Wikileaks Newslinks 21-22 January 2012

22 January

ACLU & EFF to Appeal Secrecy Ruling in Twitter/Wikileaks Case
Kansas City infoZine
… today the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) plan to file an appeal in the legal battle over the records of several Twitter users in connection with the government’s WikiLeaks investigation. …

Australia: US Copyright Colony or Just a Good Friend?
Julian Assange and the Wikileaks organisation he help found shone a
sterilising light on the behaviour of the US Embassy in Australia’s
capital, Canberra. For his bravery Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
a trained lawyer, prejudiced any future …

Beware new dynasties in fight for web freedom
The Guardian
It is WikiLeaks raw not WikiLeaks redacted. It is voters without a job
lobbying their representatives for protection. It is politics, usual and
unusual. And so it is time, too, to stow some of the more fervent
ideologues into a cyberlocker of their own …

Exclusive: How Pakistan helps the US drone campaign
According to a US State Department cable published by anti-secrecy
organization WikiLeaks, Pakistan’s chief of army staff General Ashfaq
Kayani in February 2008 asked Admiral William J. Fallon, then-commander of
US Central Command, for increased …

Mufti of Jerusalem and Avigdor Lieberman: birds of a feather
World War 4 Report
Back in August, the anti-Zionist MondoWeiss blog noted a WikiLeaks cable
from 2006 in which the US ambassador expresses outrage at such spewings
from Lieberman. The cable, entitled “SUBJECT: RIGHT-WING LIEBERMAN

Press TV ban can’t halt global awakening
Press TV
Ofcom is said to have close ties with Britain’s royal family and the cables
released by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks show that Press TV‘s
programs on the royal wedding, which many in the country described as
extravagant, angered the royal family …

Clash of globalizations
Buenos Aires Herald
Much of the Web debate in the United States is the result of WikiLeaks
leaking of tons of US government cables. The question back then was about
the meaning of the word “journalism” rather than “piracy.” Assange
describes himself as a journalist whose …

Matt Reed: Fix and pass anti-piracy bill
Florida Today
In other words, the government could gain power to black out sites like
Wikileaks or stop journalists from posting material such as the Pentagon
Papers. • With a court order, the attorney general could hold criminally
liable any Internet company that …

Krishna Extracts Promises And TNA Woos The South
Sunday Leader
This whole seminar was an interesting projection that contradicts a Colombo
US Embassy cable found in the WikiLeaks cable dump. The unclassified cable
has it that Defence Secretary Rajapaksa briefed Ambassador Blake that such
offers as amnesty to …

Forget Analysts And Experts, Just Read Pratchett
Lez Get Real
Finally, the best explanation I have ever seen of why I really hate
WikiLeaks, from the most recent Disc World novel, Snuff: “And now the
world is a better place, commander. You have no understanding, Vimes, no
understanding of the deals, …

Rwanda: a step towards truth
Open Democracy
The release by Wikileaks of confidential diplomatic cables shows that
Bruguière presented his findings to French officials, including Jacques
Chirac (who succeeded Mitterrand as president in 1995), and was convinced
of the need to coordinate the timing …

Anonymous uses new tactics to recruit in ‘hacktivist’ attack on US government (subscription)
In two waves of attacks on Thursday and Friday, the hacktivist group
mobilized its largest campaign of cyber activism since its supporters came
out in force for WikiLeaks in December 2010. Anonymous claims that about
5600 people were involved in …

WikiLeaks – unfortunate trend to make court processes less open …
By Steffen Konrath
New York Times :: This much is known: In its hunt for information about
three people it believes to be associated with the whistle-blower site
WikiLeaks, the Justice Department has sought to extract details about them
and their communications …

A Move to Investigate the Investigators in WikiLeaks Case – Call of …
By News Reporter
Thread: A Move to Investigate the Investigators in WikiLeaks Case … Army
‘failed’ in Wikileaks case. By News Reporter in forum In The News. Replies:
0. Last Post: 12-19-2011, 04:40 AM

Julian Assange: The Rolling Stone Interview | The Global Realm
By The Global Realm
In 2006, Assange founded WikiLeaks, a group of hackers and activists that
has been dubbed the first “stateless news organization.” The goal, from
the start, was to operate beyond the reach of the law, get their hands on
vital documents being …

WikiLeaks: More Evidence of Monsanto’s Bullying and Influence …
The latest revelations from WikiLeaks confirm Monsanto’s continuing efforts
to influence world governments to rule in its favor and punish those who

Wikileaks: Ukraine
Please consider supporting Wikileaks by visiting Wikileaks main site.
http:// and making a donation. Suggested Wikileaks Ukraine
Searches …

Army officer recommends trial in WikiLeaks case –
WASHINGTON — An Army officer recommended a general court-martial Thursday
for a low-ranking intelligence analyst charged with causing the biggest
leak of …

