Video: Colombian Salsa: John Rodriguez & Johana Vasquez

The extremely fast footwork is Cali Colombian Style Salsa. Colombian style salsa is all about dancing on point to every instrument, vocal and speed of a salsa, boogaloo or charanga song. It is not on 1, 2 or 3 count. This is an advanced level salsa — aka John Jairo ” Piña” Rodriguez- Cali, Colombia. Bailarin extremadamente agil, veloz y a tiempo. De Nuevo Calena 04. Orange County Salsa Festival 2009

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Somalia Newslinks 1 January 2012

1 January 2012

Ethiopian troops invade key central Somalia town
San Francisco Chronicle
A mother from southern Somalia prepares some powdered milk mixture to feed her child on December 30, 2011 at a refugee camp located in southern Mogadishu. Ethiopian troops and Somali government forces seized control of a key Somali city on December 31, …

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The Threat of War Against Iran and Syria is Real By Shamus Cooke

31 December 2011 — Global Research

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In Syria, the Libya war formula is being implemented with precision: in the name of protecting ‘human rights,’ the U.S. is enlisting the Arab League to open the gates for a U.S.-backed ‘coalition’ of regional countries to implement a ‘no fly zone,’ i.e. war.

Numerous U.S. news outlets reported–without verification– that protesters in Syria were ‘demanding a no fly zone’ and an ‘Arab army’ to invade and topple the Syrian government.

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Arab League Mission To Syria Becomes Focus Of Demands For Military Intervention By Chris Marsden

31 December 2011 — Global ResearchWorld Socialist Web Site

The visit by Arab League observers to Homs, Hama, Idlib, Deraa , the Damascus suburb of Douma and other conflict zones has become the focus of concerted demands for the Western powers to intervene militarily into the ongoing civil war in Syria.

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Video: Contracorriente: Discussion with Michael Lebowitz

Cuba — February 2010.

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Interview by Aurelio Alonso.

Michael Lebowitz is Professor Emeritus of Economics at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Some of his recent books include Beyond Capital: Marx’s Political Economy of the Working Class, Palgrave Macmillan (2003), Build it Now: Socialism for the 21st Century, Monthly Review Press (2006) and Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development, Monthly Review Press (2010).


Stop NATO news: January 1, 2012

1 January 2012 — Stop NATO

  • Global NATO’s Focus In 2011: First African, Asian Wars
  • Advanced Missiles, Warplanes: U.S. Arms Gulf States Against Iran
  • Saudi Arabia: U.S. To Sell, Upgrade 154 Warplanes, Train 300 Airmen
  • South Caucasus Opposes Attack On Iran: Analyst
  • South Caucasus: World’s Next Full-Blown War?
  • Afghanistan: NATO Supplies Georgian Troops With Combat Experience
  • Georgia’s Saakashvili On Russia: ‘Empire Will Inevitably Fall’
  • 78 Soldiers Killed: French Defense Chief In Afghanistan
  • Ethiopian Troops Invade Somalia, Seize Town
  • Pakistan: Parliamentary Body To Decide On NATO Supplies

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 31 December 2011: Settlers Break Into Archeological Areas In Bethlehem

31 December 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Settlers ‘Help’ Soldiers Man Roadblocks
IMEMC – Armed Israeli settlers, in civilian clothes, were seen helping Israeli soldiers in searching Palestinian vehicles and checking ID numbers of Palestinians at a number of military roadblocks leading to the Ramallah district, in the central West Bank. …

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