Regime Change in the Russian Federation? Why Washington Wants ‘Finito’ with Vladimir Putin By F. William Engdahl

10 January, 2012 — Global Research

Washington clearly wants ‘finito’ with Russia’s Putin as in basta! or as they said in Egypt last spring, Kefaya–enough!. Hillary Clinton and friends have apparently decided Russia’s prospective next president, Vladimir Putin, is a major obstacle to their plans. Few however understand why. Russia today, in tandem with China and to a significant degree Iran, form the spine, however shaky, of the only effective global axis of resistance to a world dominated by one sole superpower.

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PCHR E-Narrative 6 January 2009: Al-Dayah family

6 January 2009 — PCHR – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

“The bodies of nine of those killed were not found, including the bodies of my wife and my children. I tried my best with the civil defense personnel to find their bodies. All we found were pieces of flesh that were unidentifiable.”
Mohammed al-Dayah (31) with his daughter Qamar (1.5)

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