Controversial Website Wikileaks Favourite to Join SOPA Protest …
With Wikipedia set to impose a 24 hour blackout tomorrow in protest against
the Stop Online Piracy Act in the U.S, Europe’s largest betting company

A Move to Investigate the Investigators in WikiLeaks Case
New York Times (blog)
By SOMINI SENGUPTA | January 21, 2012, 1:47 am This much is known: In its
hunt for information about three people it believes to be associated with
the whistle-blower site WikiLeaks, the Justice Department has sought to
extract details about them and … 2012: planes and freedom
ZDNet Australia
Appelbaum is one of the key developers of The Tor Project, software that
enables its users to communicate anonymously on the internet, and he’s
represented controversial whistleblower site Wikileaks. As a result, he has
become a target for US law …

Luke Ahrenholtz: Help stop some bad Internet legislation
Summit Daily News
Take WikiLeaks, a not-for-profit media organization, whose stated goal is
“to bring important news and information to the public.” Although
criticized by several US government officials claiming the leaks harm
national security and compromise …

Aaron Barr Out as Cyber Chief at Large Federal Contractor
Project on Government Oversight (blog)
By NEIL GORDON POGO blog readers might remember our post several months ago
about Aaron Barr, the IT consultant whose plans to sabotage and discredit
Wikileaks were discovered after he was hacked by the pro-Wikileaks activist
group Anonymous. …

Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2012
Policy Innovations
WikiLeaks hits the United States, the State Department. I was in Dubai when
it hit. I had ministers in the Gulf telling me that WikiLeaks was planned
by the United States, because it made us look so good and it made some of
them look bad, …

Letter: ‘Hacktivists’ not just harmless jokesters
Knoxville News Sentinel
The Stratfor hack, WikiLeaks and pandemic identity theft underscore a real
need to develop robust methods of tracking down cybercriminals. It should
also be illegal for convicted cybercriminals to work with computers again
or profit from their crimes …

This Flyers Fan Has A Pair Of Straightforward Messages For The Islanders
An interview with elusive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: “Assange agreed
to a lengthy interview at his new home, on the condition that the location
be kept secret, along with the identities of the core WikiLeaks staffers
who have stuck by him since …

This Week in Review: The SOPA standoff, and Apple takes on textbooks with ebooks
Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard
Rolling Stone published a long, wide-ranging interview with WikiLeaks
Julian Assange as he awaits his final extradition hearing. Reuters’ Jack
Shafer also wrote a thoughtful piece on the long-term journalistic
implications of WikiLeaks, …

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Occupy the Courts, and More
The complaint is based on information uncovered in 14 State Department
cables that were leaked by Wikileaks – and the Center for Constitutional
Rights says, “The WikiLeaks cables reveal that the United States will go
to extreme measures to ensure that …

ASIO watch on Chinese money
Sydney Morning Herald
Specific concerns about Chinese investment were revealed by a leaked US
embassy cable released last year by WikiLeaks, which showed the Treasury
privately admitted the Foreign Investment Review Board was targeting
Chinese investment in response to …

OVER A COFFEE: The day the dam broke —Dr Haider Shah
Pakistan Daily Times
The army chief was reported discussing the future political setup with the
US ambassador by WikiLeaks and the PML-N’s Punjab government, military
establishment and the judiciary had joined hands in ending the Raymond
Davis affair after the US pressure …

Fasten your seatbelts for a high-flying China
Sydney Morning Herald
According to a US diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks, Xi Jinping, the
man tipped to take over as president later this year, and who toured
Australia in 2010, is ”supremely pragmatic” and not driven by ideology.
Xi went to Washington this week to …

Political Crisis Grips Enugu State
Nigeria Intel
Chime made a big move away from Nnamani (a story which was detailed in a
Wikileaks cable), who had been indicted on more than 100 counts of
corruption by the Economic and Financial Crimes Committee. Ekweremadu was
his friend and ally in this difficult …

‘Ofcom decision similar to inquisition’
Press TV
… mentioned about Wikileaks, we know the campaign to take Press TV off
the air as being going on for years, and Israel wanted that and the United
States of America pushed for that and of course they can say whatever they
want about Ofcom’s decisions. …

Def(e)ining Choice: Bruce Fein, the Turkish Lobby, and the Ron Paul Campaign
Armenian Weekly
According to a US Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks, the TCA also
“works closely” with the US Azeris Network. The latter “calls on its
members to email their government representatives to change US policies
regarding the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict,” …

ASIO now targeting Chinese investors
Sydney Morning Herald
Specific concerns about Chinese investments were revealed by a leaked US
embassy cable released last year by WikiLeaks, which showed Treasury
privately admitted FIRB was targeting Chinese investment in response to
political concern about the control of …

