Iran Newslinks 28-29 December 2011

29 December 2011 —

29 December 2011
Escalating Anti-Iranian Tensions
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 16:01
Whether or not anti-Iranian rhetoric, saber rattling, sanctions, other policy measures, and recent events signal war isn’t known. Growing dangers though mount, Mathaba Analyst Stephen Lendman says.

US navy crosses Strait of Hormuz after Iranian oil threats Today at 15:04
An Iranian warplane has spotted a US aircraft carrier during Tehran’s ongoing navy drill in the Persian Gulf, reports IRNA news agency. The US fleet’s maneuvers come after Iran threatened to block the oil flow through…

Iranian Navy no match for US battle group – Russian military official Today at 14:10
According to a high-ranking Russian naval official, the combat potential of a US naval group that has entered the Strait of Hormuz is more powerful than the Iranian Navy and coastal forces in the region.

Iran Navy pinpoints US carrier in drills
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 09:47

Iran’s battle for TV influence
BBC News Today at 03:38
Broadcast battles reflect frosty UK-Iran relations

US slams Iran over threats
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 02:42

Iranian exiles to leave Iraq camp
BBC News Today at 02:26
An Iranian exile group says some of its members are ready to leave their camp near Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, in a move to end a political standoff.

US’ Fifth Fleet threatens Iran over Strait of Hormuz Yesterday at 22:25
Tensions between the US and Iran have all but reached a breaking point with a naval standoff moments away from occurring in the Strait of Hormuz.

Conflict between Iran and West ‘the greatest danger’ of 2012 – Russia’s UN envoy Yesterday at 21:28
Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, believes that the conflict looming between Iran and Western countries poses the ‘greatest danger’ in the upcoming year.

Syria and Middle East: Options and Implications (II)
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 20:00
The Syrian internal situation will continue to escalate, causing a further rise in tensions between Turkey and Iran. And all this at a time when no one really knows how the political forces inside Syria are distributed and when which way the confrontation between Ankara and Tehran may turn. Any military intervention against Syria, the Middle East will break the pattern, resulting in a regional rebellion. Russia is an important actor trying hard to prevent the worst to happen…

US warns Iran on oil route threat
BBC News Yesterday at 17:06
The US Navy says it will not tolerate disruption to a vital oil route as Iran threatens to shut the Strait of Hormuz if the West imposes more sanctions.

Playing Chess in Eurasia
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:00
Bets are off on which is the great story of 2011. Is it the Arab Spring(s)? Is it the Arab counter-revolution, unleashed by the House of Saud? Is it the ‘birth pangs’ of the Greater Middle East remixed as serial regime changes? Is it R2P (‘responsibility to protect’) legitimizing ‘humanitarian’ bombing?

Oil standoff: Iran, West on brink of war? Yesterday at 15:28
A top Iranian military official has said blocking a crucial oil export channel will be ‘easier than drinking a glass of water.’ Experts say the West should listen, because Iran’s influence in the region has grown…

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