magazine
According to some of the diplomatic files published by WikiLeaks, it is now
known that some US officials had been trying to collect biometric and such
other sensitive identification information about politicians and
bureaucrats from the United Nations …

Hacktivsim has risen beyond all expectations
A year ago it was isolated attacks on things like the Scientology religion
but [hacktivists] started to make headlines with Wikileaks, when Anonymous
came out to defend the whistle blowing site.” Hypponen said that typical
hacktivist attacks such as …

The Rise of the Geek Lobby
Slate Magazine
SOPA targets any sites that “enable or facilitate” copyright
infringement, a sweeping category that could be interpreted to include
YouTube, Flickr, WikiLeaks, or even Google. Opponents have said the bill
would result in a government-curated “Internet …

Odumegwu Ojukwu and truths we owe the dead
As WIKILEAKS recently affirmed, Ribadu also had a cozy relationship with
imperialist embassies in Nigeria, regularly singing like a bird in the
residence of the American Ambassador. His posture therefore received the
endorsement of the imperialists. …

Ofcom reverses decision to revoke licence of Iran’s Press TV
The Guardian
According to the WikiLeaks cables, the Foreign Office told a US diplomat in
2010 that the UK government was “exploring ways to limit the operations of
… Press TV.” At the time, the department warned the US that “UK law sets
a very high standard for …

Today In History
MSN Money
2010 — Hackers rush to the defense of WikiLeaks, launching attacks on
MasterCard, Visa, Swedish prosecutors, a Swiss bank and others who have
acted against the site and its jailed founder Julian Assange. Horace, Roman
poet (65 BC – 8 BC); Christina, …

America: The ally from hell
A December 2009 cable from WikiLeaks supports Cordesman’s view. Sent by
then-Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson to the State Department in 2009,
the cable argues that drones are effective in killing al-Qaida henchmen,
but will not succeed in …

Africa: Will the Digital Revolution Free the Continent?
… which for a long time has “sanitised” and kept the status quo in place
(be it at national or international level) is awed at the rate information
crawls out on outlets such as short text messaging (SMS), Twitter,
Facebook, Ushahidi, and WikiLeaks. …

Sherry Rehman, Pervez Hoodbhoy in Top 100 Global Thinkers list
The Express Tribune
Former US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne Patterson is also on the list, tied
with four other American diplomats, for ‘writing the WikiLeaks cable that
mattered’. In her 2009 cable, Patterson had said US policies towards
Pakistan risked “destabilizing the …

Hackers claim to steal credit card data to give to poor in Operation Robin Hood
Members of the group Anonymous have claimed credit for such attacks on
police departments that have cracked down on Occupy protestors and on
financial companies such as PayPal and MasterCard, after they cut off
funding to WikiLeaks. …

Keith Olbermann Says He Will Not Respond To Followers After Latest Twitter Feud
Huffington Post
In May 2011, Olbermann temporarily suspended his Twitter account for what
he believed were unwarranted attacks over his handling of the sexual
assault allegations surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Rodney DeCroo premieres “War Torn Man” video (Blogs) (blog)
The song “War Torn Man” comes from DeCroo’s 2005 live album of the same
name, but this clip—a smart take-off of the “Collateral Damage” video
released by Wikileaks last year—reminds us that the wars go on and on and
on. The duo premiered the video …

The destruction of animal spirits
New Statesman
We know from WikiLeaks that, prior to the 2010 general election, my old
adversary Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, presciently told
Louis Susman, friend of Barack Obama and US ambassador to London, that
Cameron and Osborne lacked …

Labour will not withdraw Malta from PfP
In a leaked US Embassy cable, Wikileaks reported that in a meeting with
former US Ambassador Douglas Kmiec in November 2009, Labour leader Joseph
Muscat and foreign affairs spokesman George Vella had indicated that PfP
membership “was not contrary to …

Occupy Sustainability: #MakeMoviesNotMissiles
Infoshop News, which is a site that focuses primarily on
Earth changes, Earth health, and transition culture—although, we also
devote a good amount of bandwidth to anti-war activism, censorship/privacy,
and the Wikileaks conversation. …

Intellectual property court to be created in Russia
The Voice of Russia
He shares the 24th position along with Same Ben Ghabria, a blogger from
Tunisia and Daniel Domscheit-Berg, WikiLeaks associate from Germany, as
these three activists led their own transparency campaigns, according to
the journal. …

You’re no reporter, Andrew Rivkin
Daily Mail – Charleston (blog)
The New York Times has had no problem with divulging the contents of
Wikileaks information that embarrasses the State Department — indeed its
own exposure of perfectly legal and constitutional yet covert tracing of
terrorist money may have damaged our …

Shamsi disclosure blows cover off covert UAE-US deal
A diplomatic cable sent on May 14, 2005 by then ambassador to the UAE
Michele J Sison, which was leaked by WikiLeaks says that Al Musally
complained that retired Gen Tommy Franks, former commander of the United
States Central Command (CENTCOM), …

State Dept. Veteran Peter Van Buren Defies U.S. Censors to Recount Failed …
Democracy Now
This was not taken very well by the State Department and I was initially
punished by having my security clearance removed, ostensibly, because of a
link of my blog to a Wikileaks document. In fact, the 500-pound gorilla in
the room was the book. …

Using the internet to your company’s advantage in defending against a …
Lexology (registration)
WikiLeaks is also a good example of how confidential information was first
publicized through the Internet, and ahead of an alleged whistleblower. A
New York Times article described how much WikiLeaks (and the use of the
Internet to dump confidential …

Computerworld Philippines :: Today’s News :: WikiLeaks IT security …
By Fei Lumbania
LONDON – IT security woes at WikiLeaks have led to the organisation
delaying the launch of a system intended to protect whistleblowers
submitting sensitive information. A month after WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange said the organisation …

WikiLeaks Truck vs. Boston Police | Occupy Boston
By Farhad
Posts Related to WikiLeaks Truck vs. Boston Police. Video of Boston Police
Arresting Peaceful Protesters. Michael Gill has produced a definitive video
of the peaceful occupation of the Greenway Park by Occupy Boston last
Monday night and …

The Last Seven Jews In Baghdad Fear For Their Lives After …
By Angelia Phillips
The seven remaining Jews in Baghdad have been named by WikiLeaks, leaving
them in danger of persecution, according to the city’s Anglican vicar.
Their lives are now in immediate danger, according to Canon Andrew White,
and they’ve …

Cablegate in Africa – First part: Zimbabwe – WikiLeaks Press
By quixoticrake
Providing substantial proof to rumors, the WikiLeaks cables have confirmed
stories on human rights, corruption and profound divisions within both the
ruling party and the opposition, shaking the establishment in…

The Coming Depression: WikiLeaks – Israel Kept Gaza On Brink Of …
By Economic Analyst
Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip was meant to push the area’s economy
“to the brink of collapse,” according to a U.S. diplomatic cable released
by Wikileaks on Wednesday, signaling that Israel was well aware that the
policy was taking a …

TBC LONDON – WikiLeaks: UNP government had intercepted LTTE …
By tbcuk
WikiLeaks: UNP government had intercepted LTTE communications. Posted On 01
Dec 2011 By tbcuk. Under: . . By Colombo
Telegraph -. “Tentative reports are emerging of divisions in the LTTE
regarding the direction of …

Wikileaks Video Of Grey Alien?, page 1
This was apparently released recently, as in sometimes earlier this year.
Not sure if Wikileaks has anything to do with this. Just posting it, as I
found it interesting. …

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