Cybersecurity Analyst Aaron Barr gets fired
The goal of this strange combination was to damage Wikileaks by feeding
false information. When this scheme was uncovered Barr responded by
stepping down from his position at HBGary and taking a new job at Sayres
and Associates where he has been until …

Citizen Dave: The Week in Review… from Miss America to Mitt’s pin money to …
Isthmus Daily Page
Bruni reportedly asked Sarkozy in a private moment somehow captured by
WikiLeaks. “We wouldn’t be in this mess if you and your gal-pal Angela
Merkel hadn’t messed up the world economy. And why are you spending so much
time in Berlin anyway? …

Why Putin Will Never, Ever Give Up Power
The Moscow Times
US diplomats put it a little less diplomatically in cables that WikiLeaks
published a year ago, describing Russia as “a virtual mafia state” with
Putin as the “alpha dog” sitting at the top of this structure. The best,
and perhaps only, guarantee of …

DHS Fishing on the Internet for Dissidents, Truthseekers
American Free Press
The Examiner reported that the social media site Twitter has been
“ordered to cough up the account information” of WikiLeaks supporters.
While most likely targeted toward reporters, these new powers open up a
wealth of information about everyone for …

Star Spanish Judge Garzón on the Defensive
Spiegel Online
Documents released by the whistle-blowing platform WikiLeaks have revealed
that US Embassy officials made repeated attempts to get Spanish authorities
to rein in Garzón’s investigations. ICC prosecutor Ocampo, though, insists
that the world needs …,1518,810452,00.html

Age clause set to bar Mugabe from election
Nehanda Radio
Explosive revelations in United States diplomatic cables by whistleblower
website WikiLeaks last year showed that Mugabe’s close allies were
desperate for leadership renewal in Zanu PF. The faction led by the late
retired army commander General Solomon …

Minority media rights, terrorism laws at issue in Roj TV case
CPJ Press Freedom Online (blog)
US embassy cables disclosed by WikiLeaks have since indicated a similar
line of events. Fogh Rasmussen, who now is NATO secretary-general, has
denied making promises to shut the station. In 2010, the Danish government
decided to prosecute Roj TV. …

Six Kenyan suspects before the ICC
Times LIVE
He was mentioned in a US diplomatic cable revealed by WikiLeaks as having
illegally acquired large tracts of land in contentious areas, an issue
which was at the heart of the 2007-2008 tribal violence. Joshua arap Sang,
36, is a presenter with the …

PIPA Vote Canceled, Senator Leahy Not Amused
… buying and selling of just about everything, the astounding volume of
pornography,(well they like that part) true freedom of speech in action and
the sheer amount of material (Thank you Wikileaks) which prove beyond a
doubt how corrupt they are. …

Iran-US: Rising Tensions
People’s Democracy
In the Wikileaks cables, the Saudi King is on record exhorting the US to
“attack Iran ” and “cut off the head of the snake”. The so called
evidence provided by the IAEA has been challenged by Iran , which claims
that much of it has been fabricated by …

Twitter, WikiLeaks, and Your Right to Privacy
Today we filed an appeal in the legal battle over the records of several
Twitter users being sought by the government in connection with its
WikiLeaks investigation. In this latest…
WikiLeaks Press

The ACLU and EFF Are Appealing the Latest TwitterWikiLeaks
By Adam Clark Estes
In an apparent attempt to push the question of Internet privacy up to the
Supreme Court, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic
Frontier Foundation are moving forward with an appeal to challenge a U.S.
district court ruling in …

Did wikileaks just break the story? check this out – The Phinsider
By kermit the frogger29
Your best source for quality Miami Dolphins news, rumors, analysis, stats
and scores from the fan perspective.

ACLU & EFF to Appeal Secrecy Ruling in Twitter/WikiLeaks Case …
By rebecca
ACLU & EFF to Appeal Secrecy Ruling in Twitter/WikiLeaks Case. Appeal Aims
to Unseal Secret Orders to Other Internet Companies. Richmond, VA
Fighting to make public government efforts to obtain Internet users’
private information …

WikiLeaks‘ Assange opens up to Rolling Stone – CBS News Video
CBS News video: WikiLeaks‘ Assange opens up to Rolling Stone – Two years
after WikiLeaks

Twitter, WikiLeaks, and Your Right to Privacy » Blog of Rights …
Today we’re filing an appeal in the legal battle over the records of
several Twitter users being sought by the government in connection with its

Politics Redux: Transparency and the latest WikiLeaks mania …
Last month, WikiLeaks launched its latest campaign, releasing nearly three
hundred documents that reveal the extent of sophisticated surveillance
technology … – REUTERS MAGAZINE-Jack Shafer: Wikileaks’ 16th minute
Jack Shafer is a Reuters columnist. Any opinions expressed are his own.)

Court-Martial Recommended for WikiLeaks Suspect | WikiSecrets …
Pfc. Bradley Manning is charged with aiding the enemy, theft of public
property and more.

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