New at Strategic Culture Foundation 11-17 December 2011

17 December 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

European Union: From economic crisis to constitutional disaster
17.12.2011 | 11:50 | Hannes HOFBAUER (Austria)
The Brussels summit of December 2011 intended to solve a huge fiscal and budget (and in reality an economic) problem in the Euro-zone. It let to a political split within the EU-27 and risks to unleash a constitutional disaster… The summit of Brussels also showed a deep split in form of different approaches towards the capital market. It points at a geopolitical dividing line within the European Union. There seems to be a conflict between banks based on credit business and hedge funds… David Cameron… stands firm beside his Atlantic ally and behaves like an American Trojan horse in a European surrounding…

Great Britain, Greece and Austria set the trends in the EU (II)

17.12.2011 | 11:32 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV
Back in summer of 2008, amid difficulties with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty on reforming the EU many officials in the EU government began to speak at their informal meetings about the future of Europe “at different speeds” and “concentric circles” of Europe. These concepts implied that formally integral Europe will disintegrate into groups of states with different level and rate of social-economic development…

America Just Says No to the Rule of Law

16.12.2011 | 14:24 | David KERANS (USA)
In 2005, Michael Greco, the President of the American Bar Association, decided he had to come to the defense of the rule of law in the US. A variety of Bush administration practices, such as signing statements, struck Greco as dangerous transgressions against the constitution, and he commissioned three research reports on the subject from groups of ABA specialists who had deep experience working within the executive branch, including the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Justice Department. Each report identified serious violations of the constitution, and expressed alarm at the gravity of the consequences should they go unchecked. Greco made the reports public, and delivered them to the White House, only to be met with silence from the media and the political establishment…

Manmohan Singh in Moscow: The mystique of India-Russia summitry

15.12.2011 | 20:34 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR
Russia’s robust “comeback” to Central Asia; its accent on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its support for India’s full membership of the body; its insistence on a diplomatic solution to the Iran problem; its repudiation of the US’s projection of the NATO as a global security organization; its emphasis on the primacy of the United Nations in conflict resolution; its abhorrence of the use of force; its insistence on adherence to international law; its opposition to the deployment of the US’s missile defence systems across Asia and Europe; its advocacy of a regional security architecture for Asia-Pacific; its consistent underscoring of BRICS as a key locus of influence on the world stage – all these are, admittedly, of immense consequence to India’s vital interests and core concerns in regional and global security and stability…

Great Britain, Greece, and Austria Set the Trends in the EU (I)

15.12.2011 | 15:39 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV
The EU is currently confronted with a tough dilemma: it can either focus on restoring the financial health of Greece and its other problem-ridden countries or get drawn into the Middle Eastern geopolitical confrontations, quite possibly at the cost of the viability of Euro.

Russia – India: Expecting Positive Changes to Come

15.12.2011 | 00:00 | Andrei VOLODIN
December 15 Prime Minister of India Doctor Manmohan Singh starts an official visit to Russia… Probably as an India scholar with some experience in the field I am too prone to suspicions. But right now I have a growing solid conviction that there is ongoing deviation from “the Nehru policy course ” and if we still see ourselves as friends the problems of “delicate nature” should be discussed in a candid way… Isn’t it that the Indian foreign policy establishment (or its influential fraction) uses vigorous economic progress of China as ideological justification of its going away from independent orientation in the world space?..

Coup d’etat in Disguise: Washington’s “Democratization” Template

14.12.2011 | 09:21 | Irina LEBEDEVA (US)
Well known British researcher Jonathan Mowat gave the Americans their due in the headlines of his work “Coup d’etat in Disguise: Washington’s “Democratization” Template”. A provocation is to take place by the time of elections in presence of “foreign observers” and “exit polls”. Angry young people are there equipped with up to date communication devices, blogs and websites provide real time connections to make precise the way operational activities are conducted. The “swarm” may be regrouped any time and global media makes possible the internationalization of any event, no matter how insignificant it may be. The Washington’s pattern is a planned and financed from outside attack against the institutes of another state…

In a Vulture Capitalist World Colonialism is in Vogue Again

14.12.2011 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN (USA)
In a recent decision, expected for final adoption in March 2012, on overseas countries and territories or OCTs – the term “colony” is no longer used in globalized «Newspeak» – the EU now insists that a collection of four EU member states’ overseas dependencies «spread all over the world» must be less “dependent” on Europe but must be maintained as “strategically important outposts»… For the United States, EU maintenance of its «strategically important outposts» is important in the Pentagon’s grand design to be assured military access to the outposts in the event of regional and global wars…

Why is Canada in the Middle East?

13.12.2011 | 00:00 | Rafe MAIR (Canada)
Nearly 2800 Americans and 160 Canadians have perished in this war without a cause… In going into Afghanistan, the US made the fundamental mistake that happens when big countries invade and occupy small ones – they lack an acceptable motive and, more importantly, have no exit strategy…

Iraq: War Drags On As Forces Are Regrouped

12.12.2011 | 18:58 | Sergei SHASHKOV
The US withdrawal from Iraq means neither a triumph of democracy nor a victory over terrorism in the region. Human life in the country remains completely defenseless in the wake of the long occupation, and, by pulling out its forces, Washington simply leaves it to others to clash on the Iraqi battlefield. As for the US, it has no reasons to be proud of the Iraqi campaign, and for the Iraqis America is an evil and hostile power that reversed by decades the development of their country…

Russia’s Elections and the Export of Chaos from the US

12.12.2011 | 00:00 | Yuri GAVRILECHKO
As the pressure on Iran is mounting and the imminent military campaign against Syria is drawing closer, the West immediately put to work the complete arsenal of its manipulative techniques with the aim of destabilizing Russia. It is well-known that chaos can be successfully exported only to countries where the conditions making them receptive to such external influences exist, and in Russia we are witnessing at the moment barely disguised efforts to create the conditions…

Rating Agencies Propping Up the Dollar

11.12.2011 | 00:00 | Elena PUSTOVOITOVA
The rating agencies which are a predominantly US business spare no efforts to undermine the credibility of the European markets… The key US principle – What is good for big money, is good for the nation – actually implies that the money must be US dollars…

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